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Submitted by Phyllis Hughes-Marino
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 19 MAY 2001
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1869 - 1874 Baptisms at Arnot
Membership 1869 - 1884
Burials - Arnot
1874 to 1880 Baptisms at Arnot
1877 Revised Arnot Roll
Marriages - Arnot
1881 to 1886 Baptisms at Arnot
 Arnot Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1874 - 1880
BEATIE Andrew Neil 22 July 1874
MCMULLEN Johnstone Forsythe Joseph 7/22/1874
LOGAN Robert Alexander 7/31/1874
DEVINE Alfred William 8/2/1874
HUDSON Mary Ann ? Hudson 8/2/1874
PASSMORE Frederick Copping Frederick  9/13/1874
MONTEITH Robert Fornster or Forrester John 10/4/1874
GALLACHER William Mrs J 10/23/1874
MARVIN Archibald Cameron Mrs Annie 10/23/1874
STEWART Joseph Mrs -- Stewart 11/2/1874
REID John Mrs Elizabeth 11/2/1874
SMILEY James Samuel 11/4/1874
KNOX  Jessie Pride John Knox 23 Jan 1875
KNOX Walter John Knox 1/23/1875
KNOX George Lamb John Knox 1/23/1875
SCOTT Margaret Simpson Robert 26-Jan
BELL Elizabeth Wallace no 1st Bell 10-Feb
FOWLER Andrew James 06-Mar
PATTERSON Janet George 19-Apr
HUNTER Adam Adam 05-May
LAWSON Mary Ann William  05-May
CHAMBERS William Pollok Alexander  13-May
MCNAUGHTON Henry John 13-May
BOAG Thomas Halbert David 13-May
RUDDUCK Elisabeth Ann Elisabeth  22-May
WADDELL Jane W----- William 02-Jul
****son William Ann***te  08-Aug
BROWN Anna Mrs James  12-Aug
HOGG James Robert 2 Apr 1876
BEATTIE Jane Andrew 02-Apr
PRIDE or PRYDE Lowman David 02-Apr
PRIDE or PRYDE Margaret David 02-Apr
PRIDE or PRYDE Elizabeth Belle David 02-Apr
ORR Elizabeth b 15 Sep'75 William & Elizabeth 09-Apr
LOGAN Maria Gertrude William R 23-Jul
WILSON Henry William S 29-Jul
WILSON Mary Jane William S 29-Jul
WILSON Robert Mrs Jesse Waddel Wilson 26-Nov
QUIGELY John Cook adopted infant John & Margaret 22-Dec
MONTEITH Christina Scott infant James & Elisabeth 22-Dec
MCNEISH Thomas infant William & Jane 27-Dec
KIRKWOOD David infant John & Agnes 29-Dec
KIRKWOOD Ann infant John & Agnes 29-Dec
FOWLER Jane infant James & Jane 29-Dec
SCOTT Agnes Simpson inf George & Marion 29-Dec
DUNSMORE Ella inf John & Janet 29-Dec
BEATTIE Cornelious William inf Neil & Jane 10 Jan 1877
RENTON Elizabeth inf William & Eliszbeth Feb 
LOGAN John Stevenson inf Alexander & Jane Feb 
ORR Elisabeth inf  William & Elisabeth 16-Mar
PATTERSON Andrew Henry & Elisabeth 23-Mar
PATTERSON John Henry & Elisabeth 23-Mar
PATTERSON Henry Henry & Elisabeth 23-Mar
PATTERSON Elisabeth Henry & Elisabeth 23-Mar
PATTERSON George inf George & Jane 23-Mar
ATKIN James Thompson inf Daniel & Marion 06-May
ROBERTSON Peter inf  Alexander & Euphemia 16-May
NELSON John Forsythe inf John F & Mary 03-Jun
ADAM George inf  Andrew & Mrs  25-Jul
HUTCHINSON Isabella inf James & Ann 08-Oct
BOAG Alexander inf David & Margaret 14-Oct
ADAM William George inf William & Christina 16-Oct
LOGERBOOM Hulda Amelia inf Andrew & Ada 24-Nov
MITCHELL Elizabeth inf  James & Martha 30-Dec
MARVIN Olive inf  David & Annie(Copolo) 1 Jan 1878
WILSON Annie inf William & Margaret 24-Jan
SHEARER William inf Thomas & Margaret 20-Mar
GUY Barbara inf  Samuel & Mirren 16-May
BEATTIE William inf Neil & Jane 25-May
WADDLE Margaret Simpson inf William & ?Jane 10-Dec
FOWLER James I yr James & Jane 29 Jun 1879
ADAM Margaret Walker 2m Andrew & wf 13-Jul
AITKIN Ellen b 2/19/79 Daniel & Marion 12-Aug
HOGG Elizabeth b 7/28/79 Robert & Elizabeth 12-Aug
ROBERTSON James b 2/12/79 Alex & Euphemia 12-Aug
BOAG Margaret Gardener b 7/-/79 David & Margaret Gardener 12-Aug
FISH David b 5/4/75 William & Marion Brown 16-Aug
FISH Henry b 5/9/77 William & Marion Brown 16-Aug
MCMILLAN Margaret b 12/23/78 Joseph & Elizabeth 4 Mar 1880
DEVINE Annie Elizabeth 3/18/79 William & wife 04-Mar
MITCHEL Mary 1/30/80 James & wife 11-May
BERWICK Annie Anderson b 3/19/80 William & Annie 10-Apr
LOWERIE Jane b 3/4/80 James & Eliza 10-Apr
WILSON James Moses b 4/13/80 William & Margaret 02-May
SHEARER OR John Mitchel Shearer b12/28/78 
adopted- Crichton written below
James & May Shearer 08-Jun
BROWN Martha Logan b 8/29/79 John E & Margaret 28-Feb
PATTERSON Mary b 5/8/80 Joseph & Jane 31Jun 
SHILLING Howard b 4/10/80 Phila. Joseph & Emma 10-Jul
BLACK Elizabeth b 12/22/?? Robert & Elizabeth 15-Aug
BLACK Robert b 5/17/79 Robert & Elizabeth 15-Aug
CRAGHTON Robert b 8/17/75 William & ? 08-Sep
CRAGHTON Margaret b 8/21/77 William & ? 08-Sep
CRAGHTON Sarah b 9/11/79 William & ? 08-Sep
PATTERSON James b 3/9/75 William & Helen ? 08-Sep
PATTERSON Isabell b 2/20/80 William & Helen ? 08-Sep
BAIRD Andrew b 10/29/78 John & Jane Nelson 08-Sep
BAIRD Elizabeth b 11/8/75 John & Jane Nelson 08-Sep
FORSYTHE George b 1/27/78 George & Janet ? 08-Sep
NELSON Helen b 7/12/77 James & Elizabeth 08-Sep
NELSON John b 1/15/1880 James & Elizabeth 08-Sep
  Names added:    
DIXON Ann Elizabeth b 3/13/79 William & Mary 1880
? Margaret b 1/1/79 Joseph & Elizabeth ? 1880
LEWIS Elmeda b 9/20/79 Frederick & M? 1880
? Emma May b 5/15/80 Richard & Mary?? 1880
BOWERS Ellen Hunter b 4/3/75 Henry Bowers 1880
BOWERS Andrew Hunter b 6/17/77 Henry Bowers 1880
BOWERS David Hunter b 6/17/80 Henry Bowers 1880
WADEL Jane b 5/?/80 William J & Margaret Paterson 1880
LUNDIN Frederich Emmanuel b 3/20/80 John & Mary 2 Sep 1880
  Please verify these records with original source.    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05/19/2001
By Joyce M. Tice