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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1889 10-Jul M Hilderbrant, Nettie And John Snyder, both of Roaring Branch m. Elmira, NY (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Hill, Mrs. Elva Royce d. Howard City, Mich., Aug 5th, age 22, formerly of Stony Fork
1889 27-Mar D Hoagland, S. A. d. Marion, Iowa, last week, bro. of J. M. Hoagland and son-in-law of Charles Howland of Covington
1889 09-Jan M Hobart, Gardner G. And Julia F. Ryon, both of Elkland, m. Elmira, NY., Dec 31st 1888
1889 16-Oct D Hodge, Mrs. Myron d. Landrus Oct 8th, age 25
1889 17-Jul   Hoffman, John Of Mendota, Ill is 84 yrs. Old, he m. at Mansfield in 1833 Mary Ann Mann, dau. Of Asa; she is 74; two of their sons died; Asa Mann Hoffman d. May 4th 1887 and John B. Hoffman d. Mar 6th 1888
1889 09-Jan B Hogaboom Son to Floyd of Daggetts Mills, Jan ________
1889 24-Apr D Hogan, Mrs. ___ d. Fall Brook Sun., “aged”
1889 10-Apr M Hogle, Mrs. Mary Of Wellsboro and Tilden Cruttenden m. Mar 30th
1889 03-Jul M Holcomb, Charles S. Of Canton and Miss Sadie Mott of Leroy m. (no date)
1889 27-Feb M Holcomb, Frankie Of Troy and Elder Charles McGinnis of Leroy, Pa. (formerly of Mainesburg) m. Feb.13th, she dau. Of Leroy Holcomb, Exq.
1889 21-Aug B Holiday Son to William of Crooked Creek Aug 11th
1889 23-Jan D Holiday, Daniel Gee d. Crooked Creek Jan 20th, age 10 mos., 3 wks, and 1 da., son of V. B. and Henrietta
1889 12-Jun M Hollands, Minnie Of Hornellsville, NY., and C. H. Smith of Middletown, NY., m. Hornellsville Jun 5th
1889 28-Aug M Hollenbeck, Dan And Dora Cochran, formerly of Lambs Creek, m. at Corning, NY., Aug 17th
1889 30-Oct M Hopkins, Sarah Of Hornellsville, NY., and C. F. King of Keysville, Va. (formerly of Covington, m. Hornellsville last Wed.
1889 27-Nov M Horton, Lillian Of Richmond twp. and Norman L. Preston of Mansfield m. “today, she dau. of Stephen Horton
1889 18-Sep D Horton, Mrs. Daniel d. Sat. at Roseville
1889 30-Oct B Houghton Dau. to Ray of Wellsboro, Oct 20th
1889 12-Jun D Houghton, Walter Of Binghamton, NY; drowned at Hoytville
1889 6 Feb. M Howard, Lodema Of Susquehanna Co., and Warren Whipple of Jackson twp., m. Neff’s Mills, NY., Jan 25th
1889 25-Sep D Howard, Mrs. Lucian (nee Angelia Keeney) d. Tue. At Muskegan, Mich. Dau of Mrs. Ransom Keeney of Crooked Creek
1889 15-May D Howells, David d. Antrim last week of bowel ailment, left several children
1889 20-Feb B Huber Dau. To Henry of Blossburg (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Huggins, Lewis Of Gaines and Miss Maggie McTamney of Freeman, NY., m. at Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 16-Jan M Hughes, William Of Mitchell Creek and Nellie Westlake of West Jackson m. at West Jackson, Jan 9th
1889 26-Jun M Huntley, Mrs. Lotta Of Daggetts Mills and Oliver Ide of Elk Run m. Pine City, NY., May 30th
1889 25-Dec D Hurlburt, Lyman Of Keeneyville d. Sun. of typhoid, age 35
1889 30-Oct D Hurlbut, William d. Canandaigue, NY., Oct 19th, father of Mrs. W. Phillips of Westfield and a former resident of same.
