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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 02-May D Howland Young son of R. F. of Covington d. “Sun.”
1888 31-Oct D Howland, David Of Rutland d. “last Fri.”, age about 32, left 1 son; he son of Cornelius Howland; wagon accident
1888 28-Nov D Hughes Infant son of David R. of Morris Run d. (no date), funeral “Sun.”
1888 03-Oct M Hughes, Katie m. Lewellen G. Bartlett, both of Leetonia at Wellsboro Sep 25th by Rev. W. Ware
1888 06-Jun M Hughes, R. Linn Of Williamsport m. Dell M. Bastian of Liberty at Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. Dewitt (no date)
1888 08-Feb B Hulslander Dau. To Edward of Frost Settlement, Jan 31st
1888 01-Aug D Hulslander, Ezekiel d. near Blossburg “last Sat.”, buried yest. At Whitneyville, brother of John of Frost Settlement, Mrs. Susan Freeman of Mansfield; log accident; item dated 6-30
1888 26-Dec M Hummell, George W. m. Ida M. Smith of Liberty at Williamsport Dec 19th by Rev. W. Houck; George resident of Williamsport
1888 13-Jun M Hungerford, Calvin Of Corning, NY., m. Miss Cora Sanford of Blossburg at Corning, Jun 6th
1888 09-May M Hunt, U. S. m. Mrs. Emma Churchill, both of Westfield at Addison, NY Apr 28th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 18-Jul M Huntsinger, Absolom m. Mrs. Tillburger at Tiadaghton Jul 15th by Job Symonds, Esq.
1888 11 & 18 Jul D Hurley, John d. Arnot “Fri.”, left 5 children, railroad accident
1888 25-Jan D Husted, Anna E. d. Danville, Pa., Jan 21st, age 28 yrs., 7 mos., wife of L. S. of Slate Run; native of Watertown, NY., dau. Of Mrs. Nellie Wynn; m. 4 yrs. Ago; funeral and buried Covington; brain malady.
1888 17-Oct M Husted, Frank m. Miss Addie Gifford, both of Millerton (no date or place)
1888 07-Nov M Husted, Many m. Isaac Bowen, both of Charleston at Blossburg Oct 29th by Rev. A. Jones
1888 17-Oct M Husted, Philander m. Miss Lillie Clemons, both of Covington, at Ithaca, NY., Oct 4th
1888 10-Oct B Hutchinson Son to Ira of Blossburg (no date)
1888 03-Oct B Hutchinson Son to John of Blossburg (no date)
1888 29-Aug M Hutchinson, William L. m. Mrs. Franc. L. Stafford at residence of Daniel Saterlee, East Lawrence Aug 22nd
1888 21-Nov B Hyatt Dau. To E. H. of Wellsboro, Nov 9th
1888 18-Apr M Hyde, Katie E. m. Freemont M. Green, both of Tioga, at Elmira, NY., Apr 3rd by Rev. W. Henry
1888 18-Jul M Hyde, Maggie m. Charles Robinson, both of Blossburg, at Blossburg, Jun 30th
1888 18-Jan B Ingerick Dau. To Orson of East Charleston (no date)
1888 28-Mar M Ingham, Mary E. Of Gurnee, Pa. m. James Winning, at Addison, NY., Mar 21st
1888 26-Sep D Inscho, William M. d. “last week Mon.” near Mitchells Creek, age 62, unmarried, uncle of W. W. of Canoe Camp and Mrs. T. F. Rolason of Mansfield
1888 12-Dec D Ives, Amos d. Wellsboro, Dec. 4th, age 64
1888 18-Apr M Jackson, Charles Of Blossburg m. Miss Belle Addison of Tioga at Lindley, NY., Apr 5th
1888 08-Feb M Jackson, Cora E. m. Francis N. Robbins, both of Sullivan twp., her home Feb 2nd by Rev. H. King
1888 22 & 29 Feb D Jackson, Mrs. Ellen d. Academy Corners Feb 18th, wife of H. C., funeral Knoxville Feb 20th, consumption
1888 11-Jul D Jackson, Richard d. Topeka, Kan., Jun 29th, former resident of Wellsboro, Bright’s disease
1888 08-Feb M Jackson, Ulysses H. Of Lansing m. Miss Hannah N. Marlatt of Troupsburg, NY., at Troupsburg Jan 29th by O. L. McFarland, Esq.
