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Prospect Cemetery Obituary pages

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Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, earlier called Hope Cemetery
Read By Linda Reese, assisted by Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   2005-2006
Location:  Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA. North Main Street
Additonal information, including own surnames of married women, added by Joyce M. Tice - Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
SRGP IDs in last column are reference numbers for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project, an area population study
Prospect Cemetery Main Page with Table of Contents
Section A Page Four
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS Birth Surname SRGP ID Obit MHS
Crane Mary A.   Dec.1.1861   w/o F. L. ???  93254  x
Benjamin Sophia D. Feb.29.1820 Apr.25.1885   Born.Pike Co. Died Rochester, NY [s/b Pike township, Bradford County] Drinkwalter 74901 Y
Benjamin Olin D.   Feb.16.1860 5y2m10d s/o D. S. & Sophia   79914 x
Mathews Cleveland A.   Feb.9.1869 13y9m26d s/o Joseph & Eliza J.   93256  x
Mathews ??? Oct.10.1880 Dec.3.1889   s/o J. E. & Ada     x
Perry Freelove A.   Dec.9.1884 49y8m1d     67163 Y
Perry Laura   Oct.17.1873 66y4m29d w/o Freelove - On same marker Gaylord 04057 Y
Perry Marvin   Feb.25.1862 61y4m9d On marker w/Freelove & Laura   04058 x
Perry A. M. Jul.15.1846 Mar.3.1895       67164 Y
Perry Jennie   Nov.10.1877 25y4m20d w/o A. M. Davey 67165 Y
Perry Carrie Pratt 1854 1932     Pratt 76530 Y
Putnam Leon 1880 1881         x
Putnam Luce A. 1879 1893         x
Faulkner Daniel 1822 1880       06455 Y
          Wife Sarah Wood should also be here - died 1908     x
Allen Reuben Z. 1860 1865       83298  Y
Allen Lucena Stevens 1837 1924   "Mother"   83282 Y
Allen Zimri 1827 1908   "Father"   83281  Y
Burton Daniel 1833 1876       7481 Y
Burton Eliza  1837 1916   w/o Daniel - On same marker Sweet 50439 Y
Sweet Benjamin 1818 1889   On marker w/Daniel Burton   57163 x
Sweet Susana     71 yr On marker w/Daniel Burton - born 1808 ??? 57164 x
Sweet Alda R. Dec.12.1852 Feb.6.1897   On marker w/Daniel Burton   57188 Y
Delong Harriet     78y2m w/o Amos (Middle of stone gone)[born ca 1807, d ca 1885] ???  35756  x
Rowland Gertie    Nov.20.1879   d/o W. A. & Mary   85645  Y
Powers Jane A. Apr.8.1816 Aug.23.1889   w/o William Vedder  85770  Y
Powers William Aug.20.1812 Sep.13.1888       85769  Y
Powers David J.   Mar.11.1857 2y1m5d s/o William & Jane   85771  x
Kniffen Amy M. 1801 1877      ??? 86420  Y
Fairman F. F.   Dec.24.1882 73 yr     5393 x
Fairman Angeline   Sep.6.1877 61y10m22d w/o F. F. - On same marker McConnell 5392 Y
Fairman Eliza   Feb.25.1859 22y6m27d On marker w/F. F. & Angeline   5394 x
Fairman Diademy L.   Jan.29.1860 3y2m16d On marker w/F. F. & Angeline   5402 x
