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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1889 16-Jan D Porter, James d. Morris Run, age 76 (no date)
1889 15-May D Potter Dau. Of M. C. of Middlebury d. _____, funeral last Wed.
1889 17-Jul D Potter, William d. Elkland last week, age 67, apoplexy, unmarried
1889 20-Mar D Powers, Mrs. Julia Former res. Of Blossburg d. at Towanda recently, buried at Blossburg
1889 28-Aug D Powers, Mrs. William (Jane A.) d. near Mansfield Aug 23rd, widow of Wm. Who was buried Sep 12th 1888 at Mansfield, left 5 sons and 1 dau. – S. J. Powers, Elmira; Wedder W. and N. D. of Mansfield; Orville F., Stony Fork; W. E. of California; Mrs. Bert (Jennie H.) Vedder, Canoe Camp
1889 20-Mar M Pratt, Harry K. Of Batavia, NY., m. today to Miss Lizzie Briggs of Wellsboro
1889 27-Nov M Preston, Norman L. Of Mansfield and Miss Lillian Horton of Richmond twp. m. “today”, she dau. of Stephen Horton
1889 02-Oct M Price, Hattie B. Of Nelson and William Vain of Addison, m. Addison, NY., Sep 18th
1889 21-Aug D Price, Mrs. Sophia d. near Knoxville Aug 3rd, age 66, about 1850 she and husband, Prof. S. B. Price, established academy (Academy Corners)
1889 13-Nov D Pritchard Dau. of Dr. P., d. at Harrison Valley, age 18 mos. (no date)
1889 11-Dec B Pritchard Son to Eugene of Westfield, Dec. 4th
1889 22-May D Putnam, Alfred d. Granville Centre, age 54, a lined descendant of Gen. Israel Putnam
1889 01-May M Putnam, Helena And William Wittaker, both of Covington, m. at Lawrenceville last Wed.
1889 11-Sep D Putnam, Thomas B. d. Covington last Sat., suicide, left 2 sons and 1 dau.
1889 13-Mar M Queal, Hattie Of Rutland twp and William Swartwood of Mitchells Creek m. Lindley, NY., Feb 24th by Rev. Ward
1889 16-Oct D Queal, Robert d. Sullivan twp. Oct 1st, age 89, been in area 70 yrs.
1889 23-Jan M Ramsdell, Charles Of Lyons, NY., and Miss Lou Johnson of Wellsboro m. Wellsboro, Jan 17th
1889 27-Feb M Ransel, Samuel A. Of DuBois, Pa., and Miss Rose A. Waggett of Van Etten m. at Wilber Nichols’ in Van Ettenville, NY., Feb 19th by Rev. H. King
1889 07-Aug D Reckham, Mrs. Laura A. d. Columbia twp., Bradford Co., Jul 30th, age 79, mother of Mrs. Spencer Cruttenden of East Charleston
1889 23-Jan M Reep, Charles E. Of Somers Lane and Miss Katie Calhoun of Caton, NY., m. Jan 11th (no place)
1889 10-Apr M Reep, Frank Of East Lawrence and Miss Alice Rogers of Daggetts’ Mills m. her home (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Rees, William And Miss Lucy Diehr, both of Morris Run, m. there (no date)
1889 23-Oct B Reese Dau. to Watson of Catlin Hollow, Oct 10th
1889 01-May M Reese, Addie L. And O. E. Crediford m. at Antrim, Apr 22nd
1889 24-Apr M Retan, Martie And Harry C. Tillinghast to be m. today at Millerton
1889 14-Aug D Reymolds, Clinton D., d. Kelley town Aug 12th, age about 53, left 4 bros. and 3 sisters, funeral at Roseville, Civil War vet.
