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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 1915 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1897 17 Nov & 1 Dec M Haight, Charles A. of Mansfield and Miss Millicent Wright of Eldredsville, Sullivan Co., Pa., to be m. next week Nov 25th "Thur." her home by Rev. H. Hyde; he son of A. M. Haight of Mainesburg, she dau. Watson Wright
1897 3 Nov M Haight, Miss Lillian M. of Mansfield and Charles T. Baldwin m. Oct 30th at Mansfield; she dau. O. T. Haight, he son W. W. Baldwin
1897 1 Sep M Haight, Mrs. Carrie of Clare, Michigan and Newell R. Hicks of Troy, at Niagara Falls, Ny., Aug 24th by Rev. Moore
1897 21 Jul M Hakes, Frederick and Miss Sarah Ingalls, both of Mansvield, m. (no date)
1897 20 Oct D Hakes, Mrs. Angelina,  wife of Ira, d. Upper Lambs Creek Oct 17th, age about 51, left children: Willis, Cora D., Claudia B and Lina M. Also left 2 bros., and 1 sis.; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1897 26 May M Haley, Mrs. Anna and Patrick Donahue, both of Blossburg, m. "recently"
1897 24 Feb M Hall, Eugene and Miss Ella Knowlton, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny. (no date) by Rev. St. John
1897 20 Jan M Hall, Miss Maggie of Fall Brook and John Pierce of Sylvania m. Elmira, Ny. Jan 16th
1897 10 Nov D Ham, Mrs. Richard,  d. Deerfield twp., age70, gangrene of stomach
1897 8 Dec D Hammond, Mary widow of Noah Hammond, d. at her dau's (Mrs. Frank Dunham) on the Elkhorn last Sat. (Tioga items)
1897 5 May D Handson infant son of Fred od Mansfield d. "Sun.", age 15 mos., buried Oakwood Cem. Mansfield
1897 16 Jun M Harvey, Charles of Sylvania and Miss Maggie Lynough of Morris (no date)
1897 29 Sep M Harvey, Ethel D. of Lambs Creek and Stephen H. Hager of Mansfield m. State Line, Ny., Sep 22nd by Rev. J. VanKirk
1897 15 Dec B Hastings son to Fred B. of Wellsboro (no date)
1897 26 May M Hastings, Harry of Chatham and Miss Elma Trippof Harrison Valley m. her home (no date)
1897 16 Jun M Havens, Emma of Elkland and Otis Slocum of West Branch have rec'd a marriage license
1897 29 Sep B Hayes dau. to Will of Elmira, Ny. (no date), formerly of Mardin
1897 19 May D Hayes, B. F. left 3 children: Edgar & Martin, both of Richmond twp. and Mrs. Emma W. Williams of Elmira Heights, Ny.
1897 12 & 19 May D Hayes, Benjamin Franklin d. May 12th "last evening" Schodac, Richmond twp., age 69 yrs., 6 mos., 18 das., consumption (see May 19th for more)
1897 15 Sep D Hayes, Edna d. Richmond twp. "yest.", age 10, brain conjection, dau. of Martin G. Hayes
1897 12 May M Hefelbouver, Rev. Samuel G. of Manheim, Pa., and Miss Edna Loomis of Troy m. her sister's (Mrs. J. C. McMahon) Troy (no date)
1897 16 Jun D Herrington, mr. H. d. Bear Creek (no date), buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga, "last Sun.", age about 58
1897 7 Jul B Herrmann son to Rhine and Mrs. of Covington (no date)
1897 9 Jun M Heyler, Miss Carrie M. of Nauvoo and C. S. Rogers, same, m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur." by Justice Roper
1897 1 Dec M Heysham, Miss Jennie and John Kelley of Nelson m. Nov 17th at Nelson
1897 2 Jun D Heysham, William d. Nelson "last Sat.", uncle of John H. of Mansfield, kicked by horse.
