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Rutland Methodist Episcopal Church

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Austinville Methodist Church
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by Barbara York

August 16, 1964, Rutland Hill Church will observe its 122 anniversary. All are cordially invited to come to the worship service of old time hymns which begins shortly after the dinner hour. Or if you wish, just pack a picnic lunch along with the family and drive out to Rutland Township, Tioga County and join in with the noontime fun.

The antiquated little Church traces its history to the early days of Rev. Amos Mansfield. A rather dynamic personality, he settled on a farm about two and one half miles south of present day Roseville. Many stories are told about the man. A favorite involves a small boy.

It seems that Rev. Mansfield wore a false piece of hair. The boy reached up quite innocently to the Reverend and pulled off the hair. Poor child, he thought he had mortally wounded the good man.

After clearing the land for a home, a house and barn were raised on the Mansfield property. The barn was used as a church. On October 15, 1840, the Union Chapel of the First Methodist Episcopalian Society of North Sullivan and Rutland Townships was incorporated under the authority of the Orphan's Court.

The first deed was signed on January 7, 1843 by Nehemiah Hodge, Asa Crippen, Arad Smith, Samuel Wilson, Hulsy Burton, Jesse Smith, David Crippen and D. Sherwood. Many of their descendants still live in the surrounding area.

Under the deed the Church Society is not authorized to own more than 50 acres, also six trustees are elected annually.

The rustic charm of the Church claims its source from the simple life led by people of the 1800's. One can imagine a group of farmers after harvest is over, busy with their saws and hammers building the Church. The pews are very straight, hard and very plain. The windows are large of plain clear glass, letting in much light. The green of the trees outside add to the simplicity of the Church. The forest seems to envelop the Church with protective arms.

Inside the kerosene lamps arranged in groups of four, form four great chandeliers. The Church is divided in two parts, one side for women, the other side for men. One might say segregation was practiced diligently then . So, if we are worrying about the segregation of color, at least we have made some progress, segregation of the sexes in public has been abolished.

There are two small stoves inside, one for men and the other for women. One can imagine that they didn't heat the Church too well on cold days. Probably people brought along their soap stones and wool blankets to keep themselves more comfortable. Perhaps the soap stones were warmed at the stoves for the cold journey home by horse and sleigh.

The tiny old fashioned organ is still played to this day at the commemorative services. Before its purchase, Samuel Wilson, Sr. the choir director for many years, obtained the key for each song from a tuning fork.

"Give me that old time religion" . . . indeed the words of this song best describes a service at Rutland Hill Church. We hope that you will join us in remembering on

Sunday, August 16, 1964 at Rutland Hill Church.

July 1, 1964

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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