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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1897 6 Oct D Card infant son of Ray of Austinville d. Sep 15th age 1 mo., 3 wks.
1897 6 Oct B Carr son to Harry of Mansfield Oct 6th
1897 31 Mar B Cass dau. to A. A. of Mansfield Mar 30th
1897 2 Jun B Causer son to John and Katharine French Causer of Elmira, Ny., : she former res. Mansfield
1897 21 Jul M Chamberlain, Charles  of Sabinsville and Miss Thankful Short, same, m. "recently.
1897 6 Jan M Chapman, Mrs. Johanna  of Sullivan twp. and Sanford G. Smith of Rutland twp. m. Dec. 28th, 1896
1897 1 Dec B Clark dau. to Jay of Harrisburg Nov 22nd, formerly of Mansfield
1897 25 Aug M Clark R. Wayland of Stamford, Ny. and Miss Nettie E. Keeney of Chicago, Ill., m. Aug 18th at home of A. S. Reynolds, Mansfield (her sister) by Rev. F. Frazee; ;her brother Newton M. Keeney gave her away.
1897 2 Jun D Clark, Charles  d. Buffalo, Ny. "last Wed.",. Age 26, son of William Clark of Lambs Creek, buried Hope Cem. Mansfield, fell from a building
1897 27 Jan M Clark, George and Miss Lela Robbins, both of Richmond twp., m. at Lawrenceville Jan 21st by Rev. Reynolds.
1897 13 Oct M Clark, Homer of Sullivan and Miss Vernie Updyke of Mansfield, m. Sep 22nd
1897 8 Dec D Clark, James d. Millerton age 59 (no date) a war veteran
1897 27 Oct D Clark, Mrs. James W. d. "last Sun." Lambs Creek, typhoid, left children, buried Dartt Settlement
1897 11 Aug M Clark, Weyland R. of South Gilboa, Ny., and Miss Nettie Elizabeth Keeney of Chicago to be m. Aug 18th at her sister's (Mrs. A. S. Reynolds) of Mansfield. She former res. Tioga twp.
1897 13 Jan D Cleary, James J. d. Beech Tree Jan 1st, age 50, former res. Fall Brook, funeral at Blossburg Jan 3rd.
1897 28 Apr M Clemens, Miss Nettie and Thomas Dann, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville "today"
1897 10 Nov B Cleveland  dau. to H. M. of Knoxville (no date)
1897 27 Jan D Cleveland, Mrs. Arabella d. Jan 1st at Turtle Point, Pa., age about 67, many relatives in Mansfield vicinity.
1897 26 May D Cleveland, William d. Covington twp. "last Sun." age about 60, left 4 children: ella, Sadie, Dora, and William
1897 15 Dec M Cloos, Lena E. of Little Marsh and J. Earl Ferris to be m. "today": she dau. J. A. Cloos
1897 27 Oct D Clute, Mrs. d. Corning, Ny., sister of Mrs. H. D. Calkins of Mansfield
1897 21 Apr D Cochran, Mrs. Solomon d. Corning, Ny. "last Sun.", age about 76, former res. Richmond twp., funeral at Lambs Creek, buried Hope Cem. Mansfield, left 1 dau. Mrs. Dora Hollenbeck, Corning; 2 sons - John of Red House, Ny. and Lewis of Corning, Ny.
1897 6 Oct M Colby, Miss Hattie and Roy McConnell m. "recently"
1897 26 May D Colegrove, Mrs. Hattie M. d. Smethport, Pa., May 3rd, age 50 yrs., 9 mos., 3 d., wife of Jonathan colegrove, granddau. Of Aaron Baldwin of Mansfield
1897 29 Sep B Collins dau. (corrected to "son" Oct 13th) to P. of Tioga (no date)
1897 20 Oct M Connelly, Miss Hattie of Covington and Thomas E. Ashley of Kennedy, Pa., m. Oct 14th her home by Rev. A. Wrynkoop; she dau. Mrs. Phoebe Connelly
1897 15 Dec M Converse, Arthur of Westfield and Mrs., Retta LaBar of Knoxville m. (no date)
1897 5 May D Converse, Mrs. M. M. of Wellsboro, d. Parsadenia, Calif. (no date), age 67, heart disease, was eldest dau. late Chester Robinson, m. 1860 Julius Sherwood, 1 son George R. Sherwood, Kearney, Neb., m. 1869 M. M. Converse (sic) 1 son Chester R. Converse of Wellsboro; funeral at Wellsboro
1897 3 Feb M Cook, Charles L. of Blossburg and Miss Eliza J. Welch of Sullivan m. at Mainesburg Jan 20th by E. R. Maine, Esq.