1889 09-Jan M Reynolds, Millie And George Rose m. Dec 31st 1888 by Rev. G. Trapp at her home, he son of Russell B. Rose and she dau. Of Van Buren Reynolds
1889 30-Jan D Reynolds, Miss Minerva d. last Wed. at Bath, NY., sis of A. S. Reynolds of Mansfield, of consumption
1889 02-Oct D Rhodes, Bertha A. d. Tioga Sep 14th, age 5 yrs., and 9mos., dau. of Charles and Eva
1889 20-Mar M Rice, Gertie And Mead Smith m. at Lawrenceville last week by Rev. H. Vosburg
1889 29-May M Rich, Kate C. Of Owego and Charles E. Lawrence m. at Owego, NY. (no date)
1889 18-Dec D Richardson, Mr. Robert d. Wellsboro Dec 9th, funeral last Mon., father of John of Fall Brook, age 83
1889 07-Aug D Richardson, Mrs. David d. Tioga last week, age 83, came here from Scotland 35 yrs. Ago
1889 27-Feb D Richter, Carl d. Wellsboro of apoplexy (no date)
1889 10-Jul B Ripley Son to P. W. of Dunmore, Pa., Jul 7th
1889 27-Nov D Ripley, Miss Mary d. Upper Lambs Creek last Sat. of dropsy, age 29, dau. of William
1889 04-Dec M Ritter, W. A. Of Wellsboro and Sadie P. Davis of Lansing, m. (no date)
1889 20-Mar B Robbins Dau to Ames of Arnot (no date)
1889 03-Apr B Robbins Son to Frank of Mainesburg, Mar 28th
1889 31-Jul M Robbins, David Of Hills Creek and Mrs. Mary Moshier of Crooked Creek m. Lindley, NY., Jul 20th
1889 02-Oct D Robbins, Mrs. Harriet d. at her dau.’s (Mrs. Aaron Dartt) in Covington last Sat., funeral at Cherry Flats, buried Copp Cem. Elk Run Rd.
1889 13-Nov M Roberts, Miles Of Wellsburg, NY., and Miss Alice Chilson of Troy, m. Troy, Nov 6th
1889 18-Sep D Robertson, Clara May d. Knoxville Sep 10th of pneumonia, age 12 yrs., 2 mos., 5 das., dau. of Mrs. E. A.
1889 06-Feb M Robertson, John W. And Miss Gertrude Wilson, both of Knoxville, m. Knoxville Jan 31st by Rev. C. Gardner
1889 21-Aug   Robinson, Chester Of Wellsboro was 82 last Wed.
1889 17-Jul D Robinson, Henry Of Niles Valley d. last Thur., hit by train
1889 24-Apr D Roblyer, Dr. David S. Of Rutland twp., d. Apr 14th at his niece’s (Mrs. P. D. Rexford, Pickle Hill), age 78, funeral at Chandlersburg.
1889 23-Jan M Rockwell, Abram L. And Miss Mamie I. Phinney m. at Granville Centre, Jan 10th
1889 07-Aug M Rockwell, Frances L. Of Monroeton and Coly J. Beach of Mansfield m. “today” her home
1889 18-Sep D Roe, Dau. of Henry of Keeneyville d. (no date), age 18 mos.
1889 02-Oct B Rogers Son to Stephen of Daggetts Mills (no date)
1889 10-Apr M Rogers, Alice Of Daggetts’ Mills and Frank Reep of East Lawrence m. her home (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Rogers, Fred And Miss Frankie Johnson, both of Covington, m. Lawrenceville recently
1889 10-Jul D Rogers, Mrs.  
1889 09-Jan D Rogers, Mrs. Samuel d. Copp Hollow, Jan 1st
1889 06-Nov M Rolison, H. C. And Miss Nettie Weston, both of Troy, m. (no date), she dau. elder W. M. Weston
1889 26-Jun B Root Dau. To Isaiah of Crooked Creek (no date)
1889 18-Sep B Rose Dau. to Charles of Niles Valley, Sep 9th
1889 17-Apr D Rose, David d. Lawrenceville last week, ate 80, burial at Chatham twp.
