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Submitted by Phyllis Hughes-Marino
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 19 MAY 2001
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1869 - 1874 Baptisms at Arnot
Membership 1869 - 1884
Burials - Arnot
1874 to 1880 Baptisms at Arnot
1877 Revised Arnot Roll
Marriages - Arnot
1881 to 1886 Baptisms at Arnot

James Ellison *ruling Elder

Jane wife of Rector

Peter Cameron and Christina his wife

James Cameron and Roxanne his wife

John Dunsmore and Janet his wife

Robert BAIRD and Jane his wife

James Nelson and ------ his wife * Ralston

Joseph McNeish and Ursla his wife * Fallbrook

William McNeish and Jane his wife

Henry Snedden

David Brown and ------ his wife

William WATCHMAN and Catharine his wife

Mrs Agnes Wadell

Mrs Jessie Snedden

April 11th 1869

The 2nd communion of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Arnot

Rev. Mr Canaan

James Ellison

Mr Cameron

By letter Miss Jesey Sneden

Sept. 5th 1869

Rev. D Akin acting Minister from Saia Church

James Ellison

Peter Cameron

Dec. 4th 1869 same present

Mention of Mr Gates

Dec 22nd 1869

Officers: James Ellison *Clerk

David Ellison *Treasurer

Trustees: David Brown

Henry Snedden

By Sundries Cash

James Ellison 30

Peter Cameron 30

William WATCHMAN 36

Henry Snedden 15

David Brown 12

William Scott 10

Ed Ginelet 6

James Knox 11

George Lee 6

James R Cameron 40

John Cameron 8

A J Patchen 2

David Neal 6

Alex Young 12

Thos Thompson 12

William Wilson 6

Robert BAIRD 5

Mrs Waddall 9

James Hynd 12

George Watson 6

James Blades 6

William Summerville 6

Alex Wilson 5

Thos McNeish 4

Robt Miller 4

David Ellison 5

John Dunsmore 15

John Love 8

Bloss Coal Co 100

Henry Landrus 10

Henry Drake 10

Peter Cameron Jr 5

David Thompson 1

William Thompson 1

Alex McGregor 6

Robt Richardson 2

Alex Moffett 5

Frank Davies 5

William Bradley 5

Jun 1st 1870

David Brown *Chairman

James Ellison *acting Secretary

David Ellison

William WATCHMAN *Trustee

James Blades *Treasurer

David Brown

James Blades

James Knox

Henry Snedden

Dec 4th 1870

Rev George Morten

Peter Cameron Sr

Harriet Ellison

The following received on certification from the Church of Scotland

Alexander Harvie (Haven or Harris) & wf

Helen Nelson

From Morris Run Presbyterian Church

James Brown and wf Elizabeth

Mar 4th 1871

Received by certificate Duncan May & wf Annie from Presby. Church of Phillipsburg

From the Free Church of Scotland William Laidlaw & wf

On examination Fredrick Passmore and Henry Vanson

May 2? 1871

By certificate: David Boag & Margaret Halbert his wf

David Tompson & wf Christina

Robert Logan and Barbara his wf

Robert Flemming & Mrs Flemming his wf and their son Mr William Flemming and Mr James Blades

On examination: James Fowler and Jane his wf

Matthew Blair and Susan his wf

John Kincade and Rebecca his wf

Mrs Agnes Smith widow

Mentioned 1871:

