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Osceola & Fairview Cemetery, Osceola Township, Tioga County PA 2010
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Name of Cemetery: Old Osceola & Fairview Cemetery
Deeded As  : Fairview Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice November 2010
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 2000 and 2010
Location: Osceola Twp, Tioga County, PA - 
GPS Coordinates : gps 41.98220 -77.34689 
Other Comments: All Field Stone markers have been removed and several stones that were here in the 1973 reading are now gone.
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately   1800
Copyright 2010 Joyce M. Tice & Linda C. Reese
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Crawford Thomas J. 1993 1993   Funeral Home Marker
Crawford San Joan 9/11/1942 3/3/2005    
Crawford Ray James, Jr. 6/19/1940     On marker w/San Joan
Bloom Barbara A. 1930 1977    
Bloom Richard J. 1928 1993   On marker w/Barbara A.
Gleason James A. 4/5/1933 11/25/1989   AIC Air Force Korea
Sahrle Carl R. 1899 1985    
Sahrle Virginia Ludlam 1914 2003   On marker w/Carl R.
VanDusen Kenneth R. 6/20/1914 5/22/2007   Pfc. Army WW 2
VanDusen Alice A. Hall 1926     On marker w/Kenneth R.
Lewis Sterling A. 1908 1982    
Lewis Antoinette M. 1912 1985   On marker w/Sterling A.
Gee Wilbur M. 3/13/1923 9/15/1979   Pfc. Army WW 2
Gee Dorothy L. 1921     On marker w/Wilbur M.
Ludlam Charles D. 5/25/1923 11/7/2003    
Ludlam Frances H. 12/21/1935 2/7/2006   On marker w/Charles D.
Doan Violet 1951 2010   Funeral Home Marker
Causer Janie L. 3/25/1966      
Causer Wade L. 11/13/1965 5/27/2007   On marker w/Janie L.
Causer Charles E. 2/25/1942 5/31/1991   Sgt. Army Vietnam
Causer Shirley M. 4/20/1946     On marker w/Charles E.
Campbell Leo W. 1917 2004    
Campbell Doris H. 1920 1998   On marker w/Leo W.
Roberts David Thomas 5/7/1963 11/4/2008   Sgt. Army
Roberts Yvonne M. 7/9/1959 8/25/2003   On marker w/David Thomas
Owens James V. 8/28/1925 4/13/1983   PHM3 Navy WW 2
Owens Thelma F. 1924 1988   On marker w/James V.
Church Dora S. 1904 2009    
Church Louis A. 1902 1991   On marker w/Dora S.
Foster Claude A. 1914 1985    
Foster Helen M. 1925 1993   On marker w/Claude A.
Lyon Robert J. 1934 2009    
Lyon Dawn S. 1934 1986   On marker w/Robert J.
Buckingham William A. 2/5/1936 6/15/2004   A1C Air Force
Buckingham Elizabeth 2/13/1943     On marker w/William A.
Jenkins Thomas J. 2/6/1926 10/23/1991   SC 3 Navy WW 2
Jenkins Dawn M. 1932 2009   On marker w/Thomas J.
Swingle Seth A. 7/16/1913 6/19/1999   S. Sgt. Army WW 2
Swingle Ruth M. 1917 1983   On marker w/Seth A.
Moore Mira P. 1916 2005    
Moore Herbert M. 1909 1982   On marker w/Mira P.
Baker Jack P. 11/2/1921 12/15/2005   M. Sgt. Army WW 2
Baker Phyllis J. 3/23/1923     On marker w/Jack P.
Croft Wynn P. 5/22/1925 4/20/1982   RD M2 Navy WW 2
Croft Eleanor R. 1926     On marker w/Wynn P.
Martin David V. 3/23/1926 3/9/1989   Cpl. Army Korea
Martin Deloris 1928 1999    
Barnes William E., Jr. 1925 1989    
Root Kenneth L. 8/13/1923 1/9/1993   SA Navy WW 2
Root Helen W. 1920 2008   On marker w/Kenneth L.
Waters Mary J. 9/21/1960      
Waters Jeffery S., Sr. 8/12/1958 2/4/2008   On marker w/Mary J.
Button Aaron Riley 1997 2006   Funeral Home Marker
Brian Thomas Edwin, Sr. 1910 2006    
Brian Mary Rose Brown 1914 1998   On marker w/Thomas Edwin, Sr.
Holden Harley H. 1910 2005    
Holden Onnolee S. 1919 1981   On marker w/Harley H.
Zdanowski Thaddeus J. 10/24/1915 3/5/1992   S1 Navy WW 2
Zdanowski Stella 1919 1980   On marker w/Thaddeus J.
Button David 1965 1980    
Shutt Henry A. 1934      
Shutt Helen H. 1942 2006   On marker w/Henry A.
Geise Brian M.   1980   Infant
Geise Traci L. 1976 2008    
Gee Raymond C. 1917 1981    
Gee Ruth Jones 1926     On marker w/Raymond C.
Taylor Joseph F. 1/25/1913 2/27/1997   MM2 Navy WW 2
Taylor Luva K. 1920 2007   On marker w/Joseph F.
McNeill John E., Sr. 4/7/1930      
McNeill Barbara L. 2/19/1934     On marker w/John E., Sr.
Sahrle Eric V. 2/13/1948 11/18/1984   Army Vietnam
Sahrle Donna J. 12/5/1950     On marker w/Eric V.
Sahrle Duane Rowe 12/12/1945 5/4/2008   ATN2 Navy Vietnam
Sahrle Susan M. 8/13/1943     On marker w/Duane Rowe
Farnsworth Billy Joe Alan 7/13/1979 3/29/2007    

Published on Tri-Counties 18 NOV 2010
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