1889 19-Jun   Rose, E. S. Of Sullivan twp., was 72 Mon
1889 12-Jun M Rose, Florence Lucy Of Lakeville, Cal., and Fred L. Gray formerly of Sullivan twp., to be m. Jun 19th, she dau. Of J. R. Rose
1889 09-Jan M Rose, George And Millie Reynolds m. Dec 31st 1888 by Rev. G. Trapp at her home, he son of Russell B. Rose and she dau. Of Van Buren Reynolds
1889 07-Aug M Rose, Morrison F. Of Mainesburg and Mary Esther Strange of Sullivan twp. m. Aug 6th her home by Rev. Trapp; she dau. Charles Strange
1889 25-Sep D Rose, Mrs. Elmer d. recently at South Bend, Ind., sister of Henry Searl of Richmond twp.
1889 20-Feb D Rose, Mrs. J. M. D Richmond twp. last Thur., age 71, heart disease, left 2 sons and 2 daus.; D. M. of Larned, Kan.; J. E. of Richmond twp.; Mrs. E. R. Briggs, Mansfield; Mrs. Orlando Ford, Cherry Flats
1889 26-Jun M Rosell, Ida And Albert Litkey m. Jun 19th at her home by Rev. O. Moon (Crooked Creek Items)
1889 29-May M Roupp, David And Miss Mary Sindlinger, both of East Point, m. at Sebring (no date)
1889 06-Feb M Roupp, Mary And Murray Neal m. East Point, Jan 24th
1889 30-Jan   Rumsey, Mrs. Lizzie Of Mainesburg was 38 last Sat.
1889 24-Jul M Rundell, Ed. A. And Miss Emma Taylor m. her home Mansfield last Thur. by Rev. D. Keppel
1889 13-Mar M Russell, Fremont Of Omaha, Neb. And Miss Elizabeth Maneval of Nauvoo m. Nauvoo (no date)
1889 24-Apr M Russell, John And Miss Agnes Gibson m. Fri. at her sis. (Mrs. Armstrong), Fall Brook
1889 17-Jul M Russell, William And Miss Rebecca Baker, both of Tioga, m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 12-Jun D Ryan, John Of briar Hill; drowned at Hoytville
1889 30-Oct M Ryan, Kate And Samuel Dunn of Wellsboro m. (no date)
1889 22-May M Ryant, Isabel Of Horseheads, NY., m. Prof. Arthur P. Nichols, Bridgeport, Conn Last Thur., he formerly of Mansfield
1889 09-Jan M Ryon, Julia F. And Gardner G. Hobart, both of Elkland m. Elmira, NY., Dec 31st 1888
1889 09-Jan M Sanders, Lela Of Knoxville and Darius King of Osceola m. Addison, NY., Jan 1st
1889 25-Sep M Sawyer, Lulu And Benjamin Doty of Elmira (formerly of Rutland twp. m. last week Mon.; she niece of Mrs. H. H. Lamb. Mansfield
1889 24-Apr B Scarfe Dau to George of Canton (no date)
1889 23-Jan M Schieffenlin, E. G. Of Tioga and Mrs. William Donaldson of Denver, Col., m. at Wellsboro Jan 17th
1889 17-Jul M Schoner, Myrtle Of Tioga and _____ Herrington of Corning m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Schoonover, Chloe Of Knoxville and Charles E. Weeks of Belmont, NY., m. Addison, NY., Sep 15th by H. Birdsall, Esq.
1889 02-Oct M Scott, William W. Of Antrim and Mary E. Campbell of Morris, m. Morris Sep 18th by J. Vandergrift, Esq.
1889 20-Nov M Seamans, Miles E Of Aspen, Col., and Miss Maryetta Cleveland, formerly of Mansfield, m. Aspen, Col., Nov 8th
1889 18-Sep M Sechrist, Mary And George Cook m. at Blossburg (no date)
1889 01-May B Seely Son to Charles M. of Wellsboro (no date)
1889 18-Sep D Seely, Mrs. Amy Buried Mon. at Osceola (maybe last week Mon.)
