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1880 Census Records for  Tioga County PA 
1880 Tioga Census
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Enumerated June 28, 1880 by A. H. Bunnell
Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe,
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
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7       May L. 10 F dau PA NY NY
  73 80 Taber Barnard 76 M hus ret. farmer MA MA MA
        Addie A. 50 F wife housekeeper NY NJ NY
        Caroline A. 42 F dau boarder NY MA NY
      Wells Jennie M. 16 F step-dau NY NY NY
  74 81 Graves Frederick 71 M hus clergyman NY NY NY
        Margaret 70 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Mary P. 39 F dau seamstress NY NY NY
        Sarah A. 37 F dau boarder NY NY NY
        Margaret E. 29 F dau dressmaker NY NY NY
        Mabel N. 8 F gr. dau PA NY PA
  75 82 Castle John 65 M hus shoemaker Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Frances A. 46 F wife housekeeper Eng Ireld Ireld
      Barter Philip 28 M step-son shoemaker NY Eng Eng
        James S. 24 M step-son cooper NY Eng Eng
        Henrietta 25 F step-dau boarder PA Ireld PA
        Daisy L. 1 F gr. dau at home PA NY PA
        Annie B. 3m F gr. dau at home PA NY PA
  76 83 Buck Alic 37 M hus stone mason NY NY NY
        Ella A. 26 F wife housekeeper PA NH MA
        Agnes I. 7 F dau PA NY PA
  77 84 Johnston William G. 46 M hus laborer PA NY NY
        Amanda M. 36 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
        William B. 13 M son PA PA PA
        Julia B. 7 F dau PA PA PA
        Anna L. 3 F dau at home PA PA PA
      Shappee Mary 57 F moth-in-lw wido/boarder NY Can NY
  78 85 Robb Susan 62 F widow housekeeper PA PA PA
      Green Jeremiah 40 M son-in-law laborer NY NY NY
        Eliza M. 39 F dau boarder PA PA PA
        Francis L. 10 M gr. son PA NY PA
        Grace G. 5 F gr. dau at home NY NY PA
      Hall Ida M. 17 F   servant PA MA NY
  79 86 Padgett Charles L. 37 M hus farmer PA NY NY
        Ida A. 30 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY
        Myron S. 10 M son PA PA PA
        Frederick E. 6 M son PA PA PA
        Leon C. 3m M son at home PA PA PA
      Brown Adella 21 F boarder seamstress PA PA NY
  80 87 Dobbs Benjamin J. 40 M hus laborer NY NY NY
        Ellen 30 F wife housekeeper Ireld Ireld Ireld
        Thomas B. 11 M son PA NY Ireld
        William 9 M son PA NY Ireld
        Mary M. 3 F dau at home PA NY Ireld
  81 88 Rawson Samuel A. 69 M hus ret.clergyman NY CT CT
        Susan L. 71 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
      Hallock Jane A. 84 F sister-in-lw wido/boarder NY NY NY
      Ramsdell Lillie 21 F   servant PA    
  82 89 Ryan Charles 59 M hus ret. farmer PA PA NY
7       Sylvina G. 58 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA
8 83 90   Charles N. 26 M son bookkeeper PA PA PA
        Kate A. 17 F dau at home PA PA PA
  84 91 Bishop Frank G. 48 M hus lawyer NY    
        Lorenda S. 37 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
      Smith Sally E. 66 F moth-in-lw wido/boarder NY CT CT
      Baton Mary E. 17 F   servant PA NY NY
  85 92 Mosier Hiram 25 M hus laborer NY NY NY
        Stella 23 F wife housekeeper PA    
        Rue 6 M son PA NY NY
  86 93 Merrick Samuel D. 65 M hus clergyman CT CT CT
        Evelina L. 64 F wife housekeeper CT CT CT
  87 94 Warren Thomas R. 45 M hus dentist PA NY NY
        Catharine L. 40 F wife housekeeper PA NJ CT
        Clara 17 F dau PA PA PA
        Roy 12 M son PA PA PA
      Petticrew Mary 17 F   servant Scotld Scotld Scotld
  88 95 Berry John D. 49 M hus farmer PA MD NY
        Lydia 39 F wife housekeeper NY   VT
        Anna M. 15 F dau PA PA NY
        Daniel G. 8 M son PA PA NY
        Alise 5 F dau at home PA PA NY
  89 96 Wickham T. A. 36 M hus merchant PA NY NY
        Louise W. 34 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA
  90 97 Bush Alsah C. 76 M hus ret. merchant NY NY CT
        Annah B. 59 F wife housekeeper NY VT MA
      Peterson Peter 24 M   servant Sweden Sweden Sweden
      Davis Lizzie 25 F   servant Eng Eng Eng
      Hewitt Evera J. 16 F   servant Eng Eng Eng
  91 98 Fish Joseph 69 M hus ret. merchant NH    
        Maria L. 62 F wife housekeeper PA CT NY
      Ames May A. 16 F   servant MI PA CT
  92 99 Tuttle Perey S. 72 M hus merchant NY CT CT
        Emily K. 69 F wife housekeeper NY CT CT
  93 100 Gibbs William B. 34 M hus hotel keeper NY NY NY
        Louemma 34 F wife landlady KY NY NY
      Crane William 23 M boarder bartender NY    
      Schotts Frank 45 M servant hostler NY    
      St. James Kate 57 F   servant Can Can Can
      Vincent Teresa 17 F   servant PA Italy PA
        Anna J. 15 F   servant PA Italy PA
      Braheney Anna 22 F   servant NY Ireld Ireld
      Kinney Mary G. 23 F   servant PA Ireld Ireld
      Thornton William 43 M boarder liveryman Ireld Ireld Ireld
      Peck John 26 M wido/board butcher PA NY NY
  94 101 Smith Elias M. 41 M hus butcher PA PA PA
        Emma E. 39 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY
        Gertrude A. 14 F dau PA NY PA
        Inez B. 11 F dau PA NY PA
        May E. 8 F dau PA NY PA
8       Elmer B. 6 M son PA NY PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/7/2003
By Joyce M. Tice