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Photo by Joyce M. Tice

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Five - Jenkins to McConnell

Roseville, Rutland Township, Tioga County PA 
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Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occured.

Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
S12 L14 G1 JENKINS Colie L. Sr. 27 May 1898 11 Dec 1983    
S11 L9 G6 JENKINS Emma A. 1870 1961    
S11 L9 G5 JENKINS J. Solon 1865 1946    
S13 L12 G1 JENKINS Lewis 22 Jul 1919 27 Feb 1996    
S12 L14 G2 JENKINS Marieva B. 9 Nov 1909 14 Jul 1980    
S7 L7b G3 JOHNSON Clarence William 1913 Jul 1993    
S11 L3 G8 JONES Ada M. 1903 9 May 1990   wife of Warren
S11 L3 G6 JONES Glenn 1924 1966   son of Warren & Ada
S4 L16 G8 JONES Mrs        
S11 L3 G7 JONES Warren N. 1899 1951    
KELLEY G2 KELLEY Charles W.       Co. A. 207th Pa. Inf.
KELLEY G1 KELLEY Fred 29 Apr 1886 10 Oct 1903   son of C. W. & A. R.
S12 L11 G5 KELLEY George E. 1873 1956    
S12 L11 G6 KELLEY Lucy S. 1880 1960    
KELLEY G3 KELLEY Mrs.       wife of Charles
ADAMS G3 KENDEL Hulda        
S3 L7 G3 KENNEDY Alberta L. 1906 May 1987   wife of Chester
S2 L4a G2 KENNEDY Aletta M.   17 Jun 1896 73yr 6mo 2da wife of Samuel
S3 L7 G7 KENNEDY Asenith 1846 1915   wife of Hallock
S3 L7 G1 KENNEDY Chester 1905 1972    
S9 LI17A G1 KENNEDY Elizabeth 1902 1931   wife of Roy
S9 LH15 G2 KENNEDY Grace V. 1884 1920   wife of Ray
S3 L7 G8 KENNEDY Hallock 1846 1921    
S9 LH9B G4 KENNEDY Hilda M.    
S9 LH15 G5 KENNEDY Lois Ann   1933    
S9 LH15 G3 KENNEDY Louise E. McClure 1912 1973   wife of Gerald
S3 L7 G5 KENNEDY Mary B. (Mate) 1879 1942   wife of William
S3 L7 G6 KENNEDY Minnie        
S9 LH15 G1 KENNEDY Ray 1884 1922    
S9 LI17A G2 KENNEDY Roy M. 1884 1962     14757
S2 L4a G1 KENNEDY Samuel   28 May 1881 66yr 10mo 11da  
S3 L7 G2 KENNEDY Vera Bell   21 Jul 1931   infant daughter of C. H. & A.L. Kennedy
S3 L7 G4 KENNEDY William S. 1876 1947    
S10 L21B G4 KENYON Gertrude Clark 27 Feb 1915 6 Jan 1982  
S11 L18 G3 KENYON John R. 1892 1967    
S11 L18 G2 KENYON Merle N. 22 Aug 1925 25 Apr 1994  
S11 L18 G4 KENYON Sarah A. 1895 1961    
S12 L8 G4 KIESS Infant son   Oct 1952    
S8 LH6 G1 KING Charles F.       Co G 207 Pa Inf
S8 LH6 G2 KING         wife of Charles
S7 L6 G5 KINGSLEY Lura C. 1892 16 Apr 1980   wife of Malcolm
S7 L6 G6 KINGSLEY Malcolm D. 1892 1958    
S5 L12 G2 KNAPP Eliza A. 1860 1941   wife of Hiram
S11 L14 G3 KNAPP Eunice 1909 1982  
S9 LI12 G2 KNAPP George 1862 1947    
S5 L12 G5 KNAPP Helen J.   13 Aug 1855 1yr 9mo 13da daughter of Samuel & Asubah
S5 L6a G2 KNAPP Helen M. 29 Jul 1834 1 Jan 1892   wife of John W.
S5 L12 G1 KNAPP Hiram B. 1858 1930    
S3 L10 G2 KNAPP J. D. 29 Dec 1804 21 Mar 1876 72yr  
S5 L6a G1 KNAPP John W. 2 May 1828 19 Nov 1901    
S5 L12 G3 KNAPP Laverne   1895    
S11 L14 G4 KNAPP Leon J. 1905 1976  
S3 L10 G3 KNAPP Louisa B.   23 Nov 1884 72yr wife of J.D.
S9 LI12 G1 KNAPP Martha 1886 1961    
S11 L14 G2 KNAPP Robert J. 24 Nov 1934 24 Sep 1990    
S5 L12 G4 KNAPP Samuel   11 Dec 1863 33yr 4mo 26da
S11 L4 G7 KNICKERBOCKER Frank 1871 1953    
S11 L4 G8 KNICKERBOCKER Nina 1888 19510    
S13 L13 G1 LAMBERSON Clarence 1923 6 Apr 1992  
S2 L4b G1 LANTERMAN Uz M. 20 Jan 1866 29 May 1888   "Gone but not forgotten"