James Blades

Andrew Beatie

John McNaughton

Joseph Wise & wf

Robt Crichton & wf

Geo Snedden & wf

Andrew Adams & wf

Alex Logan & wf

James Mitchel

Elizabeth McLaren wf of John Reid

1872 members

John Roxbors

Mrs James Blade

Jeremiah C King

Mrs J C King

James Beatie

Miss Margaret Logan

Alexander Pollock and his wife Christina from Fallbrook

William Waddell and his wife from the Free Church of Scotland

Alexander Tompson wf Annie

Albert Davies wf Margaret

Mrs Jeanette Roxbors

Mrs James Kendall from Congregational Church of Exeter, NY

Mrs John Cameron

Miss Sarah Logan

Miss Barbara Logan

Miss Rebecca Saulsbury

Rbt Shearer

James Christerson

Alexander Cousin

Henry Gordon

James White

Alexander Allen

James Shaw

David Morrison wf Jeanette

Miss GP Cameron

Mary Ann Pollock

John C Tompson

Mrs Henry Lodan

Mrs Alexander Allen

Thomas Shearer wf Margaret

Miss Jeanette Whightman

Mr Robert Pendelton and wife

Miss Anna Cameron

Mr James Mc Ewen

William G Fish

Miss Margaret White

William Hornten & wf

Archibald Kirkup & wf

James Mowit & wf

Mrs James White

** Meetings discontinued due to prevalence of Small Pox

March 1872

Mrs John Cameron

Sarah Logan

Barbara Logan

Rebecca Saulsbury

Robert Shearer

James Christy

Henry Gordon

James White

Alexander Allen

James Shaw

James Mc Ewin

David Morrison wf Jeanette

Genia P Cameron

Mrs Allen

Mary A Pollock

Mrs H Gordon

Mrs Alex Allen

Thomas Shearer wf Margaret

Miss Jeanette Whightman now Mrs Alex Ford

Miss Anna Cameron

Robert Pendelton & wf

William Fish

Miss Margaret White

William Hunter & wf

Archibald Kirkup & wf

James Mowit & wf

Mrs James White

Mr Alex Cousin

John C Tompson

Mrs Morris

Mr James Dick & wf

May 31st 1872

Old Mrs Harriet Jones was received from the Welch Church of Morris Run

Old Mr Duncan May & wf from Free Church

Mr James Burt & wf from Morris Run Presby Church

Thomas Ewing & wf Free Church in Scotland

August 2nd 1872

Mr William Asky

Mr Robert Little

Miss – Calwill

August 9th 1872

Mr H Guy (Grey) & wf

David PRIDE & wife from Morris Run

Mrs S Saunders

Mrs Hillis

Miss E Wallan

Mr J Montuth & wf

***in notes: All from churches in the Old World

August 23rd 1872

Mr Tomas Pede & wf

Peter Peden from the Free Church

October 4th 1872

Neil Beatie (baptised Oct 6th)

Mrs Andrew Beatie

November 1872

Mr Alexander Ford

Mr John Auld & wf all admitted with certificate from Old World


Thomas Balentine & wf

Mrs S C Brison? (widow)

Mrs James McEwen

Mrs Alexander McLogon

Mrs Samuel Guy

Miss Euphemia May

Dec 26th 1872


Robert Logan *Clerk

J C King *Clerk

James Ellison *Treasurer


Henry Snedden

Duncan May

Alexander Logan

Alexander Pollock

James Cameron

Henry Vanson

Dec 31st 1872

Rev. J Ludlow Kendall was installed by Rev. P Camp, Rev JL Landis, and Rev. JF Calkins.

January 9th 1873

T Pettegrew

J Quigly

R Little

Dr Jacobus or Jacobs

January 10th 1873

Alexander Cook & Granett Forrester his wife

Thomas Pettigrew & Marion his wife

John Quigly & Margaret Cook his wife

James Eaton

Joseph Rolston & wife by certificate from the Established Church of Scotland

February 24th 1873

Walter Blair and his wife by letter from Scotland

James Beatie who took his letter last July to Scotland but had no opportunity to present it

March 7th 1873

Certificate of membership of the Church of Scotland received James Mitchel Sr and wife

David Mitchell

April-- Mrs J Galloclin

June—Samuel Smiley & Agnes Grant his wife

July 5th 1873

Miss Nancy Neil

Mr & Mrs James Paterson

August 4th 1873

Session meeting: Mr James Killans was recd by letter from the Church of Scotland Congregational Church in Glasglow.

October 3rd 1873

Mrs D Ruddox member of the Church of Scotland

Mr John Ellis member of the Episcopal Church of Belfast Ireland

November 4th 1873

Mr James Farrel & wf Mary

John Fraser & Isabella wf

James Farrel is of Roman Catholic parents and has been an adherent of the Roman Church

January 2nd 1874

Mr John Hillis

Mrs James French (widow)

April 10th 1874

Baptized (3)

Mrs Lucy Ramsdale

Mrs William Logan

Miss Fausse

G Malcolm

The following were baptized in infancy

Wm Logan

Mrs Neil Beatie

**Several pages difficult to read here.

April 6th 1877

By invitation Mr Robert PRYDE formerly an Elder of the Presbyterian Church at Morris Run was present residing at Arnot. Elder James Beattie having again been compelled to leave Arnot for wants of employment so that without Mr PRYDE the session would not have had a quorum.

