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1880 Census Records for  Tioga County PA 
1880 Tioga Census
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Enumerated June 28, 1880 by A. H. Bunnell
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe,
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
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9 94 101 Prutsman Rachel 65 F aunt boarder PA PA PA
      Peck Charles H. 17 M   servant PA PA PA
  95 102 Prutsman Kate 46 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY
        Frederick 17 M son laborer PA PA NY
  95 103 Smith Henry E. 68 M hus merchant NY RI RI
        Lucy M. 66 F wife housekeeper NY NY CT
      McClellan Metutibel 52 F sister-in-lw wido/boarder NY NY CT
  96 104 Bishop Robert 47 M hus cooper NY    
        Lizzie M. 52 F wife housekeeper NY NY CT
        Frank T. 24 M son store clerk NY NY NY
  97 105 Hance Louisa S. 57 F widow housekeeper PA CT NY
      Allen Margaret 85 F mother wido/boarder NY   NY
  98 106 Mitchell Harriet M. 70 F widow housekeeper NY VT VT
      Haven Roxana N. 59 F niece boarder PA VT VT
  99 107 Horton Elias Jr. 42 M hus teacher NY CT PA
        Adelade M. 38 F wife teacher NY NY NY
        May A. 14 F dau PA NY NY
        Nellie B. 8 F dau PA NY NY
        Frederick E. 6 M son PA NY NY
        Mac H. 4 M son at home PA NY NY
  100 108 Berry Frances A. 30 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY
        James T. 15 M son PA PA NY
        Frank M. 13 M son PA PA NY
      Mather Mary E. 32 F sister/wido boarding NY NY NY
        Emily E. 13 F niece PA NY NY
        Aaron C. 10 M nephew PA NY NY
  101 109 Dewey James A. 58 M hus carpenter PA   PA
        Sarah 60 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
  102 110 Merserean James G. 79 M hus farmer NY NY NY
        Emily A. 65 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
      Berry Daniel 21 M   servant NY NY NY
      Bishop Vincent 40 M   servant NY    
      Finnigan Catharine 47 F widow servant Ireld Ireld Ireld
  103 111 Getter Joseph S. 70 M hus tailor NY Hamburg NY
        Phebe A. 63 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
  103 112 Pickering Hiram J. 37 M hus carpenter PA PA PA
        Fanny M. 35 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Minnie 4 F dau at home PA PA NY
  104 113 Smith Frederick E. 58 M hus lawyer MA MA MA
        Stella F. 46 F wife housekeeper NY VT VT
        Clive W. 11 M son PA MA NY
        Julia D. 25 F   servant PA NY PA
      Woodhouse Jane 16 F   servant PA Wales Wales
  105 114 Fish Edgar O. 37 M hus shoemaker VT MA MA
        Johanna 36 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Mary E. 19 F dau boarding PA VT Ireld
        Fanny L. 17 F dau boarding PA VT Ireld
        Catharine E. 15 F dau PA VT Ireld
        Edgar T. 4 M son at home PA VT Ireld
9 106 115 Borden Henry N. 31 M hus shoemaker PA NY PA
10       Margaret E. 27 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA
        Charles H. 6 M son PA PA PA
      Ellis Silva A. 20 F   servant PA NY NY
  107 116 Morse Joel N. 26 M hus tinner PA PA PA
        Emma S. 26 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
        Bertha E. 5 F dau at home PA PA PA
        Jessie B. 8m F dau at home PA PA PA
      Welch Lou 24 F   servant MI MI MI
  108 117 Guernsey John W. 69 M hus lawyer NY NY  
        Susan M. 64 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
      Croe Anna 19 F   servant Can Eng Eng
  109 118 Peck Sylvester B. 47 M hus horse dealer NY NY NY
        Fanny A. 31 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA
        Howard E. 6 M son at home NY NY PA
        Louis C. 3 M son at home PA NY PA
        Arthur J. 1 M son at home PA NY PA
      Fahr Lizzie 17 F   servant NY HesseD. Ireld
      Reynolds Minerva 33 F sister-in-lw dressmaker PA NY PA
  110 119 Schieffelin Jacob 87 M hus ret. farmer NY PA NY
        Elizabeth 83 F wife disabled NY France NY
        Elizabeth 50 F dau housekeeper NY NY NY
        Cornelia 46 F dau boarding PA NY NY
  111 120 Lowell Orlando B. 47 M hus tanner PA NY NY
        Sarah M. 45 F wife housekeeper NY NH NY
        Laura 4 F dau at home PA PA NY
      Keutch Amanda 28 F   servant PA Germ Germ
      Evans Jane 14 F   servant PA Wales Wales
      Slater William 24 M   servant VA VA VA
  112 121 Wellington Amelia 66 F widow housekeeper NY NY NY
  113 122 Middaugh Thomas 45 M hus speculator PA    
        Julia M. 43 F wife housekeeper PA DE DE
  114 123 Wickham Anna M. 60 F   housekeeper NY NY NY
        Joseph P. 37 M nephew wido/boarder NY NY NY
        Joseph W. 11 M gr.nephew NY NY NY
  115 124 Baldwin William 58 M hus clergyman CT CT CT
        Martha R. 57 F wife housekeeper CT CT CT
        Henry L. 34 M son teacher OH CT CT
        Mary E. 31 F dau teacher PA CT CT
        Charles T. 25 M son NY CT CT
        Martha A. 22 F dau teacher NY CT CT
        Caroline I. 21 F dau at home NY CT CT
  116 125 Hixson Philip U. 59 M hus nurseryman NJ NJ NJ
        Phebe M. 54 F wife housekeeper NY NJ NJ
      McCoy Lydia 66 F sister-in-lw boarding NY NJ NJ
      Dasis Anna 19 F   servant Eng Eng Eng
  117 126 Batterson Phebe 55 F   housekeeper NY CT CT
        William 33 M son(illeg.) laborer NY NY NY
  118 127 Smith Carleton E. 43 M hus farmer NY VT NY
        Mary L. 40 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
10       Henry L. 13 M son PA NY NY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/7/2003
By Joyce M. Tice