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by Joyce M. Tice 2005
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Name of Cemetery:    Niles Valley Cemetery
Read By:  Linda Cornell Reese, Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   August 2005
Location:  From Rte.287 in Niles Valley turn onto Cemetery Road, cross railroad tracks.Bear right and go about 1/2 mile.Cem. Is on right, along the road.
NOTE: There are many burials without markers in this cemetery
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Surname First Name Birth date Death Date Age Inscription or note
Stevens Ella   Dec.26.1886 32 yr w/o Charles
Stevens Charles Nov.28.1811 Mar.7.1898    
Stevens Emily Bradish Feb.11.1818 Feb.6.1895    
Stevens Warren Nov.5.1874 Jun.3.1895    
Stevens Charles Jr. Nov.9.1849      
Mandeville A. Jackson 1835 1901    
Mandeville Rose 1841 1911   w/o A. J.
Mandeville Will C. 1876 1908    
Deats Myrtle Moore 1884 1989    
Deats Wilbur Sykes 1912      
Deats Helen11904        
Deats Farnham 1901 1995    
Webster Benj. F.M.   Jul.12.1865 62y5m1d  
Webster Dellia M.   Mar.7.1863 9y1m c/o Benj. F.M. & Royal Webster
Webster Mary   Mar.5.1863 16y9m c/o Benj. F.M. & Royal Webster
Burrell Edward J. 1917      
Burrell Jay D. 1889 1958    
Burrell Clara S. 1898      
Burrell Phineas 1881 1904    
Gee Beldon J. 1897 1931    
Gee Thresa Ilene 1930 1946    
Gee William R. 1925 2002    
Gee Wilda K. 1926      
Allington Lorey J. 1891 1956    
Allington Editha L. 1908 1999    
Allington Barbara Jean 1930 1935    
Allington Patsy Arlene 1935 1942    
Niles Nathan H. Jun.13.1831 Dec.21.1902    
Niles Eliza Sep.7.1840 Nov.9.1896    
Niles Homer F. 1897 1926    
Niles Mamie S. Miles 1901 1988    
Niles Edith B. 1869 1949    
Niles George E. 1866 1935    
Niles Erastus 1852 1930    
Niles Ella M. 1857 1918    
Niles Nathan B. 1857 1872   s/o E.W. & Catherine
Niles Erasmus W. 1827 1871    
Niles Catherine May.17.1833 Nov.26.1893    
Niles Nathan Aug.24.1877 Sep.18??   s/o E. & E.M.
Niles Reuben 1898 1919    
Niles Erwin W. 1897 1898   s/o L.A & E.
Niles Gibson 1846 1908    
Niles Emily Bradish 1846 1927    
Perry Bertie Jul.1.1904 Aug.29.1905   s/o A. E. & Adelia
Jordain John 1839 1905    
Jordain Sabrina 1845 1895    
Hehl Benjamin C. 1879 1914    
Hehl Marbie H. 1880 1923    
Osgood George R. 1874 1948    
Osgood Emma 1893 1917    
Osgood Levi 1889 1905    
Osgood Levi K.       Co F 17 U.S. Inf.
Osgood Erastus Apr.19.1812 Aug.13.1900    
Spaulding Lizzie Niles Sep.18.1862 Aug.4.1945   On stone w/Erastus Osgood
Niles Willie K.   Dec.18.1858 5m6d s/o Erastus & Lucy B.
Niles Henderson W.   Dec.18.1853 7y3m11d s/o Erastus & Lucy B.
Osgood Jacob    Jan.4.1882 3y11m20d  
Niles Roland W. 1899 1917    
Niles Eva May  1880 1940    
Niles Leroy A. 1878 1932    
Niles Betsey   Jun.3.1862 65y29d w/o Aaron
Niles Aaron Jun.29.1784 Feb.22.1872 87 yr B. in Hebron Conn.
Niles Debora   Jan.12.1835 38 yr w/o Aaron
Whitcomb Chas. S. Nov.21.1819 Jan.4.1835    
Whitcomb Elizabeth Mar.6.1822 Mar.6.1900    
Niles Philander Mar.8.1811 Sep.22.1884    
Niles Sarah Dec.25.1816 Sep.24.1902    
Niles Russell Aug.20.1820 Feb.6.1905    
Niles Charlotte   Jun.5.1857 29 yr w/o Russell
Niles Julia E. Mar.21.1891 49 yr w/o Russell
Niles Jasper S. 1866 1958    
Niles Mary M. 1866 1933    
Niles James H. 1838 1919    
Niles Emily L. Benedict 1842 1910    
Buck Leon M. 1892 1963    
Buck Julia A. 1892 1957    
Sutton Harry L. 1880 1955    
Sutton Agnes N. 1887 1962    
Perry Lottie S.   Jan.4.1880 23y18d w/o Veron E.
Niles Mae H. 1875 1963    
Niles Fred H. 1872 1951    
Niles Robert 1898 1942    
Niles Eileen 1902 1955    
Niles Marion E. 1846 1920    
Niles Jane 1849 1927    
Niles Marion P. Dec.27.1884 May.19.1917    
Bailey Angie N. 1887 1959    
Bailey Julus C. 1885 1948    
Niles Infant   1896   s/o Geo. & Edith
Niles Hugh Jul.1.1902 Feb.21.1903   s/o F.H. & Mae
  Infant   Oct.11.1865   s/o N.H & Eliza C. (Stone broken)
  Austania   Mar.22.1875 67y7m22d w/o Erastus (Stone broken)
  Permilia       In 38th year (stone broken)
  Erastus   Jul.24.1877 88y8m10d Stone broken
          All following on tall spire in center of cemetry
  N. H.        
  J. H.        
  E. M.        
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/22/2005
By Joyce M. Tice

