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Photo by Joyce M. Tice

From Official Cemetery Records 
Thanks to Louise JOHNS Neu for obtaining the records 
and Mary PARIS Copp for typing them

Watson Cemetery Burial Records

Page Three - Cowles to Gott

Roseville, Rutland Township, TiogaCounty PA 
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Even though these are the official burial records from the Cemetery Association, we know that they are not complete. We personally know people buried here who are not on the list and have attended funerals where burials not recorded here occurred.

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Adams to Benson Benson to Copp Cowles to Gott Gould to James Jenkins to McConnell
McKay to Richmond Rockwell to Smith Soper to Taylor Temple to Webster Welch to York
The last column SRGP ID is added by Joyce and refers to the identification number in Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you need information on the person or have information to exchange with SRGP, contact Joyce
S11 L9 G8 COWLES Helen J. Stout 1 Jan 1919 31 Aug 1994   78591 Wolfe
S1 L4b G2 CRIPPEN Ada A. 1854 1923   wife of Osmer 03738 Redfield
S9 LI13 G3 CRIPPEN Asa Eugene   1925 22mo Twin son of E & Helen Crippen 38872
S10 L11 G3 CRIPPEN Cecil 1911 1934     08024
S1 L4b G3 CRIPPEN Florence 1892 25 Oct 1983   08014
CRIPPEN Ford 1892 2 Aug 1980   (Rev.)  08009
S1 L5 G1 CRIPPEN George P. 7 Mar 1812 1883   Born Walton, NY 07947
S1 L5 G4 CRIPPEN George Rush 1845 1938   Obit-Photo in Crippen Folder  08006
S1 L4a G1 CRIPPEN Hattie 18 Nov 1867 1892   wife of A.W. 18324 Seeley
S1 L6 G2 CRIPPEN Julia Ann HARDING   1888 66yr wife of Roswell 08001 Harding
S1 L5 G7 CRIPPEN Kathryn May ROOT 1889 May 1981   08010 Root
S1 L5 G5 CRIPPEN Lewis 4 Feb 1924 17 Jun 1967   Penna., S.Sgt. US Army, World War II
S1 L5 G3 CRIPPEN Lottie 1865 1946   wife of George R. 08008 Seeley
S1 L5 G2 CRIPPEN Louisa 24 Mar 1816 1888   wife of George P. 08005 Watson
S9 LI13 G1 CRIPPEN Martha B. 23 May 1901 5 May 1986   wife of Rev. Orey 03740 Frost
S9 LI13 G2 CRIPPEN Orey E. 5 Nov 1889 7 Nov 1979   Reverend 03737
S1 L4b G1 CRIPPEN Osmer 1848 1908     03739
S10 L11 G4 CRIPPEN R. Grace 1885 1959    
S1 L6 G1 CRIPPEN Roswell   1891 73yr   07949
WATSON G1 CRIPPEN Sophronia WATSON   19 Nov 1881 92yr 19da Born Poultney, Rutland Co., Vt 06818 Rose
S9 LH12B G4 CRUM Blanche 1914 10 May 1996   wife of Glenn (second marriage to Horton) 11584 Griffen
S11 L5 G5 CRUM Clifford W. 10 Apr 1902 1 Nov 1985   14240
S11 L5 G6 CRUM Erma Cook 5 Mar 1897 31 Mar 1992   wife of Clifford 14235 Cook
