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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1900 11 Jul M Copely, Rena and _____ Carpenter m. (no date) (Mardin notes)
1900 10 Oct M Copp, Miss Nettie  and Wallace Button m. in Elmira Sep 26th (Mardin notes)
1900 19 Dec D Corcoran, William M. d. Elmira Hieghts, Formerly of Stokesdale, buried at Wellsboro (no date)
1900 26 Dec D Corey, Mrs. Clarinda d. Millerton "last Wed." in 49th yr., consumption, left 7 children
1900 14 Nov B Cornelius son to C. H. of Knoxville (no date)
1900 24 Jan M Cornelius, William of Elkland and Miss Jessie L. Bonham of Osceola m. Rochester, Ny., Jan 1st
1900 15 Aug B Cottrell son to Charles of Mansfield "Mon."
1900 27 Jun D Crandall, Fannie of Elkland hurt near Lewisburg, Pa. "Mon.", d. at Philadelphia "Fri.", wagon accident, parents reside at Elkland
1900 1 Aug M Crandall, George D. and Miss Edith May Hammond, both of Elkland, to be m. "today"
1900 23 May M Crandall, Miss Vera and Dr. Robert R. Schmidt, both of Blossburg, m. her home May 15th; she dau. Dr. G. D. Crandall
1900 15 Aug D Criss, Eugene d. Mosherville Jul 17th, age 47, lived Jackson or Wells all life, tumors
1900 22 Aug M Croton, Miss Emma of Brookside and O. M. Mesner m. Aug 13th
1900 7 Nov M Crowel, Edward of Elmira and Miss Pearl Oakley m. "today" elmira, she formerly of Rutland twp.
1900 5 Sep B Crumb son to Steven of Richmond twp. (no date)
1900 26 Sep & 3 Oct B Cruttenden  son to Henry of Upper Lambs Creek Sep 24th
1900 7 Feb M Cruttenden, Walter  and Miss Sadie Ripley m. Upper Lambs Creek "today"; she dau. W. B. Ripley, he son Nelson Cruttenden
1900 28 Feb M Cullen, Miss Josie of Covington and Edward Kaufelt of same m. "last Thur."
1900 21 Nov M Culver, Charles M. of Towanda and Miss Terra M. Arnold of Tuscarora m. "last Wed."
1900 10 Jan M Cummings, Miss May D. M. of Rochester and George Porter of Mansfield m. at Lawrenceville Jan 8th
1900 9 May D Cummings, Mrs. Mary d. at home, Tanner Hill, Rutland twp., May 3rd, age 86
1900 14 Feb D Cummings, Rosanne R. "an aged colored woman" d. Wellsboro, age 80, been there 50 yrs.
1900 26 Dec M Curtis, Miss May of Mansfield and Merrill Seely of Wellsboro to be m. Jan 15th her home; she dau. Reuben Curtis
1900 27 Jun M Dacey, D. A. of Covington and Miss Edna Connelly to be m. "wed."; she dau. B. F. Connelly
1900 28 Feb B Dailey dau. to Ned of Elkland (no date)
1900 12 Dec M Darrow, Miss Ettie of West Burlington and Harry Hagerman of Wetona m. (Troy items)
1900 1 Aug M Dartt, Miss Addie and Frank R. Benjamin, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Aug 8th; she dau. Hiram W. Dartt
1900 17 Oct D Dartt, William d. Charleston twp. Oct 4th, age 54, b. there
1900 25 Apr B Davis dau. to Fred of Richmond twp. Apr 20th
1900 16 May B Davis son to Will H. of Gunnison, Col., former res. of Mansfield
1900 29 Aug B Davis son to Sharon Davis of Richmond twp. Aug 23rd
1900 21 Nov B Davis son to Dave Davis of Covington Nov 18th
1900 21 Nov B Davis son to Stafford Davis of Tioga (no date)
1900 26 Sep M Davis, John of East Charleston and Miss Naomi Beauge of Wellsboro m. "last Wed."; she dau. Eugene Beage
1900 17 Oct M Davis, Sarah of Covington and David J. Jones of Charleston twp. m. by Rev. N. Reynolds (no date or place)
