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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 23 Nov M Passmore, Fredrick Copping of Mansfield and Miss Grace Gertrude Erway, same, to be m. tomorrow in Elmira, Ny. by Rev. F. Reynolds
1898 16 Feb D Patchen, Porter d. Covington last "thur.":, brain fever, youngest son of Thomas A., age 12
1898 30 Nov M Patchen, W. Howard  of Covington and Miss Elizabeth Maxwell of Corning, Ny., m. her home "Thanksgiving Day". She dau. S. S. Maxwell
1898 16 Feb B Patterson dau. to S. of Tioga "last Wed."
1898 4 May D Patterson infant of William d. Elmira (no date), formerly of Millerton
1898 30 Nov M Patterson, John of Peoria, Ill. And Miss Ellen Brown of Landrus, m. "last Wed."
1898 6 Jul M Patterson, Miss Jeanette of Arnot and James Rumbay m. "last Wed."
1898 16 Nov M Paul, Ada F. of Corning, Ny., and Simeon J. Rowers formerly of Lawrenceville m. (no date)
1898 12 Jan B Peake dau. to Frank C. of Charleston (no date)
1898 27 Apr M Peck, Miss Cora and E. G. Jospeh, both of Tioga, m. there "mon." by Rev. W. McCormack: she came from Hector, Potter Co., Pa/
1898 23 Feb D Peck, Mrs. J. M. (Hattie) d. "Mon. last", age 42, typhoid pneumonia, Tioga _____ lost little girl 2 mos. Ago.
1898 14 Sep D Peck, Smith of Harford, Pa., d. at sea (in war), bro. of Mrs. Edward Passmore of Mansfield
1898 1 Jun D Peckham, Stephen of Columbia X-roads d. "last week Tue."
1898 3 Aug M Perrong, Francis M. of South Bethlehem, Pa., m. Miss Matilda Bull Jul 17th at Corning, Ny.; she dau. Harry Bull of Mansfield
1898 12 Jan D Perry, Mrs. William  (nee Abbie Clark) d. "last Thur." Rochester, Ny., funeral at Knoxville where had res. 7 - 8 yrs., a native of Mansfield, niece of Melson and Leander Love of Mansfield, left 2 bros. in west and 1 sis. Mrs. Cupp of Corning, Ny.
1898 21 Dec D Peters, Fred d. Dec 11th at William Copley's of typhoid, age 19, buried Holidaytown, last Jul 4th he m. dau. of Wm. Copley
1898 28 Dec M Peterson, Haarry of Gouldstown, Nj. (formerly of Mansfield) and Miss Jessie Sheffield of Ellicottville, Ny., to be m. her home "today"
1898 23 Feb B Phelps son to E. E. of Tioga "last Fri."
1898 5 Jan M Philbrick, C. E. and D. E. Watson to be m. Roseville (see Mar 16?)
1898 7 Sep D Philbrick, Clifford d. Rutland twp. "Sun.", age 4, cholera infantum, son of Edward
1898 9 Nov D Phoenix, Calvin T. was b. Addison, Ny. Nay 6th 1827 to Richard and Deborah, lived early in Farmington, then Great Valley, Ny. where m. 1858 Sarah M. Grover, 1 child Devillo C. d. 1874, adopted Nella Hopkins (now Mrs. Grant Russell), one bro. left (of 9) John of DeGolia, Pa.
1898 2 & 9 Nov D Phoenix, Mr. Calvin T. d. Mill Creek "last Sun." (Oct 30th), age 71, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, no children (?) ( See Nov. 9th for more.)
1898 14 Dec B Pierce dau. to George of Millerton (no date)
1898 22 Jun M Pierce, Herman J.  of Troy and Miss Cora Robinson of Bentley Creek to be m. "today"
1898 29 Jun D Pierce, Israel A. d. Troy "last Fri.", age 78, widow was first Mrs. David Slingerland of Sullivan twp.
1898 7 Dec D Pitts, Clyde D. d. Manila, P.I. (news received "Mon."), b. Mansfield Oct 25th 1871 to D. H. Pitts, buried in the Phillipines.