1897 1 Sep M Hicks, Newell R. of Troy and Mrs. Carrie Haight of Clare, Michigan, at Niagara Falls, Ny., Aug 24th by Rev. Moore
1897 17 Mar M Hilfiger, Christina of Sullivan twp. and Frank Hagar of Sylvania m. her home Mar. 10th
1897 1 Dec M Hill, Mrs. Lydia B.  of Hart? And Orrin Smith of Sullivan twp., M. by Rev. W. Hathaway at South Haven, ? (What state ?) (from the South Haven Sentinel)
1897 3 Nov B Holbert dau. to C. F. of Knoxville (no date)
1897 11 Aug M Holiday, James and Miss Florence Mather m. in same ceremony as sister - she another dau. Joseph E.
1897 25 Aug D Holly, Mrs. Silas d. Roseville (no date) funeral "last Sat."
1897 8 Sep M Holt, E. E. of Middlebury and Miss Jenny Fisk of Tioga to be m. "Thur." by Rev. Thomas
1897 15 Sep M Holt, Elmer E. of Corning, Ny. and Miss Jennie E. Fisk of Tioga m. "last Thur." by Rev. Thomas: she dau. Henry E. Fisk
1897 1 Sep M Hopkins, Chester  of Farmington twp. and Miss Addie Keeney of Middlebury m. Lawrenceville Aug 17th
1897 27 Jan B Horice Jake had a son b. Tioga (no date)
1897 14 Jul M Horton, Miss Nellie of Westfield and Mr. Kimball, same, to be m. "tomorrow"
1897 10 Mar D Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen d. Rutland, he D. "Fri.", she d. "Mon.", he age 63, she about 55, poisoning, left 3 daus. Mrs. Wilmot Baker, Rutland; Mrs. Preston of Austinville and Mrs. Rose Mason, Wellsboro
1897 1 Dec M Hotchkiss, Millard and Sarah Lent m. "today", will reside Lambs Creek.
1897 17 Mar M Howe, Miss Emma E. and Oscar Richmond m. Mansfield Mar. 10th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1897 7 Apr M Howell, Miss Grace of Sylvania and A. C. Kanan of Caton, Ny. m. her home Mar 31st by Rev. W. Burrell: she dau. Mrs. Rose H.
1897 13 Oct D Howland, John d. Austinville d. "Sun."
1897 26 May M Hubbard, Floyd of Harrison Valley and Miss Mary George of Westfield m. at Greenwood, Ny. (no date); she dau. Ray George
1897 6 Jan B Hulslander dau. to Horace of Covington (no date)
1897 31 Mar D Hulslander, George of Boston, Mass., d. "Steam Valley" Mar 20th (Sullivan twp), bro. of C. B. and 2 other bro. and 5 sisters, parplysis, buried family cem.
1897 11 Aug D Humphrey, Dr. W. T. d. Osceola Jul 31st in 73rd yr., been there since 1857
1897 25 Aug M Hurlbutt, Miss Helen Louise (MSNS '93) of Scranton and George Anderson of same m. (no date) Scranton
1897 20 Jan B. Husted dau. to W. D. of Mansfield Jan 19th
1897 29 Dec D Husted, Callie d. Covington last Tue. Membr. Croup, dau. of F. P. Husted
1897 17 & 24 Feb D Husted, Harry Lee d. Hammond, Pa., Feb 13th, age 17, son of W. D. Husted of Richmond twp.; b. Mansfield Dec 6th, 1879, left 2 bros. and 3 sis.
1897 30 Jun B Husted, William Jennings Bryan b. Jun 17th to William H. of Mardin
1897 27 Oct B Hutchison son to W. W. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1897 7 Jul B Hyde dau. to Mail Agent J. W. and Mrs. at Elmira, Ny. (no date)
1897 1 Sep M Hymes, Benjamin C. and Miss Minnie L. Pond, both of Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Aug 18th by Rev. C. Cushing
1897 10 Nov B Ingalls  son to Fred. Of Upper Lambs Creek Nov 6th
1897 21 Jul M Ingalls, Miss Sarah and Frederick Hakes, both of Mansfield, m. (no date)
1897 17 Mar D Ingerick, Elmer d. Whitneyville "last Sat."
