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1880 Wellsboro Census
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Enumerated June 27, 1880 by Hiram D. Deming
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe,
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
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19 181 190 Smith Mariah 54 F hus left washer/ironer PA MD MD
  182 191 Richards Hannah F. 79 F widow housekeeper NY NY CT
        M. B. 28 F widow living PA NY NJ
        Raymond 6 M son at home PA PA PA
      Davenport George 30 M boarder painter PA NY PA
      Colwell E. H. 26 M boarder painter NY NY NY
  183 192 Kiser W. H. 40 M hus cigar agent PA CT CT
        Hannah 37 F wife housekeeper PA NY MD
        Ida 15 F dau PA PA PA
        Lettia 13 F dau at home PA PA PA
        George 11 M son at home PA PA PA
        Nina 2 F dau at home PA PA PA
        Waylind 1 M son at home PA PA PA
  184 193 Shearor J. H. 53 M widower physician PA PA PA
        W. L. 18 M son student PA PA CT
      Wylie M. M. 41 F   housekeeper PA NY NY
  185 194 Robinson Chester 72 M widower banker NY MA MA
        Mazie 25 F dau at home PA NY PA
      Walbridge Elizabeth 52 F hired housekeeper NJ MA NJ
      Smith Nevison 58 M widower hired/laborer PA MD MD
  186 195 Riebe Charlotte 62 F widow housekeeper Germ Germ Germ
        Mary 22 F dau tailoress NY Germ Germ
  187 196 Seeley Benjamin 71 M hus shoemaker PA NJ N.Scotia
        Tamar 68 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
      Batis Anny 34 F widow housekeeper PA PA NY
        Eddie 10 M son PA PA NY
        Otis 7 M son at home PA PA NY
  188 197 Conway Michael 66 M hus farmer Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Mariah 50 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Kate 27 F dau school teach. PA Ireld Ireld
        John 23 M son store clerk PA Ireld Ireld
        Lizzie 20 F dau school teach. PA Ireld Ireld
        Teresa 18 F dau at home PA Ireld Ireld
        Timothy 16 M son at home PA Ireld Ireld
      Conway Thomas 48 M brother teaming Ireld Ireld Ireld
  189 198 Durif Marshall 46 M hus tanner France France France
        Frederica 24 F wife housekeeper PA Germ Germ
        George 11m M son at home PA Germ Germ
  190 199 Christmas Ben. 38 M hus mason PA Switzld PA
        Augusta 31 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Nellie 12 F dau at home PA PA NY
        Fred 8 M son at home PA PA NY
        George 4m M son at home PA PA NY
      Johnson Belle 21 F sister PA NY NY
  191 200 Landrus H. J. 40 M hus sheriff PA PA PA
        Mary 35 F wife housekeeper PA Ireld Germ
        May 17 F dau at home PA PA PA
        John 14 M son at home PA PA PA
        Flora 10 F dau at home PA PA PA
19       Harry 7 M son at home PA PA PA
20       Nellie 5 F dau at home PA PA PA
        Lucinda 3 F dau at home PA PA PA
        George 1 M son at home PA PA PA
      Husted Lyman 21 M   jailer PA NY PA
  192 201 Frutunes William 40 M prisoner shoemaker NY NY NY
      Heckart Elliott 60 M prisoner farmer NY NY NY
  193 202 Crowell James 29 M hus lamp lighter NJ NJ NJ
        Emma W. 32 F wife housekeeper NJ NJ NJ
        Florence 3 F dau at home PA NJ NJ
        Frank H. 17 M brother cabinetmaker NJ NJ NJ
  194 203 Bullard Massona 47 M hus tax collector NY NY NY
        Maryette A. 45 F wife housekeeper PA PA MA
        Fida 24 F dau at home PA NY PA
        Lewis 23 M son cigar maker PA NY PA
        Helen 19 F dau dressmaker PA NY PA
        Frank J. 7 M son at home PA NY PA
      Williams H. W. 49 M hus probate judge PA CT NY
        Sarah E. 44 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA
        Charles N. 22 M son PA PA PA
        Virginia C. 15 F dau PA PA PA
      Sullivan Eliza 18 F hired dom.servant PA Ireld Ireld
  195 204 Sears C. W. 55 M hus shoemaker MA MA MA
        Mary L. 32 F wife housekeeper PA    
        Mazie R. 2 F dau at home PA MA PA
  196 205 Harden Thomas L. 60 M widower merchant Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Maggie 18 F dau housekeeper PA Ireld Ireld
  197 206 Broadhead Antonette 42 F wife dressmaker DE DE DE
                START OF WILCOX HOUSE      
  198 207 Willard L. D. 36 M hus landlord NY NY NY
        Senia A. 28 F wife landlady NY NY NY
      Wilcox Clark L. 54 M widower farmer NY NY NY
        C. Lewis 10 M son at home PA NY NY
      Harrison Sarah 32 F hired dom.servant PA PA PA
      Wilton N. M. 8 F dau at home NY NY NY
      Nearcom Mary 17 F hired table girl Germ Germ Germ
      Smith Nellie 18 F hired chambermaid PA PA NY
      Flynn Elizabeth 18 F hired table girl NY NY NY
      Morarity Bridget 31 F hired laundry Ireld Ireld Ireld
      English Maria 51 F hired cook NJ NJ NJ
      Hughes Frank 49 M hired hostler NY MA MA
      Suhr Charles 23 M hired clerk PA Switzld Switzld
      Mosier Emory 32 M hired general work PA NY NY
      Keifer Ed 28 M boarder carriage trim. NY PA NY
      Trent Charles 25 M boarder artist PA PA PA
      Alcer Jacob 32 M boarder tailer Germ Germ Germ
      Reams John 26 M boarder beer bottler Germ Germ  
      Trinyar John 30 M boarder cigarmaker Germ Germ Germ
                END OF WILCOX HOUSE      
  199 208 Track M. 38 F widow dressmaker NY NY NY
        Brydie 16 M son PA NY NY
  200 209 Allen Joseph 35 M hus farmer NY NY NY
20       Louisa 38 F wife dressmaker NY NY NY

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By Joyce M. Tice