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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section E  - Page Six
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Bailey Frederick 1869 1942   [Photographer]    31061 Y
Bailey Grace C. 1870 1965     Cruttenden 31473 Y
Amsden Fanny J. Mar.8.1839 Mar.26.1879     Bailey 31012 Y
Baldwin Clara J. Sep.14.1860 Jan.15.1866   Died Titusville, Pa.-On marker w/Fanny Amsden   31021 x
Vedder Kate Feb.14.1858 Apr.26.1885   B.Mansfield,Pa-D. Russell, Kansas w/o W. D. Vedder, MD - On marker w/Fanny Amsden Baldwin 31020 Y
Bailey Elton L. 1860 1952       31057 Y
Bailey Benjamin C.   Aug.21.1885 36y6m     31017 Y
Bailey Ida G.   Dec.9.1903 53 yr On marker w/Benjamin C.  Talbot 31457 Y
Spencer Amos Nov.11.1767 Sep.11.1851       70874 Y
Spencer Sophia Kees Apr.7.1779 Jun.19.1862   w/o Amos - Same marker Kees or Stuart 70875 x
Spencer Leander K. Mar.17.1795 Jan.27.1866       74410 Y
Spencer Lovina Rowley May.16.1801 Dec.20.1869   w/o Leander - Same marker Rowley 82499 Y
Spencer Ellis L.   Feb.??.1824 1y4m20d s/o L.K. & Lovina   82500 x
Spencer Alonzo M. May.4.1820 Oct.10.1898       52754 Y
Spencer Mary E. Jan.19.1840 Feb.22.1888   w/o A. M. Fletcher  86700  Y
Spencer Sarah M. Jan.8.1820 Feb.26.1886   w/o A. M. Caldwell 52755 x
Spencer Elwin A. Mar.1.1854 Dec.25.1920       52753  Y
Spencer H. Adell 1856 1931     Knowlton 09370  Y
Eighmey Lovina I. 1847 1925   w/o L. W. Spencer  93501 Y
Hebard Adriel   May.28.1867 83 yr     93438  x
Hebard Lois   Jan.26.1861 77 yr On marker w/Adriel ??? 93439  x
Grant Herbert 1883 1962   [Grant Science Building at MU]    86250  Y
Grant Merle C. 1886 1983   On marker w/Herbert Cogswell  86251  Y
Ireton John C. 1821 1902       85954  Y
Ireton Mary A. 1832 1912     Spencer  85955  Y
Ireton Annah 1825 1849     Spencer  86705  x
Ireton Charles V. 1855 1935       88799   Y
Ireton Albert C. 1864 1950       88781   Y
Ireton Helen N. Moore   Oct.2.1959 or 56   w/o Albert C. [Date wrong - survived husband - maybe 1959?] Shipman 79618  Y
Ireton Luella V. 1857 1938   [sister of Carl and Albert]    88780  Y
Tuttle Allie Mar.22.1860 Jun.13.1877   s/o H.B. & M.E.   90606  Y
Bailey Thomas H. 1839 1922       31036 Y
Bailey Josephene 1843 1906     Hillier 31260 Y
Stevens Jean 1916 1923       93061  x
Elliott Judson A. 1855 1936       73170 Y
Elliott Ella H. 1857 1935   On marker w/Judson Hillier 73171 Y
Cruttenden Dick 1886 1963       86701  Y
Cruttenden Leone 1888 1962   On marker w/Dick Rexford  86702  PDC
Cruttenden Robert 1881 1948       82442 Y
Cruttenden Myra  1879 1938   On marker w/Robert ???  86703  Y
Cruttenden Lola 1889     On marker w/Robert     x
Schipbanker Michael 1860 1929       79226 Y
Schipbanker Marie L. 1861 1939     Jupenlaz 79225 Y
Schipbanker Frances 1901 1973   Obit says burial in Syracuse    83132  Y 1920
Schipbanker Elinor 1897 1987       83131  Y 1915
Bailey Wesley V. 1837 1909       17062 Y
Bailey F. Gertrude 1843 1923     Hoard 17063 Y
Bailey Raymond C. 1897 1961       17067 Y
Bailey Irma U. 1900 1927         x
Bailey Frederick             x
Bailey W. Neal Feb.17.1919 Mar.20.1919       31701  x
Shea Frances Bailey 1913       Bailey 17068 x 1930
Bailey A. Ward 1864 1924       08349 Y
Bailey Ethel B. 1889 1972     Stickler 02106 Y
Bailey Clark 1857 1920       31041 x
Bailey Mollie E.Urell Jul.29.1866 Jul.18.1889   w/o A. W.- same marker Urell 17060 Y
Bailey Mable J.& Mollie C. Jul.18.1889 1889 & 1890   c/o A.W. & M.E.- On same marker   31696, 31697 x/x
Bailey Ross B. 1897         31711 Y
Bailey Mildred 1896 1974   On marker w/Ross Whitteker 34885 Y
Bailey Stella Whittaker 1897       Whittaker 34888 Y 1917