1900 3 Jan B Davy son to Willis of Richmond twp. on Jan 2nd
1900 10 Jan M Day, Miss Jennie B. of Lambs Creek and William Seaman m. "last Mar." just announced
1900 3 Oct B Deates twin dau. to Peter of Bear Creek, Tioga, (no date)
1900 2 May M Deuel, Fred C. and Miss Mertie M. Hughes m. her home Mitchell's Creek "last week Wed"
1900 2 May M Dewey, Alfred J. of Williamsport and Miss Sarah Logue of same, m. "last week", he former res. of Tioga
1900 28 Mar D Dewey, Mrs. Minerva d. Tioga "recently", b. Jackson twp. May 19th 1822
1900 1 Aug M DeWitt, Claude  and Miss Fern Mitchell to be m. Aug 8th (Mainesburg items)
1900 15 Aug M DeWitt, Claude  and Miss Fern Mitchell m. her home "Wed. of last week" by Rev. W. Yard, both res. Mainesburg; she dau. R. R. Mitchell
1900 21 Nov M Dickinson, John B. of Burlington and Miss Alice Fanning m. at Canton (no date)
1900 7 & 28 Nov M Dickinson, Miss Maude A. of Buffalo and Jay W. Rose, of same, m. "next week Thurs." her home by Rev. W. B. Wright, he son of Emerson Rose, Formerly of Mansfield now of Washington, she dau. Henry B. Dickinson
1900 3 Oct M Doane, Miss Theo M. of Austin and Otis P. Callahan of Wellsboro m. her home Sep 25th
1900 9 & 23 May D Dodge, Lorain d. Sullivan twp. May 6th
1900 23 May D Dodge, Lorain d. Sullivan twp May 6th, b. Burlington, Brad. Co. May 23rd 1826, came here 1840, left dau. Mrs. M. B. Whitlock, Ridgefield, CT.
1900 7 Feb D Dorrance, Gersham G. d. Elkland "Mon.", age 50, t. b., wife nee Carrie Buckley of Osceola, left 1 son, 1 dau. 2 bros. and 2 sis.
1900 19 Sep M Dorsett, Reed of Jersey Shore and Miss Blanche McClincy of Unionville m. Elmira "last Wed.", have relatives in Mansfield
1900 14 Mar M Doud, Munston B. and Miss Lieudella Wheat, both of Covington, m. at Corning, Ny., by Rev. S. Morse Mar 7th
1900 29 Aug M Doughty, Frank of Morris Run and Miss Blanche Wilson of Austinville m. Aug 22nd at her bro.'s (P. F. Wilson) on Rutland Hill by Rev. D. Stoker; she dau. of S. F. Wilson
1900 3 Oct M Drew. W. Lee of Wellsboro and Miss Stella M. Bentley of Columbia X-roads m. "last Wed." at her home by Rev. W. Barrell; she dau. Thurston Bentley
1900 15 Aug M Driscoll, Miss Mary formerly of Blossburg and John F. Flanhery of Corning to be m. Blossburg (no date)
1900 19 Dec D Dudley, Robert d. Ithaca, Ny., age 65, formerly of Troy, survived by dau. Mrs. John Squires, Ithaca and 2 others
1900 19 Sep M Dunbar, Arthur of Troy and Miss Bertha Hall of Austinville m. at State Line by Rev. J. VanKirk (no date)
1900 14 Feb D Dunning, Mrs. Thomas d. Lindley "last Thurs." on railroad
1900 9 May D Durfee, John D. d. Lawrence twp. "Mon.", age about 60, suicide, former res. Mansfield
1900 28 Feb B Dutcher dau to J. H. of Mill Creek (no date)
1900 26 Sep M Edsall, Miss Elsie M. of Millerton, Pa. and Mark H. Baker of Pine City, Ny, at. Caton, Ny., Sep 15th by Rev. C. Shergur
1900 7 Nov M Ellis, Clayton of Jackson Summit and Miss Ida Niles of Painter Run m. at Lawrenceville Oct 17th
1900 21 Nov D Ellison, mrs. W. A. d. "last Thur." , funeral "Sun." at Elkland, buried Nelson, sister of Mrs. George Shipman of Mansfield; was b. at Nelson nee Jessie Campbell, m. 1881 and left 1 son Hugh and 1 dau. Miss Edna.