Fairman Hannah    Mar.26.1846 1y9m10d d/o F. F. & A. -On marker w/F.F. & Angeline   5396 x
Fairman F. F. Jr.   Sep.22.1864 24y6m10d Co B. 101 Pa. Vol. Died Charleston, S.C. -On marker w/F.F. & Angeline [died in Andersonville Prison]   5395 x
Fairman J.    Aug.9.1858 20y2m18d On marker w/F. F. & Angeline   5403 x
Hart Harry E. 1895 1947       36991 Y
Shaw Byron   Feb.6.1869 5y5m2d s/o A.J. & Elizabeth   66415 x
Shaw Andrew J.   Apr.2.1878 53yr     08271 Y
Shaw Minerva   Aug.27.1860 29y10m10d w/o Andrew J. - On same marker Love 38330 x
Shaw John F.   Apr.14.1860 3y4m s/o A.J. M. Shaw   82010 x
Love Jere       Co A 6th Pa Res. [d. 7 May 1868]   86520  x
Whipple Hattie S.   Feb.10.1864 21 yr "Our Sister"   86525 Y
Sweet David J.   Jun.11.1880 3y8m1d s/o D. D. & Mary   85772  x
Starkweather N. J.       Co A 187th Pa Inf. [died 14 March 1869]   85759  Y
Moore Miller C. 1828 1911   Co. I 6th Pa Vol.   85775  PDC
Moore Nancy M. 1829 1910     Case 85776  x
Moore Lucy J.       d/o ?? & ??? Moore     x
Moody Leone 1878 1880       86524  Y
Moody Dr. B.M. 1841 1914   Co F 8th N.Y. H. Art.   85777  Y
Moody Adelia Lyon 1849 1934     Lyon  85778 Y
Atwood Sarah Jane 1920 1999       86523  Y
Miles Rachel M.   Jul.30.1869 65y3m2d w/o Ebenezer ???  85781  x
Miles Ebenezer   Oct.27.1869 69y11m8d     85780  x
Cruttenden Sarah 1846 1917     Graves 51480 PDC
Cruttenden Thomas 1843     [died 1926]    51509 Y
Gaylord Sanford 1836 1888       82462  Y
Gaylord Lt. G. G.       Co B 101st Pa Inf.     x
Gustin J.    Jan.13.1848 2m10d       x
Griffiths Arthur W. 1900 1971       85783  Y
Griffiths Helen W. 1900 1986   On marker w/Arthur W.   85784  Y
Griffiths Rev. David J. 1887 1970       79936 Y
Griffiths Alta W. 1894 1972   On marker w/Rev. David Wheeler 79937 Y
Griffiths Morgan T. 1893 1955       86561  PDC
Murphy Frank M. 1922 1981       83414  Y
Murphy Bronwen G. 1922 2004   On marker w/Frank M. Griffiths  79970  Y 1940
Bly Charles G.   1864 7y9m4d s/o David   85785  Y
Shaw Ella 1851 1929       76543 PDC
Shaw Helen  1844 1865   On marker w/Ella   16301 x
Shaw Thomas C.   Mar.20.1866 9y4m1d s/o R. C. & Mary   16300 x
Shaw Rodney C. 1803 1866       7672 x
Shaw Mary A. 1809 1896     Seeley 9564 Y
Shaw Mary H. 1844 1865       16301 x
Shaw Orin 1842 1922       16299 x
Dorsett Philetus 1820 1906       65692 Y
Dorsett Sophronia A. 1824 1902   On marker w/Philetus Phelps 65699 Y
Holden Harry L.   Dec.8.1880 6 yr s/o C. A. & Alice   75885 Y
Holden Rena A.   Feb.6.1885 2y5m d/o C. A. & Alice - On marker w/Harry L.   75886 x
Holden Ella M.   Nov.26.1880 1y  d/o C. A. & Alice - On marker w/Harry L.   82187 x
Cook Laura   Aug.21.1860 12y8m22d d/o M. S. & M. A.   85791  x
Cook Mrs. Mary A. Sep.29.1819 Oct.5.1897   d/o Oliver H. & Mary A. Phelps Phelps  85788  Y
Clark P. M. Jun.13.1805 May.23.1881       35976 Y
Clark Polly Jul.7.1808 May.7.1850   w/o P. M. - On same marker Mary Budd 60911 x