1897 6 Oct D Cook, Mrs. Mary A. widow of Minor Cook, d. this morning at Mansfield, age 78, sis. Of Mrs. P. R. Dossett
1897 13 Oct M Cooley, Clarence  and Miss Daisy Jackson, both of Mansfield, m. Sep 22nd
1897 13 Oct M Coolidge, Miss Mertice H. of Charleston and W. G. Skelton of Delancey, Pa., m. Oct 6th at Charleston: he son of John of Charleston, she dau. G. W. Coolidge, same
1897 9 Jun M Coolidge, Miss Minnie  of Delmar twp. and Otis H,. Evans of Wellsboro m. her home "today." She dau. George W.
1897 14 Jul M Cooper, Grace of Little Marsh and Fred Brownell of Chatham twp m. Jul 1st at Addison, Ny.
1897 11 Aug M Copley, Miss Bessie and Hector Sumner, both of Mardin, m. "last Fri.", in "York State"
1897 1 Sep M Copley, Miss Satie and Mr. Wilkinson, both of Middlebury, m. Lawrenceville (no date)
1897 13 Jan M Cornelius, C. H. of Wellsboro and Miss Augusta St. John Farr of Tioga to be m. Tioga "next. Wed."
1897 27 Oct M Cornelius, George S. of Elkland and Miss Jessie M. Lewis of Ithaca, Ny., m. (no date)
1897 3 Nov B Cornelius, George S. son to W. T. of Elkland (no date)
1897 21 Jul M Coyle, Mrs. Emma F. and Harry C. Moore, both of Wellsboro, m. Jul 11th at Lindley, Ny.
1897 1 Sep M Crandell, Carrie and Charles M. Miles, both of Farmington twp., m. Borden, Ny., Aug 1st by L. B,. Walker, Esq.
1897 17 Feb D Cross, Ralph E.  of Watkins, Ny., d. near Kilbourne, Pa. "last Sun." in earth slide, formerly res. Arnot.
1897 10 Mar M Cruttenden, Lewis and Miss Leona McConnell, both of Richmond twp., m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Samuel McConnell.
1897 11 Aug M Cruttenden, Miss Lena and John Shaw to be m. today, her home, Richmond twp. by Rev. E. Rosengrant.
1897 24 Nov & 8 Dec M Cruttenden, Miss Louise A. and Harry A. Benedict, both of Richmond twp., m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 16th by Rev. W. Henry (Mardin notes)
1897 24 Mar D Cruttenden, Mrs. Lewis d. Upper Lambs Creek "last Thur.", buried Mansfield
1897 30 Jun D Cullinan, Thomas J.,  d. Brooklynm, Ny. "Wed.", age 28, spinal meningitis, buried Wellsboro, former res. of Tioga; left bro. William and sis. Libbie of New York; Cornelius of Bradford; Mrs. E. Rogers of Corning; John of Tioga.
1897 14 Jul B Curlett dau. to Rev. and Mrs. at Knoxville (no date)
1897 28 Jul D Curtis, Mrs. Hannah d. Norwich, Ny. "last Sat.", mother of Mrs. D. C. Burnham of Mansfield and Mrs. David Keppel of Elmria, Ny.
1897 29 Dec D Cushing, Anna d. Covington, age 2, dau. of Michael (2nd death in a week)
1897 22 Dec D Cushing, Vincent d. Covington "Sun.", age 4, son of Mike Cushing
1897 8 Dec D Daggett, Lewis d. Dec 2nd on Bear Creek (near Tioga) in logging accident, b. Jackson twp. May 5rh 1816 to Major Seth Daggett, came to Tioga w/father 1842, had 2 sons: Wells L. of Bellefonte, Pa., and S. O. of Tioga; 1 adopted dau. Mrs. F. W. Fletcher of Williamsport; wife d. 1894; buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga
1897 11 Aug M Dallman, Walter formerly of mansfield, and Miss Lillian Mather of Elmira m. "last Wed.", at Elmira, Ny.; she dau. Joseph E.