1897 21 Apr D Ingerick,. Elmer d. E. Charleston (no date)
1897 17 Feb B Inscho, Mrs. Ruth Parshall of Tioga was 78 "Wed." (b. 1819), her bro. was Asa Parshall of Chemung, Ny., and sister Mrs. R. B. Van Gorder of Elmira. Also present: Seth Snell and wife of Maryland' J. P. Inscho, Elmira Heights, Ny.; T F. Rolason and wife, Mansfield; W. W. Inscho and family, Canoe Camp; Dr. Stewart and wife, Big Flats, Ny; Mrs. Lynn Corsen, Bradford Co.; J. L. Inscho and family, C. T. Rhodes and family, Tioga.
1897 24 Mar D Irving, Mrs. Margaret Nichols d. Ogdensburg Mar 4th, buried there, b. Blossburg Aug 24th 1848, m. at Mansfield in 1868 to Robert C. Irving, left 4 children: Nettie, Royal C., Robert S., Leah; she dau. of late Daniel and Mrs. Mary E. Nichols of Ogdensburg, had 1 bro. Nicholas Hichols of Elmira, Ny.; 2 sis, Mrs. Harriet Kilborn of Union twp and Mrs. Anna Wheeler, Rutland twp.
1897 9 Jun D Ives dau. of Ed. Of East Charleston d. "Sat.", age 4, scarlet fever.
1897 26 May B Jackson dau. to William of Millerton (no date)
1897 13 Oct M Jackson, Miss Daisy and Clarence Cooley, both of Mansfield, m. Sep 22nd
1897 17 Feb D Jacob, Mrs. J. C. d. Muskegon, Mich., Feb 5th, sis. Of Mrs. Frank Adams, Mansfiled; Mrs. James Ives of Wellsboro; Samuel Trull of the Erie R. R.; and William B. Trull of Oceana, Mich.; age 55, went west about 1856, m. Rev. Mr. Jacob 1862; he d. 1892; had 1 dau. Mrs. F. W. Garber, Muskegon, Mich.
1897 30 Jun M James, Rev. J. A. of State Road and Miss Addie Morgan m. "today" her home by Rev. DeWoody; she dau. F. S. Morgan of Sullivan
1897 13 Jan M Jaquish, Frank of Mansfield and Miss Minnie Frost of Elmira, Ny., m. at Elmira Dec 29th 1896 by Rev. St. John
1897 31 Mar B Jenkins son to John and Myra Ordway Jenkins of Lambs Creek Mar 26th
1897 30 Jun M Jenkins, William O. of East Charleston and Miss Bessie Bowen m. "day after commencement".
1897 28 Jul B Johnson  dau. to Mortimer E. of Mansfield Jul 26th
1897 24 Nov M Johnson, Harry L. of Laceyville and Miss Winifred Jones of Mansfield to be m. "tonight" at her aunt's (Mrs. A. J. Husted) "south of town" by Rev. E. Riley: she dau. late W. D. Jones of Charleston and sis of Morton F., Stella, Ada, and Agnes Jones.
1897 24 Mar D Johnson, Mrs. Julius d. Elmira, Ny. "Mon."
1897 24 Nov  D Johnson, Walter d. "last week Wed.", buried at Dartt Settlement, left 2 children; son-in-law of James W. Clark (in Lambs Creek notes)
1897 9 Jun D Jones, Frank d. Fall Brook Jun 2nd, age 4, son of David
1897 24 Nov M Jones, Miss Winifred of Mansfield and Harry L. Johnson of Laceyville, to be m. "tonight" at her aunt's (Mrs. A. J. Husted) "south of town" by Rev. E. Riley: she dau.late W. D. Jones of Charleston and sis of Morton F., Stella, Ada, and Agnes Jones.