1900 20 Jun  M Ely, Claude and Miss Stella McConnell m. Mansfield "last Wed." by Rev. W. Hull, she dau. William McConnell
1900 9 May M Emberger, Joseph of Charleston and Miss Eva Lena Reese of Catlin Hollow m. May 3rd her home by Rev. D. White; she dau. James L. Reese
1900 21 Nov M Engles, Miss Emily and Eugene Cook m. in Calif. "recently", he son James Cook of Nelson
1900 15 Aug M Erlbeck, Miss Winnie and Kent Butterworth of Coudersport m. (no date)
1900 21 & 28 Nov M Everett, Miss Blanche and Robert Johnston of Washington m. Buffalo, Ny. "last Wed.", she sis of Mrs. Byron Bartlett of Mansfield and miss Nellie Everett
1900 2 May D Everts, James d. Covington "Sun.", age 75
1900 24 Oct D Everts, Mrs. Charles d. Ward twp. buried at Covington "last Sat.
1900 21 Nov M Fanning, Miss Alice  and John B. Dickinson of Burlington m. at Canton (no date)
1900 21 Mar M Farr, Miss Jennie D. and Paul C. Stevens, both of Hammonds, m. Tioga Mar 15th by Rev. C. Crowl
1900 26 Sep M Farr, Quin W. (late of Tioga) m. Miss Fannie Hoar of Corning, dau. of James Hoar of the Corning Cut Glass Works
1900 24 Jan D Faulkner, William A. d. Academy Corners, in 80th yr., left 5 children.
1900 18 Jul M Faylor, Miss Jennie and Charles A. Lewis, both of Covington m. "last Sat." at Elmira by Rev. D. Campbell
1900 21 Nov M Fellows, Mr. James M. of Mainesburg and Miss Phebe A. Austin of Odgensburg m. at Mainesburg Nov 18th by E. R. Maine, Esq.
1900 7 Nov M Fellows, W. W. of Canton and Miss V. May Patterson of Washingtonville, Pa. m. (no date or place)
1900 2 May D Fenner, Charles  d. Tioga "a week ago Sun.", age 15
1900 14 Nov D Fenton, Samuel d. at county farm, Wellsboro, age 80
1900 4 Jul M Ferry, Dr. Ralph of Keeneyville and Miss Ada Kenyon m. her home near Troy "last week Wed."; she dau. Lafayette Kenyon
1900 14 Mar D Fessler, Mrs. Josie Lawrence d. Elkland Mar. 11th, pneumonia, dau. of C. H. Lawrence of Mansfield, b. Jul 29th 1870, MSNS '89 and '92, m. Aug 25th 1893 T. A. Fessler, 2 sons Lawrence and Albro, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 18 Jul M Fish, Miss Katherine E. of Tioga and William H. Taylor of Towanda m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. S. Derby
1900 10 Oct M Fish, Miss Mary of Tioga and John Peck m. her home Oct 3rd; she dau. E. C. Fish
1900 10 Jan M Fisher, Miss Bertie of Toronto and Senator Merrick of Blossburg m. _____
1900 3 Jan B Fisk son to Charles of Knoxville (no date)
1900 31 Jan M Fixk, Sherman of Knoxville and Miss Myra A. Hastings of Chatham to be m. "next Tue.", Feb 6th
1900 7 Mar M Flaig, Miss Hattie of Richmond and Peter Omelin m. "last Wed." her home by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. Alois Flaig
1900 15 Aug M Flanhery, John F. of Corning and Miss Mary Driscoll formerly of Blossburg to be m. Blossburg (no date)
1900 28 Feb M Ford, Miss Addie and David F. Tyrrell, both of Neath, Pa., m. at Mansfield home of Ambrose Decker "last Wed." by Rev. W. Hull
1900 27 Jun M Ford, Miss Maggie  of Elmira and Thomas McHale of Olyphant, Pa. m Elmira "last evening", both MSNS grads
1900 31 Jan & 7 Feb B Forest son to E. L. of Richmond twp. Jan 25th
1900 7 Nov B Forrest son to A. H. of Charleston Nov 1st
1900 10 Jan M Frasier, J. Bernice of Deerfield and Miss May Briggs m. her home near Knoxville (no date); she dau. Albert Briggs
1900 19 Dec M French, hiram Taylor of Mascow, Idaho and Miss Lura Cass m. "today" at Boise, Id.
