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Transcribed for Tri Counties by Sheri AUSTIN Flora 2006
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2007
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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comments

1042 1062 1082 1112 1142 1172 1212 1242
Census Name Age Sex Color Occupation Born in Over 20 & Married in Attended  Deaf, Dumb, Blind
Number cannot read last year school Idiot, Pauper, Convict
1112 Eisell or Edsill
Benjamin 41 M W Painter NJ
Lydia 31 F W NY
Francis 10 F W PA yes
Ruth 9 F W PA yes
Wm. 6 M W PA yes
Joseph 4 M W PA yes
1113 Michaels, Samuel 25 M W Carpenter NY
Michaels, Eliza 22 F W NJ
Michaels, Foster 2 M W PA
Michaels, Harriet 1 F W PA
1114 Campbell, Wm. 32 M W Farmer PA
Campbell, Mary 70 F W NY
Campbell, Martha 42 F W PA
Campbell, John 19 M W Farmhand PA
Campbell, Sarah 16 F W PA yes
Campbell, Harriet 12 F W PA yes
1115 Hunt, Westcott 28 M W Farmer NY
Hunt, Harriet 29 F W NY
1116 Hunt, Andrew 26 M W Farmer NY
Hunt, Betsey 24 F W NY
Brown, Martha 12 F W PA yes
1117 Lee, Samuel 60 M W Farmer NY
Lee, Amy 53 F W NY
Vandermark, Borniah 25 M W NY
Lee, Lydia 21 F W PA
Lee, Thomas 20 M W Sawyer PA
Lee, Samuel 18 M W Sawyer PA
Lee, Osla 17 F W PA yes
Lee, Choe 14 F W PA yes
Lee, Amy 12 F W PA yes
Hicks, Ida 4 F W PA yes
1118 Wiggins, John 28 M W Farmer PA
Wiggins, Maria 30 F W NY
Wiggins, Frank 10 M W NY yes
Wiggins, Elisabeth 1 F W PA
Branly, Marcus 12 M W NY yes
1119 Brown, James 35 M W Farmer PA
Brown, Ida 35 F W NY
Brown, Miller 16 M W NY
Brown, Wm.  14 M W PA
Brown, Harriet 12 F W PA
Brown, Ellen 8 F W PA
Brown, Orsenus 4 M W PA
Brown, Infant 4 mo. M W PA
1120 Brown, Peter 64 M W Farmer NY
Brown, Elisabeth 46 F W PA
Brown, Lucinda 16 F W PA yes
Brown, Martha 13 F W PA yes
Brown, Nancy 11 F W PA yes
Brown, Selah 9 M W PA yes
1121 Corner, Wm. 58 M W Farmer NJ
Corner, Rachel 44 F W NY
Corner, George 26 M W NJ Imbecile
Corner, Harrison 18 M W NJ
Corner, Laton 15 M W NJ yes
Corner, Arthur 13 M W NJ yes
Corner, Ann 9 F W PA yes
Corner, Charles 1 M W PA
Corner, Harriet 2 F W PA
1122 Gould, John M. 60 M W NY
Gould, Judith 56 F W NY
Gould, Mellissa 14 F W NY yes
Gould, Charles 11 M W NY yes
1123 Bradley, Andrew 36 M M Farmer NY
Bradley, Maria 39 F M NY
Bradley, Harriet 13 F M NY yes
Bradley, Samuel 11 M M NY yes
1124 Bradley, John 17 M M Farmer NY
Bradley, Harriet 24 F M NY
Bradley, Sally 23 F M NY
Bradley, Lanisa 15 F M NY
Bradley, Emily 14 F M NY
1125 Tidd, Betsey 65 F W NY
Tidd, Ovid 27 M W Farmer PA
Tidd, John 24 M W PA
Tidd, Lavina 14 F W PA yes
1126 Ball, Benjamin 48 M W Farmer NY
Ball, Sarah 57 F W Mass
Ball, Jacob 20 M W Farmhand PA
Ball, Louilla 19 F W PA
Ball, Huldah 17 F W PA