1889 24-Apr D Hurley, Patrick d. Union twp. recently, age 80, “a pioneer”
1889 05-Jun D Hurtle Dau. Of Charles of Richmond twp. d. Sat. in flood, burial at Mansfield, age 2
1889 12-Jun B Husted Dau. To William of Mardin (no date)
1889 26-Jun B Husted Son to F. P. of Covington (no date)
1889 13-Mar D Husted, David d. Blossburg (no date), age 95, vet of 1812
1889 18-Dec M Husted, Henry Of Mansfield and Miss Sophia Hervey of Arnot, m. Lawrenceville, Dec. 12th
1889 25-Dec M Husted, James C. And Miss Floy Dockstader m. her home, East Charleston, last Thur. by Rev. Cornell
1889 18-Dec D Husted, Mrs. Asa (nee Rebecca Richter) d. Blossburg, Dec 11th, age 59 yrs., 3 mos.
1889 18-Dec M Husted, S. C. And Miss Lloyd Dochstader of East Charleston to be m. her home Thurs. (see 12/25 for corrections)
1889 23-Jan B Hutchinson Son to Henry M. of Wellsboro, Jan 15
1889 18-Sep D Hutchinson, Infant son of H. M., d. Wellsboro, Sep 9th
1889 26-Jun M Ide, Oliver Of Elk Run and Mrs. Lotta Huntley of Daggetts Mills m. Pine City, NY., May 30th
1889 30-Jan D Ingerick, Orson d. Thur. at East Charleston, left 2 children
1889 18-Sep M Ingerick, Sadie I. And George W. Avery, both of East Charleston, m. her home Aug 28th by Rev. H. Owen
1889 04-Sep D Ingram, George d. East Hebron, Potter Co., a few das. ago, age 62
1889 18-Sep D Ingrick, John Of Lambs Creek, d. at H. C. Dartt’s in Austinville Sat., funeral at Rutland Hill Church Mon., Sep 16th
1889 09-Jan M Jacobs, Minnie And Charles Nichols, both of Acedemy Corners, m. Lindley, NY., (no date)
1889 16-Jan M James, Jessie And John Lloyd, both of Antrim, m. Jan 6th (no location)
1889 27-Nov B Jenkins Dau. to Abner of Lambs Creek (no date)
1889 08-May B Jennings Son to A. R. of Elkland (no date)
1889 18-Dec B Jennings Dau. to Charles E. of Wellsboro, Dec 12th
1889 26-Jun B Jewell Dau. To Cyrus of Jackson Centre (no date)
1889 16-Jan M Jewell, Gertrude A. And James W. Lamkin, both of Troy m. there Jan 3rd.
1889 25-Dec D Johns, Mrs. Miriam Burns d. Sullivan twp., Dec 13th, paralysis, b. 1809 to James Burns, a pioneer, m. 1827 Seelye Johns, left 5 children; Mrs. Sylva Rockwell and Sanford Johns; Hiram of Kans.; John and Charles of Neb.