1897 28 Apr M Dann, Thomas and Miss Nettie Clemens, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville "today"
1897 10 Nov M Darling, Dr. Arland L. of Lawrenceville and Miss Rue Bowman Lindsley of Lindley, Ny., m. by Rev. D. Craft (no date)
1897 1 Sep D Dartt, Mrs. Harriet of Troy, Pa., formerly of East Charleston "buried at latter place Mon.", widow of Chauncey D. of Charleston, she d. "last Sat." at dau's (Mrs. L. J. Bradford) Sullivan, age 81 yrs., 1 mos.; 5 survive of 10 children: Mrs. John Peck, Tioga; Mrs. Bradford' Mrs. Peter Wortendyke, Troy' Mrs. Paul Pomeroy, Athens: Miss Nellie Dartt, Troy. One of the deceased five was Mrs. Morris Bailey, former res. Mansfield.
1897 3 Nov M Davey, W. F. of Dushore and Miss Ethel Campbell of Troy m. "last week" she dau. G. A. Campbell
1897 27 Oct M Davis, Ashley P. and Mary E. Boulio of Potter Brook m. Oct 20th
1897 9 Jun D Davis, David G. d. Blossburg Jun 4th, ate 77
1897 21 Apr D Davis, Mrs. Margaret Williams d. Wilkes-Barre "recently", age 56, sister of Mrs. Kate Morris of Mansfield, left 2 dau. and 1 son, native of Bradford Co.
1897 27 Jan M Dean, Jesse W. of Corning, Ny and Mrs. S. W. Lincoln of Nelson m. Corning "last Sat." by Rev. S. Morse
1897 9 Jun D Decker, Isaac d. Wellsboro county house Jun 1st, age 84
1897 2 Jun M DeWault, Miss Ida and H. J. Wolfkill, both of Mansfield m. "last Sun." Lawrenceville
1897 28 Apr M Dewey, Edwin and Mrs. of Sullivan twp. m. 50 Yrs. Apr 29th
1897 19 May & 6 Jun M Dewey, Edwin and wife of Sullivan twp. m. 50 yrs. May 27th, have 2 sons and 9 daus.
1897 27 Jan D Dewey, Lyman d. Sullivan (no date) buried "last Sun."
1897 14 Apr B Dewey, Lyman son to Charles S. of Tioga (no date)
1897 24 Mar D DeWitt, Mary H.,  d. Mainesburg Mar 18th, age 19, dau. J. H. DeWitt, spinal Meningitis, had a half-sister, buried Mainesburg.
1897 21 Jul M Dillon, Miss Viola and S. V. Phelps, both of Wellsboro, m. Lawrenceville by Rev. D. Croft (no date).
1897 20 Jan M. Dix, Jesse and Miss Effie Longwell m. "Thur." at State Line, NY
1897 4 Aug M Doane, Miss Gussie (MSNS grad) and Err. Ballard both of Leona, Pa., m. Wellsburg, Ny., "last Fri."
1897 1 Dec D Dodge, Mrs. Juliette d. Sullivan twp. Nov 4th, dropsy, buried Gray's Valley Cem., only surviving dau. of late Isaac Smith, had 1 dau. herself - Mrs. F. L. Smith, Inglewood, Kansas
1897 26 May M Donahue, Patrick and Mrs. Anna Haley, both of Blossburg, m. "recently"
1897 10 Mar D Doud, G. W. d. Mainesburg (no date) funeral "last Sat."
1897 3 Nov M Dusinberre, George B. of Pittsburgh and Miss Louise W. Merrick of Wellsboro to be m. "tomorrow" her home; she dau. Major G. W. Merrick
1897 17 Feb D. Dwyer, Patrick d. near Arnot "last Thur.", age about 50, res. of Blossburg, blasting accident.
1897 16 Jun D Dyke, John of Richmond twp. d Jun 13th at his son's in Mansfield, age 81, left 1 son A. R. of Mansfield and 2 dau. Mrs. Joyal of Wisconsin and Mrs. Smith of Washington State, buried Covington.