1897 28 Jul B Jupenlaz dau. to Paul of Richmond twp. Jul 23rd
1897 7 Apr M Kanan, A. C. of Caton, Ny. and Miss Grace Howell of Sylvania m. her home Mar 31st by Rev. W. Burrell: she dau, Mrs. Rose H.
1897 29 Dec D Karr, John d. Wellsboro (no date) 3 of 5 children survive: Mrs. W. W. Tate, Mrs. H. L. Davis, and Mrs. P. C. VanHorn
1897 1 Sep M Keeney, Miss Addie of Middlebury and Chester Hopkins of Farmington twp. m. Lawrenceville Aug 17th
1897 25 Aug M Keeney, Miss Nettie E. of Chicago, Ill., and R. Wayland Clark of Stamford, Ny., m. Aug 18th at home of A. S. Reynolds, Mansfield (her sister) by Rev. F. Frazee; her brother Newton M. Keeney gave her away.
1897 11 Aug M Keeney, Miss Nettie Elizabeth of Chicago and Weyland R. Clark of South Gilboa, Ny., to be m. Aug 18th at her sister's (Mrs. A. S. Reynolds) of Mansfield. She former res. of Tioga Twp.
1897 14 Apr D Kelley 2 sons of Jack of Mardin d. "last Thur.", scarlet fever
1897 30 Jun B Kelley dau to William of Lambs Creek Jun 26th
1897 1 Dec M Kelley, John  of Nelson and Miss Jennie Heysham, same, m. Nov 17th at Nelson
1897 20 Oct M Kentch, John and Miss Anna Och, both of Tioga twp., m. "today" at Tioga
1897 19 May D Kerreth child of Freemont of Niles Valley drowned "last Sat.", age 2, funeral at Hills Creek Church, buried at Carpenter, Pa.
1897 3 Mar D Ketchum, Albert Hiram d. Worchester, Mass., Feb 24th, age 59, buried Corning, Ny., b. Lisle, Ny. 1838 to Joseph and Phoebe Sherwood Ketchum. She dau. Daniel Sherwood of Mansfield. A.H.K. had bro. Wallace Ketchum of Buffalo, Ny. and sis. Mrs. Harriet Barden, Mansfield, and Mrs. Electa Johnson of Albany, Ny., late Mrs. Frances Hess and late Mrs. Maria Phelps. His wive was Miss Mary B. Smith of Corning, Ny. Had son William W. and late Charles.
1897 5 May M Killey, A. V. of Elmira, Ny., and Miss Anna Rose Packard of Cherry Flats m. at Elmira, (no date)
1897 14 Jul M Kimball, Mr. of Westfield and Miss Nellie Horton, same, to be m. "tomorrow"
1897 26 May D King L. B. d. Knoxville (no date)
1897 15 Dec M King, Miss Emily S. and Arthur W. Spencer, both of Wellsboro m. at Wellsboro Dec 6th by Rev. Wm. Heakes
1897 6 Jan D Kinney, Howard d. Tioga "mon.", son of Thomas, age 8, saw mill accident
1897 25 Aug M Kinney, Mrs. Donna of Mansfield and Lloyd F. Windsor of Canisteo, Ny. m. "today" at Canisteo.
1897 9 Jun D Kinney, Mrs. Sarah d. Tioga "last Sat." age 72, widow of the late Deacon Kinney, buried Mill Creek Cem., aunt of Mrs. A. S. Reynolds, Mansfield
1897 10 Mar D Kintch, Mrs. Morris d. "Sat." Tioga, age about 65, stroke.
1897 13 Jan B Kinter dau. to Harry of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1897 7 Apr D Kintner infant dau. d. Sullivan twp. (no date) buried "last Wed.", dau of Harry.
1897 24 Feb M Knowlton, Miss Ella and Eugene Hall, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny. (no date) by Rev. St. John
1897 12 May D Kohler, William J. d. Philadelphia, Pa., May 5th, age about 30, son of Joseph and Mary A. of Mansfield, had 1 son age 5, buried Philadelphia.
