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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section E  - Page Four
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Shaw J. Alfred Nov.10.1874 Nov.15.1903       08288 Y
Shaw William M. Jan.3.1834 Dec.28.1907       08275 Y
Shaw Emma Wells Nov.7.1841 Apr.26.1920   On marker w/William M. Wells 08281 Y
Gaylord Charles B. 1838 1909       86611  Y
Gaylord Mary A. 1842 1919   w/o Charles B - Same marker   86612  x
Gaylord Freeman Jun.17.1826        90584  Y
Gaylord Lydia  Apr.4.1829    On marker w/Freeman Faulkner  07090  x
Gaylord Infant Son   1856   On marker w/Freeman     x
Spaulding William H. 1858 1929       86610  Y
Spaulding Cassie G. 1866 [1947]    On marker w/William H. Gaylord  90587  Y
White Stella May   Jan.5.1891 11m25d d/o M.D. & Eva     x
Walker N. S. Oct.26.1838 Oct.11.1890       83658  Y
Walker Minerva Nov.12.1844 Aug.1.1901   On marker w/N.S. Davis  85991  Y
Vedder Bert M. 1854 1947   [Photographer]   13070 Y
Vedder Mary A. 1880 1906   w/o Bert M. -Same marker Colegrove  86613  Y
Vedder Jennie H. Sep.14.1849 Mar.9.1891   On marker w/Bert & Mary Powers  82822  Y
Vedder Alice M. 1882 1970   On marker w/Bert & Mary-Dau - [of Bert & Jennie] [Photographer]   75782 Y
Hughes William 1855 1926       86614  Y
Foster A. Charles 1890 1956       86615  Y
Hemmer John 1861 1915       59394 Y
Hemmer Huldah 1861 1926   On marker w/John Schermerhorn 14665 Y
Cumming Jennie    Nov.14.1891 22y5m8d w/o Wm & d/o Nelson & Martha Love Love 18773 Y
Scarfe George Sr.   Nov.23.1915 78 yr [See Family Bible Record on site]   86616  PDC
Scarfe Eliza M.   Dec.2.1903 62y w/o George Sr. Stevens  86617  Y
Scarfe Joseph E.   Nov.14.1890 17 yr s/o Geo. & Eliza M.   86631  x
Lonsbery Babe   Jun.5.1848   d/o F.C. & S. Holden Lonsbery   86635  Y
Johnson Abram 1812 1889       85622  Y
Johnson Deborah 1836 1913   w/o Abram - same marker Wood  85623  PDC
Ingalls Charles  1886 1970       86639  Y
Ingalls Ina 1889 1987   On marker w/Charles Cooley  86640  Y
Ingalls James A. Nov.5.1938 Aug.14.2005         x
Ingalls Joel L. Oct.13.1945 Jun.9.1991   CMSct. US Air Force Vietnam   88601  Y
Ingalls Lester J. 1910 1992       86641  Y
Ingalls Clara M. 1910 1998   On marker w/Lester J. Slocum  34836 
Johnson Herbert Dec.10.1884 Apr.13.1904         x
Clark Justus B. Jun.4.1832 Jun.11.1919   Sgt. Co. B 101 Regt. Inf.   16278 Y
Clark Susan H. Apr.8.1839 Jul.21.1890   w/o J. B. Lucas 16279 Y
Brown Harriet   Oct.8.1890 54y w/o R.J. Brown     x
Kritzer Henry Dec.12.1849 Jun.1.1893       86645  Y
Kritzer Rose 1855 1933   On marker w/Henry Davis  86646  Y
Sours Clyde B. 1874 1956       18558 Y
Sours M. Mae 1870 1937     Marvin 80067 PDC
Ryon Paul       No other info     x
Ryon Evelyn       No other info     x
Ryon Linda Elvira Jun.9.1857 Oct.29.1884   w/o D.H.Ryon Seeley  09447  Y
Shaw F.M. Jan.5.1831 Feb.25.1895   Co. B 101st Pa Vol.   44745 Y
Shaw Celia Rumsey Mar.26.1838 Mar.9.1917   w/o F.M. - Same marker Rumsey 06355 PDC
Jones T.B. Dec.30.1866 May.17.1894   On marker w/F.M. & Celia [Thomas P. Jones]   45405 Y
Edith        Just stone-no dates [1870-1946] Shaw 45398 Y
Hillier Samuel W. 1845 1919       79906 PDC
Hillier Leona M. 1861 1930   w/o Samuel - same marker Marvin 79907 PDC
Backer H.M. Jan.30.1842 Jan.13.1889       18909 x
Backer Willard May.10.1864 Jul.7.1872       61317 x