1900 31 Oct M French, James R. and Roba V. Wilcox m. at Westfield Oct 20th, both res. Sabinsville
1900 31 Jan M French, Miss Bertha of Middlebury and Lewis C. Beard of Keeneyville m. Jan 18th at South Addison
1900 11 Jul M Frisbie W. Eaton and Miss Flora M. Russell, both of Orwell, Pa., m. there Jun 27th; she former MSNS teacher
1900 24 Jan D Frost, Nathaniel d. Jackson, Minn., a pioneer there, bro. of Mrs. Delos Walker of Mansfield and former res. Covington.
1900 19 Dec D Fuller, Levi d. West Union, Iowa, Dec 8th, b. Tioga co. Aug 13th 1824, an uncle of Mrs. George R. Holden (Mardin items)
1900 14 Nov D Furman, W. Calvin d. Morris Run Mon., his wodow was dau. of George M. Davis (late). Furman was "a native and for many yrs. a resident of this locality".
1900 20 Jun & 4 Jul M Gaige, Edson B. and Miss Jessie Stillwell to be m. Jackson Center Jun 27th; she dau. R. S. Stillwell
1900 21 Mar D Gale, Mrs. Guy T. d. Tacoma, Wash., she was b. Grace Richardson at Hills Creek, her parents now reside at Cedar Run, she was shot by Frank Sprague late of Cross Fork
1900 4 Jul B Galusha son to L. F. of Mann Creek Jun 27th
1900 4 Apr D Garrison, Nelson d. Jobs Corners, funeral "last Thur" , bro. of Mrs. A. Shepard of Mansfield and ex-commissioner W. H. Garrison
1900 22 Aug D Gates, Wade d. "Mon.", age 10 mos., son of Rev. L. M. Gates of Mansfield, cholera infantum, buried at Addison, NY
1900 14 Feb M Gaylord, Miss Amanda Mae of Mansfield and John J. Watkins (or Walkins?) of Morris Run to be m. Feb 22nd her home; she dau. John Gaylord of Mansfield by Rev. S. Derby (see 2/28)
1900 7 Nov M Gearheart, George of Clearfield and Miss Katherine Cameron of Pittsburgh m. Pittsburgh "last week", she dau. late Peter Cameron of Arnot
1900 3 Oct B Gee dau. to Fred of Roseville Sep 29th
1900 7 Nov D Gee infant of Fred, d. Sun. Nov 4th, (Roseville notes)
1900 21 Feb M Gee, Leonard L. of Keeneyville and Hettie W. Keeney of Stokesdale m.. (no date)
1900 14 Feb D Gee, Mrs. Albert d. Tioga (no date), paralysis
1900 5 Dec D Gibson, Rev. Willard B. d. Huntsburg, Ohio, buried at Wellsboro "last Tue.", son of late John B. Gibson and bro. of Mrs. S. R. Hart of Wellsboro
1900 21 Nov B Gilbert dau. to Noah of Mainesburg (no date)
1900 23 May M Gilbert, Miss Nina of Mainesburg and Oliver D. Rice of Coalport to be m. her home May 24th
1900 19 Sep M Giles, Miss Nina and Dr. M. Louis Bacon of Wellsboro m. her home "last week"; she sis of Mrs. A. M. Roy
1900 28 Feb M Gillespie, Miss Rena dau. of Judge G. of Salona, Calif. Has m. Fred E. Horton, son of Elias Horton of Westfield