1889 02-Jan M Jackson, Will H. Of Wellsboro m. Lillie Boynton of Elmira, NY., at Elmira Dec. 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 07-Mar D Jacquelin, Miss Kate Buried Feb 28th at Sylvania (In Sullivan Twp items)
1888 11-Jul B James Son to _____ of FallBrook, Jul 8th
1888 26-Sep D James, Mrs. Ann d. Morris Run “last week” had left: A. T. James, Peale, Pa., John, Elmira, NY., Mrs. John Davis, Tioga, Anna, Susquehanna, Pa., Jennie, Syracuse, NY
1888 14-Nov M Jenkins, Albert Of Blossburg m. Mertie Ogden, same (when and where?)
1888 18-Apr M Jenkins, Arthur Of Antrim m. Miss Mary A. Rees of Morris Run at Elmira, NY., Apr 7th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 14-Nov D Jenkins, Daniel d. Maple Hill “last week Mon.”, came 40 yrs. Ago to mines
1888 14-Nov M Jennings, Charles E. m. Miss L. Louise Forsythe, both of Wellsboro there “last Wed.”
1888 02-May M Jennings, Fred L. Of Elmira, NY., m. Miss Matie Palmer of Millerton “today”
1888 02-May M Jepson, William Of Savannah, NY., m. Miss Wilson of Millerton, eloped; she dau. Of Rev. C. A. Wilson of Millerton, age 17
1888 27-Jun B Johns Son to Horace of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1888 01-Aug M Johnson, Andrew m. Miss Anna C. Anderson, both of Blossburg, at Elmira, NY., Jul 25th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 25-Jan M Johnson, Charles Of Jackson Center m. Miss Lillie Smith, same, at her home Jan 15th; she dau. Of Rev. Paul Smith
1888 14-Mar M Johnson, G. B. Of Wellsboro m. Miss Carrie Williston, same, “today”
1888 06-Jun M Johnson, George Of Roaring Branch m. Miss Myrtle Mathews of Liberty at Wellsboro May 25th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 6 & 13 Jun M Johnson, J. J. m. Miss Florence L. Butler, both of Wellsboro, at Elmira, NY., May 21st by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 21-Nov M Johnson, Josie m. Nathan Donning, both of Wellsboro at Corning, NY., Nov 16th by Rev. J. Bacon
1888 11-Jul M Johnson, Mary N. Of West Covington m. Joseph J. Cooper of North Chemung, NY, at Elmira, NY, Jul 5th, by Rev. M. DeWitt
1888 28-Mar D Johnson, Mrs. Joseph d. West Covington Mar 22nd, age 62, 3 sons and 2 daus. Mrs. S. F. Richards, Covington, Mrs. R. A. Johnson, Elk Run; buried Mansfield; paralysis
1888 14-Nov D Johnston, Charles F. d. Charleston Nov 10th, age 49, Bright’s disease
1888 14-Nov M Johnston, Frank I. m. Helen J. Brooks, both of Charleston, at her home Nov 7th; she dau. Of George D. Brooks
1888 01-Feb M Jones, Charles S. Of Seeley Creek m. Miss Minnie M. Brewer of Mosherville at her home Jan 18th; she dau. Of William Brewer
1889 02-Jan M Jones, Demetrius m. Julia Boyce of Mill Creek at Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 19-Sep M Jones, Robert K. m. Miss Mary Rexford of Gaines “today”
1888 29-Feb M Joseph, Nellie m. Charles Watkins, both of Brookfield twp. at Troupsburg,. NY., Feb 18th by U. Atwood, Esq.
1888 30-May B Judge Dau to Ben. Of Mansfield, May 24th
1888   D Judge, William d. Mansfield “Mon.”, b. Buckingham, Eng. May 25th 1830, came U. S. 1860, to Mansfield 1873; he had 7 children: Mrs. Rufus Schaler, Mrs. Albert Bull, Mrs. John Gaylord, Thomas W., Benjamin and Rose H. of Mansfield, Mrs. William English of Caton, NY.