1898 16 Mar M Plank, Charles  of Sylvester and Miss Nina Burdick of Westfield m. at Westfield (no date); she dau. Deforest Burdick
1898 17 Aug M Plank, Miss Hattie dau. of Harvey Plank, and Harry Mead, all of Westfield, m. her home (no date)
1898 20 Jul D Porter, Milton d. near Snedekers "last Wed." in logging accident, age about 60
1898 28 Dec M Porter, Miss Edith of Troy and Orman Parmenter of Snedekers m. (no date)
1898 20 Jul M Potter, Miss Helen  of Washington, D. and George Hart of Elmira, Ny. m. Jun 28th; he son Frank P. Hart and she dau. Jerome B. Potter, all formerly of Wellsboro
1898 23 Feb D Powers, Mrs. Spencer J. (Elida J.) d. Elmira, Ny., Feb 11th, former res. Mansfield
1898 6 Apr M Preston, Miss Lucy and Fred F. Berry m. Mar 28th her home, Columbia X-roads; she dau. E. L. Preston; by Rev. H. Burrell
1898 9 Nov B Purple dau. to Lyman of Academy Corners (no date)
1898 20 Jul M Putnam, Miss Frances and Walter Brooks m. her home, Wellsboro, "last Thur." by Rev. Shaw
1898 5 Oct D Quakenbush, Charles a former res. of Bear Creek but late of Mann Hill d. "Sun.", age about 56, buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga (Tioga items)
1898 14 Sep D Rarick, Lorenzo D. d. Lambs Creek "last Sun.", age about 75, left 4 sons (incl. James of Lambs Creek) and 2 daus., buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1898 5 Oct M Rawson, Miss Susie late of Tioga and Charles Ingraham of Gaines m. at Galeton Sep 27th
1898 28 Dec M Raynor, Archie  of Centerville and Elsie Raynor of Waverly m. Dec 1st
1898 28 Dec M Raynor, Elsie of Waverly and Archie Raynor of Centerville m. Dec 1st
1898 5 Oct B Reddington son to Ed. Of Covington "Thur."
1898 9 Nov D Redfield, Mrs. A. funeral "Sun.", Covington, age about 72, mother of Charles Redfield, ed. Of the Sun.
1898 26 Jan B Reed son to E. G. of Mansfield Jan 23rd
1898 8 Jun M Reeser, Rev. T. S. and Miss Effie McCracken, both of Liberty m. in Williamsport May 25th
1898 21 Sep M Reynolds, Will Farnsworth-Butler: (sic) and Miss Flora Butler, both of Chatham twp. m. Wellsboro Sep 1st by Rev. N. Reynolds
1898 16 Mar B Rhodes dau. to Charles of Mansfield Mar 16th
1898 28 Dec M Rice, Miss Rosa and Alfred Warters m. "last Sat." (Lambs Creek items) at Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 21 Dec D Richardson, Fenton W. d. Mansfield Normal last Sun. "intenstinal obstruction", in 17th yr., a res. of New York City, returned there for burial
1898 17 Aug M Richardson, John of Hills Creek and Miss Eva Neal (of Mardin) m. "Sun."; she dau. "Pen" neal (Mardin items)
1898 10 Aug M Richman, Henry of DuBois, Pa. and Miss Margaretta Wagner of Tioga m. at res. Charles Sandbach, Tioga, "last Mon." by Justice Lewis
1898 31 Aug D Richmond, Mrs. Hannah Strange d. Mansfield Aug 24th, b. Apr 28th 1839 to Marcus and Hannah Strange who came to Grays Vaqlley, Sullivan twp. early, m. 1869 Ananias Richmond, 2 daus.; Mrs. M. H. Shepard and Nellie, both of Mansfield; 2 bros. Marcus of Springfield and Joseph of Grays Valley; 2 sis. Mrs. J. L. Rockwell, West Burlington and Mrs. R. H. Burley of Altus; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1898 12 Jan B Ripley dau. to Myron of Covington Jan 7th
1898 18 May D Ripley, Lester d. Sylvania, funeral "today" (Tue.) (Mainesburg items)
1898 25 May & 1 Jun D Ripley, Lester d. Sylvania "last week", left 10 children, and 17 grand-children
1898 21 Sep D Robb infant son of Cass Robb d. Crooked Creek (no date)
1898 20 Jul D Robbins dau. of Amos of Robbins Settlement d. (no date) buried Jul 16th at Frost Settlement Cem.
1898 12 Jan M Robbins, Miss Daisy E. of North Fork and George H. Tripp of Harrison Valley m. Jan 1st (Westfield items)
1898 6 Jul D Robbins, Mrs. G. W. (Matie) d. Warren, Pa. (no date), funeral at Mainesburg "last Sun."
1898 18 May D Robbins, William E. d. (no date), funeral at his res. on Robbins Hill "Mon." (Mainesburg items)
1898 23 Nov D Roberts, Minnie d. Wellsboro "last Sun.". Age 3. ,e,b/ crpi[. Dau. of John (last of 7 to die of it).