1889 18-Dec D Johns, Mrs. Seely Buried (Mainesburg items) last Sun
1889 08-May B Johnson Son to Richard of Wellsboro (no date)
1889 27-Nov B Johnson Son to Gust. Of Fall Brook, Nov 16th
1889 11-Sep D Johnson, Abram d. Mansfield Sat., left 4 children: Pearley, Jennie, Mrs. W. C. Avery and Mrs. C. H. Oliver, all of Mansfield, also left 3 bros. and 1 sis.; was 77 yrs. Old, son of late J. I. Johnson of Cherry Flats who liver to 104 ( 94, corrected 9/18)
1889 18-Sep M Johnson, Blanch And Frank Phillips, both of Elkland, m. there by Rev. S. Moon (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Johnson, Frankie And Fred Rogers, both of Covington, m. Lawrenceville recently
1889 20-Nov D Johnson, Isiah (sic) d. Ovid, NY., age 80, father of Abner Johnson of Lawrenceville
1889 05-Jun M Johnson, John C. Of Elmira, NY. and Miss Lola M. Fisher of Tioga m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 17-Jul D Johnson, John P. d. Landrus last Thur., drowned
1889 13-Mar M Johnson, L. J. And Miss Cora Lugg, both of Knoxville m. there (no date)
1889 23-Jan M Johnson, Lou Of Wellsboro and Charles Ramsdell of Lyons, NY., m. Wellsboro, Jan 17th
1889 27-Mar D Johnson, Mrs. Charles (Juliette) d. Charleston twp. last week, age 45, tumor operation
1889 20-Nov B Jones Dau. to John G. of Fall Brook, Nov 15th
1889 26-Jun M Jones, Elizabeth Formerly of Blossburg and Edward J. Metzger of Elmira, m. (no date)
1889 20-Feb D Jones, Evan d. O’Shanter, Clearfield Co., Pa. (no date) funeral at Fall Brook last Sun., burial at Blossburg, a former res., left parents and 1 bro.
1889 06-Nov D Jones, Hon. Charles S. d. Coudersport Oct 27th, age 65
1889 27-Feb D Jones, Mrs. William T. d. Morris Run (no date)
1889 10-Apr D Jones, William Formerly of Tioga, d. Buffalo, NY., in railroad accident, age 17 (no date)
1889 11-Dec B Judge Dau. to Benjamin of Mansfield, Nov 27th
1889 21-Aug D Junk, John d. Fall Brook last Thur., age 68, left 7 children, been there 26 yrs., buried Blossburg
1889 30-Oct B Kane Dau. to John M. of Fall Brook (no date)
1889 16-Jan B Keefe Son to Daniel of Arnot (no date)
1889 16-Jan B Keeney Dau to A. M. of Keeneyville (no date)
1889 13-Mar B Keeney Son to Cass of Crroked Creek (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Keeney, Abram S. d. Tioga last Thur., b. Jul 11th 1811, left no children, been here many yrs.
1889 11-Sep D Keeney, Simeon d. Baldwin Run last Tue. In log accident, left 5 children
1889 23-Jan Keeney, Thomas Was 72 last Thur. (resident of Crooked Creek)
1889 14-Aug D Kelce, Frederick d. Johnsonburg, Pa., last week in railroad accident, son of Henry, burial at Blossburg where had resided
1889 27-Mar D Kelley 5 children of Thomas of Antrim d. “within a few weeks” of diphtheria
1889 29-May D Kelley, James d. near Cherry Flats last Thur. of stomach ailment
1889 20-Feb M Kelly, Anna M. And William H. Cary, of Wellsboro, m. Feb 14th
1889 17-Jul B Kelts Son to R. c. of Westfield (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Kendrick, James H. And Miss Gena Whiting of Frost Settlement, m. Sep 26th her home by Rev. G. Trapp, she dau. of Joseph Whiting
1889 10-Jul B Kennedy Son to John of Fall Brook, Jul 6th
1889 23-Jan D Kennedy, Mrs. Milo d. Austinville Jan 4th of pneumonia, age 44
1889 15-May M Kennedy, Tim Of Fall Brook and Miss Maggie Brann of Union twp. m. Canton last Wed.
