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DATE READ Summer of 2002
READ BY: M. Lucille Stage and granddaughters Casey, Justine and Jennifer Stage
Typed by: Louise E. Fowler and granddaughter Amanda Fowler and Pat SMITH Raymond
Location: West of Town of Lawrenceville on Route 49
Comments: Cemetery is well cared for.Cemetery is "full" but there is much open space due to unmarked graves and fallen stones. Many military flag holders are on the wrong graves. Records were lost in one of the many floods to hit Lawrenceville before the Cowanesque Dam was built.
Veteran's List: At end of reading may be incomplete
*By surname indicates name on previous reading by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and her group in about 1970.
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Section E 01 Veterans 01
Veteran list for Lawrenceville Cemetery
Surname  First  M.I. Rank and Company
ADAMS Joseph   Co F 36th NY Inf
BACKUS Joseph  D. Co G 45th Pa Inf
BALDWIN E.   Co B 28TH Pa Inf
BALL Charles H. Co K Reg NY Cav
BARBER Eli   Co A 36th Pa Vol
BEEMAN Charles   Co P 36th NY Inf
BEEMAN  J.  C.  QMSgt 161st NY Inf
BEEMAN Orville No rank or number recorded
BILLS  Philo   No rank or Co recorded
BOSTWICK  Marshall   207th Reg Penna Vol
BREWER S. E. Co F 89th NY Inf
BRANT Le Grand G. No Co or rank recorded
BRIGGS Lewis   Co D 16th Reg Pa Cav
BROWN Alb't C. Co F. 86 NY Vol 
BROWN  Ale  T.J. Co F 86th NY Inf
BROWN William A, Co F 86th NY Inf
BROWN Lyman   Co E 85th NY Inf
CASE John   Co G 15 RegtNY Vol Eng
CASE Nathan   Co A 136th Pa Inf
CASE William   Co G 161st NY Vol
CATON  G. W. Co K 143rd NY Inf
CATON Henry T. Co G 126th Ny Inf Corporal
CHAPMAN Thomas  Carlton Died prisoner of war Salisbury NC
COLDER Hiram W. Co I Reg NY
COLE Thomas   Co K 2nd NY Vol (Cav)
CURRAN Bradman   Sgt Co G 107th NY Inf
CURRAN Charles   21 LIght Art
DAILEY James   Co H 207th Reg Pa Vol
DARLING Lewis   Surgeon 161st NY Inf
DARLING Jr. Lewis W. Surgeon US Army and Navy
DATES W. A. Co K 2nd NY Cav
DAVIS William   Co B 3rd Reg Pa Vol
ERWAY J. S. Co G 149 Pa Vol
GILLETT Elijah P. Co M 9th H A
GOODELL Abner   Co A.L.S.T.Pa Rifles
GOODELL C. G. CO 186th NY Inf
GOODELL Charles   Co I 86th NY Inf
HARRIS George   No Co or Number recorded 1838-1911
HARROWER Col  Gabriel 161st NY Inf
HENDRICKS James C. Co H 27th Reg NY Vol
HERRICK Albert G. Co D 16th Pa Cav
HUDSON Thomas   Co F 11th NY Cav
KELTS Delos   Co B 2nd NY Cav
KEMP Eleazer   No Co or Reg recorded
KEMP Samuel   Co E 16th Pa Cav
KILBURN Charles l. Brig Gen US Army
KIMBLE Lewis   No Co or rank recorded
KINSEY N. V. Co A 13th Reg Pa Res
KIRKENDALL W. H. Co F 11th Pa Inf
KNAPP J. L. CO I 11th Pa Cav
KOLB Lewis   Co G 141st Reg NY Inf
LOUGHBRIDGE William   Co B 53rd Pa Inf
