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Wellsboro  Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Wellsboro Cemetery
Deeded As  Wellsboro Cemetery
Read By: Linda Cornell Reese
This information is from Cemetery Records - No markers Sections C to E
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: East side of Nichols Street, Borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.75580 - 77.30201
NOTE:  Year Buried is usually the same as Year Died
97 entries on this page
Section C      
Happie Bryden 1938  
Ellis Merrick 1920  
Section D      
Frank Bradley 1926  
Mary Dickinson 1906  
Annie Jackson   Baby
Margaret W. Belcher 1935 Culver Lot
Leonard English 1939  
John B. Wilson 1927  
Caroline Willard 1911  
Baby Shove 1909  
H. F. Henry 1919 Age 8
James S. Henry 1929  
Frank Henry 1929 Baby
Anna S. Elsworth 1926  
E. H. Elsworth 1927  
William, Jr. Peterson 1907  
Mrs. William Peterson 1900  
Anna Blair 1917  
Susan F. Playfoot 1910  
Sara Playfoot 1943  
Alice Hall Dean     
Elmira Hall    
Nina-Willie-Jo Hall 1905 Children
Jacob Hall, Jr. 1932  
Jacob Hall, Sr.    
Mrs. Adelaide Osbourne 1898  
Section E      
Charles F. Miller 1969 Ashes
George C. Bowers    
John Thomas 1936 Baby
William Robinson    
Charles E. Harvey    
Lyle Kingsbury 1920  
Warren Kennedy 1924  
George E. Wilcox 1918 Baby
Charles Wilcox 1907 Baby
Richard Confer    
  Johnson 1929 Baby
Emma A. Herden 1945  
Isabel Waldron 1968  
Joseph F. Waldron 1952  
Floyd Reese    
Ralph C. Derby 1921  
Frances  Derby 1916  
Mrs. G.A. (Maria) Krausey 1916  
Robert Shaff    
Fred  Keck    
William Decker 1913 Baby
Jessie M. Mackey 1959  
Robert E. Francis    
  Boyden 1911 Baby Boy
Wilbur Green 1942  
Lewis E. Goodwin 1953  
William Goodwin 1909    
Hugh L. Goodwin 1909  
Grace Stowell Rockwell 1928 Baby
Anna Rockwell 1920 Baby
Girl Stearns    
Andrew Willsey 1907  
Mary E. Willsey 1910  
Mildred B. Dartt    
Lewis  Morrow    
Lucy Morrow    
James Morrow    
Mary Jane Wood    
Mrs. Roby    
Richard, Jr. Young    
Fred Lyon 1914  
Cora N. Walbridge    
Mrs. L. Olson    
Reserved for Sandra Smith ashes    
Reuben Crumm    
Abigail Crumm    
Harriet M. Ellis    
Wm. Edwards 1913 Baby
Arthur J. Edwards 1916 Baby
Nina  Everett    
Allen  Everett    
John Rogers 1982  
Elizabeth Bacon    
Charles Bacon    
Mrs. S. L. Schanbacher    
Beverly Jean Rider    
Benjamin Bailey 1980  
Mildred  Fisher 1948 Fisher Lot
Ruth B. Suhr 1915 Baby
Martha Gene Suhr 1919 Baby
Charlotte E. Conrade    
Frank L. Sears    
Josephine Sears    
Henry Carson    
Martha Carson    
  McInroy 1935 Baby
Albert Cisco 1943 Veteran
William Robinson 1922  
E. Louise Lee    

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