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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section E  - Page Ten
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Shepard Malissa J.   Jun.11.1879 22y2m20d w/o Charles N. ???  90727  Y
Shaffer Jonathan 1831 1896   9th Pa Cav.   79316  Y
Allen Jacob   Dec.3.1836 73 yr Rev. War Soldier - All Allen names are on one large stone and have individual stones for each   82528 x
Allen Almon   Mar.4.1871 73 yr     82530 Y
Allen Polly B.   Oct.23.1879 81 yr w/o Almon Bates 82536 Y
Allen Fordyce A. Jul.10.1820 Feb.11.1880       82537 Y
Allen Jane Martin Aug.10.1830 Feb.21.1912     Martin 82545 Y
Allen L. Fenton 1832 1919       82542 Y
Allen Pherona B. 1834 1889   w/o L. F. Benson  83265  Y
Allen Clarence E. 1847 1902   s/o F.A. & Sarah G.   82548 Y
Allen George K. 1865 1883       82543  Y
Husted James 1782 1865       74474 x
Husted Catharine 1793 1869     Miller 16937 x
Husted Henry K. 1823 1895       78250 Y
Husted Ann Jane 1830 1902     Evans 78251 Y
Cottrell Amy D. 1839 1923     Davis  86827  Y
Cottrell Charles        Not found -Large Family stone flat & buried   86822  Y
Cottrell Clara        Not found    86828  x
Smith J. Maltbie 1843 1921       93058  PDC
Smith Jennie H. 1847 1911   w/o J. Maltbie - same marker Hartman 92980  Y
Wilson Robert W. 1892 1969       21713 Y
Wilson Trella B. 1892 1974   On marker w/Robert W. Briggs 21700 Y
Wilson Philip 1926 1933   s/o R.W. & T.B.   21716 Y
Holly Mary Jane 1924 1961     Wilson  21715  Y 1942
Kelly Martin 1805 1893       60924 x
Kelly Nancy 1803 1875   On marker w/Martin Clark 60923 Y
Elliott Oliver W. Mar.29.1832 Apr.27.1864   Co D 148th Reg. Vol. Pa.   71139 Y
Elliott Lydia M. 1835 1918   On marker w/Oliver W. Kelley 19361 x
Elliott Elmer E. Oct.13.1862 Feb.16.1887   On marker w/Oliver W.   73233 Y
Ayres Mary S.   Aug.25.1870 15y6m26d d/o Geo. W. & Susan   93070  x
Clark Curtis H.   Jan.20.1872 2y11m23d s/o Henry & Henrietta   93073  x
Ramsdell Ambrose M. Apr.7.1879 Apr.10.1908       90746  Y
Ramsdell Joseph    Nov.14.1887 45 yr Obituary gives name as Edward    88472  Y
Ramsdell Leon E.   May.5.1903 28y s/o J.E. & K.C.   88474  Y
Slingerland Kate C. Ramsdell Mar.13.1853         88473 x
Brewster Luther H.   Apr.28.1867 28y4m29d [Also Secton C page 4]    07113 Y
Brewster L.H. Jun.16.1813 Mar.6.1888       07110 Y
Brewster Olive P. Aug.18.1815 Sep.10.1882   On marker w/L.H. Palmer 07111 x
Clark Jennie O.   Jul.8.1863 22y4m11d       x
Clark Jennie E.   Sep.23.1863 2m28d d/o Wm. E. & Jennie O. - same marker     x
Bradway Adelaide 1877 1960     Rogers 90653 Y
Bradway William D. 1872 1966       11738 Y
Bradway Effie B. 1868 1948   On marker w/William D. O'Neal 23118 Y
Bradway Tryphena Jul.6.1836 Dec.12.1912     Webster 09343 Y
Bradway Minnie R. Mar.30.1900 Apr.3.1900       90747  Y
Bradway Lillis D.   Sep.28.1877 83y5m26d w/o Wm. Dickinson 23117 Y
Bradway Noah W. Apr.18.1822 Jun.3.1899       13316 Y
Wells Nelson W.   Dec.8.1886 13y11m9d Children of John & Sarah -same marker   55839 x
Wells Vinnie M.   Oct.22.1882 1y5m Children of John & Sarah -same marker   55842 x
Wells Eddie   Jan.17.1878 7y15d Children of John & Sarah -same marker   55838 Y
Wells Leon    Jan.30.1878 2y5d Children of John & Sarah -same marker 55840 Y
Bryant Jane M.   Nov.11.1905 73 yr On same marker [mother of John Wells] Kenyon 46879 Y
Baldwin Aaron 1800 1881       31019 Y
Baldwin Sally 1802 1881   w/o Aaron - Same marker
Is this Sally Soper 07557who married a Baldwin. She b 1819. Second wife, not mother of all the children. Two wives.