1898 28 Dec M Robinson, Grant and Miss Edith Decker of Mansfield to be m. "today" by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. of Ambrose Decker
1898 22 Jun M Robinson, Miss Cora of Bentley Creek and Herman J. Pierce of Troy to be m. "today"
1898 19 Oct M Robinson, Miss Ina of Vineland, Nj (formerly of Mansfield) and Emmet W. Stull of Johnstown, Pa. (formerly of Elkland) m. Oct 4th
1898 22 Jun M Robson, Edward  of Mansfield and Miss Harriett M. Inscho m. Jun 22nd her home, Canoe Camp, by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. W. W. Inscho
1896 6 Apr B Rogers son to Fred. Of Covington twp. Apr 3rd
1898 12 Oct D Rogers, Harold M. d. Copp Hollow "Sat.", age 7 mos., son Fred., buried Elk Run Cem. (Covington items)
1898 29 Jun D Rogers, Mrs. George d. Frost Settlement (no date) funeral Sylvania "mon." a former resident
1898 6 Jul M Root, Miss Nancy L. of Middlebury and Edward M. Padgett of Tioga twp. m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. James Root
1898 16 Mar M Rorapaugh, Bert J. of Smithville, Ny., and Miss Clara Shumway of Wellsboro m. at Wellsboro (no date)
1898 9 Feb M Rose, Miss Dora of Blossburg and Harry Williams of Elmira, Ny., m. (no date)
1898 25 May B Rosengrant dau. to Rev. E. J. of Mansfield May 19th
1898 5 Oct M Rounsville, Thomas J. of Charleston and Miss Gertrude Canedy of Tioga twp. m. Oct 1st by Justice Lewis
1898 5 Oct B Rouse son to T. D. of Tioga "Sun."
1898 18 May D Rouse, Joshua d. Charleston twp. "Mon.", age nearly 80, prob. Blood poisoning, b. near Auburn, Ny., left 2 sons; T. D. of Tioga and Ambrose of Charleston, funeral at Catlin Hollow Ch.
1898 16 Nov M Rowers, Simeon J. formerly of Lawrenceville m. Ada F. Paul of Corning, Ny. (no date)
1898 10 Aug D Rozelle, George d. Middlebury (no date)
1898 6 Jul M Rumgay, James and Miss Jeanette Patterson of Arnot m. "last Wed."
1898 7 Dec B Rumsey  dau. to Clarence of Sullivan twp. Nov 30th
1898 20 Apr D Rumsey, Burt d. Sullivan twp. Apr 16th, age 21 yrs., 6 mos., pneumonia, son of Julius and Electa Rumsey, laft parents and 1 bro
1898 31 Aug D Rumsey, Frank d. at Caton, Ny., "Wed.", age about 45, buried at Mainesburg; his mother was Mrs. McNeil of Caton
1898 23 Nov M Ryan, Francis and Miss Maud Ford of Stony Fork, m "recently" at Hoytville
1898 16 Feb B Ryon dau. to Jophn W., Jr. of Osceola "recently"
1898 3 Aug M Sammons, Miss _____ of Cambridge, Md. And William F. Willhelm of Baltimore, Md. M. "recently" in Baltimore; he former res. Mansfield, son of J. W. Willhelm
1898 30 Nov M Sampson, Ada and Clarence Neal m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. John Sampson of Hills Creek
1898 6 Apr M Sampson, Miss Anna of Hills Creek and Joseph Erwin of same, m. "last week", she dau. Ralph Sampson
1898 14 Sep D Satterley infant of Britton and Edith Manigan Satterley of Shippensburg d. Covington (no date), age 5 wks.
1898 13 Jul M Sawyer, Miss Bertha of Purple Brook and Jay Little of Potter Brook m. Troupsburg, Ny., Jul 3rd
1898 17 Aug D Schooner, Mrs. Charles d. Tioga "last Sun.", consumption, 3 children
1898 2 Nov M Schoonover, A. C.  of Sabinsville and Miss Myrtle Sensabaugh, same, m. Borden, Ny., Oct 23rd
1898 25 May D Scofield, Edward S. d. Blossburg "Thur.", heart failure, left wife (former Isabel Clemons) and 1 dau.
