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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section E  - Page Nine
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Hollands William  Mar.29.1812 Apr.9.1902       31438 Y
Hollands Charotte Jan.25.1815 Dec.5.1898     Cruttenden 31439 Y
Hollands Clarissa V.   Oct.11.1882 34y7m20d w/o William (Died at Elkland, Pa.) Bailey 31040 Y
Hollands Leah G.   Sep.11.1875 2y11m7d d/o Wm. & Clara 82525 Y
Hollands Charles 1864 25 yr     82526 x
Anderson John F.   Jun.10.1885 30 yr     90723  Y
Goodrich Infant       G.E. & G.A. (no dates)     x
Deming Hartensia   Jul.3.1866 42y4m25d       x
Dewitt Claude 1880 1952       07813 PDC
Dann W. L.       Co B 101st Pa Inf. [1847-1881]   19825 Y
Crippen George   Feb.2.1902 68y9m20d     07300 Y
Crippen Diantha   Dec.28.1871 38y6m22d w/o George Dann 09410 x
Crippen Susan P. Robert Apr.29.1832 Dec.9.1899   w/o George [Robert is an earlier married alias, not her own name] ???  11110 Y
Cochran John L. Mar.16.1812 Nov.10.1901       18884 Y
Caswell Infant   1931         x
Burley Philena B.N.   Oct.21.1865 20 yr d/o Ebenezer & Lora   07131 x
Clark Daniel E.   Jul.28.1863 28y21d s/o E.P. & Fanny   35974 Y
Clark Myron S.   Nov.21.1865 21 yr     35975 Y
Clark Elijah P.   Oct.27.1884 77y5m11d     35972 Y
Clark Fanny   Apr.17.1873 69y3m13d w/o Elijah P. - same marker Fitzgerald 35973 Y
Beach Rosina Jun.27.1853 Mar.29.1888   w/o L. J. Woodward  83194  Y
Beach Lena May May.27.1887 Jan.10.1888   d/o L.J. & R.C. - On marker w/Rosina   86802  Y
Bailey Clark 1851 1920       31041 x
Bailey Ruth Janette Jan.17.1857 Nov.20.1909   w/o Clark B. Bixby 31428 Y
Bailey Lottie   Dec.17.1880 24y9m w/o Clark B. Taylor 31427 Y
Bailey J. M.   Aug.22.1880 42y10m26d     31048 Y
Bailey Eliza M.   Aug.11.1880 41y3d w/o J. M. [Elida] Hillier 31445 Y
Bailey Robert B.   Oct.17.1884 76y8m19d     16949 Y
Bailey Lucy   Jul.13.1847 34y6m18d w/o R.B.- same marker Holden 31043 Y
Bailey Julia  1850 1911   w/o R.B.- same marker Hagar 09538 Y
Bailey Wilson 1858 1862   On marker w/Robert B.   31056 x
Bailey Frank 1869 1909   On marker w/Robert B.   31060 x
Bailey Dallas 1845 1862   On marker w/Robert B.   31052 x
Elliott Eliza A. 1811 1888     ???  86804  Y
Unknown     Sep.3.1889 71y8m18d Stone broken & missing pieces     x
Fraley Carrie  1856 1913         x
Shipman George H. 1839 1922       78974 Y
Shipman Mary Campbell 1851 1927   w/o George - same marker Campbell 78975 Y
Willhelm Harold Jun.24.1898 Oct.10.1898   Check Tombstone    86808  x
Willhelm William Olin May.19.1895 Aug.24.1895   Check Tombstone     x
Willhelm Freddie C.   Sep.7.1867 11y  s/o J.W. & C.F.   86809  x
Willhelm Frank H. 1853 1871       86810  x
Willhelm John W. 1830 1896       86805  Y
Willhelm Cordelia T. 1830 1887     Knight  86806  Y
Hickcox Ambrose   Apr.28.1883 63 yr     93105 x
Hickcox Celestia   Dec.2.1896 66 yr w/o Ambrose ??? 93106  x
Cass Augustus A. 1859 1917       16273 Y
Cass Effie M. 1861 1921     Bartlett 51949 Y
Bartlett Clark P. 1830 1890       31153 Y
Bartlett Laura A. 1833 1888     Bailey 04875 Y