LAMPHIER Alonza M. Co E 10th NY Cav
MANN Thomas   Co L 10th NY Cav
MOSIER Fred K Co F 161st NY Inf
MOSIER William   Co B 148th Pa Inf
McDOUGAL Samuel   Co ? Lieu. 15th US Inf
MAREAU Charles  A. 34th NY Lt Inf
NORWOOD William   Co G NY Vol
PORTER Allen  T. No rank or Co recorded
PORTER John   Co K 2nd NY Cav
PHIPPEN Horace   Co E 86th NY Inf
PHIPPEN Curtis   Co E NY Inf
REEP Claude   P.C.F.47th Inf 4th Div
RHODIMER James   Corp Co E 27th NJ Inf
ROBINSON James   Co K 50th Reg Pa Vol
ROBINSON William   Co K 50th Reg Pa Vol
SEYMOUR Joseph   Co C 161st Reg NY Inf
SHOEMAKER Sylvester   Co H 189th Reg NY Vol
SMITH Lafayette   Co F 86h NY Inf
SMITH Lucian   Co A 136th Reg Pa Vol
SMITH William  S. No Co or rank recorded
STAGE Charles   Co A 207th Reg Pa Vol
STEVENS Edmund   Corp. Co F 66th NY Inf
STEPHENS William    1834-1899 No Co recorded
STARR V. D. Co G 161st NY Inf
SHOEMAKER Sylvester   Co H 189th Reg Ny Vol
TILLINGHAST John   Co D 3rd NY Vol
Van De Boe Orlando   Co D 3rd NY Vol
WINTER William   Co F 86th NY Inf
WHITE Hamilton   Co I 4th NY H A
WRIGHT William   Died in Va of wounds rec'd in battle
RYAN Jesse Rev. No rank or Co recorded
AMES Charles Emory Pvt 314th Inf 79th Div
BENNETT Leslie   No Co or rank recorded
BENNETT Lester H. Pennsylvania Cook 314 Inf 79 Div 
BRANT Frank E. Co L. Elmira NY
CASE John   Co G 5th Reg NY Eng AEF
COLE Arland   No Co or rank recorded
CORNELL Hugh A. Penna Cpl Co C 663 TD BN
DOUD Hobart R. N Y Private US Army
ELLICOTT Samuel   Co C 5th Eng Reg
HAMILEN Hugh   Sgt 21st R.C.T. Gen Ser Staff
HAROLD Earl  L. Pvt 161st Pa Inf
HOYT Sherman   No Co or rank recorded
PALMER Richard F. Pvt US Army
REEP Elmer   AEF
RUSSELL Jay Robert No Co or rank recorded
SMITH L. Chapman Medical Officer
TENBROECK Leon   No Co or rank recorded
TONGUE William H. Cook 18th Inf I Div
TREMAINE Gilbert E. Cpl US Army 134th Inf AEF
WEED John A. Indiana PFC 22 Ambulance
WETMORE Kenneth A. Pvt US Army
WRIGHT Charles   Wagoner 315th Inf 79th Div
WORLD WAR ll      
BRAVO Guy L. Cpl US Army
BRIGGS Thomas F. St Mi US Coast Guard
BROCKWAY Daniel L. Sr. PFC US Army
BROWN Leo W. Pennsylvania PFC 76 QM Bakery Co
BROWN  Elwyn  C. US Navy B/N2/C
BUMP Dwight   NO Co or rank recorded
HOLTON Lawrence   Tec 5 US Army
HORTON Jesse J. US Army 
HOWE Melvin J. No Co or rank recorded
HOWELL Elwin J. Pvt US Army
KREBS Robert   No Co or rank recorded
PERRY Leonard A. US Navy
PORTER Artley A. NY PFC AT Co 194 Glider Inf SSM
REEP Wayne A. US Army 
WHEELER David C.Sr. Cpl US Army Air Force
WHITE Edwin J. Pvt US Army
KREBS Robert C. No other info
SETZER Clifford  Earl Sr. Sgt US Army
CLEVELAND David  L. Cpl.US Marine Corp.

Published on Tri-Counties  14 FEB 2004
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