1897 17 Nov B Krebs son to High Constable and Mrs. S. F. Krebs at Lawrenceville (no date)
1897 24 Nov D Krise, Mrs., buried "yest." at Liberty; she d. at Lewisburg, Pa., aunt to Fred Jupenlaz and Mrs. M. Schipbanker of Mansfield
1897 15 Dec M LaBar, Mrs. Retta of Knoxville and Arthur Converse of Westfield m. (no date)
1897 7 Apr D LaBarron Adebert's child buried Mardin "last Sat." (Sweet Cemetery). Another item states it was Will LeBarron's child, age 4 weeks.
1897 10 Feb B. Lamb dau. to Lorian of Lambs Creek Feb 8th.
1897 21 Apr M Landrus, Harry and Miss Madeline Gardner to be m. "this evening" at Wellsboro; she dau. L. A. Gardner, he son ex-sheriff H. J. Landrus
1897 3 Nov D Lane, Samuel d. Wellsboro of typhoid (no date), left 4 children ("colored")
1897 26 May M Langon, Miss Carrie B. and James Falls, both of Wellsboro m. "recently"
1897 15 Sep D Lawrence C. H. d. Mansfield 'last evening", runaway horse accident, age 60, son of late Mrs. Betsy Wawrence "who died several yrs. since after passing her 100th birthday", he came here about 12 yrs ago from Sullivan twp., left 2 daus; Mrs. T. A. Fessler, Elkland, and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Corning
1897 28 Apr M Lawrence, Miss Kate of Corning, Ny and Edwin L. Sears, formerly of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1897 9 Jun D Lawton, Mrs. Susan B. d. Delmar twp. Jun 2nd, age 74
1897 25 Aug B Lay son to Orren E., Sullivan twp., Aug 6th
1897 1 Dec M Lent, Sarah and Millard Hotchkiss m. "today", will reside Lambs Creek.
1897 27 Oct D Leonard, Mrs. L. of Westfield d. (no date), buried at Osceola "his former home."
1897 24 Mar M LeValley, Miss Leah and Edward Redington, both of Covington, m. "last Thur."
1897 9 Jun M Lewis, D. M. of St. Louis, Mo., and Mrs. Sage, a former Blossburg landlady, M. (no date)
1897 27 Oct M Lewis, Miss Jessie M. of Tihace, Ny., and George S. Cornelius of Elkland m. (no date)
1897 27 Jan M Lincols, Mrs. S. W. of Nelson, and Jesse W. Dean of Corning, Ny., m. Corning "last Sat." by Rev. S. Morse.
1897 10 Nov M Lindsley, Miss Rue Bowman of Lindley, Ny., and Dr. Arland L. Darling of Lawrenceville, m. by Rev. D. Craft (no date)
1897 10 Mar D Litteer, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey of Mann Hill (Tioga) d. Mar 3rd at Coopers, Steuben Co., Ny., ran into train, buried at Farmington Hill Cem., Mrs. L. had a son named William Utter, Dunn, N. Carolina.
1897 14 Jul D Locke, Jesse d. Wellsboro "last Fri.", age 58
1897 29 Sep B Longstreet son to W. R. of Mansfield Sep 19th
1897 20 Jan M. Longwell, Miss Effie  and Jesse Dix m. "Thur." at State Line, Ny
1897 13 Oct D Longwell, Mrs. Julia A., d. Roseville Sep 23rd (nee Page), b. Lyle, Ny. 1816, was 81 last Jul 19th, m. George T. Longwell 51 yrs. ago, 2 sons; Rufus and Charles, buried Roseville Cem.