Sperry Edith M. 1871 1933       88730  Y
Sperry Annette 1853 1939       88929  Y
Sperry J. Calvin Nov.24.1855 Mar.27.1881       90730  Y
Sperry Eliza H. Jul.11.1827 Mar.1.1907     Baynes  89520  Y
Sperry Eugene L. Mar.7.1829 Mar.13.1905       89521  Y
Morgan Patricia A.   1931         x
Morgan Robert C.   1938   On marker w/Patricia A.     x
McCausland William A. 1869 1935       86816  Y
McCausland Frances C. 1877     On marker w/William A. Capell  86817  Y
Love Myrtie 1866 1929     Cleveland 17105  Y
Martin Alex 1797 1890       82546  Y
Kelley Jasper L. 1832 1916       88701  Y
Kelley Clara A. 1832 1898   w/o Jasper - same marker    76709 Y
Kelley John S. 1844 1921       12024  PDC
Kelley Rena D. 1880 1911   On marker w/John S. [Married aliases Hart and Walsh]   12025  Y
Kelley Margaret 1850 1929   w/o John - same marker Dewey  07460  x
Hegele Paul A. 1889 1939       83323  Y
Hegele Myra B. 1883 1976   On same marker Goodall  82475  Y
Hertle Charles H. Jul.15.1836 Aug.22.1871       85898  x
Fillman Lynn 1880 1931       82736  Y
Fillman Allie 1894 1943     Love  17109  Y
Burt H. Plynn 1896 1959       84696  PDC
Burt M. Marie 1900 1991     Pfitzenmaier  84697  Y
Burt Robert E. 1927 1941       86819  Y
Bates W.A. 1810 1884       75785 Y
Baynes John 1798 1862       81373 x
Baynes Agnes 1794 1862     Thistlethwaite 81374 x
Baynes W. Wallace 1830 1874       82527 Y
Baynes George W. 1856 1880       82598  Y
Baynes Rosetta W. 1836 1895     Walker  82597  Y
Baynes Herbert 1858 1926       86820  PDC
Baynes Ella 1870 1921       82600  PDC
Barrenger Chancellor       Co D 1st NY Mounted Rifles   87069  Y
Briggs Harry E. 1891 1936       16264 Y
Briggs Mertelle 1895 1976   On marker w/Harry E. Stevens 16265 Y
Briggs William 1930 1931   s/o H.E. & M.S.   16266 PDC
Briggs Mabel Mar.14.1882 May.4.1882       16263 x
Briggs Elmer 1857 1937       10232 Y
Briggs Lettie P. 1856 1939     Rose 10228 Y
Hall William N. 1836 1889       73853 Y
Nichols Josephine A.   Nov.3.1888 30 yr w/o G.P. Nichols   90735  Y
Nichols Bertha Dell   Mar.9.1884 10 m26d d/o G.P. & J.A.   90736  Y
Nichols Charles H.   Aug.26.1887 1y  s/o G.P. & J.A. -on marker w/Bertha Dell   90737  x
Nichols Ellsworth G.   Aug.4.1887 8m22d s/o G.P. & J.A. -on marker w/Bertha Dell   90738  Y
Tip From Joyce November 2007 : To search all of Prospect Cemetery, use the Cemeteries Tioga County partition of the PICO partitioned search engine. You'll find that at the BOTTOM of the Current What's New Page. Just type Prospect and the surname you are looking for, and it will show you which pages of this listing on which that name is found. Be sure to choose the Find ALL Words option. The Prospect Cemetery listing is presented  in order by tombstone so that we do not lose the information about who is buried next to whom. That can give you important clues. But if you are in a hurry take the search engine shortcut. Don't forget the limitations that a search engine has in alternate spellings. 

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 11/3/2007

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