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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1876

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
14 Nov M Abbey, Miss Ida dau of H. M. of Kirkwood, Ill and Wm. J. Sofield, formerly of Wellsboro, m. in Kirkwood, Nov 2nd, res of brides parents by Rev. E. W. Thompson Pastor of Presbyterian Church
22 Feb M Allis, Mrs. Sabra and Harris Hotchkiss, m. at Lambs Creek Feb 15th by W. C. Ripley, Esq. res of brides
18 Apr M Ames, Rizpah Mainsburg and Oscar F. Grandy, m. res of Thos. W. Ames, Sullivan twp. Apr 12th by Rev. D. E. Blaine
18 Apr D Anderson, Mrs. at home of son-in-law Alonzo Mitchell, age 78, d. Thur. eve
3 Oct D Androse, Mary wife of John P. formerly of Tioga, age 80 yrs, Brockport, NY, d. Sep 7th
22 Aug D Angell, Melvin age 1 yr, 10 mos, 7 das, Knoxville, d. Aug 15th, son of W. D. and Jennie
14 Nov M Armstrong, Miss Viva Delmar Twp., and Philo L. Johnson, Rockland, NY., m. Parsonage of M. E. Church, Wellsboro, Nov 2nd by D. D. Buck, D. D.
3 Oct D Ashley, Lora D. dau of Orange and Elizabeth, age 2 yrs, 4 mos, Richmond, d. Sep 18th
3 Oct D Ashley, Loren M. son of Orange and Elizabeth, age 4 yrs, 7 mos, 25 das, Richmond, d. Sep 13th
11 Jan M Ashley, Miss Annette Shippen twp., and John Geroy, Mansfield, m. res of brides parents Dec 24th by Rev. A. Gechter
26 Dec M Ashley, Miss Mahola A. Delmar Twp., and Comfort B. Horton, Shippen Twp., m. Delmar Twp., Dec 13th by Israll Stone, Esq.
5 Sep D Austin, Miss Amanda age 15 yrs, 1 mo, 15 das, Sullivan, d. Aug 21st, pneumonia
28 Nov D Austin, Rebecca wife of L. R., d. Nov 15th, Mainsburg
12 Dec M Avery, Miss Mary A. Chatham Twp., and A. J. West, Middlebury, m. Case House, Elkland, Nov 23rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer
16 May D Ayres, Gilbert age 87 yrs, 11 das, d. May 3rd, Sullivan
18 Apr M Backus, Mrs. Elizabeth Middlebury and A. Rundall, Stokesdale, m. res of bride, Apr 2nd
19 Dec M Bacon, Daniel, M.D. and Miss Florence Green, Wellsboro, m. res of brides parents, Delmar, Dec 13th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
11 Jan M Bacon, Miss Ester dau of Oliver, Delmar twp., and James Vandergrift, m. Jan 3rd by Rev. J. F. Calkins, Delmar
23 May D Bailey, B. M. age 59 yrs, 4 mos, 20 das, in Elmira, d. May 13th of apoplexy, b. Charleston, son of Roswell Bailey
26 Sep D Bailey, Emma Josephine wife of J. W. and dau of Apollos Pitts, Richmond Twp., d. Sep 15th, Elkland
1 Aug M Bailey, Robert A. and Miss Sadilla Bristol, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Jul 29th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
26 Sep M Baker, Herbert E. Ulysses, Pa. and Miss Effie C. Baker, Westfield, m. in Westfield Sep 19th by Rev. I. Everett, res of brides father, Hollister Baker
26 Sep M Baker, Miss Effie C. Westfield and Herbert E. Baker, Ulysses, Pa., m. in Westfield Sep 19th by Rev. I. Everett, res of brides father, Hollister Baker