S2 L4b G2 LANTERMAN Uz R. 1 Jul 1888 1 Oct 1888   Infant son of Uz M. & Edith
S10 L5 G1 LAWRENCE Carrie E. 1896 1977  
S4 L7 G12 LAWRENCE Infant        
S10 L4 G5 LAWRENCE LaVinnie 1856 1946   wife of Welby
S10 L5 G2 LAWRENCE Lewis W. 1888 1977  
S9 LI18 G2 LAWRENCE Maude       wife of Ross
S10 L4 G3 LAWRENCE Owen 1892 1901    
S9 LI18 G1 LAWRENCE Ross 1881 1933    
S10 L4 G4 LAWRENCE Welby 1858 1906    
S9 LH11 G4 LAYTON Abner S. 3 Apr 1831 21 May 1910    
S9 LH11 G5 LAYTON Cordelia 1838 1872    
S9 LH11 G6 LAYTON Irena        
S9 LH11 G1 LAYTON Lynn 1884      
S9 LH11 G2 LAYTON Nina 1886 1936    
S9 LH11 G3 LAYTON Sarah E. 23 May 1841 24 Oct 1909    
S9 LH11 G7 LAYTON William        
S8 LH10 G6 LEGGETT Anthony 1912 1924    
S8 LH10 G4 LEGGETT Charles R. 1864 1950    
S3 L2 G1 LEGGETT Katie LOMBARD 23 Apr 1863 21 Sep 1901    
S8 LH10 G5 LEGGETT Mary Benson 1873 1922   wife of Charles
S9 LIn15B G1 LEVEY William 1854 1929    
S12 L3 G5 LEWIS Nancy        
S3 L2 G2 LOMBARD Veazie H.   1855 23yr  
S7 L6 G3 LONGWELL Charles E. 1850 1936    
S7 L6 G4 LONGWELL Ida May 1857 1936   wife of Charles E.
S7 L18b G1 LONGWELL John D.   10 Mar 1901 82yr "Pat"
S7 L6 G2 LONGWELL Julia A. 1816 1897    
S7 L18b G2 LONGWELL Mary   31 Dec 1879 44yr wife of John
S8 LIn15B G2 LONGWELL Phebe A. 1834 1907    
S8 LIn15B G1 LONGWELL Timothy S. 3 Jan 1822 21 May 1877    
S8 LIn15B G3 LONGWELL William H.        
S8 LIn15B G4 LONGWELL         wife of William H.
S8 LG1 G2 MAKLEY Archie 1880 1957    
S8 LG1 G1 MAKLEY Elizabeth 1891 1976    
S7 L16 G7 MANDEVILLE Allen A. 1908 1964    
S7 L16 G5 MANDEVILLE Arthur F. 1877 1949    
S7 L16 G6 MANDEVILLE Mary E. 1879 1953    
S4 L10 G11 MANSFIELD Amos   19 May 3838 63yr  
S5 L16 G1 MANSFIELD Hetty 1833 1909    
S4 L10 G3 MANSFIELD Orrin 20 May 1838 21yr 1mo 25da 21yr  
S4 L10 G4 MANSFIELD Sally M.   1838 18yr stone unreadable
S4 L10 G12 MANSFIELD Susannah   20 May 1838 49yr 11mo wife of Amos
TANNER G5 MARTIN Alexander   15 May 1872 79yr 3mo 9da  
S5 L16 G6 MARTIN George        
S11 L15 G2 MASON Robert C. 8 Feb 1938 14 Jun 1994  
S12 L2 G3 MATTESON Ella J. 1885 1966    
S12 L2 G5 MATTESON N. Edgar 1883 1951    
S12 L2 G4 MATTESON Stevie       infant between Edgar & Ella's graves
S13 L3 G2 MATTHEWS Beatrice 1926 1967   "Daughter"
S8 LG10 G14 MCCLURE Belle S. 1859 1925   wife of Sheff
S8 LG10 G2 MCCLURE Edith L. Redding 1887 1962    
S8 LG10 G4 MCCLURE Ida H.   1 Jan 1981   wife of William
S8 LG10 G9 MCCLURE Julia M. 25 Oct 1837 24 Apr 1902   wife of William A.
S8 LG10 G11 MCCLURE Lorenzo W. 1864 1917    
S8 LG10 G7 MCCLURE Lucille M. 1911 30 Jul 1982   wife of Lee
S8 LG10 G3 MCCLURE Marea Ehlers 1898 13 Sep 1990  
S8 LG10 G1 MCCLURE Mark J. 1887 1938    
S8 LG10 G8 MCCLURE Marshall W.   27 Feb 1919 3da son of William A.
S8 LG10 G12 MCCLURE Mary A. 1864 1940   wife of Lorenzo
S13 L8 G1 MCCLURE Richard Todd 6 Feb 1967 6 Feb 1967   son of Wendel & Nancy
S8 LG10 G13 MCCLURE Sheff 1861 1930    
S8 LG10 G5 MCCLURE William   3 Jul 1982    
S8 LG10 G10 MCCLURE William A. 7 Mar 1831 17 Feb 1903    
S8 LG10 G6 MCCLURE  Lee W. 1911 7 Apr 1986  
S9 LH9B G2 MCCONNELL Grace 1863     wife of Newberry
S9 LH9B G3 MCCONNELL Mable Louise 1883 1884   daughter of Newberry & Grace
S9 LH9B G1 MCCONNELL Newberry 1860 1919    

Published on Tri-Counties 02 NOV 1998
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