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Osceola & Fairview Cemetery, Osceola Township, Tioga County PA 2010
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Name of Cemetery: Old Osceola & Fairview Cemetery
Deeded As  : Fairview Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice November 2010
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 2000 and 2010
Location: Osceola Twp, Tioga County, PA - 
GPS Coordinates : gps 41.98220 -77.34689 
Other Comments: All Field Stone markers have been removed and several stones that were here in the 1973 reading are now gone.
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately   1800
Copyright 2010 Joyce M. Tice & Linda C. Reese
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Middle Section - B          
Dearman Justus 9/8/1829 12/14/1880    
Dearman Albert 10/12/1824 6/15/1906    
Dearman Jennie 9/13/1835 9/7/1911    
Faulkner Mary 3/7/1866 4/25/1900   d/o Levi & Sarah A. Darman
Faulkner Sarah A. Dearman 10/14/1826 1/21/1909   w/o Levi
Dearman George   12/7/1867 69y6m13d  
Dearman Olive B.   8/12/1833 32y4m14d On marker w/George - Buried Peruville, Tompkins Co., NY
Hoaglin Lottie K. 1868 4/23/1905    
Losey Sarah J. 11/27/1850 4/27/1899   w/o G. I.
Losey George I. 1846 1931    
Losey Sadie D. 1871 1907   On marker w/George I.
Kizer Gilbert 10/3/1839 6/16/1925   Co H 207 Reg. Pa. Vol.
Kizer Ann 11/5/1842 9/4/1905   w/o Gilbert - On same marker
Joyce Ann 1886 1905    
Dolley George 1897 1910    
Dolley William 1870 1932    
Dolley Oscar L. 1890 1970    
Dolley Lelia A. 1879 1939   On marker w/Oscar
Bates Fannie Piatt 1867 1918    
Baker Charles 1869 1950    
Baker Gertrude E. 1878 1914   On marker w/Charles
Harrington Viola A. Sunderlin 4/27/1907 5/16/1994    
Taft Daniel 1844 1934    
Taft Mary J. 1851 1923    
Baker Coral W. 1867 1960   w/o S. E.
Baker S. E. 1862 1958    
Baker Julia S. 1862 1918    
Taylor Benjamin F. 1853 1934    
Taylor Sarah M. 1857 1922    
Baker Leroy L. 1834 1927    
Baker Mercy 1833 1922   w/o L. L.
Humphrey Sarah Elsa 1859 1917   w/o Wilmont Grow
Humphrey Wilmont G. 1858 1922   M. D.
Tuttle Edward   1985   Funeral Home Marker
Tuttle Christopher R.   1985   Funeral Home Marker
Dunham Pearl J. 8/19/1913 4/21/1985   WT2 Navy WW 2
Case Burr S. 1886 1959    
Case Virginia 1915 1991   On marker w/Burr S.
Schoonover Jennie B. 1886 1923    
Schoonover Walter V. 1879 1953   On marker w/Jennie B.
Lattimer David B. 1848 1925    
Lattimer Julia E. 1849 1927   w/o David
Kline Myrtle L. 1878 1955    
Kline Philip I. 1874 1951   On marker w/Myrtle L.
Newland Howard E. 1892 1990    
Newland Inez O. 1902 1979   On marker w/Howard E.
Murdock Mary 7/8/1829 12/4/1906    
Murdock John O. 11/3/1826 11/10/1909    
Murdock Edward Riggs 12/29/1824 7/12/1909    
Perkins Samuel O. 8/28/1826 5/20/1902    
Perkins Marietta 6/20/1824 11/11/1910   On marker w/Samuel O.
Perkins Elva A.       d/o Samuel & Marietta -Rest of stone in cement-unreadable
Gleason Laura V. 1898 1976    
Gleason P. Warley 1886 1964   On marker w/Laura V.

Published on Tri-Counties 18 NOV 2010
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