1900 30 May D Gillett, Manson S. d. Mansfield "last Fri.", age 47, pneumonia, left 5 children: Malina M., Madaline, Fred M., Bernard and Casper; buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1900 14 Nov   Gillett, Mrs. Lloyd was 89 "last Sat.", res. Canoe Camp w/son Aaron, other children present were: Mrs. Eston Lownsberry, Elmira; Mrs. Dan Lownsberry, Jackson Summit; Mrs. John Walker, Tioga Junction; Frank, Clinton, Andres Gillett and Mrs. Mart Cass of Canoe Camp; Mrs. Harry Cleveland, Elk Run.
1900 19 Dec M Gleason, Miss Bertha and Fred Carpenter m. her home, Osceola, Dec 11th, she dau. Ezra Gleason
1900 3 Jan D Go;bert. Edma d/ Washington, D. C. on Dec 16th 1899, age 19, dau. E. C. Gilbert formerly of Mansfield
1900 12 Sep D Goldmyer, Philip d. Blossburg "last Sun.", age about 51, son of Lewis G., bro. of Jacob and Mrs. H. B. taylor all of Mansfield, left 4 daus. And 1 son
1900 26 Sep D Gould, Mrs. Henry d. Millerton, age 64 (no date)
1900 28 Feb D Gowdy, Mrs. Clara Crosby d. Feb 7th at Brookfieled, Mo., age about 60, formerly of East Charleston, sister of late H. J. Crosby of Mansfield
1900 17 Jan D Grandy, Noah of Covington twp. d. "Mon.", age 67, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1900 7 Mar D Graves, Truman d. "Sat." in Richmond twp. home of his son-in-law Thomas Cruttenden
1900 1 Aug M Gray, Miss Alice and John Strange to be m. Aug 8th (Mainesburg items)
1900 26 Dec M Green, Melville formerly of East Charleston and Miss Josephine Youngs of Penn Yan m. at res. Mrs. L. P. Wickham, Penn Yan, "last Wed.
1900 25 Apr M Green, Miss Maude and Walter Spencer m. at Tioga Apr 8th by Rev. E. Anderson
1900 3 Jan M Grey, Miss Lillian M. and Walter O. Smith, both of Sullivan twp., m. Dec 30th 1899 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1900 10 & 17 Jan M Griffin, John P.  of Lambs Creek and Miss Effie (Nettie?) White of Mansfield m. Wellsboro "today", Jan 10th Lawrenceville (see 1/17)
1900 16 May M Grinnell, Wren of Wells and Miss Myrtle Warner of Vitrus to be m. May 16th
1900 19 Dec M Grossjean, Howard J. of Philadelphia and Miss Julia Augusta Sucese of Troy to be m. "tomorrow" her home, she sis, Mrs. George Strait.
1900 5 Dec D Guernsey, B. George  d. "yest." Lambs Creek, age about 65, left 3 sons and 2 daus., funeral at Liberty at a sons's; former res. Charleston and Stony Fork
1900 19 Dec B Guernsey, B. George  son to Walter of Westfield Dec 7th
1900 12 Sep M Hagar, M. E. of Sylvania and Mrs. Mary Neufen of Continental, Ohio m. Mansfield "Mon." by Rev. C. Crawford
1900 10 Oct M Hagar, Thurston formerly of Lambs Creek and Miss Florence Houser of Corning "recently m."
