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Wellsboro  Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Wellsboro Cemetery
Deeded As  Wellsboro Cemetery
Read By: Linda Cornell Reese
This information is from Cemetery Records - No markers Sections L - S
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: East side of Nichols Street, Borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.75580 - 77.30201
NOTE:  Year Buried is usually the same as Year Died
226 entries on this page
Section L      
George Mattison    
Robert Mitchell    
Thomas W. Mitchell    
L. R. Lindstrom    
Alberta Whitehead    
Andrew Johns     
Bertha Housel    
Washington E. Housel    
Fred Rice    
Deville Dexter    
Deville L. Bolton    
Mabel Bellinger    
Richard Finch    
Betsey Redfield    
George Clark    
Jennie  Clark    
Ruby G. Ottoway    
Emmet Smith    
Mary J. Jones    
Carl E. Johns    
Susanna Moyer    
Elisha Bagley    
Adam Hilfrick    
Elizabeth Loop    
Michael Sullivan    
Leonard Jenkins    
Jerry Gordon    
Lewis Myers    
Floyd J. Howey 1910  
Amelia Richter    
Elmer Blanchard 1948  
Howard L. Thomas    
Tina Misner    
George R. Misner 1935  
Ernestine Butler 1935  
Howard L. Dean    
Susie Focht 1977  
Marvin Focht, Jr. 1918 Baby
Marvin Focht, Sr. 1976  
Anna Simmons    
Emma Jane Brown    
Cora Mae Sloat Ireton    
  Collins 1919  
  Broughton 1945  
Johanna Peterson 1930  
Charles Peterson 1929  
Clarence Hilbolt    
Fannie B. Hilbolt    
Janet Hilbolt    
Madge Pope 1917  
Arthur Wetherbee    
Charlotte Wetherbee    
Mary M. Parks    
  McMullen 1949 Baby boy
Ida  McMullen 1924 Baby
Martha G. McMullen 1919  
Ross Kenneth Harding 1919  
Margarette Chadderdon 1918 Baby
Ruth Chadderdon Clifton 1997 Ashes 
Grace Eva Whiting    
Lorna G. Whiting    
Waymon Whiting    
Orlando Perry    
Helen H. VanCise    
E. L. Comfort    
Rose M. Wetmore 1931 Baby
Helen L. Wetmore 1921 Baby
Mildred L. Wetmore 1930 Baby
Nettie Jenkins    
Richard Jenkins    
Thomas  Jenkins    
Leon  Jones    
Letitia Kruger    
Anna Packer    
Richard Maynard 1940 Baby
  Maynard 1954 Baby girl
Nelson Abernathy 1966  
Marguerite Parsons    
Alice Roberta Parsons    
Burton M. Ogden 1931  
Marisa Ogden 1927  
Albert Ogden 1919  
Margaret Ogden 1951  
John W. Fischler    
Robert Fischler    
William D. Winnie    
Marie  Carr    
Gene Townsend    
Anna W. Dickinson    
Albert D. Hall    
George W. Abell    
Margaret Andrews    
Charles Andrews    
Andrew Abplanalp    
Jennie Bigelow    
Minnie Loop    
Max Hardenburg    
Dan Martinelli    
Geraldine Brooks    
Martha Ann Regal    
James Cook    
Franklin Greek    
James E. Walker    
Section M      
Helen Lindsay 1951  
Russell Monks 1965 Baby
Marion Fischler 1947  
Mary Apgar 1953  
William D. Apgar 1944  
Stella Hulbert 1942  
Edward Hoag 1946  
Lucy E. Hoag 1941  
Edward Tice 1941  
Mary E. Spencer 1940  
Benjamin Spencer 1942  
Saul Jacobson 1946  
Minnie Valentine 1947  
George Valentine 1949  
Laura Ramsey 1936  
Greer Ramsey 1947  
Ernest Ramsey 1969  
Theodore Muncaster 1987  
Dorothy Muncaster 1991  
Fred Langan 1961  
George R. Butler 1944  
Mary E. Butler 1927  
Lillian Johnson 1934  
Leah Strobel 1967  
Robert Lindsay 1944  
Section N      
Angie Shelley 1946  
Laura M. Shelley 1927 Age 9
Ernest E. Shelley 1947  
Dorothy Bovier 1976  
Robert Steele 1927  
Addie Steele 1928  
Kerrick Patricia A. 1929  
LeRoy Watkins 1944  
Pearl Watkins 1969  
LeGrande Watkins 1977  
Emma  Smail 1970  
Caroline Boyce 1934 Baby
Robert S. Webster 1941  
Helen Webster 1933  
William P. Welch 1942  
Victoria Welch 1942  
Baby Guiseppi 1951 Vekkeli Grandchild
Ronald Rumsey 1943 Child
Margaret Blair 1972  
Ella B. Shaw 1928  
Helen Spencer 1992  
Olive Lloyd 1937  
Rosa Morrow 1930  
Dorrice E. Haner 1933  
Baby Boy Haner 1948  
Grace  Beckwith 1968  
Henry Everetts 1935 Baby
Vina J. Everetts 1931  
Allen A. Everetts 1928  
Allen  Everetts 1931 Baby
Lynden Williams 1931 Baby
Mable Boncer 1960  
George Atherton 1950  
Velma Atherton 1964  
Donald Strait 1939  
Barbara Scranton 1939 Baby
Faith Henkiel 1977 Baby
Hope Henkiel 1977 Baby
Sarah Housel 1931  
Baby Roland 1939  
Robert Duncan 1940  
Margaret Duncan 1945  
Section O      
Robert H. Keck 2009 Vet
Reed G. Webster 1996  
Bruce Wilcox 1963 Baby
Ray E. Dilly 1996 Ashes with Marie
John Housel 1959 Vet
Kathie Galutia 1959 3 months
Jesse Williams 1983  
Abe Williams 1960  
2 Babies Williams   Buried with Abe & Jesse (Grandchildren)
Dorsey Arthur Brown 1978  
Baby Boy Briggs   Buried with Leon Reese
Thomas Hanley 1959  
Francis Bowers 1946 11 months
Ralph D. Henry 1962 Baby
Ruth Irene Woodhouse 2008  
Myrtle Kulp 1984  
Baby Northrup 1943 Baby
Section P      
June Royer 2008  
Martin Ordiway 1961 Vet
Michael Davis 1962  
Lula Fordham 1970  
Willis Fordham 1949  
Rex Edgar Willard 2007  
David Patterson 2009  
Roger Boyce 1994 Vet
Roselyn Eldridge 1998  
Dorothy Simmons 1956  
Abe, Jr. Williams 1962  
Charlotte Williams 2002  
Elizabeth Noelk 1962  
Henry Noelk 1964  
Paul R. Brosch 1968  
Edna Brosch 1976  
Section R      
George A. Grant 2009  
Cassandra L. Grant 2009  
Section S      
Wilhelmina Doll 2009  
Brent Satterly 2009  

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