The following presented letters of dismissal & recommendation:

Mr David Atkin & Marion wf

Mrs May Thompson all from the Presbyterian Church at McIntyre

Miss May & Miss Delia Christison from the Presbyterian Church at Edenboro, Erie Co, Pa Robert Christison *Moderator

August 27th 1877

The Church without any Elders, Mr Beatie & Logan left with no certainty of returning to reside. A congregational meeting held on the 18th of July unanimously resolved to elect four Elders from the congregation which took place on Sabbath 12th August resulted in the choice of the following individual viz.: Messrs. Robert PRYDE, David PRYDE, Robert Hogg and Andrew Adam. David PRYDE and Andrew Adam declined to accept office. Robert PRYDE who was already an ordained Ruling Elder in the Church at Morris Run. Having with his wife, as communicant; First being transferred from the Communion Roll of the Church at Arnot and he having accepted office was on Sabbath 26th Aug., duly installed a Ruling Elder in the Church at Arnot. At the same time Robert Hogg was duly ordained to the same office. In the meantime A Logan having returned to Arnot gives at this date three Ruling Elders. Robert Christison, Minister

September 10th 1877

Case of George Forsythe member of the Church of the Psalmody and a Sabbath School Teacher. Letters sent to appear before session.

March 8th 1878

Session: R Christison moderator, Elders R PRYDE, A Logan and R Hogg. Mr James Mitchell & his wife for examination

March 11th 1878

Session met according to appointment at the house of Mr Robert PRYDE present R Christison, Elders R PRYDE, A Logan, R Hogg. After a conversation on the state of religion in the Church a regret expressed at the early loss of Mr Robert PRYDE to the Church and the Sabbath School, who is about to remove with his family to his home in Virginia. The session adjourned. The meeting was opened and closed with a prayer.

September 26th 1878

At a meeting of the congregation, nineteen members present of forty-five. Alex Logan & Robert Hogg resigned the office of Ruling Elders. Reorganization of the Church mentioned.

July 13th 1879

David Thompson & Christina his wife were dismissed to Houtzdale Presbyterian Church

Geo. D Meigs, Acting Moderator of Sessions

March 24th

Alex Chambers & Janet his wife sometimes member of this church & for two or three years residents of Houtzdale, were dismissed to the communion of the Presbyterian Church at that place.

March 1880

Mrs Stevenson (Sarah Logan) dismissed to * looks like Cherry Flats.

Mrs James Walker dismissed to Houtzdale

April 15th 1881

Andrus Lees & Mrs Lees were received by certificate from the Parish of Old Monklands in the Church of Scotland.

September 24th 1881 Johnson Forsyth & wife by certificate from Parish Gatrens? Church of Scotland

January 30th 1882 Mrs John Harris (widow) by certificate from Gaits Kerrn Church of Scotland

Mr John Harvie her son *Harris or Harvie

John McFarland from the same

December 1883

James Patterson

Mrs Margaret Pattise ? from Fallbrook

Mr James Gilmore

Andrew Harvy?

Miss Laura Cruttenden

March 2nd 1884

Mrs Mary Todd

Miss Anna Smeden was Baptized as were:


Miss Mary Smeden

Miss Mamie Mitchel

Miss Mary Dartt

Miss Anna Reynolds

Miss Mary Llewelyn

Miss May Reynolds

Miss Anna Gilmore

Miss Marie Hall

William Lindly from Church of Scotland

James Ramsdell dismissed to Mansfield

**These records were difficult reading. I tried to spell the names as they appeared including any notes. I felt that just indexing the names would not be as helpful as including dates and other pertinent information. If your family appears in this record please verify with the original records since there could be typographical errors. There are a few more pages of Sessions as noted** that I will try to decipher and add at a later date. Phyllis Hughes-Marino