4 Apr D Baldwin, Mr. Eleaszer age 30, d. Mar 22nd, Mitchells Creek
4 Jan D Barlow, Mr. Lucius age 84 yrs, 4 mos, 22 das, d. Dec 31st, Charleston, came to this region from Deleware Co, NY 1821, lived on same farm 54 yrs had 10 children
7 Nov M Barnes, Porter A. Covington and Miss Emma Satterly, Richmond Twp., m. res of Rev. I. R. Spencer, Blossburg, Oct 21st
5 Sep D Baron, James age 74 yrs, 8 mos, Cherry Flats, d. Aug 10th
1 Feb M Barr, Nathan Westfield and Miss Nina Wheaton of Farmington, m. Jan 23rd by Rev. Jno Cairns
6 Jun M Bartlett, Clark Tioga and Miss Lydia A. Woodard, Richmond Twp., m. in Lindley, NY, May 28th by Rev. L. D. Ayers
30 May D Baxter, Joseph age 50, d. May 18th, Mainsburg, found dead
4 Apr M Beach, John N. and Miss Emma Scott, Brookfield, Pa., m. in Westfield, Mar 16th, M. E. Parsonage by Rev. Isaac Everitt
12 Dec D Beard, Henry E. son of E. G. and M. A., age 17yrs, 16 das, heart disease, d. Oct 17th, Middlebury
14 Nov M Bennett, Chas.  Blossburg and Miss Mary Dougherty, Ralston, Pa., m. Oct 29th by Rev. Father Dunn, Troy, Pa. in Ralston
19 Dec M Benson, Otis Rutland Twp., and Miss Martha Russell of Armenia Twp., Bradford, m. Dec 3rd, Baptist Parsonage, Roseville by Rev. M. Rockwell
16 May D Benson, Wealthy M. infant dau of Lyman and Georganna, d. Apr 20th, Roseville
5 Sep M Benson, Wm. H. Columbia, Bradford Co., and Miss Cora Soper, Rutland Twp., m. res of brides parents, Aug 30th by Rev.Rockwell
14 Nov M Blackwell, Miss Alice A. Oregon Hill and Geo. M. Putnam, Delmar Twp., m. Nov 7th, Baptist Parsonage, Stonyfork by Rev. James Boyce
4 Jan M Bliss, John J. Charleston and Miss Nettie Childs, m. res of brides parents, Nauvoo, Dec 28th by Rev. I. Edwards, M. E. Church
31 Oct M Bly, Miss Mary A. Millerton and James Shanly, m. Oct 18th at Daggetts Mills by Rev. W. H. Rumsey
2 May M Bockus, J. R. Duncan Twp., and Miss Jennie Davis, Morris, m. in Charleston, res of Philander Bockus, Apr 30th by Rev. Hills
3 Oct M Boom, Miss Helen Chatham Twp., and Ira Tremain, m. res of brides parents, Sep 28th, by Rev. O. P. Livingston
4 Jul M Boothe, Fred Troy and Miss Mary Curtis, Mansfield, m. Mansfield Jun 26th by Rev. Henry Bray
28 Nov D Borden, Ollie A. wife of J. P. and dau of John Gibson, Esq, age 31, d. Wellsboro, Nov 9th
25 Apr M Bottum, Arthur S., M. D.  and Miss Lettie Murdock, Westfield, m. in Westfield, res of N. W. McNaughton, Apr 13th by Rev. Everitt
30 May Bowen, Mr. John In Raped Creek, Black Hills, d. Apr 18th, bro of Geo. County Registor and Recorder, has staked 3 gold claims he says Indians have stolen Stock and Killed 2 men of their paryt
11 Jul M Boyse, Edwin F. and Miss Eve Clark, Chatham Twp., m. Chatham Twp., Jul 3rd by Rev. N. G. Ford
13 Jun M Bradshaw, David California, formerly Morris Run and Miss Annie Evans, Blossburg, m. in Blossburg, res of brides mother by Rev. F. T. Evans