1888 11-Apr M Kane, James m. Miss Mary Kane, both of Fall Brook, “this Wed.”
1888 27-Jun M Kane, Maggie Of Painted Post, NY., m. Thomas Ryan of Fall Brook, “last Wed.”
1888 11-Apr M Kane, Mary m. James Kane, both of Fall Brook, “this Wed.”
1888 12-Sep D Keagle, Ira d. Blossburg “last week”, “an old and highly esteemed soldier”
1888 24-Oct D Kedge, Walter Of Blossburg d. “during last Mansfield fair”, railroad accident
1888 05-Dec D Keefe, Mrs. Margaret d. Blossburg Nov 28th, age 79
1888 31-Oct D Keeler, John d. Farmington twp. “last week”, left 2 children
1888 23-May D Keene, Mrs. Edward d. Richmond twp. “Sun.”, left 4 children, consumption
1888 20-Jun B Keeney Dau. To Dick of Crooked Creek “one day last week”
1888 16-May B Keg Son to Frederick of Wellsboro, May 4th
1888 19-Dec B Kelley Son to James of Osceola (no date)
1888 20-Jun D Kelley, Marcus, d. Mansfield Jun 19th, age 81, a pioneer from Otsego Co., NY. 1829; two sons: Jap and John, dau. Mrs. Charles Slingerland; bowel ailment
1888 12-Sep M Kelley, Warren W. Of Roseville m. Miss Agnes Lewis of Mansfield at Webb’s Mills, NY., Sep 2nd by Nathan Pedrick, Esq.
1888 22-Aug M Kelly, Bridget Of Morris Run m. Eugene Ogden of Corning, NY., at Blossburg “Wed.” by Father Murphy
1888 02-May D Kelly, Michael Of Blossburg d. Wellsboro Apr 19th, age 56
1888 02-Oct D Kelsey, Elijah d. Westfield, age 75, suicide, had been resident of county house.
1888 12-Dec M Kelts, Ellsworth Of Covington m. Miss Minnie Soper of Lindley, NY., at Lindley Dec. 3rd by Rev. H. Vosburg.
1888 02-May D Kelts, Leon d. Knoxville Apr 19th, age 2 yrs., son of Guy Kelts
1888 23-May M Kendrick, Maggie M. m. Frank W. Frost at Covington May 20th by L. B. Smith, Esq.
1888 23-May M Kendrick, Samuel m. Alma Graley at Covington Apr 15th by L. B. Smith Esq.
1888 15-Feb M Kennedy, Elmer m. Miss Frances M. Taylor, both of Union Twp. “today” by Rev. Delmart
1888 24-Oct D Kennedy, Mrs. Betsy Of Delmar d. Oct 13th at home of dau. At Painter Run, age 91, had 9 children, 40 grandchildren, etc.
1888 18-Apr D Ketchum, James d. Antrim “last Sat.”, age 72, hemorrhage
1888 17-Oct M Keys, S. G. Of Bodines m. Miss Edith T. Taylor of Antrim Oct 10th (where?)
