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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section E  - Page Eight
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Smith Reed 1903 1976       05647 Y 1925
Smith Elizabeth  1905 1976   On marker w/Reed Bates 83108 Y 1921
Howe John 1817 1902       09661 Y
Howe Lodemia 1820 1873     Smith 09662 Y
Bates Sadie I. 1870 1957   [Wife of John P. ] Long 74521 Y
Gould Mary E. 1863 1932     Lincoln  83942  Y
Taylor Roland 1859 1901       09859 Y
Taylor N. A. Jan.25.1820 May.23.1895       09856 x
Taylor Harriette A. Jan.6.1825 Oct.27.1891   w/o N. A. Nash 09857 x
Ballard Lloyd 1862 1932   ]   81204 x
Ballard Mabel 1864 1905   w/o Lloyd B. Smith  90214  Y
Ballard Sarah M. 1896 1897       90213  Y
Ballard Charlotte 1884 1897       90215  x
Taylor H. Aug.16.1847 Mar.4.1900       09858 Y
Taylor Sarah Nov.23.1851 Feb.27.1918   w/o Horace Ballard 09298 x
Taylor C.B. (Charley) Oct.9.1869 Apr.28.1888       09861 Y
Morgan Louis C. 1882 1959       15502  x
Morgan Ethel Ballard 1887 1948     Ballard  86750  Y
Morgan Robert 1922 1924       86751  x
Walker Warren S. 1843 1903   Co. E 3d Regt. NY V.C.   78252 Y
Walker Addie D. 1856 1943   On marker w/Warren S. Decker  84096  PDC
Walker C. Deyo 1895 1971       84095  Y
Walker Bessie A. 1896     On marker w/C. Deyo Brown  86747  x
Stuart Frederick A. 1806 1893       88283  x
Stuart Josephine 1847 1890       88282  Y
Stuart Irene 1845 1917       90702  Y
Stuart Ernest M. 1889 1978       81205  Y
Stuart Hilda M. 1892 1983   On marker w/Ernest M. Dann  57160  Y
Wilcox Baby   Jul.5.1949         x
Wilcox Jack M. 1922 [2008]        39443  Y
Wilcox Mary J. 1922 [2014]    On marker w/Jack M. Stuart  33648  Y 1940
Russell Glenn P. 1900 1977       90705  x
Russell E. Beatrice 1901 1997   On marker w/Glenn P. Frost 51763  x 1920
Russell Grant 1870 1961       86950  Y
Russell Nella [Netta] 1872 1909   w/o Grant - Same marker Hopkins  90704  Y
Russell Elissa 1880 1922   w/o Grant  Dense  90706  Y
Russell Charles J. Feb.8.1914 Aug.30.2001   WW 2 Korea U.S. Army   90707  Y
Pino Ross 1894 1939   Co. B 108 Inf.   82763  Y
Lindsley Catharine Nov.13.1844 Dec.3.1901   w/o Wm. A. (first m. to Daniel E. Clark) Kelts 93421 Y
Lawrence H.H.   Dec.28.1873 47y6m23d     07746 Y
Lawrence Caroline 1833 1913   w/o Herrick [Hendrik] Grover 07751 PDC
Lawrence Maud E. 1866 1887   d/o H.H. & C.J.   74462 Y
Clark Annie May   May.4.1873 6y2m8d d/o D.H. & Kuie???     x
Brace Fred D. 1880 1963       18689 Y
Brace Kate 1878 1956   On marker w/Fred D. Hill 18692 PDC
Elliott L. H. Jun.4.1794 Apr.12.1872       86771  x
Elliott Mary Dec.23.1804 Dec.28.1888   On marker w/L. H. Wright  86772  x
Rose Lena Swan 1850 1923      Lawrence 07752  PDC
Ridgway Victoria   Apr.26.1873 28y w/o L. A. Sykes  79097  Y
Shuart E.A. Jun.28.1825 Jan.24.1878   w/o Abram ???  86741  x
Voorhees Abigail D. Jul.8.1815 Oct.21.1887     Beach  31294  Y
Spurr Daniel H.   Apr.6.1861 51y     90943  Y
Spurr Orson T.   Mar.20.1865 20y6m On marker w/Daniel   90945  Y
Clark Hugh G. 1870 1871       66098 x
Clark Budd A. 1874 1946       66101 Y
Clark Louise B. 1883 1951     Bates 76540 Y
Clark Melvin L. Apr.10.1840 Apr.4.1902   Lt. Col. 101st Pa Vol.   60915 Y
Clark Sarah L. Jun.9.1843 Dec.4.1919   On marker w/Melvin L. Beach 66094 Y
Carr Harry E. 1870 1933       82420 Y