Phelps ???   Oct.3.1863 22y6m21d       x
Phelps Oliver H.   Sep.10.1863 77y4m11d     85787  Y
Phelps Mary A.   Apr.18.1886 87y4m17d w/o Oliver H.   85789  Y
Phelps Lauraett   Jun.22.1844 9m28d d/o C. H. & Mary L.   85800  x
Phelps Mary L.   Mar.30.1862 38y6m w/o C. H.   85799  x
Phelps C. H.   Mar.6.1871 44y1m3d     85794  Y
Gaylord W. R.       Co B. 101st Regt. Pa Vol. (IMG_3401.jpg)   90972  x
          Base only     x
Gaylord A. G.   Jun.10.1825 21 m. (IMG_3402.jpg)     x
Welch Alice M.   Jan.21.1874 22y5m d/o E. H. & S. E. (IMG-3403.jpg)     x
Page Clarissa J.   Dec.18.1847 21y5m26d w/o R. L. Doud 38469 Y
Page Chloe   Jun.10.1851 65y5m w/o Rufus ??? 38479 x
Bailey Benjamin 1816 1876       21564 Y
Bailey Clarissa  1818 1854   On marker w/Benjamin Johnson 31009 x
Putnam C. V. 1813 1890       85801  Y
Putnam Cinderella Apr.22.1814 Jun.16.1857   On marker w/C. V. [Check stone - still included on 1860 census] ???  85802  x
Putnam Joseph ???.24.1850 18y?m21d s/o Cornelius & Cinderella
[Should be 13 y per 1850 census]
  85804  x
McConn Matilda J.       w/o E. C. McConn     x
Butler Ella May   May.2.1871 3y11m     87047  Y
Butler Anna M.   Sep.20.1874 9y3m15d On marker w/Ella May   87044  Y
Butler Flora Etta   Sep.17.1874 5y5d On marker w/Ella May   87048  Y
Butler Emma Delia   Oct.3.1874 2y9m On marker w/Ella May   87050  Y
Locher Louis H. Jun.11.1877 ???   s/o L.W. & Ella C. (Cement covering some dates)   85834 Y
Locher Mabel M. Aug.27.1875 ???1876?   d/o L. W. & Ella C. (Cement covering some dates)   85832  Y
Lamb Susan  1800 1893     Adams  85828  Y
Lamb Loren 1798 1898       85809  x
Lamb Sophia 1836         85812  PDC
Lamb Philemia 1822 1894       85811  x
Lamb Ophelia 1812 1832         x
Ide William A. 1859 1939       75904 PDC
Ide Georgiana I. 1847 1924       90989  PDC
Ide William H. 1814 1871       82084 x
Ide Dolly 1813 1880     Kimball  75788 Y
Ide Ida May   Nov.19.1867 7m4d d/o Anna D. Ide     x
Clark Seth Jun.18.1836 May.21.1881       52586 Y
Clark Glenn Mar.9.1863 Nov.28.1865   On marker w/Seth   80083 x
Clark Harry May.23.1875 Aug.11.1875   On marker w/Seth   80084 x
Johnson Electa Clark Jul.19.1840 Feb.2.1904   On marker w/Seth Ketchum 66087 Y
Phelps John M.   Oct.13.1883 53y2m22d     85796  Y
Bailey Burr R. Feb.13.1843 Jul.5.1902       31051 Y
Bailey Della   Sep.29.1880 29y6m15d w/o Burr - On same marker Cook 31049 Y
Bailey Mary E. Oct.30.1871 May.27.1909   On marker w/Burr & Della Holden ? 31050 PDC
Cochran S. B. Jul.14.1813 Apr.2.1895       63289 Y
Cochran Mahetabel       On marker w/S. B. - Stone unreadable   77097 Y
Harmon Galord   Sep.21.1849 61y7m20d       x
Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903
Love, Jere[miah], Co. A [H], 6th PA Regt. - d. 7 May 1868
Starkweather, Nelson J. [SRGP 85759], Co. A, 187th PA Inf. - d. 14 March 1869
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