1897 12 May M Loomis, Miss Edna of Troy and Rev. Samuel G. Hefelbouver of Manheim, Pa., m. her sister's (Mrs. J. C. McMahon) Troy (no date)
1897 14 Jul D Losey, Mrs. George T. d. Lawrenceville "last week", mother of Mrs. H. J. VanNorman, Mansfield; Frenk Losey, Hanover, Pa.; Mrs. W. W. Hutcheson and Mrs. B. N. Bryant, both of Lawrenceville
1897 8 Dec M Loughridge, Miss Grace formerly of Lawrenceville and Oscar C. Fletcher, m. Recently"
1897 22 Dec B Love son to Fred of Mansfield Dec. 16th
1897 12 May M Loveless, Fred and Miss Isabel D. Wetmore of Mansfield m. Corning, Ny. Apr 29th; he son of C. O. of Mill Creek and she dau. Mrs. Sarah Wetmore of Mansfield; Fred from Corning, Ny
1897 1 Sep M Lowell, Miss Laura of Tioga and Mr. A. Westcott of Elmira, Ny to be m. "wed." at Tioga res. of Abram Farr by Dr. McCormack.
1897 24 Mar D Lowry, Mr. Patrick d. Lathrops "Sun.", age 70, funeral at Tioga, uncle of Mrs. C. D. Sweet of Mansfield
1897 28 Apr M Ludlam, Miss Lizzie M. of Charleston and Pearly R. Field of Wellsboro m. her home Ajpr 21st
1897 17 Feb D. Lugg, Anthony W. d. Knoxville Jan 290th, heart ailment, age 72, buried Nelson.
1897 7 Jul M Lumbard, W. D. of Syracuse and Miss Eva L. Warner of Milo Centre, Ny., m. Jun 16th her home; she favorably known in this boro (Mansfield) and Mainesburg
1897 16 Jun M Lynough, Miss Maggie  of Morris and Charles Harvey of Sylvania (no date)
1897 16 Jun M Lyons, Miss Grace formerly of Wellsboro and Frank G. Raichle of Minneapolis, Minn, m. (no date)
1897 19 May D Maine, Dr. George D. d. Mainesburg "today", age 70 yrs., 10 mox., 19 d., cancer, left 2 daus. Mrs. Kate Holcomb and Mrs. James Cudworth.
1897 28 Apr M Makely, Miss Addie and Emerson Smith both of Rutland twp. m. (no date)
1897 22 Dec M Makley, Frank of Rutland and Miss Minnie Roblyer of Sullivan m. State Line, Ny., Oct 10th (sic) by Rev. M. Manus
1897 30 Jun M Maloney, William of Pleasant Prairie, Ill. And Mrs. Jennie Marvin Allen, formerly of mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny. "recently"
1897 5 May M Manley, Charles G. of Elmira, Ny., and Miss H. Maud Winston of Troy m. "recently"
1897 6 Oct M Manley, Mrs. Mildred and Jesse Shepard m. at Canton (no date), will reside at Wellsboro
1897 27 Jan D Martin, Alfred of Cowanesque, found dead in bed Jan 15th, age 76.
1897 16 Jun M Martin, Earnest of Erie (formerly of Westfield) and Miss Estella Metcalf of Potter Brook m. her home 'recently"; she dau. J. H. Metcalf
1897 10 Nov B Marvin  son to Archie of Mansfield Nov 8th
1897 23 Jun M Marvin, Archie C.  of Covington (sic) and Miss Nina A. Bailey m. Feb. 1st by Rev. Craft; she dau Mrs. Clara Bailey of Mansfield
1897 7 Apr D Mason, Maude Lorena d. Morris Run Mar 26th, age 2 yrs., 9 mos., 9 das., dau of George, funeral at Mainesburg.
1897 24 Mar D Mason, Sanford d. Morris Run Mar 18th, age 7 mos., 28 das., pneumonia, son of George H. and Addie V. Mason, buried Mainesburg.
1897 11 Aug M Mather, Miss Florence and James Holiday m. in same ceremony as sister - she another dau. Joseph E.
1897 11 Aug M Mather, Miss Lillian of Elmira and Walter Dallman, formerly ofr Mansfield, m. "last Wed.", at Elmira, Ny.; she dau. Joseph E.
1897 24 Mar D Matson, James H. d. New Haven, Conn. "last week Sun.", nearly 47, hemorrhage, son of Edward Matson, Sr. of Delmar twp., left 4 children.
1897 14 Jul B Maxwell twins to James of Landrus (no date)

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