Ball, Benjamin 14 M W PA
Ball, John 12 M W PA yes
1127 White, Joseph 34 M W Farmer NY
White, Persselia 33 F W NY
White, Martha 12 F W PA yes
White, Benjamin 10 M W NY yes
White, Samuel 8 M W NY yes
White, Sarah 1 F W NY
1128 Ball, David 54 M W Farmer NY
Ball, Martha 76 F W NY
Vangorder, Nancy 14 F W NY yes
1129 Turk, Cornelia 50 F W NY
Turk, Mary 20 F W NY
Turk, Joshua 17 M W Farmhand PA
Turk, Cornelia 14 F W PA yes
Vangorder, James 50 M W Farmhand NY
1130 VanOver, Henry 56 M W Farmer PA
VanOver, Phebe 56 F W NY
VanOver, Jane 28 F W Dressmaker? PA occupation hard to make out
VanOver, Wesley 17 M W PA yes
1131 Munn, H.S. 25 M W Farmer PA
Munn, Abby 20 F W NJ
1132 Cranis, Adam 38 M W Farmer NY
Cranis, Harriet 30 F W NY
Cranis, Hannah 11 F W PA yes
Cranis, Jane 7 F W PA yes
Coles, James 30 M W Farmer NY
Balsan, Peter 67 M W Farmer NY
Larick, Loila 17 F W Domestic PA yes
1133 Jackway, George W. 36 M W Farmer NY
Jackway, Harriet 36 F W NY
Jackway, Julia 9 F W PA yes
Jackway, Coleman 8 M W PA yes
Jackway, Horrac 6 M W PA yes
Jackway, Esther 5 F W PA yes
Jackway, Olive 4 F W PA yes
1134 White, Josiah 64 M W Farmer VT
White, Luthena 64 F W CT
White, Pamela 19 F W PA yes
Dibble, Lydia 11 F W PA yes
1135 Martin, J…y 42 M W Farmer NY
Martin, Francis 41 F W NY
Martin, Frederick 18 M W Farmhand NY yes
Martin, Sarah 16 F W NY yes
Martin, Chester 11 M W NY yes
Martin, John 8 M W NY yes
Martin, Maggie 4 F W NY yes
1136 Vandusen, Charles 42 M W Farmer NY
Vandusen, Jane 37 F W PA
Vandusen, Thomas 18 M W NY yes
Vandusen, Hewett 16 M W PA yes
Vandusen, Huldah 14 F W PA yes
Vandusen, Obed 12 M W PA yes
Vandusen, Anna 10 F W PA yes
Vandusen, Benjamin 7 M W PA yes
Vandusen, Sophiania 5 F W PA yes
Vandusen, Ann 2 F W PA
Vosbury, Thomas 35 M W Farm Laborer NY
1137 Kershaw, Benjamin 48 M W Farmer England
Kershaw, Phebe 39 F W NY
Kershaw, Sarah 12 F W PA
Kershaw, Curtis 9 M W PA
Kershaw, Mary 6 F W PA yes
Kershaw, Anna 1 M? W PA Census taker mistake on sex
1138 Kershaw, Joseph 50 M W Farmer England
Kershaw, Anna 61 F W England
Fulton, Robert 63 M W NY
1139 Strouble, L…g 49 F W PA couldn't make out name
Strouble, James 21 M W Farmer PA
Strouble, John 14 M W PA yes
Strouble, Ralph 13 M W PA yes
Strouble, Jacob 11 M W PA yes
1140 Bostick, Wm. 40 M W Lumberman PA
Bostick, Maria 40 F W NY
Bostick, John 17 M W Sawyer PA yes
Bostick, Silas 15 M W PA yes
Bostick, Sabrina 12 F W PA yes
Bostick, Mahala 11 F W PA yes
Bostick, Stephen 5 M W PA
Bostick, Tansten 8 mo. M W PA
Cotton, Thomas 22 M W Sawyer PA goes with Bostick family in 1140
1141 Kirkendall, Miles 35 M W Farmer NY
Kirkendall, Sarah 24 F W NY
Kirkendall, Phebe 8 F W PA
Kirkendall, Emma 6 F W PA
Kirkendall, Charles 4 M W PA
Kirkendall, Della 2 F W PA