31 Oct M Brant, L. G. and Miss Ella Horton, Lawrenceville, m. res of brides parents Oct 11th by Rev. Hill
12 Dec D Breck, Sam age 21, son of Rev. d. at Wilmington, Del.
18 Jan M Brewer, Miss Sarah A. Wells twp., and Clark Updike, Rutland twp., m. res of Lyman Brewer, Dec 27th by Rev. W. H. Rumsey
11 Apr M Brill, Miss Maggie Delmar and Frederick D. Focht, m. Mar 24th by Israel Stone, Esq
20 Jun M Brimmer, Miss J. Elkland and E. Culver, m. in Elkland Jun 7th by W. Mead, Esq.
1 Aug M Bristol, Miss Sadilla Wellsboro, and Robert A. Bailey, m. Wellsboro Jul 29th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
25 Jul D Brown, Lula M. age 1 yr, 4 mos, 21 das, Blossburg, d. Jul 9th, dau of A. J. and Mary
14 Mar M Brown, Miss Ida R. and G. H. Randall, m. in Mansfield Mar 2nd by Rev. H. Broy
27 Jun M Bryden, Molly youngest dau of the late James, Wellsboro and Chas C. Mathers m. res of brides, Jun 19th by J. F. Calkins
21 Mar M Buckley, Chas. A. and Miss Sarah A. Furman, Delmar, m. Mar 15th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
16 May M Bullard, Miss Irene Armenia, Bradford Co., and Julius A. Marvin, Liberty, m. Apr 20th by brides father Rev. Bullard
16 May D Bunnell, James M. age 29 yrs, 4 mos, d. May 10th, Wellsboro
11 Apr M Burnside, Miss Mary E. Covington and Robert B. LaValley, m. in Covington Apr 1st by Rev. I. R. Spencer
18 Apr M Burr, F. H. Blossburg and Miss Jennie Hurd, Covington, m. in Covington Apr 8th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
29 Aug D Bush, Mr. Alvah C. age 24 yrs, d. Aug 23rd,Tioga, typhoid
11 Jan M Butler, Albert and mIss Ada Robertson, Stoneyfork, m. res of brides parents Jan 2nd by Rev. A. S. Gechter
21 Mar M Butler, Franklin Chatham twp and Miss Polly Seeley, Chatham, m. Mar 19th, Parkhurst House, Wellsboro by Rev. D. D. Buck
9 May D Butler, Hartford age 76yrs, 1 mo, d. May 6th, res of Geo. W. Sears, Wellsboro
29 Feb D Butler, Horace formerly Delmar twp., d. Feb 16th near Hertford, NC, age 60 yrs
29 Feb D Butler, Mrs. Elizabeth age 65, Delmar, d. Feb 16th of parplyses
11 Jul M Butler, Thomas P. Wellsboro and Miss Hester A. Smith, Charleston, m. in Wellsboro Jul 3rd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
11 Jan M Button, Miss Eveline Charleston and John Richardson, m. Charleston Jan 1st by Rev. H. E. Ford
11 Jul M Button, Miss Ida A. Middlebury and Wm. N. Weller, m. Middlebury Jul 4th
11 Jul M Buzzerd, Geo. S. and Miss Ella Ostrom, Liberty, m. in Morris, res of Robert Custard Esq, by same
10 Oct M Cady, G. D. and Miss Lydia M. Weeks, dau of Rev. Chas., m. at Nelson by Rev. Weeks, Oct 4th
26 Dec M Cady, Miss Mary Tioga and Wm. E. Goodman, m. res of brides parents, Dec 17th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
12 Dec M Callum, Miss Mary Farmington, Twp., and A. E. Smith, Middlebury, m. res of brides parents, Nov 27th by Rev. H. E. Ford
28 Mar M Cameron, Miss Jennie L. Osceola and James McKay, Grand Rapids, Mich., m. res of brides father Cha., Feb 23rd by Rev. Moyer