1889 09-Jan M Seemuth, Cora m. recently at Tiffin, Ohio to Rev. W. H. Tussing formerly of Tioga and Lawrenceville
1889 12-Jun D Sellard, John K. Of Union twp. d. Canton last week, hit by train
1889 06-Nov D Sewall, Mrs. M. A. d. Chicago, Ill., Oct 18th of pneumonia, step-mother of G. P. Sewall of Troy
1889 10-Apr B Shanley Son to James of Millerton (no date)
1889 09-Oct B Shaw Dau. to Albert of Farmington twp. (no date)
1889 10-Jul D Shaw, John d. Blossburg recently
1889 03-Jul   Shaw, Mrs. R. C. Of Mansfield was 80 today (Jul 3rd)
1889 10-Jul M Shaw, William Of Wellsboro and Miss Jennie Mitchell of Delmar twp., m at her home Jun 27th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1889 16-Jan M Shedden, James Of Roaring Branch and Miss Julia Mason of Leroy m. Jan 1st (no location)
1889 03-Apr D Sheedy, Maggie d. last Sat. at Stokesdale of consumption, buried Elmira yest., former res. Tioga
1889 20-Feb B Shein Dau. To A. of Blossburg (no date)
1889 29-May D Shelton, Robert G Of Mainesburg, d. Athen, Pa., at his son-in-law’s (David Bryan) last Sat., age 67, stomach hemorrhage, funeral at Mainesburg, Civil War Vet
1889 22-May D Sheltz, Henry d. Galeton last Wed., age 44, suicide
1889 08-May M Shepard, Emma And Jacob Stout of Mansfield, m. State Line, NY. (no date)
1889 14-Aug D Shepherd, Miss Matie d. Wells, Bradford Co., last week Fri.
1889 30-Jan B Sherman Son to Doc. Of Rutland Hill
1889 16-Oct M Sherman, Bertha Of Roseville and James F. Wilcox of Wells (Bradford Co.) m. Oct 8th by Rev. H. Barber; she dau. of Charles W. Sherman
1889 18-Dec M Sherman, May And John C. Davis, both of Rutland twp., m. Dec. 4th or 11th at her home.
1889 07-Aug D Sherwood, Mrs. Morgan d. Wellsboro last Thur., age 72
1889 26-Jun B Shields Dau. To John of Covington (no date)
1889 09-Oct D Shults, Nora d. Arnot last Thur., infant dau. of Nicholas
1889 11-Dec M Simerson, Mary Of Troy and Frank Whittemore of West Covington m. Covington by L. Smith, Esq. (no date)
1889 29-May M Sindlinger, Mary And David Roupp, both of East Point, m. at Sebring (no date)
1889 16-Oct M Skelley, Thomas A. And Miss Grace Brooks, both of Union twp., m. Corning, NY., last Thur.; she dau. of Joseph Brooks
1889 03-Jul D Skinner, B. W. d. Sabinsville last week, age 72
1889 21-Aug D Skull Infant son of Kirby of Covington d. (no date)
1889 04-Sep M Slade, Lyman B. Of Columbia X Roads and Clara Hammond of Ridgeberry m. Wellsburg, NY., by Elisha Knapp, J. P.
1889 10-Apr D Slade, Mrs. Lyman B. d. Columbia X Roads last week of pneumonia
1889 09-Jan D Slingerland, David d. near Troy Mon., age about 55, brother of Abraham and Asa Slingerland and Mrs. Charles Palmer of Sullivan twp., he left 3 sons and 2 daus., Uncle of Mrs. William Barton of Mansfield
1889 16-Oct M Smettem, Mamie And Stewart Miller to be m. today at Arnot; she dau. of Mrs. Dr. Logan
1889 20-Feb B Smith Dau. To Frank of Marsh Creek (no date)
1889 05-Jun B Smith Son to John W. of Delmar twp., Mar 26th
1889 28-Aug D Smith, “Uncle” E. G. d. Westfield last Wed., age 89
1889 10-Jul   Smith, Arad Of Mansfield was 89 on Jul 4th, present were David (96) and Harry (84) Smith of Sylvania (relationship?)