1889 30-Jan M Kent, Libbie And William Little m. at Potter Brook, Jan 22nd
1889 16-Jan M Kent, Rose B. Of Mansfield and Stephen J. Cleveland of Richmond twp. to be m. today at M. V. Smith’s in Canoe Camp
1889 07-Aug M Kentner, Henry And ________ m. Jul 2nd at Mainesburg by Rev. C. Adams
1889 04-Dec D Kenyon Child of Leal of Elkland d. (no date), buried at Sylvania “recently”
1889 18-Sep B Kerrick Dau. to Fremont of Niles Valley, Sep 3rd
1889 25-Sep B Keys Dau. to S. G. of Wellsboro (no date)
1889 23-Jan M Kies, Eunice And John Kohler m. 20 yrs. Last week Mon., resident of Charleston
1889 19-Jun B Kimball Dau. To Rev. John and Minnie Bullock K. of Bethel, Vt., Jun 7th
1889 20-Feb D Kimball, Mrs. Hiram d. Charleston (no date), age 63
1889 10-Jul M King, Attie Of Liberty and Casper Young of Hoytville m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 30-Oct M King, C. F. Of Keysville, Va. (formerly of Covington) and Miss Sarah Hopkins of Hornellsville, NY., m. Hornellsville last Wed.
1889 09-Jan M King, Darius Of Osceola and Miss Lela Sanders of Knoxville m. Addison, NY., Jan 1st
1889 11-Dec Kingsley, R. R. And Sarah Sullings m. 50 yrs. “last evening” – res. of Mansfield for 24 yrs., both natives of Rutland Co., Vt., children – Charles S. and Flora of Mansfield, Frances of Troy, NY.
1889 30-Oct M Kinney, Bridgie Of Tioga and Michael Cushing m. Corning, NY., (no date); she formerly of Mansfield
1889 17-Jul M Kizer, Clarence Of Deerfield twp. and Miss Alice Wicks of Farmington twp., m. at Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 12-Jun D Klett, Gotleib Wife and dau. And baby; drowned at Hoytville
1889 06-Mar D Klob, Fred d. Lawrenceville last week Sat.
1889 06-Mar D Klob, Mrs. mother of Fred, d. “the following Wed.”
1889 18-Sep M Klock, Frank A. And Caroline E. Drew, both of Charleston twp., m. at residence of H. M. Badger, Elmira, NY., Sep 12th
1889 16-Oct B Klucker Dau to Rev. Klucker of Roseville, Tue
1889 14-Aug M Knapp, A. H. Of Westfield and Miss Belle Hammond of Elkland, to be m. (no date); he MSNS ‘88
1889 21-Aug M Knapp, Allen H. Of Westfield and Myra Belle Hammond of Elkland m. her home Aug 14th by Rev. S. Moon; she dau. J. G. Hammond, Esq.
1889 04-Dec M Knapp, Mary Of Austinville and Walter Card of Sylvania m. Waverly, NY. (no date)
1889 30-Jan D Knapp, William d. Nelson last week Tue., “a pioneer”
1889 21-Aug M Knowlton, Adell Of Canoe Camp and E. A. Spencer of Mansfield m. “last night” at her home by Rev. M. Blair; she dau. Of John Knowlton
1889 13-Nov D Kohler, Frank d. Mansfield Nov 7th, age 44 yrs., 9 mos., 12 das., blood poisoning as result of injuries in Tioga Junction train wreck Sep., b. at Tioga Jan 25th 1845 to George and Mary A. Kohler, left 2 children, 3 bros. and 3 sisters – George of Niles Valley, Joseph of Philadelphia, Lewis of Mardin, Mrs. George Brown, Seattle, Wash., Libbie and Mrs. J. F. Ripley, both of Mansfield; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1889 23-Jan M Kohler, John And Eunice Kies, m. 20 yrs. Last week Mon., resident of Charleston
1889 10-Apr M Kohler, Lizzie E. And Henry W. Babcock, both of Blossburg m. Corning, NY. (no date)
1889 10-Apr D Kroutzer, Daniel d. Liberty recently, “aged”
1889 24-Jul D Kuhn, Mrs. Stephen d. Ulysses, Potter Co. last week, she formerly of Troy, husband once of Lawrenceville
1889 17-Jul B Kunkel Dau. To A. T. of Westfield (no date)
1889 18-Sep M Kwimlinski, Prof. S. Of Blossburg and Miss Lena Wattaski, same, m. and gone to Minnesota (no date)
1889 20-Nov D Lain, Charles d. Chatham twp. last Sun., suicide, age 50
1889 06-Mar M Lake, Birney E. Of Brownlee and Miss Rena R. Carpenter of Round Top m. Wellsboro Feb 27th
1889 06-Mar B. Lamb Son to Lorain of Lambs Creek, Mar 2nd
1889 25-Dec M Lamb, Milton G. Of Chester, Pa. (formerly of Wellsboro) and Miss DeWitt of Elmira, NY., m. last week in Washington, DC; she dau. of Rev. M. DeWitt
1889 06-Feb D Lamb, Mrs. Arthur (Flora) d. Ipswich, Dakota (no date) of consumption, former res. Lambs Creek
1889 16-Jan M Lamkin, James W. And Miss Gertrude A. Jewell, both of Troy m. there Jan 3rd
1889 23-Oct   Lamont, Charles And Mrs. M. 50 yrs. a few das. Ago (Granville, Pa.)