21 Mar D Campbell, Mrs. Helen Widow of Wm. Gae 45 yrs, 6 mos, 26 das, d. Feb 5th, Nelson, typhoid pneumonia
27 Jun M Campbell, Thos. C. and Miss Frankie Parks, Nelson, m. Nelson Apr 12th
25 Jan D Campbell, Wm d. Dec 13th, member of Nelson Lodge I.O.O.F.
22 Aug D Carpenter, Mercy S. age 29 yrs, 6 mos, Deerfield, d. on Aug 13th
21 Mar M Carson, Oliver Otter Run, Pa and Miss Delilah Glover, same place, m. Feb 29th by Rev. Buck, O'Conner House, Wellsboro
21 Nov M Casbeer, Daniel E. and Miss Sadie M. Peters, Farmington Twp., m. Farmington Twp. Nov 8th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
14 Nov M Cass, Mrs. Alice Blossburg, and Lloyd Higgins, m. Blossburg, Nov 8th by Rev. W. L. Millis
20 Jun D Castle, Wm. age 18 yrs, 6mos, Tioga, d. Jun 13th
29 Feb D Catlin, Mrs. Elizabeth age 75 yrs, 12 das, Chatham Hollow, d. Feb 13th
4 Jan M Chamberlain, Miss Dora A. Chatham twp. And E. A. Howland, m. res of brides father Dec 24th by Rev. C. K. Bunnell
19 Sep M Chambers, Sidney Saratoga, NY and Mrs. Emma Deats, Lawrence Twp., m. Lawrence Twp., Sep 2nd, res of brides father, Mr. A. H. Evans, by J. H. Mather, Esq.
14 Nov M Chapman, Miss Ella Charleston and Horace McConnell, m. Nov 12th in Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
4 Jan M Childs, Miss Nettie and John J. Bliss, Charleston, m. res of brides parents, Nauvoo, Dec 28th by Rev. I. Edwards, M. E. Church
1 Aug D Christenot, Mrs. Adaline age 64 yrs, 2 mos, 11 das, d. Jul 29th, Wellsboro
21 Mar D Clark, Fanny wife of E. W., d. Feb 24th Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY, age 24 consumption
11 Jul M Clark, Miss Eve Chatham Twp., and Edwin F. Boyse, m. Chatham Twp., Jul 3rd by Rev. N. G. Ford
22 Aug M Clark, Miss Kettie and Leander C. Wood, m. res of L. D. Poore, Jul 20th, in Springfield by Rev. Robert Kerk
31 Oct M Clark, Miss Laura Chatham Twp., and Mawrice F. Kentch, Tioga, m. res of brides parents Oct 26th by Rev. Chas. Fuller
