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1900 Standing Stone Township Census
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Enumerated June 1900 by Charles S. Stevens
Eight Sheets (Pages 95-102)
Transcribed for Tri Counties by John Clancy
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
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Family # Surname First Name Relationship to Head of House Race Sex Birth Mth. Birth Yr. Age Last B-Day Marital Status Yrs. Marr. Curr Marr. Children Born Children Living Self Born Father Born Mother Born Year Immig. Occupation
38 Lundy T.S. Head W M Mar 1846 54 M 24     NJ NJ NJ   Farmer
    Flora L. Wife W F Dec 1847 53 M 24 5 5 PA PA CT    
    L. Grace Dau W F Oct 1880 19 S       PA NJ PA   School Teacher
    Newton B. Son W M Aug 1882 17 S       PA NJ PA   At School
    George S. Son W M June 1884 15 S       PA NJ PA   At School
    I. Lawrence Son W M Feb 1899 11 S       PA NJ PA   At School
39 Keene Aaron Head W M July 1852 47 M 0     PA NJ NJ   Farmer
    Laura Wife W F Jan 1864 36 M 0 0 0 PA PA PA    
    Aaron E. Jr. Son W M Feb 1887 23 S       PA PA PA   Farm Laborer
    Lorie Dau W F Mar 1883 17 S       PA PA PA    
40 Keene John Head W M Jan 1820 80 M 49     NJ NJ NJ   Farmer
    Sarah Wife W F Jan 1835 65 M 49 14 8 NJ NJ NJ    
    John A. Son W M Aug 1861 38 S       PA NJ NJ    
  Heath Henry Servant W M Mar 1860 40 S       PA PA PA   Farm Laborer
41 Robinson Edward J. Head W M May 1862 38 M 11     PA PA MA   Farmer
    Eda M. Wife W F Apr 1865 35 M 11 3 3 PA NJ NJ    
    S. Gertrude Dau W F Jan 1889 11 S       PA PA PA   At School
    Ella M. Dau W F Aug 1890 9 S       PA PA PA   At School
    Ada E. Dau W F Apr 1895 5 S       PA PA PA    
42 Emery J.H. Head W M Apr 1862 38 S       NJ NJ NJ   Farmer
    Dora E. Dau W F May 1890 10 S       PA NJ PA   At School
    Maude M. Dau W F June 1893 6 S       PA NJ PA   At School
  Hinds Mary Housekeeper W F May 1844 56 S       PA PA PA   Housekeeper
  Emery Alvina Brother  W M Aug 1858 41 S       NJ NY NJ   Farm Laborer
43 Schoonover John Head W M Nov 1861 38 M 12     PA NJ PA   Farmer
    Vergie M. Wife W F Aug 1865 34 M 12 2 2 PA PA PA    
    Cora M. Dau W F June 1889 10 S       PA PA PA   At School
    George Son W M Jan 1891 9 S       PA PA PA   At School
44 Schoonover J. Head W M Sept 1821 78 M 35     NJ NJ NJ   Landlord
    Millie Wife W F Apr 1833 67 M 35 9 3 PA NY PA    
45 Roof Samuel Head W M Oct 1870 29 M 7     PA PA PA   Farmer
    Ella Wife W F Jan 1872 28 M 7 4 3 PA NJ NJ    
    Burleigh Son W M Sept 1894 5 S       PA PA PA    
    Sarah Dau W F Nov 1896 3 S       PA PA PA    
    Efton Son W M Aug 1899 9/12 S       PA PA PA    
46 Hankinson Jacob Head W M Dec 1844 55 M 29     NJ NJ NJ   Farmer
    Phebe Wife W F Aug 1847 52 M 29 10 8 NJ NJ NJ    
    Chas. E. Son W M Mar 1874 26 S       PA NJ NJ   Farm Laborer
    Robert E. Son W M Nov 1882 17 S       PA NJ NJ    
    S.D. Dau W F June 1885 14 S       PA NJ NJ   At School
    Carrie E. Dau W F Apr 1888 1 S       PA NJ NJ   At School
    Lester W. Son W M Feb 1891 9 S       PA NJ NJ   At School
47 Kinner Lincoln Head W M Sept 1866 33 M 11     PA PA CAN   Farm Laborer
    Lillie E. Wife W F July 1881 28 M 11 4 4 PA PA NJ    
    Mary E. Dau W F June 1890 9 S       PA PA PA   At School
    William Son W M July 1894 5 S       PA PA PA   At School
    Alice Dau W F Oct 1896 3 S       PA PA PA    
    Charles A. Son W M Mar 1899 1 S       PA PA PA    
48 Kinner Asa Head W M Mar 1822 78 M 56     PA PA PA   Farmer
    Francis B. Wife W F Feb 1829 71 M 56 12 12 CAN SCOT CT    
49 Black Minor Head W M Feb 1840 60 M 37     PA PA PA   Farm Laborer
    Amilia C. Wife W F Sept 1835 64 M 37 0 0 PA NY PA    
50 Ennis George Head W M Nov 1847 52 M 29     PA PA PA   Carpenter
    Olive Wife W F Dec 1849 50 M 29 4 3 PA PA PA   Carpet Weaver
    Glen W. Son W M Dec 1893 6 S       PA PA PA   At School

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By Joyce M. Tice