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Submitted by Phyllis Hughes-Marino
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 19 MAY 2001
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1869 - 1874 Baptisms at Arnot
Membership 1869 - 1884
Burials - Arnot
1874 to 1880 Baptisms at Arnot
1877 Revised Arnot Roll
Marriages - Arnot
1881 to 1886 Baptisms at Arnot
Arnot Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1881 - 1886
**? Notes: difficult reading some names squeezed onto pages. As is - missing, I copied as is.
T could be F, ch could be de, g could be y or old s, y could be g, m could be n or r, Mary or May.
WILLIAMSON William b 10/20/80 James & ?Jabella 29-Jun
LOGAN Wm Francis Ralph b 10/19/80 William & Elizabeth 29-Jun
WELCH Clyde Jefferson b 12/2/79 Frank H & Annie E 31-Jul
ADAMS Alexander Findletter b 5/7/81 Andrew & Isabella 10-Aug
CRICHTON James Moses b 2/1/81 James & Annie 03-Aug
WILSON Margaret b 8/4/81 William & Margaret 03-Aug
FOWLER Robert b 4/12/as is James & Jane 14-Jul
MITCHEL James b 2/12/81 David & Carrie Smith 07-Aug
BOAG William b 6/27/81  David & Margaret 10-Aug
REYNOLDS Winfred Evert b 10/1/80 James & Leila 10-Aug
MITCHEL William b 10/15/81 James R & Ann Jane 10-Jan
EDWARDS Nathan   02-Jan
LOGAN Charles Protheo b 11/20/81 William R & Elizabeth Protheo 15-Mar
CLARKE Butler b 7/22/81 Thomas & Huldah 26-Sep
PATTERSON Isabella b 3/26/1882 George & Jane 08-May
BOWERS George b 12/27/1881 William & Cristine 02-Mar
PATTERSON James Neilson b 3/17/82 James & Catherine 02-Mar
BOWMAN Kate G Neilson  Harman  01-Oct
FAPITO Edward b 6/27/82 William & Annie 28-Aug
PATTERSON Mary b /29/82 as is George & Jane 28-Aug
  Isabella b 3/26/82    
CRICHTON Andrew b 3/4/82 William & Margaret N 02-Jul
BOWERS Charles Brysler? b 1/28/82 Charles Thorber? & Margaret  02-Jul
FISH Susanna b 3/17/82 William G? & Marian 25-Jul
  William b 11/7/82 as is    
BOWERS Franklin b 7/1/82 Larmon & Maggie? Laira? 01-Oct
MCFARLAND John b 10/3/80 John & Jane 19-Oct
PATTERSON ?obina b 9/27/82 William & Ellen 19-Oct
GILMORE Isabella b 4/17/80 James C & Agnes 20-Oct
  Margaret b 4/17/80    
PATTERSON Graham Scott b 9/15/82 Joseph & Catherine 20-Oct
ADAM Mary b 9/7/82 John & Janet 31-Oct
HARVY Mary b 12/31/80 John & Ellen 24-Nov
ROBERTSON Janet Robinson b 10/25/82 Alexander & Euphemia Mc Cree 04-Dec
HARVY John b 11/27/82 John & Ellen 27-Dec
PEMBERTON? Jennie b 9/5/80 James & Janet 14-Aug
LOGERBAUN Francis Ludaurich b1/3/83 Andrus & Addie 03-Feb
HOGG Agnes b 3/2/83 Robert & Eliza 21-Mar
CUNNINGHAM Isabella b12/17/82 ?Ja?es & Elizabeth 28-Mar
WADDEL William b 4/10/82 William & Mary 07-Apr
NELSON Clementine b 2/17/83 James & Elizabeth 07-Apr
CRIEGHTON May b 2/25/83 James & Ann 27-Apr
MCFARLAND John b 6/21/83 John & Jane 14-Nov
LOGAN Flora b 10/15/83 Alexander & blank his wife 21-Nov
GILMORE John b 3/5/83 James & Agnes 21-Nov
MITCHEL David b 5/20/83 James ?B & Anna Jane 05-Dec
DETRICH Elizabeth Kinaid ? b 7/5/83 John & wife 05-Dec
NESBIT Willie b 1/25/84 Richard & Ellen 11-Apr