8 Aug M Clark, Mr. Dennis and Miss Anna Hackett, Chatham Twp., m. in Chatham Twp., Jul 30th by J. W. French, Esq.
16 May M Cleveland, Elias and Mrs. Lucinda Odell, Sullivan Twp., m. Apr 30th by Rev. N. Whiting, Sullivan
18 Jul M Close, Benard and Miss Emma Shirley, Westfield, m. M. E. Parsonaage, Westfield, Jul 3rd by Rev. I. Everett
22 Feb M Close, Miss Hattie A. Farmington twp., and W. A. Shapee, M.D., Renia OH, m. Feb 14th, res of brides father by Rev. S. A. Rawson
11 Apr M Close, Miss Kate Chatham twp., and Bennett Reynolds, m. home of bride, Mar 30th by Rev. C. D. Kinney
3 Oct M Cole, Miss Mamie M. Mansfield and S. Updike, m. Mansfield Sep 26th, res of brides father, Dr. A. J. Cole, by Rev. Geo. Jones
10 Oct D Coles, Mrs. W. R. age 37, Wellsboro, d. Oct 4th
5 Dec M Collins, Geo. E. Charleston and Miss Lydia L. Smith, Richmond Twp., m. in Richmond Twp., Nov 29th by Rev. O. C. Hills
8 Feb D Collos, Carrie age 16, dau of Newberry and Caroline, Chatham Valley, d. Dec 18th, scarlet fever
25 Jan M Comstock, Miss Helen Nauvoo and James H. Miller, Athens, m. res of brides father Jan 12th by Rev. I. Edwards
19 Dec M Conch, Miss Rosa A. Tioga and Eugene A. Saxbury, m. at Parkhurst House, Wellsboro, Dec 11th by Rev. O. D. Ellis
6 Jun D Connelly, Michael Mainsburg, d. May 24th, age 79, b. Dutchess Co. NY, settled at age 21 Hector, Thompkins Co., NY, came to Mainsburg age 37, 10 children, 5 boys, 5 girls
20 Jun D Connelly, Michael age 78 yrs, 4mos, Sullivan, d. May 24th
19 Dec D Cook, Horace S. d. Jan at court house, came fro MA
16 May M Cooper, Henry H. and Miss Girtie Mosher, Chatham Twp., m. Apr 28th, Osceola at Bosard House by Rev. John Carns
7 Nov M Copp, T. S. and Miss Sarah E. Robbins, Covington, m. res of O. R. Dartt in Covington, Oct 21st by S. S. Packard, Esq
16 May M Crammer, Mrs. Lucy dau. Of Martin and Eliza Stratton, and Rev. Marcellus Karcher, Galilon, OH, m. res of brides father in Fall Brook, May 9th by Rev. Thos. H. Cullen, Rector of St. Andrews Church, Tioga
25 Jan M Crippen, Miss Mary Sullivan twp., and Holloway Wood, Rutland twp., m. Jan 20th, res of Rev. M. Rockwell
4 Jan M Crowl, Miss Ella Delmar and Wm. Kreisler, m. in Wellsboro Dec 18th by A. J. Brewster, Esq
20 Jun M Culver, E. and Miss J. Brimmer, Elkland, m. in Elkland Jun 7th by W. Mead, Esq
14 Nov M Culver, E. S. Dak. And Miss E. S. Stewart, OH, m. res of Rev. W. H. Darwood, Freeport, Ill, Oct 16th
25 Apr M Culver, Horatio Charleston and Miss Viola Spencer, Wellsboro, m. in Wellsboro, Apr 14th by Rev. M. Yale
11 Jul D Culver, I. H. only son of Rilley and Catherine, age 1 yr, 3 mos, Charleston, d. Jun 23rd, scarlet fever
29 Feb M Culver, Miss Dollie Springfield formerly Tioga, and Ed. J. Robinson, m. res of Col. R. T. Wood, Feb 16th by Rev. C. L. Hall
18 Jul M Cunningham, Miss Blossburg and B. A. Kinght, Fall Brook, m. Blossburg Jun 29th by Rev. John T. Rockwell
4 Jul M Curtis, Miss Mary Mansfield and Fred Boothe, Troy, m. Mansfield Jun 26th by Rev. Henry Bray
15 Feb M Dailey, Rose A. Mansfield and Clinton A. Mudge, Sullivan twp., m. res of bride, Jan 27th by Rev. Geo. C. Jones
21 Nov M Daniels, Horace L. and Miss Ollie E. Wombough, Elkland, m. Elkland Nov 6th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
21 Mar M Danks, Miss Cora Wellsboro and Edward Place, Laceyville, Pa., m. Wellsboro Mar 18th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
26 Sep D Dann, Samuel M. adopted son of Wm. M. and J. H., age 5 yrs, Mansfield, d. Sep 18th
2 May M Davis, Miss Jennie Morris and J. R. Bockus, Duncan Twp., m. in Charleston, res of Philander Bockus, Apr 30th by Rev. Hills
11 Jul M Davis, W. Chatham Twp., and Miss Henriette Erway, m. in Chatham, res of G. W. Short, Jul 2nd by J. W. French, Esq.