Bailey Stanley B. 1895 1943       31710 Y
Bailey Netta C. 1895 1967   On marker w/Stanley B. Carroll 34879 Y
Grenolds Byron A. 1862 1929       31702  PDC
Grenolds Josephine Bailey 1869 1930   On marker w/Byron A. Bailey 17065  Y
Hayden Joseph L. III Nov.3.1919 Mar.15.2000   WW 2 Sgt. US Army   34889 Y 1937
Banks Thurman H. 1919 1998       34883 Y
Banks Carol Bailey 1921     On marker w/Thurman H. Bailey 34881 Y
Bailey Stanley Roger Oct.18.1919 Jan.23.1984       34880 Y
Bailey Jean Elden Sep.19.1928     On marker w/Stanley Roger Elden 39524 x
Bailey Dwight H. 1872 1952       17064 Y
Bailey Sadie M. 1872 1944   On marker w/Dwight H. Bowen 31706 Y
Bailey Edith Mabel Oct.11.1911 1911       31713 x
Bailey Clark Lawrence Nov.8.1903 Oct.17.1904   On marker w/Edith Mabel   31714 x
Hoard James Mar.17.1810 May.2.1878       21393 Y
Hoard Almira R. Nov.1.1809 Jul.20.1892   w/o James - Same marker Robbins 20980 x
Hoard Mary Josephine Jul.13.1845 Sep.4.1849   c/o James & Almira - Same marker   82501 x
Hoard James Percy Jul.5.1850 Aug.5.1851   c/o James & Almira - Same marker   82502 x
Hoard Dwight R. Feb.22.1842 Jul.17.1844   c/o Joseph & Laurette - Same marker   82512 Y
Hoard Francis D. Aug.20.1845 Aug.19.1847   c/o Joseph & Laurette - Same marker   82513 Y
Hoard Adella R. Apr.13.1850 Nov.8.1857   c/o Joseph & Laurette - Same marker   82511 x
Richmond Oscar H. May.17.1852 Aug.11.1900       09454 x
Richmond Emma E. Sep.10.1855 Dec.25.1902   On marker w/Oscar H. Howe 11757 Y
Richmond Ray Lynn Apr.29.1881 Aug.19.1898   On marker w/Oscar H.   12738 Y
Richmond Ella F.   Apr.27.1885 32 yr w/o O.H. Richmond - same marker VanNess 03779 Y
Rogers James G. 1885 1962       84396  PDC
Rogers Bertha L. Tuttle 1885 1977   On marker w/James G. Tuttle 84397  Y
Beach Rev. W. Jul.5.1812 Sep.8.1887   On marker w/James G. [Why?]   19890 Y
Beach Mehittable Dec.11.1816 Dec.6.1880   On marker w/James G. Cole 51871 Y
Beach Edith L. Sep.12.1886 Feb.18.1887   c/o J.W. & V.A. Beach-On above marker   19161 x
Beach Pearl W. Aug.1.1887 Oct.2.1887   c/o J.W. & V.A. Beach-On above marker   19160 Y
Crippen Morton 1858 1939       02465 Y
Crippen Eda 1860 1926   On marker w/Morton [d. of J.Wilson Holly and Mary Wood] Holly 00610 Y
Dorman Wellington B.   Dec.20.1880 7y11m8d On base - W. Blaine Dorman   86009  Y
Gardner Emory T. Mar.17.1921 May.2.1921       93062  PDC
Reynolds Abijah S. May.3.1842 May.23.1905   Co A 14 US Inf.   04438 Y
Reynolds Anna R. Keeney Jul.18.1845 Jun.12.1926   w/o Abijah - same marker Keeney 16307 Y
Shepard Silas E. 1847 1942       89688  Y
Shepard Florence L. Smith Oct.4.1852 Aug.9.1892   On marker w/Silas Smith 89802  x
Shepard   May.1860 1932     May Manley  89804  Y
Shepard Johnie A.   Jun.25.1882 3y s/o S.E. & F.L.   90634  Y
Shepard Welty L.   Feb.2.1870 2 yr s/o Silas & Florence   90635  x
Tip From Joyce November 2007 : To search all of Prospect Cemetery, use the Cemeteries Tioga County partition of the PICO partitioned search engine. You'll find that at the BOTTOM of the Current What's New Page. Just type Prospect and the surname you are looking for, and it will show you which pages of this listing on which that name is found.  Be sure to choose the Find ALL Words option. The Prospect Cemetery listing is presented  in order by tombstone so that we do not lose the information about who is buried next to whom. That can give you important clues. But if you are in a hurry take the search engine shortcut. Don't forget the limitations that a search engine has in alternate spellings. 

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 11/2/2007 

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