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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4. Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.

It was retyped August 1997 by Mary PARIS Copp of Roseville 

RED SCHOOL HOUSE CEMETERY, CATON TOWNSHIP, STEUBEN COUNTY, NEW YORK Located just outside of Caton, this cemetery is gone. I was fortunate to get a copy from an old woman who copied it years ago. Later, I found she only copied her relatives so there could have been more. Agatha Kinner 555 E. Water St., Corning, NY 

BEERS Phidel s/o William & Mary. no dates
CUMMINGS C.D no dates
DAVISSON George William 6 Jul 1838 s/o Jonathon & Anna Marie
GILLETT J. 1801 1880
GILLETT Elizabeth 1794 1865 w/o J.
GILLETT George - - Jun 1828
GILLETT Joseph 28 Nov 1836 3yr
GILLETT Katherine E. 25 Nov 1831 13yr
GILLETT Sarah, 2nd 21 Sep 1842 18yr
HILL Ephraim 24 Jul 1832
HILL Charlotte 10 Dec 1781 22 May 1822
HILL Sylvester 2 Jul 1840 18yr 9mo 5da s/o Ephraim & Charlotte
HILL Syrena C. 28 Dec 1841 d/o Wobel & Jane Hill
MILLER Thomas 28 Feb 1841 43yr 26da
MILLER Mary 1830
RILEY Erastus 1825
WOODWORTH Elder Israel 13 Sep 1800 - - May 1848 Baptist, one of the first in Caton
WOODWORTH Rebecca Pembleton 20 Aug 1800 24 Jan 1841 w/o Elder Israel
By his first wife, Rebecca, he had four children:
Lewis, lived in Addison NY 1857
Dyer, lived in Hartwick, Otsego Co., 1857
Lydia & Allan B., lived in Caton 1857
WOODWORTH Betsey Miller Riley 10 Jul 1802 24 Jan 1886 2nd w/o Israel. Born Bennington, Vt. died Brockton, NY
WORMLEY George 27 Jul 1834 1yr s/o Samuel & Sally Wormley
WRIGHT Betsey 1809 1872
WRIGHT Dannison 20 Jan 1863 23yr 10mo 20da
WRIGHT Chancey 8 Jul 1862 47yr
WRIGHT Georgie 6 Jun 1868 14 Sep 1871 ch of Luther & Jane Wright
WRIGHT Nellie J. 10 Nov 1873 14 Oct 1876 ch of Luther & Jane Wright 

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