Soper? 77088 Y
Baldwin David W. 1844 1852   Children of Aaron Baldwin - Same marker   82550 x
Baldwin Clara       Children of Aaron Baldwin - Same marker [also on page E 06]   31021 x
Vedder Kate Baldwin       Children of Aaron Baldwin - Same marker [Also on page E 06]   31020 Y
Allen Elizabeth   Jan.9.1862 35y7d w/o Henry Fralic 78216 x
Allen Henry  Aug.10.1823 Jan.4.1888       68422 Y
Allen Jean M. Butts Apr.6.1824 May.12.1896   w/o Henry - same marker Butts 68423 Y
Fralick Benjamin 1801 1883       78217 Y
Fralick Rebecca 1805 1890     ???  82553 x
Fralick Michael   Dec.23.1884 82y4m5d     86836  Y
Fralick Angelina F.   Aug.9.1877 64y1m2d w/o Michael - same marker Lamb 86837  Y
Fralick Jerusha L.   Apr.26.1858 20y5m d/o Michael & Angelina - same marker   86839  Y
Fralick Rachel   Apr.18.1891 52y3m Same marker   86840  Y
Osborn Verne 1888 1938       27073  x
Osborn Nellie 1882 1914   (siblings)   82524  PDC
Lucas James   Aug.1.1859   Rest of stone gone [Aug 14 ?]   13528 x
Davis Harriet B.   Aug. 12   d/o Ezra & Betsey - Bottom of stone gone   93076  x
Davis Russell 1822 1883       06445 Y
Davis Lydia 1828 1908   On stone w/Russell Peters  57494 Y
Davis Eugene 1855 1930   On stone w/Russell   77068 PDC
Davis Ezra   Jan.8.184? 30y?m27d       x
Davis William   Jun.15.1842 5y1m11d       x
Davis Capt. Ezra   Jul.6.1858 63y8m18d     82630  x
Davis Betsy   1849 52 yr (Date & age per H.C.) -Only top of stone remains Walker  86099  x
Walker Joseph   Feb.12.1865   Nothing else readable     x
Crosby Olive L. Aug.30.1843 Aug.17.1909     Snover 67191 x
Crosby Hopkins J. Feb.23.1810 Feb.18.1898   Co. A 176 Reg. Pa. Vol -On stone w/Olive   81261 Y
Snover John I.   Feb.20.1850 1y5m11d s/o N.G. & Lucretia -Most of this is now unreadable (Per JMT- s/o Lucretia Ingalls & Nathan G. Snover)   80452 x
Snover Uriah S. 1830 1920       03640 Y
Snover Viola 1855 1913   On marker w/Uriah S.   75807 PDC
Snover Jane E. Jun.14.1884 53y3m19d w/o U. S. - On marker w/Uriah S. Nobles 67186 Y
Snover Lizzie M.   Feb.22.1877 7y8m24d d/o U.S. & Jane - On marker w/Uriah S.   67187 Y
Green Benjamite   Feb.2.1877 72 yr     09188 Y
Green Piercy       w/o (Rest of stone gone)[died June 1844] ???? 22239 Y
Green Philo W.   Dec.7.1854 48y6m10d     09185 x
Green Hannah       w/o Philo ??? 16290 x
Green Maria   May.12.1842 37 yr w/o Abram ???  93078  x
Green Sarah R.   Jan. 1851   d/o Philo & Rebecca   09187 x
Green Hannah J.   Dec.13.1840 1m8d d/o Philo & Rebecca   16291 x
Johnson Squire   Aug.25.1849 44 yr     63325 x
Green Martha   May.12.1842 37y1m See Maria above 93078 - same dates. Probably same person. ???   x
Clark Frank P.   May.27.1861 2m26d s/o Warren & Hattie   81592 x
Spencer Our Baby Jul.4.1876 Aug.25.1876   d/o F.M. & Maggie   82554 Y
Gaylord Emma A.   Jan.7.1877 24y6m29d w/o D. A. Elliott 73223 Y
Gaylord Infant Daughter       d/o O.A. & Emma A. (No dates)-On stone w/Emma A. [Emma - Jan 1877-Sep 1877]   82622  Y
Gaylord Sanford   Aug.12.1837 18y ?m       x
Tip From Joyce November 2007 : To search all of Prospect Cemetery, use the Cemeteries Tioga County partition of the PICO partitioned search engine. You'll find that at the BOTTOM of the Current What's New Page. Just type Prospect and the surname you are looking for, and it will show you which pages of this listing on which that name is found. Be sure to choose the Find ALL Words option. The Prospect Cemetery listing is presented  in order by tombstone so that we do not lose the information about who is buried next to whom. That can give you important clues. But if you are in a hurry take the search engine shortcut. Don't forget the limitations that a search engine has in alternate spellings. 

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