1900 12 Dec M Hagerman, Harry of Wetona and Miss Ettie Darrow of West Burlington m. (Troy items)
1900 28 Nov D Hakes, Ira b. Columbia twp., Bradford co. Apr 22nd 1833 to Josiah and Almira Pettibone Hakes, m. Dec 21st 1865 Angelina Fairman, dau. of Frederic and Angelina McConnell Fairman of Richmond twp. (she d. Oct 17th 1897), he d. Upper Lambs Creek Nov 22nd 1900, left 4 children: Willis L. and Claudia B. of Lambs Creek, Mrs. David Persing of Gaines and Mrs. A. h. Embrey of Sullivan twp.; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 9 May M Hakes, Miss Cora of Upper Lambs Creek and David Persing of Gaines m. "last Thur." May 3rd at Lindley, Ny., by Rev. L. Mulhollen
1900 24 Jan D Halford 2 sons of Mr. ____ Halford of Slate Run died, buried Tioga
1900 25 Jul D Hall, Anson A. d. Honesdale, Pa. Jun 21st in 82nd yr., b. Southport, Ny Jan 22nd 1819, m. Roxy C. Beckweth, father of Mrs. Frank P. Kimble of Honesdale and Charles A. Hall of Elmira, once res. of Mansfield
1900 25 Jul D Hall, Charles A d. Denver, Col. (no date), age 41 (son of Anson A. Hall) m. Aug 18th 1866 Miss Emma Lister of Carbondale, Pa. (apparently no children)
1900 24 Oct M Hall, Jay and Miss Ida Austin, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville Oct 21st
1900 25 Jul M Hall, Judd V. of Gillets and Mrs. Helen Wilson of Austinville m. PineCity, Ny., Jul 19th by Rev. Huff
1900 19 Sep M Hall, Miss Bertha of Austinville and Arthur Dunbar of Troy m. at State Line by Rev. J. VanKirk (no date)
1900 10 Jan D Hall, Mr. _____ d. on Bear Creek, near Tioga ____
1900 26 Sep D Hall, Mrs. Charles d. Jobs Corners, age 39 (no date)
1900 7 Feb D Hammond infant of Eugene of Wellsboro d. of measles (no date)
1900 5 Dec D Hammond, John G. d. Elkland in 81st yr., Bright's disease, second son of John Hammond who came from Newton, Ny. into the Cowanesque Valley in early 1800's,. Twice m. and had 14 children (2 dead), also left 2 bros. and 2 sis.
1900 1 Aug M Hammond, Miss Edith May and George D. Crandall, both of Elkland, to be m. "today
1900 7 Feb D Handsom, Dora May d. Mansfield "last Thur.", age 18 consumption, dau. of Fred, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1900 28 Nov D Handsom, Mrs. Belle Dewey d. mansfield Nov 26th, in 48th yr., consumption, m. Fred handsom 28 yrs., ago, had 4 children, 1 left; buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield; also survived by 2 bros., 8 sis. And father
1900 8 Aug B Harkness dau. to Dr. Harry of Mainesburg "last Thur."
1900 18 Jul D Harkness, B. H. d. Humboldt, Iowa, Jul 9th, age 70 yrs., 4 mos., 3 das., heart disease, buried there, b. Mar 6th 1830 in Tioga co., Pa. to Joel H. and Elmina Chase Harkness. They were m. 1817 in Herkimer co., Ny and came to Pa. soon after. B. H. had been in Iowa since 1867, m. 1855 Clara F. Pierce of Waupun, Wis., left 2 children Rhea B. and Corrina H., bro. of Mrs. M. A. Elliott of Mansfield and Mrs. S. S. Rockwell of Charleston
1900 4 Apr D Harkness, John d. Wellsboro "last Tue.", been there 35 yrs.

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