Subj:  Additions to Niles Valley Cemetery Page
Date:  04/08/2004 9:51:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Dgleason1973 (Dwight Gleason)
To:  JoyceTice

Joyce below is a listing of some individuals who are buried at Niles Valley Cemetery. In the near future I will provide you with obits for most of these individuals.

Foster Henry Gleason b. 03/04/1918 d. 11/28/2000
Carrie Ruth Gleason b. 09/01/1917 d. 10/14/1991

Frederick Howard Gleason b. 06/24/1953 d. 02/19/1992
Arthur T. Gleason b. 03/30/1962 d. 03/30/1962
Willard S. Gleason b. 12/26/1963 d. 10/14/1964

Henry William Gleason b. 09/18/1878 d. 07/29/1951
Ella Etta HAKES Gleason b. 05/10/1897 d. 09/21/1979
Beatrice Mae GLEASON Walker b. 07/17/1916 d. 12/13/1995
Howard William Gleason b. 02/02/1921 d. 12/05/1939

George Edward Hakes b. 07/20/1853 d. 01/09/1927
Juliette Rose CHAPMAN Hakes b. 12/06/1856 d. 1940
Rosetta Hakes b. 11/29/1873 d. 11/02/1875
Mary Hakes b. 09/11/1875 d. 05/24/1882
William Hakes b. 04/07/1878 d. 06/12/1882
Lucy HAKES Watts b 05/20/1880 d. 1954
Saul B. Watts b. 1878 d. 1964
Rosa HAKES Davis b. 02/25/1882 d. 1941
Loren N. Davis b. 1883 d. 1947
John Hakes b. 02/27/1884 d. 10/15/1884
Almina Hakes b. 07/02/1885 d. 05/02/1886
Charles Hakes b. 04/20/1887 d. 02/1978
   ---Jessie M. Hakes b. 06/12/1912 d. 07/09/1927
   ---Ruth BUTTON Hakes b. 10/02/1916 d. 04/23/1942
Arthur Carpenter Hakes b. 09/15/1889 d. 09/24/1887
Fred Warren Hakes b. 07/11/1895 d. 07/10/1943
Lena F. HAKES Smith b. 02/10/1899 d. 1954
Walter Smith b. 1881 d. 04/17/1974
   ---Clarence W. Smith b. 05/12/1920 d. 02/03/1989
   ---Anna HUGHES Smith b. abt. 1945 d. 08/12/2000

Published on Tri-Counties  22 SEP 2005
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