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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 24 Aug D Fox, Mrs. d. Antrim (no date), laft large family
1898 15 Jun M Francis B. E. and Miss Eva K,. Herbert of Wellsboro, m. Elmira, Ny., Jun 2nd
1898 21 Dec M Frazer, Mamie of Westfield and Charles Baker m. Dec 9th
1898 21 Dec M French, Miss Mabelle Elizabeth of Mansfield and Robert Hallam Bishop of Elmira, Ny., to be m. Dec 28th by Rev. E. Riley, Mansfield; she dau. Mark French
1898 25 May M Frost, John of Briar Hill and Miss Mertie Boutin m.(no date) (Roseville items)
1898 17 Aug M Frost, Mrs. Myra of Mansfield and W. W. Cleveland of Frost Settlement m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thru."
1898 2 Feb D Fuller, Mrs. Sally Hunt d. Mansfield Jan 27th, b. Lebanon, Ny. Oct 27th 1820 to Capt. Samuel Hunt, came here 1828, m. 1841 Gurdon Fuller, left 2 sons R. A. of Buffalo, Ny., and E. A. of East Orange, Nj., 1 sister left Mrs. L. Cummings
1898 16 Nov D Gaige, Mrs. Elizabeth widow of Perry Gaige, d. Jackson Centre, funeral "Sun.", mother of A. P. Gaige of Mansfield
1898 14 Sep D Gamberling, Mrs. Levina or Lavina d. Tioga "last Wed.", age 81 yrs., 8 mos., mother of Dr. Clayton Thomas; buried Evergreen Cem,., Tioga
1898 20 Jul M Gamble, Lt. Ralph E. and Miss Helen B. Horton m. (no date) Westfield by Rev. W. Peet; she dau. Capt. And Mrs. Elias Horton
1898 8 Jun D Gardner, David d. Knoxville (no date), age 102
1898 14 Sep D Gardner, David  "Wellsboro's olderst resident" d. there "last Fri.", age 92, of old age
1898 5 Oct M Garrison, Burke E. of Elk Run and Miss Helen M. Benson of Rutland m. Pine City, Ny., Sep 27th by Rev. C. Stone
1896 6 Apr D Garrison, John W. d. Daggetts Mar 28th, age 56
1898 13 Jul M Garrison, Mrs. Jennie of Daggett and Leman Dewitt of Millerton m. at State Line, Ny., Jul 3rd by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 11 May B Gates son to Rev. L. M. Gates of Mansfield Apr 28th
1898 14 Sep M Gates, Miss Maud Ella and Rev. Merritt Soper of Syracuse, Ny., m. her home, Mansfield "today" by Rev. E. Rosengrat; she dau. D. T. Gates of Mansfield
1898 3 Aug D Geer, Hardy E. d. "Mon." at Elmira, Ny., buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga "Tue.", had 2 bros. Joe H. of Elmira, Ny. and James S. of Wellsboro, 2 half-bros., no children, he was b. in Tioga
1898 24 Aug M Geison, Miss Anna and Dr. William G. Lent, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Sep 8th
1898 21 Dec B Gerould dau. to James of Covington (no date)
1898 25 May D Gibson, Mrs. Anna T. d. Mansfield "last Sun.", dropsy, b. Troy, Pa. May 12th, 1845, been here since 1893(?), left: John, Richard, Francis, Anna, Margaret, Mary, and Katherine, funeral and burial at Blossburg.
1898 14 Sep B Gillett  son to M. E. of Mansfield Sep 14th
1898 31 Aug M Gillett, Miss Alice of Blossburg and W. E. Wheeler of Arnot (late of Mansfield) m. "last week Mon." at Canandaigua, Ny.
1898 16 Nov M Gillett, Miss Maud of Canoe Camp and George Matteson of Knoxville m. her home "last Wed.", she dau. Aaron Gillett
1898 16 Nov D Gitchell, Mrs. Ascenath d. Cedar Point, Iowa, Nov 3rd, widow of one-time Tioga Co. sheriff Benjamin Gitchell, left: John R., George B. and Mrs. Charlotte Yost, all of Cedar Point; she age 84, been west 40 yrs.