1889 11-Sep M Lamont, Edward L. Of Whitesville, NY. (formerly of Knoxville) and Hanna B. Smith of Nunda, NY., m. _____
1889 20-Nov M Landergan, Maggie And Edgar C. Wood, both of Mansfield, m. Wellsboro last Wed. by Fr. Lynot, she dau. Mrs. John Landergan of Lambs Creek
1889 17-Jul M Lane, Austin L. Of Little Marsh and Miss Clara A. Odell of Wellsboro m. South Troupsburg, NY. (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Lanning, Mrs. d. Westfield Thur., dead in bed
1889 16-Oct B Lanterman Son to David of Roseville, Tue
1889 20-Mar D Larrabee, Hon. D. C. d. Coudersport last Thur.
1889 19-Jun D Lattin, Mr. ____ Of Jackson Centre was drowned in Pine Creek in “the flood”
1889 29-May M Lawrence, Charles E. Of Westfield and Miss Kate C. Rich of Owego, m. at Owego, NY. (no date)
1889 28-Aug M Lee, Ella Of Chatham twp. and Lewis D. Coolidge of Delmar twp. m. Chatham Aug 21st, she dau. of Charles
1889 16-Oct M Leet, Arthur Of Tioga and Miss Genevieve L. Gaylord of Mansfield, m. yest. her home by Rev. F. Cooper; she dau. of C. B. Gaylord
1889 04-Dec M Lemner, Edward And Miss Nellie Toley m. Troy by Fr. Comerford (no date)
1889 20-Mar M Lent, James F. And Miss Hattie Beals of Mansfield m. at Lawrenceville last week by Rev. Vosburg
1889 12-Jun M Leonard, Benjamin P. Of Leona and Miss Dora Aumick of Troy m. Wellsburg, NY., May 30th
1889 02-Oct D Leonard, Lafayette d. Leona, Pa., last Sun., father of B. P. and Austin
1889 08-May M Lewis, Mary Ann And Thomas Walker, both of Fall Brook m. Wellsboro last Mon.
1889 01-May D Lewis, Miss Anna d. Canton last week, age 20
1889 13-Mar D Lewis, Miss Sarah d. Roaring Branch last week, funeral at Canton
1889 01-May M Liebisch, Bernard And Mrs. Edith Bailey Massius m. Apr 8th at Leipsic, Germany, she dau. John W. Bailey of Wellsboro
1889 19-Jun B Lindsley Baby to S. R. of Bradford, Pa., former res. Mansfield and Lawrenceville
1889 30-Jan D Lindsley, Phineas d. Lawrenceville, age 59, dropsy
1889 05-Jun M Lindsley, R. B. And L. C. Smith, both of Lawrenceville, m. Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 26-Jun M Litkey, Albert And Miss Ida Rosell m. Jun 19th at her home by Rev. O. Moon (Crooked Creek Items)

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By Joyce M. Tice