20 Jun D Day, Della wife of P. W., age 24, Lambs Creek, d. Jun 29th??
12 Dec D Day, Hattie wife of Chas. D. Nov 18th, Richmond
19 Sep M Deats, Mrs. Emma Lawrence Twp., and Sidney Chambers, Saratoga, NY, m. Lawrence Twp., Sep 2nd, res of brides fahter, Mr. A. H. Evans, by J. H. Mather, Esq.
8 Aug M Decker, E. B. Tioga and Mrs. Eugenie Goodall, Charleston, m. in Tioga, Aug 5th by H. H. Borden, Esq.
2 May D Demaus, Annie age 25 yrs, 8 mos, d. Apr 27th, Charleston
25 Jan M Dent, Miss Addie dau of late Hon. H. H., Brookland, Pa. and Rev. James McBride Sterrett, Wellsville, NY, m. at Brookland in Potter Co., Jan 20th by Rev. D. Hull of Mont Pelier, Vt.
25 Apr M Derbyshire, Frank Delmar twp. And Miss Emma Fullwood, Wellsboro, m. in Wellsboro Apr 13th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
18 Apr D Dewey, Lillie wife of Chas., age 22, Tioga, d. Apr 11th, (this is written 1875) of consumption
29 Aug D Dewey, Mr. Chas. d. Aug 19th, an infant son, Tioga
13 Jun D Dewey, Rebecca age 15, d. Jun 2nd, Tioga
12 Sep M Dimmick, Miss Hattie Delmar Twp., and Frank S. Martin, McDonough, Chenango Co., Ny, m. Delmar Twp., Aug 30th by Rev. Israel Stone, Esq.
5 Sep M Dnutt, Dr. Geo. Williamsport and Miss Kate E. Tubbs, Lawrenceville, m. res of brides mother Aug 23rd by Rev. P. Smith
1 Aug M Doane, Prof. J. C. Leona, Bradford Co., and Miss Myra Horton, Lawrence Twp., m. res of bride, Jul 27th by Rev. N. Reynolds
16 May M Dodds, Wm., Jr. and Miss Annie D. Lydiatt, Blossburg, m. Apr 22nd by Rev. C. G. Lowell
5 Sep D Dodge, Mr. A. age 65, Mainsburg, d. Aug 27th
26 Sep M Dodson, W. T. Muklenburg, Luzerne Co., Pa. and Miss Annie D. Scott, dau of Wm., late of this village m. in Towanda by Rev. J. S. Stewart, D. D., Sep 11th
4 Jan M Donne, Jesse and Miss Angelia Russell, Farmington twp., m. res of J. H. Mather, Lawrenceville, Dec 31st by J. M. Mather, Esq
4 Jan M Dort, Miss Nettie L. Shippen twp., and David L. Plumley, Delmar twp., m. res of brides parents, Jan 1st by Rev. N. Reynolds
18 Jul D Dort, Mrs. Mary formerly of Delmar, age 65, d. Jul 3rd, res of son Ben Dort in Hamilton, MO
14 Nov M Dougherty, Miss Mary Ralston, Pa. and Chas. Bennett, Blossburg, m. Oct 29th by Rev. Father Dunn, Troy, Pa. in Ralston
16 May M Drake, E. Forest LeRoy, NY and Miss Josie A. Husted, Blossburg, m. res of brides father in Blossburg, Apr 26th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
21 Mar D Drake, Wm Warner only son of Leon H. and Mary, age 1 yr, 7mo, 6 das, Arnot, d. Mar 14th
24 Oct M Dudley, Wm.  and Anna Sophia King, Tioga, m. Oct 18th, St. Andrews Church, Tioga by Rev. Thos. H. Cullen
8 Feb   Dunsmore, James one of the Oregon colonist from Mansfield, returned home

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