1897 24 Nov M Earnest, Leland B. and Miss Mina Beekman, m. at Dundee, Ny., Nov 10th: she dau. T. D. Beekman of Dundee, he son W. S. Earnest, formerly of Mansfield
1897 14 Jul B Eastman dau. to Rev. F. T. of Troy (no date)
1897 17 Mar D Edmund, Alice d. Covington "Sun.", Age 2, mem. Croup, dau. of Mrs. Robert E., grand-dau. of Joshua Ingalls, all of Covington.
1897 15 Sep M Elliott, Burton Victor of Coudersport and Miss Annie Alexander of Wellsboro m. Sep 8th her home by Rev. Shaw
1897 23 Jun M Elliott, Dr. Walter V. and Miss Frances Shrader m. Elmira, Ny. "Mon." by Rev. F. Reynolds; she dau. Burton Schrader of Tioga
1897 27 Jan D Elliott, George d. near Wellsboro "yest.", son of T. D. Elliott
1897 15 Dec D Endres, Mang d. Tioga "Tue", age about 25, blood poisoning, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga
1897 29 Sep M Erwin, Miss Katherine and Dr. Frank Newell, both formerly of Mansfield, m. "Mon.", Elmira, Ny by Rev. F. Reynolds
1897 19 May M Eshleman, Prof. E. Cassell of Lancaster, Pa. and Miss Mary E. Sahw of Mansfield m. "2 yrs. ago this mo." (just announced); she dau. F. M. Shaw
1897 9 Jun M Evans, Katharine and Frank M. Whittaker, both of Covington m. "some tine since." Just announced.
1897 14 Jul M Evans, Mrs. Grace of Roaring Branch and Station Agent J. G. Spaulding of same m. (no date)
1897 27 Oct & 3 Nov D Evans, Mrs. Richard d. Round Top "last Wed.", age 78, left 3 sons and 2 daus., her husband d. "two weeks ago".
1897 9 Jun M Evans, Otis H. of Wellsboro and Miss Minnie Coolidge of Delmar twp. m. her home "today" She dau. George W.
1897 20 Jan D Everett, Mrs. George d. Covington "last week Mon."
1897 9 Jun M Everts, Miss Mattie A. of West Covington and Charles H. Scarfe of Waverly, Ny., m. Jun 2nd at Waverly, Ny. by Rev. J. Nicholson
1897 26 May D Fahr, Mrs. Eliza d. hospital, Elmira, Ny., last Wed.", heart failure, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga, age 59, been in Tioga 27 yrs., left 2 sons; John A., Little Falls, Ny. and Peter of Elmira.
1897 26 May M Falls, James and Miss Carrie B. Langon, both of Wellsboro m. "recently"
1897 13 Oct M Ferguson, George of Landrus and Miss Myrtie Pedrick of Millerton m. (no date)
1897 15 Dec M Ferris, J. Earl and Lena E. Cloos of Little Marsh to be m."today": she dau. J. A. Cloos
1897 26 May D Ferry, Charles D. d. Mardin (Richmond twp.) "Fri." May 21st, age 69 yrs., 9 mos., son of Chauncey Ferry who came here 61 yrs. ago.; left 2 sons: Charles & Vernon of Washington state; 2 daus.; Mrs. Dr. Mastin of Wellsboro & Mrs. Stella V. Montgomery of Arizona; he had 1 bro. and 3 sis. survive; buried Sweet Cem.
1897 27 Oct B Fessler,  son to T. A. and Josie Lawrence Fessler of Elkland Oct 18th, she former res. Mansfield
1897 28 Apr M Field, Pearly R. of Wellsboro and Miss Lizzie M. Ludlam of Charleston m. her home Apr 21st
1897 17 Feb D Fifer, Frank D. Morris Run (no date), funeral "Wed.", alcholol poisoning (copied from Blossburg Advertiser).
1897 15 Sep B Fish  son to L. C. of Tioga Sep 7th
1897 4 Aug D Fisher, William H. formerly of Tioga, d. at his home West Johnsonburg, Jul 11th, age 54 yrs., 2 mos., 25d., been there since 1891, buried Salladasburg, Pa., left 1 son and 1 dau., mother Mrs. Edw. Fisher, sis. Mrs. D. W. Lewis, and bro. Charles of Tioga, sis. Mrs. Jacob Sarr, Ceylon, O., bro. L. S. of Corning
1897 15 Sep M Fisk, Miss Jennie E. of Tioga and Elmer E. Holt of Corning, Ny. m "last Thur." by Rev. Thomas; she dau Henry E. Fisk
1897 8 Sep M Fisk, Miss Jenny of Tioga and E. E. Holt of Middlebury to be m. "Thur." by Rev. Thomas.