1898 28 Sep D Gleason, Edward d. near Addison , Ny. "last Sun.", age 31, res. of Knoxville, unmarried, railroad accident
1898 14 Dec D Gleason, Grant formerly of Marsh Creek, d. at Williamsburg, Mich., bro.-in-law of Henry Ashton, Esq. of Knoxville
1898 12 Jan M Gleason, Miss Lily Belle  of Osceola and John Heysham m. "last week"
1898 17 Aug D Gleason, Mrs. John d. Tioga "last Sat.", left 6 daus. And 1 son
1898 28 Sep D Gleason, Winsor d. Elkland (no date), age 3, spinal meningitis, son of F. D. Gleason
1898 20 Jul M Gleckner, W. V. and Miss Luella Fowler to be m. Canton Jul 27th
1898 3 Aug D Goodall, Milton R. d. Saranac Lake, Ny. "last Sat.", pneumonia, long resident of Richmond twp., b. Nov 26th 1846, m. Aug 28th 1872 Helen A. Knowlton, 2 sons Elmer (d. 1892) and Morris
1898 20 Apr M Goodall, Miss Anna and Carl Cleveland, both of Richmond twp., m. "last Thur." her home, she dau. Thomas Goodall
1898 26 Oct M Goodwin, Albert D. of Westfield and Miss Kate Tremain to be m. Nov 2nd
1898 2 Feb M Goodwin, Orin and Miss Lulu Sweet of Crooked Creek m. "recently"
1898 15 Jun D Goodwin, Walter E d. Wellsboro "last Thur.", executed for murder, buried Keeney Cem., Charleston
1898 28 Dec M Gott, William of Roseville and Mrs. Julia Ann Biard of Trowbridge, m. Dec 20th at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 5 Jan M Grant, Walter and Gertrude Hutchinson of Blossburg m. Dec 30th 1897 by Rev. J. Beadle
1898 12 Oct M Graves, Harry T. of Millerton (ed. Of the Advocat) and Miss Kate M. Shinkel of Roxborough m. at Philadelphia "last Sat."
1898 13 Jul B Green twins (1 each) to James R. Green of Corning, Ny., formerly of Blossburg
1898 2 Nov M Gridley, Miss Hattie D. of Ulysses and Hugh Marsh of Marshfield m. her home Oct 27th
1898 26 Oct M Griffin, Miss Nellie  and Scott N. Cone of Elkland m. Oct 15th
1898 4 May D Grinell, Lorenzo d. Andover, mass. "last Wed.", appendicitis, funeral Wellsboro, MSNS '96
1898 11 May M Griswold, Miss Etta  m. W. H. McIntyre of Canton
1898 6 Jul D Grohs, Mrs. Charles N. (Deborah) d. Troy, Jun 23rd, age 57
1898 7 Sep B Grover dau. to W. A. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1898 5 Jan B Guernsey son to George of mansfield Jan 2nd
1898 28 Dec M Guiles, Miss Lusaney of Osceola and Joseph Doane, same, m. Dec 10th
1898 3 Aug M Guldenshoe, Miss May and Clyde Brown, both of Mansfield, m. (no date) he son John B.; she dau. Mrs. Edward Porter of Mansfield
1898 15 Jun B Gustin dau. to Ray of Troy (no date)
1898 9 Feb M Hackett, Avery of Brooklyn and Miss Mamie Briockway of Bear Creek m. Lindley, Ny. Feb 4th (Tioga items)
1898 23 Feb M Hagar, Arthur and _____ Leiby of Sullivan m. (no date); she dau. J. G. Lieby
1898 18 May B Hakes son to Fred and Sarah Ingalls Hakes of Mansfield May 12th
1898 2 Feb M Hall, Miss Lou of Wellsboro and William Thurber to be m. Feb 16th (announced Feb 16th)
1898 13 Jul M Hammond, Charles and Miss Myrtle Long, both of Elkland m. Troupsburg, Ny., Jul 3rd
1898 16 Feb D Hammond, Mrs. Rebecca  of North Forks, d. Feb. 3rd ( Westfield items)
1898 19 Oct D Harden, Thomas d. Wellsboro "last Sat.", age 70, b. in Ireland, been Wellsboro 40 yrs., a brother-in-law of late Bishop McGovern of Scranton
1898 13 Apr B Harkness dau. to C. H. of Cherry Flats (no date)
1898 1 & 15 Jun M Harkness, Dr. Harry C. of Mainesburg and Miss Esther Campbell of Leona m. Jun 8th by Rev. King' she dau. Mrs. George Campbell
1898 12 Jan B Harrison son to William at Lawrenceville (no date)
1898 26 Oct D Harrison son of William of Lawrenceville d., age 9 mos.