DENSMORE Margaret b 1/30/84 William & wife 11-Apr
  James Christoph b 4/18/as is    
PATTERSON Elizabeth b 5/19/84 George & Jane 07-Aug
CRICHTON William b in April at Gurnel? William & Margaret 07-Aug
DUNSMORE Lulu Bessie b 5/4/84 William & Lizzie 14-Sep
MCDOWEL ? Merl b 6/25/82 Bern? & Marie 14-Sep
  Ispin b 3/8/84    
SMITH Frank leroy b 4/19/84 Richard & Emily 14-Sep
LOGAN James Ray b 7/7/84 William & blank his wife 19-Oct
FARLY James Henry b 9/15/84 William & Helen 27-Oct
CAMPBELL Sarah b 3/9/84 James & Elizabeth C 29-Oct
ANDERSON Landrus Gerhart b 9/24/as is  Andrew & Enger May 04-Nov
PATTERSON Robert b 8/31/84 Henry & Elizabeth 25-Nov
  Margaret b 3/13/82    
  Ellen b 4/11/80    
  Alexander b 5/15/78    
BOAG David b 6/17/83 John & Jenny Patten? 27-Feb
ST CLAIR Mary b 1/15/85 Andrew & Ann 27-Feb
ST CLAIR Andrew b 12/17/84 George & Sarah 27-Feb
LOGERBAUN Jenny Marie b 2/25/85 Andrew Albert & Ada Crigs? 27-Feb
MITCHEL Elizabeth b 2/18/87 James CorE & Ann Jane 09-Apr
JOHNSON John Harry b 4/10/85 August & Annie 01-Jun
OLSON Anna Matilda Victoria b 3/26/85 Frederick & Emma 01-Jun
SCHENKS Mary b 8/29/85 John & Augusta 12-Sep
RUDY John b 6/13/as is  Christoph & Lucy 12-Sep
BOAG David b 6/17/83 see above John & Jane 12-Sep
PATTERSON Margaret Nelson b 4/19/84 William & Ellen Jeffe? 14-Sep
HOGENCAMP ? Martha b 4/11/84 George & Sarah Mitchel 14-Sep
BAIRD William b 8/27/82 John & Jane 14-Sep
MCFARLAND Margaret Nelson b 4/7/85 John & Margaret Patterson 30-Sep
DUNSMORE Edna May b 6/24/85 William & Lizzy no date
NEIL Janet by profession    
MITCHEL Elizabeth b 6/20/85 David & Carrie 11-Mar
ORR James b 6/20/81 William & Elizabeth 11-Mar
  Ruth b 6/2/78    
THORBROM James Bigry b 1/28/82 Charles & Margaret 02-Jun
PERRON ? Olga Theress b 4/5/85 Johanes Perron & Caroline 03-Jun
**see note   **SANDBERG written here between  
CARLSON ? Oscar Olsen b 5/8/86 Johan Carlson & Christine  20-Jun
LINDSY Robert Thomas b 2/8/85 Thomas & Elizabeth 04-Jul
KINAIRD Sarah b 12/4/84 no name 11-Jun
  Robert b 6/11/85 no name  
MASON May b 6/15/85 ?----ph & Elizabeth 01-Aug
WILLIAMSON James b 9/16/84 James & Isabella 08-Oct
  William b 9/14/82    
  Hugh b 10/25/65 or 66    
ADAMS Maggie Wilson b 7/28/86 John & Janet 29-Oct
CREIGHTON Jane Scott b 8/13/86 James & Anna 29-Oct
GILMORE David PRYDE B 4/6/85 James & Agnes 21-Nov
NELSON James Dach?b 10/19/79 John Forsythe & Mary 25-Nov
NELSON James A b 10/20/82 James A & Elizabeth  
  Margaret Patterson b 6/18/85    
 Subj:  Arnot Presb. Church Records
Date:  6/8/2003 8:51:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Georgia)

Hi Joyce  -  This is a great data set - I've found lot's of my family here. Thank you and all those who have done such good work.

Is it possible to get a typo corrected?? My grandfather, James Roy (not Ray), b. 7 July 1884, baptised, 19 Oct 1884, in Arnot Presbyterian Church.

thank you again. this is a jewel; as all your sources are.

Georgia Logan Evans 

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/23/2001
By Joyce M. Tice