Backer Freddie May.8.1861 Mar.14.1863       61318 x
Snyder Philip L. Mar.4.1918 Oct.23.1988   WW 2 U.S. Army Air Corp   70758  x
Farrer William Feb.2.1819 Oct.24.1888   Born in Warcap Eng. Carmarthin Wales   82452 Y
Farrer Elizabeth Edwards Feb.11.1827 Mar.8.1907   On marker w/William Edwards  82451 Y
Farrer John E. 1862 1940       73148 Y
Farrer Kittie 1866 1923   On marker w/John E. Elliott 73228  Y
Farrer Prudence A. 1892 1893       86651  x
Avery Jennie Farrer 1852 1926   w/o A. H. Farrer  86654  Y
Farrer William S. 1856 1939       82453 Y
Farrer Lora Kohler 1863 1926   w/o W. S. Kohler 82487 Y
Kendrick Harry  1854 1908       86653  Y
Kendrick Mary F. 1849 1939   On marker w/Harry Farrer  86652  Y
Dann Ralph T. 1898 1947       57154 Y
Dann Thomas J. 1876 1947       57150 Y
Dann Nettie L. 1875 1954   On marker w/Thomas J. Clemons 57153 Y
Passmore Elizabeth 1876 1925       90954  Y
Passmore Frederick 1838 1889       86656  x
Passmore Mary A. 1841 1930   w/o Frederick - same marker Harley or Harvey  86657  Y
Reese John E. Oct.16.1850 Nov.17.1909       82489 Y
Reese Anna Farrer Jul.22.1854 Jan.2.1936     Farrer 82488 Y
Williams Gomer H. 1853 1924       82490 PDC
Williams Libbie Farrer 1859 1948   On marker w/Gomer Farrer 82461 Y
Cochran Charles 1849 1886       83255  Y
Cochran Mary 1855 1903       90958  x
Cochran Robert 1877 1880       90600  x
Cochran Foster 1880 1896       90599  Y
Bull Richard   Jun.23.1883 73 yr     87112  Y
Bull Albert 1851 1939   On marker w/Richard   78740 Y
Bull Annie 1854 1932   w/o Albert - same marker Judge 78741 Y
Bull Louise Jun.10.1897 Jul.6.1899       90601 Y
Bull S. Mary Sep.22.1879 Mar.20.1895       90602  Y
Clemens Augustus   Apr.8.1905 33 yr     90604  Y
Clemens Mary   Jan.1.1889 46 yr w/o Augustus - same marker     x
Jelliff Thomas J.   Aug.21.1885 47y1m3d     18992 Y
Jelliff Sarah  1832 1907   w/o Thomas J. - same marker ??? 52624 PDC
Knowlton Andrew J. Feb.4.1827 May.3.1885       07783 Y
Knowlton Polly Pitts Jul.5.1796 May.30.1887   w/o Timothy - On marker w/Andrew Pitts 07778 Y
Davis Plinn Apr.3.1831 Feb.5.1890       31115 Y
Davis Julia A. May.16.1830 Apr.11.1906   On marker w/Plinn Gifford 31116 Y
Davis Edward W. Jun.13.1868 Oct.12.1899   On marker w/Plinn   82491 Y
Leonard Nett E. Jun.8.1857 Aug.30.1929   w/o John C. -On marker w/Plinn Davis Davis 82494 PDC
Harris Fannie D. Mar.29.1863 Jul.22.1885   On marker w/Plinn Davis 82495 x
Gifford Eunice Nov.7.1805 Apr.10.1890   On marker w/Plinn Case  76668  Y
Davis Fred M. Jun.20.1869 Jan.19.1950   On marker w/Plinn   31111 Y
Davis Cora E. Mar.25.1870 Feb.23.1963   On marker w/Plinn Baynes 31112 Y
Tip From Joyce November 2007 : To search all of Prospect Cemetery, use the Cemeteries Tioga County partition of the PICO partitioned search engine. You'll find that at the BOTTOM of the Current What's New Page. Just type Prospect and the surname you are looking for, and it will show you which pages of this listing on which that name is found. Be sure to choose the Find ALL Words option. The Prospect Cemetery listing is presented  in order by tombstone so that we do not lose the information about who is buried next to whom. That can give you important clues. But if you are in a hurry take the search engine shortcut. Don't forget the limitations that a search engine has in alternate spellings. 

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