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Wellsboro  Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
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Name of Cemetery: Wellsboro Cemetery
Deeded As  Wellsboro Cemetery
Read By: Linda Cornell Reese
This information is from Cemetery Records - No markers Section B
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: East side of Nichols Street, Borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.75580 - 77.30201
NOTE:  Year Buried is usually the same as Year Died
129 entries on this page
Section B      
William Rexford 1936  
Clark H. Rexford 1945  
Thomas  Green 1912 Bacon Lot
Robert Colby 1910 Baby
Mabel V. Stephens 1969  
Delbert Stephens 1969  
Minerva Colby 1914 Baby
Margaret Wheeler 1907  
Emory Wood 1926  
Julia Langan Ronalder 1971  
Albert S. Ainsley 1929 Steele Lot
Delphine A. Ainsley 1927  
Frances M. Deane 1999  
Caroline S. Marshall 1973  
Ruth B. Navle 1966  
Cora I. Copestick 1939  
Baby Suhr 1928  
Henry Riberolle      
Henry Brown    
Elizabeth Brown 1912  
Harry Wivell 1951  
Kenneth Wivell 1918  
Mary Ann Wivell 1931  
George Dougherty    
Eva Fish 1905  
Margaret Thomas    
Hugh B. Derickson 1958  
Nancy J. Roberts 1928  
Mary Watkins 1958  
Pearl Roberts 1947  
Robert  Derbyshire 1903 Baby
Richard Boyden 1917 Baby
Joseph F. Root 1926  
Mrs. Julius Root    
Rhoda Stiber 1927  
Charles Losinger 1896  
Samuel Benauer 1893  
Hattie M. Ritter    
Mary M. Ritter 1912  
Albert Woodruff    
J. Borst    
H. Borst    
Edward L. Derby 1938  
George O. Horam 1915 Wood Lot
Bessie Horam 1974  
Harriett Alexander 1945  
Allen B. Alexander   Child
Baby Siemens    
Elizabeth Sticklin 1908  
Ella Sticklin 1911  
Fred A. Sticklin 1905  
Samuel Pearson 1919  
Mary Miller 1929 Baby
George Gurnsey 1929  
Emma A. Winnie 1935  
Frank P. Corbin 1921  
Arthur Corbin 1946  
Paul  Boyd  1930 Baby-Wingate Lot
Carrie Hardenburg 1909 Wingate Lot
Thomas P. Wingate 1917  
Fred A. Bunnell 1905  
Louisa Bunnell 1912  
  Bunnell   3 Unnamed Children
Mrs. Rome Bixby 1927 Gurnsey Lot
Jack Eberenz 1921  
Frank Dickson 1904  
Abigail Dimmick 1898  
Annie Thompson 1940  
Ethel May Eberenz    
Lovina Ludlow    
Rubin Burgin 1911  
Warren Kizer 1913  
Mary Lloyd 1886  
Christina Watkins 1922  
George Watkins 1929  
Hettie Watkins 1947  
Seth Watkins 1907  
Arthur Wade Francis 1914  
Anna W. Francis 1927  
Mrs. Bert Francis 1904  
Children of W. F. Wheeler 1880  
Lydia Mather 1904  
Martha  Mather    
Lelia E. Hathaway 1921 Hastings Lot
Grace Stowell Howe 1952 Stowell Lot
Augustus H. Stowell 1940  
Frances M. Stowell 1933  
Ida M. Stowell 1945  
Milton H. Stowell 1951 Veteran
Mildred B. Liebisch 1945 Ashes on Bailey Lot
  Sullivan   3 Unmarked Graves
Mrs. George Parker    
Anna J. Sherwood 1942  
Harry Sherwood 1943  
Roxanna Sherwood 1937  
Walter Sherwood 1931  
  Young 1906 Baby
Aldine Conevery 1978  
Rankin Lewis    
Irene B. Mourey 1906  
Anna B. Shumway 1942  
Hezekiah Stowell 1912  
Anna Stowell 1911  
Edwin S. Stowell 1915  
Carrie Stephenson    
Electra Brooks 1908 Wheeler Lot
Nelson Burns 1933  
Woodrow Spencer 1913 Baby
James M. Bowen 1932 Stubbs Lot
Winslow Berry 1931  
Minnie Bloomer 1919 Berry Lot
May Bloomer 1904  
Winifred Merrick 1907 Child
Hubbard H. Gibson 1918  
John J. VanWert 1920  
Mary Ann Butler 1962 Ashes-Ina Smith Grave
Jeannette Knowlton 1960  
Sally P. Stryker 1932  
Mary W. Buck 1915  
David  Peake 1904  
  Watkins   Baby
Charles Bonnell   Veteran
Hannah S. Richards    
Ina M. Powers 1913 Baby
Ellen A. Dewitt 1907  
William Rielly    
Jane Torpy 1908  

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