1898 20 Jul M Hart, George of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Helen Potter ow Washington, DC, m Jun 28th; he son Frank P. Hart and she dau. Jerome B. Potter, all formerly of Wellsboro
1898 17 Aug M Hart, Lewis D. of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Lorena Kelley of Mansfield m. Watkins, Ny., Aug 15th by Rev. W. Foote; she dau. John Kelley, he son of Amos Hart of Elmira
1898 19 Oct M Hastings, Harry  of Boston, Mass., and Miss Margaret Watrous of Wellsboro to be m. Wellsboro "tomorrow", she niece of F. E. Watrous.
1898 2 Mar B Hatfield son to Will of Roseville (no date)
1898 2 Feb D Havens, S. R.  of Westfield d. "last Tue.", of Bright's disease
1898 16 Nov D Haywood, Harry d. Rutland twp. (no date), father of Charles and Sidney
1898 30 Nov D Haywood, Harry d. Nov 6th at Rutland, Pa., b. West Danby, Ny. 1816, in his 21st year. M. Miss Lucina Messenger, to Rutland 1874, had 3 sons Charles and Sidney, Rutland; Orleyett of Mansfield, and 1 dau. Mrs. Louisa Foster of Inlay City, Mich.
1898 11 May   Hazelett, Dr. C. W. of East Charleston (running for Congress) was b. near Elkland 1853
1898 7 Sep D Hazlett, Ernest M. d. Camp Thomas "last Tue." of typhoid, son of E. H., buried at Nelson (Span. Am. War.)
1898 5 Oct M Head, Lyman of Lindley, Ny. and Miss Marie Smith of Farmington twp. m. at Addison, Ny., Sep 19th by P. Daniels, Esq
1898 18 May B Hendricks, Treva Marie b. Cuba, Ny., Apr 30th to W. H. and Dorothy Locker Hendricks, formerly of Mansfield.
1898 15 Jun M Herbert, Miss Eva K.  of Wellsboro and B. E. Francis m. Elmira, Ny., Jun 2nd
1898 23 Mar D Herbert, Mrs. James N. d. Wellsboro, age 54 (no date)
1898 12 Jan M Heysham, John and Miss Lily Belle Gleason of Osceola m. "last week"
1898 3 Aug D Hilborn, Calvin d. Cabery, Ill., Jul 19th, a former res. of Covington
1898 13 Apr D Hinman, Mr. father-in-law of M. L. Fralic d. "last Tue.", buried Marathon, NY (Lambs Creek items)
1898 23 Feb D Hoard, Stewart d. Red Wing, Minn., age 10, son of E. Harry Hoard, grandson of Col. J. S. Hoard former res. of Mansfield
1898 9 Mar D Holden, George R. d. Mardin "Thur.", father of Henry of Kent, Ohio, pneumonia, nearly 74, b. at Mansfield to late Daniel Holden, had 3 sons and 1 dau.; also had 1 sis and 3 bro. ( 1 was John Holden of Mansfield), buried Hope Cem. Mansfield
1898 1 Jun D Holden, Mrs. Isaac d. "Today" Mansfield, age 74 yrs., 8 mos., 2 da., stroke, dau. of late Gilbert Phelps, b. a Guilford, Ny., Husband d. 1893, she had: C. A. Holden and Carrie Holden, Mansfield; Mrs. George Dorsett, Jersey Shore; Mrs. L. F. Grover, Buffalo; also 2 bros: W. C. Phelps, Buffalo; frank, Lymanville, Pa., and 2 sis. Mrs. W. W. Mann, Whitesville, Ny., and Mrs. Barney Whitteker, Canoe Camp
1898 7 Dec D Hollands, Mrs. William (Charlotte Cruttenden), d. "last Sun." Jackson twp., age 84, b. Lewes, England, m. 1836, came to Mansfield 1850 - moved to Millerton 1891, had 12 children (8 survive): George, William, Stephen, Mrs. Mary Stickney, Mrs. C. W. Nelson - all of Hornellsville, Ny.; Mrs. Orson Benedict, Mardin; Mrs. Charles Friends, Millerton; Mrs. Joe Geer, Elmira, Ny.; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1898 30 Mar M Hollenbrook, Rosa V. of Potter Brook and John Bush m. Mar 16th
1898 6 Apr M Holliday, Claude formerly of Covington m. (no date) "a Corning girl"
1898 22 Jun M Holt George  of Cammals and Miss Addie E. Wilcox of Stony Fork m. Jun 11th; she MSNS ' 97
1898 23 Mar D Holton child of Emerson of Roseville d. "last week."