1888 21-Nov B Kiff, Benjamin Harrison b. Covington (no date) to E. H. “Vet” Kiff
1888 15 & 22 Aug M Kimball, Rev. John Of Bethel, Vt., m. Miss Minnie Bullock of Mardin Aug 15th at Mardin by Rev. J. Alvord; she dau. Of A. A. Bullock
1888 12-Dec M King, Effie L. m. Byron S. Haven, both of Westfield, at residence of George Widger, Troupsburg, NY., Dec 1st by Rev. J. Hayes
1888 14-Nov M King, Florence Of Sabinsville m. Prof. Woody of Dakota “recently” in Dakota
1888 26-Sep M King, Jennie A. Of Westfield m. Charles A. Bazey of Hector at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 6th by O. L. McFarland
1888 28-Mar M King, Leroy H. m. Mary C. Short, both of Tioga Co., Pa., at Wellsboro Mar 24th
1888 13-Jun D Kinney, Bessie Rena d. Mansfield Jun 19th, nearly 3 yrs. Old, dau. Of H. C. Kinney
1888 29-Aug D Kinney, John d. Tioga “last Thur.” , age 30, buried Elmira, NY., consumption
1888 29-Aug B Kirtland Dau. To Charles of Knoxville, Aug 23rd
1888 11-Apr M Kittle, Adelbert E. m. Miss Minnie M. Clemens, both of Charleston, at her home Apr 4th by Rev. H. Wolf
1888 02-May B Klarman Son to J. of Westfield, Apr 22nd
1888 14-Mar M Knapp, Ford R. Of Elmira, NY., formerly of Tioga, m. Mary A. Roy at Elmira, Mar 8th by Rev. T. Beecher; she dau. Of Mrs. Deborah Austin
1888 22-Aug M Knapp, Fred F. Of Lawrenceville m. Lizzie Calhoun of Caton, NY., at her home “last Tue.” By Rev. H. Vosburg
1888 28-Mar M Knights, Ida M. m. Marvin J. Delong, both of Mill Creek, at Lindley, NY., Mar 20th
1888 04-Jan B Knowlton Dau. To charles of Canoe Camp (no date)
1888 13-Jun M Knowlton, Julia Of Covington, Pa. m. Robert L. Smith of Jersey City, NJ., at residence of David Hulse, Brooklyn, by Rev. Charles Miller
1888 11-Apr D Knox, Mrs. Emily Goodspeed d. Knoxville Mar 27th, age 60
1888 21-Nov D Kohler, Mrs. John d. East Point, Liberty twp., Oct 13th, age 47, apoplexy
1888 02-May D Koon Infant son of O., d. Knoxville, Apr 24th
1888 17-Oct M Kuhl, R. V. Of Lawrenceville m. Miss Ina E. Whitney of Harrison Valley at Harrison Valley Oct 3rd by Rev. J. Warner
1888 28-Mar D Kuse Child of John of Morris Run d. (no date) of whooping cough
1888 19-Sep M Ladd, Allie Of Sabinsville m. Fred Warters of Knoxville at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 13th
1888 04-Apr M Laftsman, Christina m. John Bystrom, both of Arnot at Wellsboro Mar 30th by I. M. Bodine, Esq.
1888 22-Feb D Lahey, Mary d. Blossburg Feb 12th, age about 20, dau. Of John Lahey, heart trouble
1888 14-Mar D Lamb Son to Henry of Cherry Flats d. “Wed.”, buried there
1888 18-Jan M Lamb, Alta m. Will Newmans, both of Acedemy Corners, at Troopsburg, NY., by U Atwood, Esq., Dec 24th 1887
1888 06-Jun B Landrus Dau to Joseph of Blossburg (no date)
1888 17-Oct D Lanterman Infant of Mrs. Edith of Roseville d. “last week Mon.”; strangled
1888 06-Jun D Lanterman, Aultman d. Rutland twp. “last week Tue.”, age about 25, recently m. Miss Edith LaFrance of Millerton; funeral at Roseville; blood poisoning
1888 08-Aug B Lawrence Son to Welby of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1889 02-Jan M Lawrence, Minnie E. Of Tioga m. George H. Crumm of Blossburg at Elmira NY., Dec 24th by Rev. M. DeWitt
1888 31-Oct D Lawton, Russell d. Delmar twp. Oct 29th, age about 70
1888 21-Mar B Lay Dau. To Orrin of Sullivan twp. Mar 11th
1888 08-Feb B Leach Son to H. B. of Blossburg, Jan 22nd
1888 25-Apr D Leach, Mrs. Hattie Short d. Malaga, NJ., Apr 17th, dau of Rev. Hiram Short of Blossburg, sister of Charles Short of Covington
1888 18 & 25 Jan D Lebar Infant dau. Of Marion and Martha Lebar of Knoxville d. Jan 6th age 1, brain disease
1888 24-Oct B Lebarron Son of Del. of Mardin (no date)
1888 28-Nov M Leib, Ella Of Wellsboro m. H. B. McKinney of Jersey Shore at her home Nov 22nd
1888 16-May B Leiby Dau. To John of Mainesburg, Mar 13th
1888 01-Feb D Lent, Mrs. Lewis d. Lambs Creek “Mon.”, left 4 children
1888 18-Jul B Leonard Son to Mrs. John C. of Union Twp., Jul 10th
1888 19-Sep B Levalley Son to H. G. of Covington, Sep 8th
1889 02-Jan M Levalley, Mattie Of Covington, m. John W. Herman at Covington (no date); she dau. Of H. G. Levalley
1888 29-Feb B Levinson Son to D. of Blossburg (no date)
1888 04-Apr B Lewis Dau. To J. S. of Mardin (Richmond twp), Mar 25th
1888 12-Sep M Lewis, Agnes Of Mansfield m. Warren W. Kelley of Roseville at Webb’s Mills, NY., Sep 2nd by Nathan Pedrick, Esq.