Carr Minnie E. 1874 1930   On marker w/Harry E. Kelly 82423 Y
Carr Raymond Jan.15.1898 Sep.5.1893   s/o E.H. & Minnie    82517 Y
Carr Robert L. Jan.18.1887 Dec.27.1892   s/o E.E. & O.M.   90713  Y
Carr Adrianna [Adrian] Apr.11.1881 Dec.29.1892   d/o E.E. & O. M.   90714  Y
Beach Charles  1822 1909       90715  Y
Beach Caroline 1828 1892   On marker w/Charles Frost  90716  Y
Williams Philip Jan.21.1825 Jul.25.1894       31302 Y
Williams Ellen B. Mar.4.1838 Nov.12.1904   On marker w/Philip Bailey 31272 Y
Lang Carrie D.   Aug.17.1867 26 yr   Bailey 31273 x
Faulkner Edward Jan.20.1855 Feb.18.1889       31295 Y
Faulkner Julia B. Nov.23.1835 May.25.1875     Bailey 31271 Y
Faulkner Charlie Jun.14.1859 Jul.12.1861       31296 x
Woitwich William S. 1851 1915       86777  PDC
Woitwich Estella C. 1856 1918     Beach  86778  Y
Wood Daniel  1809 1878       90719  Y
Wood Effie   Apr.2.1869 3y24d d/o Daniel & Susanna   90721  x
Wood Aaron 1885 1941       44956 Y
Wood Nellie T. 1881 1965   On marker w/Aaron Precit 45064 Y
White Stella A.   May.6.1870 8y2m16d d/o E. & A.   86781  x
Steele Raymond 1869 1938        76368 Y
Steele Kittie 1870 1935   On marker w/Raymond Rumsey  82596  Y
Starkey Grace T. Aug.15.1913 Jan.28.1995     Thomas  90692  Y
Starkey Judy Kay Sep.6.1855 Sep.12.1955       89506  x
Starkey Levi C. 1845 1927       27743 Y
Starkey Ella Updyke 1854 1915   w/o Levi Updyke 27744 PDC
Starkey Frances E.   Aug.9.1861 2y5m18d d/o H.N. & M.E.     x
Starkey Phila   Jun.8.1866 41y7m8d w/o Levi A. Whitcomb  85985  x
Starkey       78y9m14d       x
Starkey Joseph    Nov.23.1876 86 yr     67153  Y
Rice Thomas C. 1915 1945       33948 Y
King Henrietta   Mar.10.1864 30y4m w/o Mart King ??? 82519 Y
Ingalls Atlantic C. Sep.9.1818 Oct.16.1907     Ramsdell  76161  Y
Ingal  Charlie B.   Oct.31.1880 4y8m23d s/o John S. & A.C.   76534 Y
Holden Daniel L. 1814 1891       33172 Y
Holden Betsey M. 1823 1865   On marker w/Daniel L. Mudge 21647 Y
Holden Lucy 1848 1851   On marker w/Daniel L.   82520 x
Holden Baby   1858   On marker w/Daniel L.     x
Holden Nellie T. 1862 1865   On marker w/Daniel L.   82521 x
Holden D. C. Oct.14.1817 Oct.4.1871 53y11m20d     58848 x
Holden Charles  Mar.17.1842 Mar.17.1842   s/o D.C. & Sarah   82522 x
Holden Clinton Jan.22.1841 Mar.7.1841   s/o D.C. & Sarah - On marker w/Charles   82523 x
Holden Emma M.   Dec.2.1862 5y8m14d d/o H.W. & L.A.   93102  x
Holden Horace A.   May.21.1871 11y9m21d s/o H.W. & L.A.   93103  x
Holden Rosa L.   Nov.26.1862 2y11m12d d/o H.W. & L.A.   93104  x
Holden Lena    Jul.30.1878 1y9m8d d/o Geo. W. & Mary A.     x
Tip From Joyce November 2007 : To search all of Prospect Cemetery, use the Cemeteries Tioga County partition of the PICO partitioned search engine. You'll find that at the BOTTOM of the Current What's New Page. Just type Prospect and the surname you are looking for, and it will show you which pages of this listing on which that name is found. Be sure to choose the Find ALL Words option. The Prospect Cemetery listing is presented  in order by tombstone so that we do not lose the information about who is buried next to whom. That can give you important clues. But if you are in a hurry take the search engine shortcut. Don't forget the limitations that a search engine has in alternate spellings. 

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