1898 6 Apr B Horton son to Charles E. of Sullivan Mar 29th
1898 20 Apr D Horton infant son of Charley of Sullivan twp. d. Apr 17th, age 2 wks, 5 da.
1898 6 Jul B Horton dau. to Walter of Covington (no date)
1898 23 Nov D Horton, Harvey d. "today" Mansfield, had been res. of Richmond twp. 1st wife was a Job from Job's Corners, 2nd wife a Miss Makely of Rutland, left: Bruce, Bertha and Carrie and Mrs. Ransom Bryant. Had bros. J. W. of Covington, J. E. and George, Mansfield; Charles, jackson twp.; Walter, Covington; buried Hope Cem. Mansfield; a Civil War Vet.
1898 28 Sep M Horton, J. L. and Grace May Tanner m. at Troy Sep 12th by H. Case, J. P.
1898 18 May D Horton, Melvin R. d. Elmira, Ny., "last Thur.", typhoid pneumonia and quinzy, age 57, left 2 daus. And bros: Edward, Harvey, and George of Mansfield; J. W. and Walter of Covington; Charles of Bradford Co., funeral at Mansfield
1898 20 Jul M Horton, Miss Helen B. and L. Ralph E. Gamble m. (no date) Westfield by Rev. W. Peet; she dau. Capt. And Mrs. Elias Horton
1898 6 Jul D Horton, Miss May of Stony Fork found dead "last Sat.", age 28, an epileptic, dau. of late Hector H.
1898 11 May M Horton, Miss Rosamund of Mansfield and Newell Love of Elmira, Ny., m. "today" her home, she dau. G. W. Horton
1898 3 Aug M Hotchkiss, John H. formerly of Lambs Creek and Miss Lou Eaton of Lawrenceville m. (no date)
1898 7 Dec B Howard son to Samuel of Blossburg Nov 21st
1898 26 Jan D Howe, Mrs. Sarah A. d. Troy Jan 18th, age 63
1898 27 Apr M Howland, William of Monroeton and Miss Lepha Tomlinson of Mansfield m. "last Fri." at Daggetts
1898 12 Oct M Howley, Miss Margaret of Troy and Fred Searles of Elmira, Ny., m. Troy (no date) by Father Connelly
1898 6 Jul B Hoyt son to H. E. of Knoxville (no date)
1898 16 Mar M Hoyt, Miss Lydia of Elbridge, Farmington twp., and Henry E. Cruttended of Lambs Creek m. Mar 9th in Elmira, Ny. by Rev. Henry
1898 14 Sep M Hughes, Miss Margaret of Morris Run and Charles E. Blanchard of Wellsboro m. "last Wed.", Elmira, Ny
1898 5 Jan B Hulslander dau. to Horace of Richmond twp. Jan 3rd
1898 30 Mar M Hulslander, Emma of Lawrenceville and Gardner Benn m. Lindley, Ny Mar 20th by Rev. W. Armington
1898 21 Sep D Humerz young dau. of Ernest of Wellsboro d. (no date)
1898 21 Sep D Hunt, Mrs. Emma d. Marsh Creek Sep 6th, age 37 (or 87), cancer
1898 27 Apr D Hunt, Samuel a resident of Tioga, d. in Hornellsville, Ny. "last week", age 59, had been there at his sister's (Mrs. Dudley) for their mother's funeral
1898 2 Mar M Husted, Miss Abbie of Elkland and John Jacobs m. "last Sat." Corning, Ny
1898 5 Jan M Hutchinson, Gertrude of Blossburg and Walter Grant m. Dec 30th 1897 by Rev. J. Beadle
1898 17 Aug D Hutchinson, Mrs. Agnes d. Blossburg (no date), age 92, mother of William H.
1898 23 Mar B Ingalls dau. to Electus of Covington (no date)
1898 20 Apr M Ingalls, Miss Stella M. of Covington and William A. Yaudes of Hartford m. Mansfield Apr 14th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 5 Oct M Ingraham, Charles of Gaines and Miss Susie Rawson, late of Tioga, m. at Galeton Sep 27th
1898 9 Nov B Inscho  dau. to W. W. of Canoe Camp Nov 5th
1898 22 Jun M Inscho, Miss Harriett M. and Edward Robson of Mansfield m. Jun 22nd her home, Canoe Camp, by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. W. W. Inscho
1898 12 Oct B Ireland son to Charles of Covington "last Thur."
1898 6 Jul B Irwin  dau. to Joseph of Hills Creek (no date)
1898 18 May M Irwin, John and Lena Neal of Hills Creek m. "last Wed."