1897 15 Sep M Fleisher, Miss Rebekah of Wellsboro and Eugene H. Robinson, same, m (no date) by Rev. Shaw, she dau. Prof. Daniel Fleisher; he son late Jesse Robinson
1897 10 Feb D Flemming, Noah of Tioga d. "Mon.", pneumonia, left 3 children.
1897 25 Aug D Fletcher, D. Boon d. Mainesburg, Sullivan twp. "last Fri.", apoplexy, left 1 dau., father George of Springfield, Pa.; 1 bro. and 4 sis. Mrs. Ida (George) smith of Sullivan; Mrs. Minnie (Fred) Gates and Mrs. Anna (Wilson) Webster, both of Calif., and Miss Clyde Fletcher at home. He was b. Sullivan twp. 31 yrs. ago last Feb., buried State Road Cem.
1897 8 Dec M Fletcher, Oscar C. and Miss Grace Loughridge, formerly of Lawrenceville, m. "recently"
1897 24 Mar D Ford, Mr. A. d. at Wellsboro county house (no date) - maybe "Mon." - age 77, res. of Mainesburg.
1897 6 Oct D Fowler, C. S. d. Mansfield "Sat.", age 67 yrs., 7 d., liver ailment, b. Fowlerville; Columbia Co., Pa., came here 1891, m. 1st Elmira Edgar and had 12 children, she d. 1880; in 1882 m. Jennie Hampshire, 1 dau., buried Espy, Pa.
1897 17 Mar D Fowler, Mrs. Eiza d. Monroeton, Pa. "Wed. of week before last," mother of George Wanck of Mansfield
1897 6 Oct D Fralic, William adopted son of D. L. of Corning, (Formerly of Lambs Creek) d. Corning, Ny. "last Fri.", elevator accident, in 19th yr., funeral at Lambs Creek
1897 3 Nov D Frazier, Mrs. Bernice d. Deerfield twp. Oct 20th, age 23
1897 15 Sep M Fritz, George Edmond of Dunmore, Pa. and Miss Carlotta Ripley, same, m. Sep 10th her home by Rev. W. Gibbons; she dau. P. W. Ripley
1897 13 Oct D Frost, Miss Emma d. "last Sun.", at Frost Settlement of fever, age about 20, dau. of Lewis, buried Frost Settlement
1897 13 Jan M Frost, Miss Minnie of Elmira, Ny., and Frank Jaquish of Mansfield m. at Elmira Dec 29th 1896 by Rev. St. John
1897 12 May D Galusha, Mrs. d. Corning, Ny. "Fri.", funeral at Lambs Creek "Sun." buried Mansfield.
1897 14 Jul B Gardner, David of Wellsboro was 90 "last Fri.", father of L. A. Gardner
1897 21 Apr M Gardner, Miss Madeline and Harry Landrus to be m. "this evening" at Wellsboro; she dau. L. A. Gardner, he son ex-sheriff H. J. Landrus
1897 24 Mar D Gardner, Mrs. Drusilla Patchen d. Mar 15th at Hornby, Ny., nearly 90, last surviving sister of late Ira Patchen of Covington; aunt of F. M. Patchen of Covington.
1897 26 May D Garrett, Mrs. Dorothy a former res. of Westfield d. "recently" at Gohen, Ny.
1897 6 Oct B Garriso dau. to George of Roseville (no date)
1897 6 Jan B Garrison son to Herm. Of Rutland Hill
1897 28 Jul D Gaylord, George d. Wellsboro '"last Wed.", age 76, former res. Mansfield and Clinton Co., bro. of Mrs. J. H. Harmon of Wellsboro
1897 29 Sep D Gaylord, Kenyon was b. Big Flats, Ny. 51 yrs. ago to Russell Burt who later moved to Wellsboro, Kenyon was "bound out" to Freeman Gaylord of Mansfield until age 21, he m. Mary Soloman of Big Flats, had 2 children George and Addie, both dead, his brother is known as Frank Miller, Mansfield. (Article dated Sep 15th reads: Gaylord, Kenyon, d. Elmira, Ny. "Sat.", age 51. Foster -son of Freeman Gaylord of Mansfield and bro. of Frank Miller, same; a "shooting", buried at Big Flats, Ny.