1888 02-May M Lewis, Irvin m. Miss Nettie Holiday of Crooked Creek “over the state line” (no date)
1888 22-Feb M Lewis, May m. Harry Wetner ((traveling actors) at Westfield “a few nights ago” by Justice Frank Strang
1888 01-Feb D Linck, Annie d. Nauvoo Jan 22nd, wife of Daniel F. Linck
1888 05-Dec B Lindsley Twin dau. To Eugene of Lawrenceville, Nov 23rd
1888 08-Aug D Little, James Of Potter Brook d. Aug 4th, age 50, 2 sons, Civil War vet.
1888 26-Sep M Lloyd, Nan E. Of Mansfield m. Wellington L. Phelps at Elmira, NY., “last Tue.” By Rev M. Dewitt
1888 30-May M Lockwood, Frank m. Miss Anna Campbell, both of Hoytville, at Wellsboro May 12th by Rev. C. Rowley
1888 22-Feb M Logan, David Y Of Jackson, Pa., m. Miss Frank E. Adee of South Haven, Mich. At Webbs Mills, NY., Feb 9th by Nathan Pedrick, Esq.
1888 02-May M Logan, Hary m. William Fowler, both of Antrim, there, Apr 24th by Rev. W. Young
1888 22-Aug M Longstreet, W.R. Of Mansfield m. Lucy L. Ransom of Chatham twp. at Watkins, NY., Aug 16th by Rev. B. Douglas
1888 27-Jun D Loudenschlager, Samuel d. Liberty “during past month”
1888 1 & 8 Feb D Lownsbery, Mrs. Cynthia d. Canoe Camp Jan 30th, age 82; b. Randolph, VT. Oct 12th 1805, came to Covington 1812 with father, Christopher Huntington, a Rev. soldier; m. 1826 Letson Lownsbery of Canoe Camp; left: Horace of Wellsboro, Letson of Blossburg, Alice of New York City, Mrs. Henry Hager of Canoe Camp; husband d. 2 yrs. Ago
1888 22-Feb D Luckey Infant of Charles of Mansfield d. “Fri.”
1888 25-Jan B Luckey Dau to George of Rutland twp. (no date)
1888 22-Aug M Lugg, C. H. Of Knoxville m. Minnie J. Wilson of Nelson at her home Aug 16th by Rev. P. Smith
1888 21-Mar D Lyman, Hon. Charles d. Columbus, Iowa, Mar 1st, a native of Tioga Co.
1888 11-Jan D Lyon, Joseph d. Niles Valley Jan 6th, age 78, left sons: Abram, Henry, Bennett, all of Middlebury, and 3 daus.
1888 11-Jan D Lyon, Miss Nancy d. Mansfiled Jan 8th, age 41, buried Spring Hill, Bradford Co.; sister of Mrs. B. Moody, consumption
1888 01-Aug M Mack, Frances E. Of Ithaca, NY, m. James H. Cook of Delmar at Tiadaghton Jul 26th by D. Raynard, Esq.
1888 07-Nov M Mack, Harry F. Of Mansfield m. Miss Emma E. Gibbs of Borden, NY., at her home Nov 1st by Rev. J. Jarman; she dau. Of E. H. Gibbs of Borden
1888 04-Apr B Mahonski Dau to John of Mansfield, Mar 31st
1888 02-May D Mahonski Infant child of John (above) d. “Fri.” at Antrim

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