S9 LH12B G2 CRUM Fina 1875 1945   wife of Theodore 10111 Gould
S9 LH12B G3 CRUM Glenn 1904 1965     21527
S10 L17 G7 CRUM Stephen H. 2 May 1897 5 Jan 1957    
S9 LH12B G1 CRUM Theodore 1875 1952     10112
S8 LG8 G6 CRUM Viola        
S11 L4 G5 CRUMB Ernest M. 1900 1969     10099
S11 L16 G4 CRUMB Kimberly Marie 23 Oct 1962 13 Apr 1964   dau of Lester & Frieda Crumb
S11 L4 G4 CRUMB Otto 21 Jun 1923 26 Feb 1997   78622
S11 L4 G6 CRUMB Rennie C. 1903 1973   wife of Ernest 78618 Knickerbocker
S10 L13 G4 CUMMINGS Eileen May   14 Dec 1951   twin daughter of Jerald & Marie Cummings 81245
S10 L13 G1 CUMMINGS Ethel M. 1901 1963   wife of Ray 14840 Smith
S12 L21 G2 CUMMINGS Jerald Louis 4 Aug 1923 13 Jan 1994   PFC US Army WW2 21528
S12 L21 G1 CUMMINGS Linda Lee 1954 1957    
S10 L13 G3 CUMMINGS Lorena Kay   14 Dec 1951   twin daughter of Jerald & Marie Cummings 81246
S10 L13 G2 CUMMINGS Ray L. 1891 1935     14842
S4 L15 G4 DAN Almena   1861 61yr  
S13 L9 G2 DAVIDSON Mildred G. 1897 1975     08480 Griffin
S13 L9 G1 DAVIDSON Ralph M. 1894 1967     08488
S12 L24 G5 DAVIES George S. 9 Dec 1898 25 Aug 1978    
S7 L14a G2 DAVIS Carrie        
S8 LH3 G4 DEAN Myrtle   27 Oct 1988   16318 Wood
S8 LH3 G3 DEAN W. Irving   5 Oct 1981   16368
S9 LI2 G5 DESERA Louise TENEYCK 1918 1968    
S6 L10 G3 DICAMPLI Pompei F. 1906 1993     81249
S1ex L5 G1 DINGER Harry R. 2 Oct 1921 23 Apr 1973  
S9 LH16 G3 DIX Charles E. 1872 1953     18754
S9 LH16 G4 DIX Dora May 1870 1938   wife of Charles 50868 Canedy
S9 LH16 G5 DIX George E. 1847 1915     18753
S9 LH16 G1 DIX Hazel C. 1898 11 Jul 1980   19252 Congdon
S7 L8a G2 DIX Jane 1826 1905   wife of Thomas 18752 Brandeau
S9 LH16 G2 DIX Lewis E. 1895 1971     37741
S9 LH16 G6 DIX Mary Ann 1851     Wife of George E. 47146 Gray
S7 L8a G1 DIX Thomas 1822 1905     18751
S10 L24 G5 DIXON Randy Guy 13 Jan 1969 15 Jan 1969   son of Benny & Janet
S12 L2A G3 DRAKE Christopher Lee 14 Nov 1980 14 Nov 1980   Stillborn buried 17 Nov 1980 on same grave
S12 L1 G6 DUELL Leona   Aug 1987   Woodhull, NY. Stillborn. buried on Sam Beauvier Grave 
S11 L4 G3 DUNBAR Cheryl Ann 1957 1958    
S11 L4 G1 DUNBAR Eugene Melford 1950 1953    
S11 L4 G2 DUNBAR Nina Aldora 1955 1956    
S12 L24 G7 DUNHAM Infant       child of Ruth DeGeus Dunham
S7 L6 G7 DUNMORE Leona Kingsley 23 Sep 1917 3 Feb 1984  
S7 L6 G8 DUNMORE Marjorie A.       Infant
S8 LH11 G8 DURFEE Annie R. 1886 1953    
S8 LH11 G7 DURFEE L. G. 1877 1959    
S5 L13 G4 EIGHMEY Clara       wife of George
S5 L13 G2 EIGHMEY Dora 1878 1952   wife of John H.
S5 L13 G5 EIGHMEY George        
S5 L13 G3 EIGHMEY George L.   16 Feb 1888 6yr 1mo 22da son of George & Clara