1897 14 Jul M Gentes, Maude of Borden and James Brownell of Chatham twp. m. Jul 1st at Addison, Ny.
1897 10 Nov M Gentry, Miss Nora and F. E. Beauge to be m. Nov 18th at Hoytville; she dau. D.C. C. Gentry, he son Eugene Beauge, Wellsboro
1897 26 May M George, Miss Mary of Westfield and Floyd Hubbard of Harrison Valley m. at Greenwood, Ny (no date); she dau. Ray George
1897 3 Feb D. Gifford, Benjamin S. d. Detroit, Mich., Jan 26th, paralysis, bro. of Mrs. Phin Davis of Richmond and Mrs. Charles M. Rumsey of Sullivan; lived in Mansfield untly 1875; left family incl. Mrs. D. Bennett of Detroit; he res. RosComon, Mich.
1897 17 Nov Gillett, Mrs. Lloyd was 86 on Nov. 11th, she had 14 children (8 survive) - Aaron, Andrew, Frank all of Canoe Camp; Clinton of Mansfield; Mrs. M. A. Cass, Canoe Camp; Mrs. Letson Lownsbery of Elmira; Mrs. J. P. Walker, Tioga Junction; and Mrs. Daniel Lownsbery.
1897 24 Feb D Goldmeyer, Mrs. Lewis (Elizabeth)_ d. Mansfield Feb 17th, age 76, b. Bavaria, Germany where m. Mar. 17th 1846, came U. S. 1854 to Mansfield 1862, left; Philip G. and Lewis G., Jr., both of Blossburg, Jacob G. and Mrs. H. B. Taylor, both of Mansfield.
1897 4 Aug D Goldmyer, Mrs. Julia A. d. Mansfield "last Thur.", nearly 43, wife of Jacob, left 2 sons and 5 daus., also 3 bros. and 3 sis.
1897 17 Nov M Gondye, Miss Anna of Boston and James Smythe of Troy - Mansfield stage line m. Troy "last Sat." by Rev. F. Martin
1897 8 Sep D Goodwin, Mrs. Effie Copley  of Hills Creed D. in Mansfield "Sun.", murdered by husband Walter Goodwin, buried Hills Creek Cem., b. Aug 14th 1875 to William and Susie Kingsbury Copley, m. Feb 15th 1896; her sisters were: Rena, Sadie Wilkinson, Maggie, Alice, and bro. Charles
1897 24 Nov D Graves, Mrs. Truman d. Nov 20th at her dau's (Mrs. Thos. Cruttenden) Richmond Twp., age about 79, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, left 2 dau's Mrs. Cruttenden and Mrs. Asa Bacon of Nebraska
1897 28 Jul D Green, Mrs. Sarah d. Covert, Pa., age about 80, mother of Mrs. Arthur Goodspeed of Mansfield; Mrs. Green was formerly Mrs. Rockwell.
1897 21 Apr D Greene, Mrs. Clara Calkins d. E. Charleston Apr 6th, age 37, Left dau. Flora and son Lawrence.
1897 3 Nov D Griffin, Howard son of Ellsworth of Westfield, age 3, cholera infantum
1897 13 Jan D Griffin, Jarvis d. Wellsboro "last Fri.", age 70, bladder stone
1897 4 Aug D Griffin, Mrs. John, Sr. d. Lambs Creek (no date), buried Catholic Cem., Corning, Ny
1897 3 Feb D Guernsey, B. J. G. d. in Florida "last week", many yrs. res. of Blossburg
1897 17 Mar M Hagar, Frank of Sylvania and Miss Christina Hilfiger of Sullivan twp. m. her home Mar. 10th
1897 9 Jun B Hager son to Fred of Richmond twp. Jun 5th
1897 29 Sep M Hager, Stephen H. of Mansfield and Miss Ethel D. Harvey of Lambs Creek m. State Line, Ny., Sep 22nd by Rev. J. VanKirk'
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