1898 5 Oct D Scott, Lewis d. Cherry Flats "Mon.", age about 42, stomach ailment, left 1 son and wife (a dau. of Warren Miller)
1898 30 Mar B Scouten  son to Charles H. of E. Charleston Mar 28th
1898 6 Apr B Scouten  son to Charles of E. Charleston (no date), great-grandson to William Hollands
1898 8 Jun M Scouten, Miss Hattie B. of Sylvania and R. Simmons m. Jun 1st
1898 2 Feb D Seamans, Mrs. Minnie of chatham twp. d. Jan 23rd
1898 12 Oct M Searles, Fred of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Margaret Howley of Troy m. Troy (no date) by Father Connelly
1898 6 Jul M Sechrist, Miss Libbie of Ogdensburg and Frank A. Landon of North Union m. (no date)
1898 23 Mar D Seeley, Charles d. near Mansfield "last Sun.", age 48, pneumonia, son of George S. "one of the pioneers of Sullivan", left 4 sons and 1 dau., buried ' family burrying ground" Sullivan
1898 6 Apr D Seely, Miss Minnie d. Pawnee Co., Kan. "recently" of consumption, dau. Lyman Seely former res. Millerton
1898 26 Jan B Sensabaugh son to Wm. Of Knoxville "great grandson" to Chester Pride.
1898 2 Nov M Sensabaugh, Miss Myrtle of Sabinsville and A. C. Schoonover, same, m. Borden, Ny., Oct 23rd
1898 13 & 27 Apr D Sexton, Ben P.  d. Bklossburg "last night", burie dOdd Fellows Cem., Blossburg
1898 25 May M Shaw, Miss Anna Louise and Jesse Lamont Lane of Montrose, Pa. m. Montrose May 16th by Rev. H. Benedict; she dau. Mrs. F. M. Shaw, formerly of Mansfield
1898 21 Dec M Sheets, Miss Ida Mae of Fairdale, Pa. and George Wicks of Mansfield to be m.
1898 5 & 12 Oct M Sheffer, Miss Edna M. of Lawrenceville and Frederick L. Wheatley of Medix, Elk co., Pa. m. at Lawrence twp. res. of her grandfather, Major John Irvin, Sep 21st by Rev. Briggs.
1898 28 Dec M Sheffield, Miss Juessie of Ellicottville, Ny., and Harry Peterson of Gouldstown, Nj (formerly of Mansfield), to be m. her home "today"
1898 8 Jun M Sheive, Miss Ethel of Jackson Twp. and Ray Baker of Rutland twp., m. Elmira, Ny, Jun 4th by Rev. H. Cooper
1898 14 Dec D Sherer, Dr. J. H. d. "Mon." Wellsboro in 72nd yr., cancer, a native of Philadelphia, Pa., been in Wellsboro since 1852 (except 4 yrs. in Illinois), m. in Springfield, Ill. Miss Hannah S. Rathbun who d. 1879; 1 son W. L. of Wellsboro, 2nd wife Miss Margaret Wylie, dau. W. P. Wylie of Mansfield
1898 7 Sep D Sherman, Jimmie d. Osceola "last Sat.", age 11, son of Charles, blood poisoning
1898 14 Dec M Sherman, Miss Cynthia of Beaver Dams, Ny., and Charles Stevens of Knoxville to be m. "today" at her home
1898 9 Nov M Shewman, Miss Cynthia C. of Beaver Dams, Ny., and Charles W. Stevens of Knoxville to be m. her home Dec 14th
1898 12 Oct M Shinkel, Miss Kate M. of Roxborough and Harry T. Graves of Millerton (ed. Of the Advocat) m. at Philadelphia "last Sat."
1898 16 Mar D Shook, Mrs. Rosina d. Tioga "Sun.", age 85, at her dau's (Mrs. N. A. Shappee)
1898 19 Oct D Short, Elsie d. Elkland Oct 8th, age 13, typhoid, dau. Elias Short
1898 16 Mar M Shumway, Miss Clara  of Wellsbor and Bert J. Rorapaugh of Smithville, Ny., m. at Wellsboro (no date)
1898 16 Feb B Siemens dau to Robert of Wellsboro (no date)
1898 16 Feb D Signor, Fred H. d. at bro's (George C.) in Elkland, age 29
1898 7 Sep M Simmons, L. O. of Coudersport and Miss Clara Fenton of Elkland m. at Alleghany, Ny. "recently"
1898 23 Mar M Simmons, Miss Ella of Stony Fork and Daniel Clark of Tioga twp. m. "last Sun." by Justice Baldwin (Tioga items)
1898 8 Jun M Simmons, Miss Jennie  of Canton and Alden Swayze, Jr. of Columbia X-roads m. (no date)
1898 8 Jun M Simmons, R. and Miss Hattie B. Scouten of Sylvania m. Jun 1st
1898 30 Mar D Sims, Mrs. Charlotte M. d. March 22nd at Ulster, Pa., a dau. of Reuben Case of Troy; mother of W. R. Sims of Columbia X-roads; Mrs. James Worden, Sylvania; Mrs. Laura Newberry, Troy; J. E. Sims, Elmira; Mrs. Mary Soper, Ulster; and 5 others alread dead
1898 4 May M Skelton, Prof F. W.  of Nelson and Miss Naomi Litteer m. Apr 19th Weston, Ny.
