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Osceola & Fairview Cemetery, Osceola Township, Tioga County PA 2010
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Name of Cemetery: Old Osceola & Fairview Cemetery
Deeded As  : Fairview Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2010
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice November 2010
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 2000 and 2010
Location: Osceola Twp, Tioga County, PA - 
GPS Coordinates : gps 41.98220 -77.34689 
Other Comments: All Field Stone markers have been removed and several stones that were here in the 1973 reading are now gone.
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately   1800
Copyright 2010 Joyce M. Tice & Linda C. Reese
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Beard Lyle Allen 5/30/1924 4/1/2008   Pfc. Army WW 2 - Bronze Star
Beard Barbara A. 1/29/1933 1/1/1993   On marker w/Lyle Allen
Beard Orin 1904 1988    
Beard Glady V. 1905 2004   On marker w/Orin
VanDusen Burr 1884 1961    
VanDusen Ola D. 1882 1957   On marker w/Burr
VanDusen Evelyn R. 1913 1999    
VanDusen George H. 1910 1986   On marker w/Evelyn R.
Casbeer Donald E. 1902 1980    
Casbeer Sally Jane 1933 1953    
Krise Philip R. 1930      
Krise Dorothy 1927 1998   On marker w/Philip R.
Krise Scott E. 1961 1962    
Tuttle Gene T. 9/17/1927 11/11/2009   PFC Army WW 2
Johnson Satie J. 1934 1989    
Clark Melvin L. 1909 1956    
Clark Mary G. 1912 1992   On marker w/Melvin L.
Rapan Robert J. 10/8/1938 4/14/1997   Spc. 5 Army
Rapan Margaret A. 1941     On marker w/Robert J.
Beard Eric L. 8/2/1948 4/20/2000   Spc. 4 Army Vietnam
Casbeer Lowell B. 1925 2004    
Casbeer Janet 1933 2000   On marker w/Lowell B.
Owens Edna M. 1903 1966    
Owens Theodore R. 1905 1967   On marker w/Edna M.
Cook Velma I. 1917 2007   Funeral Home Marker
Cook William E. 6/13/1918 3/24/1991   Pvt. Army WW 2
Hoyt Lottie S. 1890 1959    
Douglas Floyd M. 1906 1986    
Douglas Eloise G. 1909 1992   On marker w/Floyd M.
Upham Lovina 1895 1968    
Upham Coe, Sr. 1887 1961   On marker w/Lovina
Krise Donald L. 5/4/1933 12/20/1962   NY Sgt. Marine Corps
Elliott Carol A. 10/25/1939 6/26/2002    
Elliott James R. 6/7/1937     On marker w/Carol A.
Elliott Steven J. 1961 1963   s/o James & Carol
Elliott Robert J. 1912 1963    
Elliott Gertrude O. 1914 1998   On marker w/Robert J.
McNeil Louis J. 2/21/1911 1/21/1965   Pa. Sgt. Army Air Force WW 2
McNeil Patrick C. 1907 1966    
McNeil Mathew L. 1905 1969   On marker w/Patrick C.
McNeil Robert J. 1903 1973   On marker w/Patrick C.
Hurlbert Charles  1919      
Hurlbert Georgia 1921 1965   On marker w/Charles
Wheeler Milton E. 11/9/1898 5/11/1966   NY Wag. Btry F 21 Fld. Arty WW 1
Wheeler Esther 1911 1999   On marker w/Milton E.
Ferry Marjorie G. 1922 2009   Funeral Home Marker
Ferry Robert B. 11/20/1920 12/21/1992   COX Navy WW 2
Joelson Ruth 1/11/1927      
Joelson Yngvar R. 12/23/1926     On marker w/Ruth
Causer Addie M. 1918      
Causer Orin W. 1918 1966   On marker w/Addie M.

Published on Tri-Counties 18 NOV 2010
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