1898 1 Jun M Jackson, Miss Clara of Cherry Flats and Wilson Emberger m. "recently"
1898 2 Mar M Jacobs, John and Miss Abbie Husted of Elkland m. "last Sat." Corning, Ny.
1898 16 Feb M Jacobstein, Miss Anna of Blossburg and Max Finklestein to be. M. Mar. 8th
1898 13 Jul D Jacqueman C. d. Blossburg Jul 7th
1898 10 Aug M Jacquemin, Dr. Celestine C. and Miss Pauline Bowers m. Lewisburg, Jul 28th, will reside Blossburg
1898 17 Aug D Jaquish, Horace S. d. Canoe Camp Creek Aug 3rd, age 78 yrs., 8 mos., several children
1898 16 Feb D Jayne, Mrs. d. Laceyville "Sat.", in 77th yr., mother of W. L. Jayne of Mansfield and a Dr. Jayne "in west"
1898 6 Apr D Jelliff infant of Charles of Covington d. "recently"
1898 18 May M Jewell, Arthur and Mrs. Hattie Warfield of Elkland m May 3rd at Addison, Ny
1898 24 Aug D Johes, Thomas J. d. Blossburg "last evening"
1898 27 Jul D Johns, Sanford d. "last Fri." at his nephew's ( S. B. Rockwell) in Sullivan twp., prob. Apoplexy, in 70th yr., had 1 dau., had 1 sis Mrs. S. B. Rockwell, 2 bros. John and Charles of Webb City, Mo.
1898 15 Jun B Johnson son to Perley of Mansfield Jun 10th
1898 3 Aug D Johnson, Edward F. d. Troy "last Thur." in 52nd yr., left 4 children, explosion
1898 16 Feb D Jones, J. J. of Cherry Flats d. "last Thur."
1898 13 Jul M Jones, John and Maggie McPeek of Knoxville m. at Addison, Ny. Jul 4th
1898 6 Jul M Jones, Miss Agnes and E. Ellsworth Beach, both of Mansfield, m. "last Sun." at Waverly, Ny. by Rev. Lange
1898 27 Apr M Joseph, E. G. and Miss Cora Peck, both of Tioga, m. there "Mon." by Rev. W. McCormack; she came from Hector, Potter Co., Pa.
1898 16 Mar D Joseph, Thomas d. Tioga "Mon.", age 84, b. Brookfield twp. 1814, lived there until 1896, buried Potter Brook, 2 children: George and Mrs. E. I. Pettibone, both of Tioga
1898 21 Sep B Jupenlaz  son to Paul of Richmond twp. Sep 15th
1898 7 Sep D Jupenlaz, Ida dau. Paul of Richmond twp. d. Sep 1st, age 13 mos., 8 d.
1898 14 Dec M Keeler, Miss Charlotte Ward of Elmira, Ny., and A. Lee Smith of Blossburg to be m. Feb 14th in Elmira; she dau. late Wm. Keeler and sis Mrs. J. Henry Clark of Elmira
1898 2 Feb D Keeney, Mrs. Zimilda Whitney d. Jan 17th near Crooked Creek, age 70, wife of Seymour Keeney and had 5 children
1898 5 & 12 Oct D Keeney, Thomas of Holiday d. "last Sat.", Sep 24th, age 81
1898 20 Jul D Kelley, Charles d. near Millerton "last Wed." heart, age about 70, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1898 28 Dec M Kelley, George and Miss Cora Stout of Rutland m. at E. Charleston "Sun." by Rev. Clough
1898 4 May D Kelley, John d. near Millerton "last Wed.", age 31
1898 4 May D Kelley, Lyman d. near Millerton (no date), dropsy
1898 29 Jun D Kelley, Michael d. Charleston twp. "last Thur.", kicked by horse
1898 17 Aug M Kelley, Miss Lorena of Mansfield and Lewis D. Hart of Elmira, Ny. m. Watkins, Ny., Aug 15th by Rev. W. Foote; she dau. John Kelley, he son of Amos Hart of Elmira
1898 22 Jun D Kelley, Mrs. Jasper d. Mansfield Jun 14th, been here 45 yrs., age 66, mother of Mrs. A. E. Kirkpatrick, sis. Of Mrs. Sarah Walker of Lancaster, Ny., and Miss Addie Reynolds of Rochester
1898 2 Feb M Kendall, Miss Anna and A. E. Backer formerly of Mansfield to be m. Troy Feb 17th

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