1898 5 Jan B Smiley dau. to J. M. of East Canton Dec 30th 1897
1898 2 Mar B Smith dau. to Ray at Elk Run Feb 12th
1898 27 Apr B Smith son to Dennis of Mainesburg (no date)
1898 27 Apr B Smith dau. to Orrin of Mainesburg (no date)
1898 8 Jun B Smith dau. to Emerson and Addie Makely Smith of Rutland twp. (no date)
1898 3 Aug B Smith son to Adelbert of Mainesburg "last week"
1898 3 Aug B Smith son to Wesley of Rutland twp. Jul 31st
1898 31 Aug B Smith dau. to Willard and Eliza Wilson Smith of Roseville (no date)
1898 26 Oct D Smith child of Dennis of Mainesburg buried Oct 13th (Mainesburg items.)
1898 17 Aug   Smith Family reunion notes: Jesse Smith b. Aug 10th 1784 and came with wife Anise and infant son to Rutland Hill 1808m being one of the first settlers. His house was near the present Rutland Hill Church. He d. age 87, she d. age 86. Had 12 children (9 boys, 3 girls) - 5 now living. Isaac - 7 children; Morris - 2; Dollie - 8; Margaret - 7; John - 5; Tristram - 3; William - 4; George - 2; Levisa - 9; Silas - 3; Jesse - 5; Warren - 10.
1898 13 Apr D Smith, A. J. d. Keeneyville "last Wed.", age 60, suicide
1898 14 Dec M Smith, A. Lee of Blossburg and Miss Charlotte Ward Keeler of Elmira, Ny., to be m. Feb 14th in Elmira; she dau. late Wm. Keeler and sis. Mrs. J. Henry Clark of Elmira
1898 28 Dec M Smith, Byron C. of Elk Run and Miss Ida May Kilgore of Coryland m. Dec 21st her home by Rev. J. VanKirk; she dau. Duning Kilgore
1898 13 Jul M Smith, Calas of Sullivan twp. and Miss Maggie L. Lowrey of Ward twp. m. Jul 4th at Lindley, Ny.
1898 12 Oct D Smith, Dr. Cady d. Troy, age 49 (no date)
1898 31 Aug M Smith, Fred H. and Miss Edith M. Brown m. Athens, Pa. "last Sat." ; she dau. W. W. Brown former res. Mansfield
1898 9 Mar M Smith, G. F. and Mattie Crum, both of Rutland twp., m. "last week Tue." by Rev. W. Armington of Lawrenceville
1898 9 Feb D Smith, Garrett d. Jackson twp. "last week Sun."
1898 6 Apr M Smith, Helen and Morris S. Kentch m. at Tioga "Mon." by Justice H. Baldwin
1898 28 Sep M Smith, Henry and Mrs. of East charleston m. 40 yrs. "last Thur."
1898 6 Jul D Smith, James T. d. Baldwinsville, Ny., "last Mon.", a resident of Liberty
1898 30 Mar & 30 Apr M Smith, Miss Christina Clarke and Fred Dilliston Bailey of Mansfield m. Apr. 18th at binghamton, Ny.,' she dau. Clarke J. Smith of binghamton, Ny.
1898 5 Oct M Smith, Miss Marie of Farmington twp and Lyman Head of Lindley, Ny. m. Addison, Ny., Sep 19th by P. Daniels, Esq
1898 28 Dec M Smith, Miss Maude E. and Alfred J. Newell m. at Ralston, Pa. Dec 21st by Rev. R. Armstrong
1898 1 Jun M Smith, Miss Nellie E. and Albert H. Laasch, both of Mansfield m. "today' her home; she dau. Lyman Smith
1898 7 Dec M Smith, Miss Sadie of Richmond twp. and Leon Lilly of Mansfield m. at D. S. Killy's in Mansfield Dec 4th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 9 Feb M Smith, Miss Zella E. of Ward Twp., and George Wilkins, Jr., of Sullivan twp. m. her home Feb 1st; she dau. C. L. Smith
1898 23 Nov D Smith, Mr. Tristam d. Elk Run Nov 19th, b. Rutland twp. Jun 14th 1816, buried Wood Hill Cem., left: Ira of Elk Run, Lyman B. of Mansfield; Mrs. H. H. Wilson, Roseville.
1898 2 Mar M Smith, Mrs. Millie of Rutland and W. H. McClelland of Mansfield m. "last Sun." Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant

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