S5 L13 G1 EIGHMEY John 1877 1962    
S11 L13 G2 EIGHMEY Virgeline Westlake 30 Apr 1916 28 Mar 1998  
S8 LG5 G1 ELLIOTT Clarence        
S1ex L2 G1 EVANS Margaret 1880 1962    
S8 LG8 G3 EVERETT Alfretta 27 Feb 1880 22 Oct 1956    
S12 L8 G2 EVERETT Byron F. 1898 5 Dec 1995  
S12 L8 G3 EVERETT Mildred Rouse 1899 3 Dec 1979    
S8 Lin14a G1 FELLOWS Gwendoline        
S13 L5 G1 FLOTHER Ann   Sep 1960    
S11 L6 G2 FREEMAN Francis 29 Jan 1913 18 Feb 1993  
S7 L4a G4 FRENCH Henry J. 1859 1942    
S7 L4a G5 FRENCH Mattie 1874 1932   wife of Henry J.
S12 L7 G1 FRIENDS Fred B. 1881 1966    
S12 L7 G2 FRIENDS Genevive 1885 1976   wife of Fred
S2 L6 G8 FROST Frankie SMITH       first wife of John
S7 L2a G1 FROST George 1856 1982    
S9 Lin14a G2 FROST Ida M. 1861 1914    
S6 L2 G7 FROST James M. 1873 1936    
S2 L6 G7 FROST John        
S2 L6 G5 FROST John U.        
S2 L6 G3 FROST Maria        
S7 L2a G2 FROST Martha 1866 1963    
S2 L6 G10 FROST Matilda 1832 1895   wife of Selah
S2 L6 G4 FROST Mrs.       wife of John U.
S2 L6 G6 FROST Myrtle       wife of John
S9 Lin14a G1 FROST Samuel 1860 1932    
S2 L6 G9 FROST Selah 1821 1903    
S2 L6 G1 FROST Unknown        
S2 L6 G2 FROST Unknown        
S6 L2 G6 FROST Weltha H. 1874 1958   wife of James M.
S5 L15 G6 FURMAN Baby Boy   2 Feb 1947    
S5 L15 G5 FURMAN Harriet A.   15 Aug 1889 60yr "One less at home. One more in Heaven"
S10 L25 G1 FURMAN Olive R. 1895 1975    
S10 L25 G2 FURMAN Orrin J. 1891 1968    
S11 L19 G6 GARRISON Elsie  1890 23 Feb 1984   wife of Max
S11 L19 G5 GARRISON Max 1888 1958    
S6 L8a G1 GARRISON Velma       ashes on grave of Helen Thomas
S1ex L3 G4 GAYLORD Elmer 1870 1958    
S11 L14 G5 GAYLORD Lewis E. 30 Jan 1910 29 Dec 1966   Pvt Co I 311 Inf WW2
S7 L17b G2 GEE Fred        
S7 L17b G1 GEE Infant        
S7 L17b G3 GEE Mary M.       wife of Fred 35944 Bailey
S4 L4b G1 GILLETT Anna 1835 1917    
S4 L4b G5 GILLETT Anna       child
S1ex L7 G2 GILLETT Everett 1900 28 Apr 1979    
S4 L4b G4 GILLETT Frank        
S1ex L7 G1 GILLETT Hazel 1895 28 Oct 1977   sister 
S4 L4b G2 GILLETT Maude 1861 1896    
S4 L4b G3 GILLETT Nancy 1871 1905    
S4 L6b G1 GOTT Calvin 7 Apr 1810 1 Nov 1892     18358
S4 L6b G2 GOTT Diana C. 9 Feb 1811 28 Aug 1884   wife of Calvin 18359
S4 L6b G3 GOTT Frances 1847 1937   wife of Samuel 11548
S9 LI17B G1 GOTT George 1883 1932   50442
S4 L6b G5 GOTT Julia A.        
S9 LI17B G2 GOTT Lydia 1883 1958   79752
S4 L6b G4 GOTT Samuel C. 1841 1922     18541
S7 L1b G2 GOTT William F. 1878     no death date on stone

Published on Tri-Counties 02 NOV 1998
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