1889 06-Nov D Smith, Arad d. at his son’s (Charles) in Mansfield Mon., age 89 yrs., 4 mos., b. Hector, Tompkins Co., NY. Jul 4th 1800, wife was Margery Genung of same, came to Elk Run 1824, she d. 8 yrs. ago, had 6 children, 3 left; Charles G., Mansfield; Mrs. A. W. Palmer and A. G. of Elk Run, funeral at Elk Run
1889 12-Jun M Smith, C. H. Of Middletown, NY., and Miss Minnie Hollands of Hornellsville, NY., m. Hornellsville Jun 5th
1889 02-Oct M Smith, Cola L. And Miss Julia B. Ballard m. Sullivan twp. Sep 11th by Rev. A. Cameron
1889 05-Jun M Smith, Cora J. And Fertelize Newport, both of Arnot, m. there (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Smith, Dr. James d. Clymer twp. (no date)
1889 14-Aug D Smith, Dr. Leander Formerly of Osceola, d. Aug 5th at Marion, Ill., brother-in-law of Henry Sherwood of Wellsboro and late Joel Parkhurst of Elkland
1889 17-Jul M Smith, Edgar And Miss Rose McGilfrey, both of Tioga, m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 13-Mar D Smith, Erastus, d. Welch Settlement last week, age 84, broke his leg last Dec.
1889 27-Feb D Smith, Frank d. Liberty Feb 16th, age 77, been in area since 1844, left 9 children
1889 09-Oct D Smith, Frederic E. d. Tioga yest., funeral to be on Sat., age 67, b. Amherst, Mass., m. Miss Stella Bigelow, left 3 sons
1889 11-Sep M Smith, Hanna B. Of Nunda, NY and Elward L. Lamont of Whitesville, NY. (formerly of Knoxville) m. _)____
1889 25-Sep D Smith, Jesse D. d. yest. (Sep 24th) Mansfield, age 75 yrs., 7mos., stroke, b. Franklin, Delaware Co., NY., been in Mansfield 22 yrs., left 2 children – Welton of Mansfield and Mrs. S. E. Shepard of Hardtmoor
1889 06-Feb   Smith, John Of near Mainesburg was 49 last Sat.
1889 05-Jun M Smith, L. C. And Miss R. B. Lindsley, both of Lawrenceville, m. at Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 25-Dec M Smith, Mattie Of Mansfield and M. C. Costello of Elmira, NY., to be m. Jan 9th, she dau. of Mrs. C. W. Smith
1889 20-Mar M Smith, Mead And Miss Gertie Rice m. at Lawrenceville last week by Rev. H. Vosburg
1889 27-Mar D Smith, Miss S. Lorena d. Mansfield Sun. at her uncle’s (Timothy Smith), dau. Of Northrup Smith of Sullivan twp.
1889 06-Nov M Smith, Mrs. Alzina And Andrew Wood m. last Wed. (Lawrence Corners items), both of Rutland twp.
1889 30-Jan D Smith, Mrs. Perry (Louisa) d. Little Marsh, age 57, cancer (no date)
1889 27-Feb M Smith, Mrs. Sabrina Of Ionia, Mich. (age 60) and Charles Burton of Lawrenceville (age 76) m. at Lindley, NY., Feb 17th
1889 09-Jan D Smith, William d. last week in Col., burial at Blossburg, been gone 2 yrs.
1889 10-Jul M Snyder, John And Miss Nettie Hilderbrant, both of Roaring Branch m. Elmira, NY (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Soddy, George Of Rutland twp. and Miss _____Phillips of Big Flats m. last Sun
1889 27-Feb M Soper, Rosina And Theodore Bardwell (both of Sullivan Twp.) m Mansfield Feb 24th by Rev. S. Rhinevault
1889 22-May D Sowdy, Mrs. George d. _____, funeral at Roseville and burial at Watson Cemetery (Lawrence Corners item)
1889 22-May D Spaulding, A. S. Of vettinovia, NY., d. May 11th, bro. of Mrs. O. Angel of Lambs Creek
1889 18-Sep M Spaulding, Effie D. And Emerson D. Colestock, both of Middlebury, m. at Knoxville, Sep 16th
1889 21-Aug M Spencer, E. A. Of Mansfield and Miss Adell Knowlton of Canoe Camp m. “last night” at her home by Rev. M. Blair; she dau. Of John Knowlton

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