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Middlebury #3  / Hammond Cemetery
On right side of Cole Road off Rte 187

 This whole cemetery was moved to make room for the lake.  All of the stones face away from the road toward the back except for a few newer burials that face the road at the front. This cemetery is well maintained except for the government markers which at sometime were removed and placed in the caretakers shed.
Name of Cemetery: Middlebury #3 / Hammond Cemetery
Read By: Linda Reese
Date Read: Aug.5.2005
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Middlebury Township, Tioga County PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Bryant Ida M. 1859 1935    
Bryant Calvin R. 1846 1931   On marker w/Ida
Gee Frank Sep.28.1855      
Gee Edith Downing Jan.8.1861 Jul.21.1897   On marker w/Frank
Dowing Lucy Anderson 1831 1911   w/o Abram
Padgett Edward 1871 1915    
Padgett Mildred    Jan.12.1900 4m12d  
Padgett William 1908 1957    
Padgett Nancy 1880 1944    
Padgett Martha A. 1880 1972    
Nestel Neda Root 1887 1972    
Nestel Walter 1884 1967    
Root Isiah T. 1848 1922    
Root Helen S. 1850 1900    
Root Emma W. 1878 1945    
Root L. Mae 1886 1963    
Root Lou N. 1881 1911    
Steele Edward Hammond 1923 1977    
Steele Robert 1887 1947    
Steele Willa 1887 1985   On marker w/Robert
Hymes Daisy H. Feb.24.1877 Nov.15.1961    
Hymes Henry S. 1853 1880    
Hymes Alice M. 1853 1939   On marker w/Henry S.
Cook Marion L. Carleton Feb.17.1926      
Cook Durwood E. Oct.1.1924 Oct.6.2002   WW2 Navy-On marker w/Marion L.
Root James F. 1856 1919    
Root Anna 1859 1933    
Downing Clarence L. 1858 1929    
Downing Jeanie 1867 1959    
Downing Margarete 1892 1910    
Downing Helen A. 1901 1904    
Downing Earl  1903 1904    
Johnson Seth Albert 1856 1944    
Johnson Alice Simonds 1860 1943   On marker w/Seth
Bailey J.O.W, 1846 1878    
Bailey Clara A. Stevens 1849 1941   On marker w/J.O.W.
  Marvin       On marker w/J.O.W.
Potter Henry H.   Mar.24.1879 87y6m  
Potter Melinda B. Sep.12.1807 Jan.3.1886   w/o Henry - On same marker
Potter Abigale M.   Dec.17.1828 32y11m22d w/o Henry - On same marker
Hammond Capt. John J. Aug.1.1822 Sep.27.1898    
Hammond Betsey   Dec.23.1884 61 yr On marker w/Capt. John J.
Miller Ross H. Mar.13.1875 Jul.10.1948    
Miller Bessie L. Sep.13.1883 Sep.2.1917   On marker w/Ross H.
Root Little Ida Oct.21.1883 Sep.3.1885   1883? Sep.3.1885 may be 1887
Low Gertrud A. 1930      
Low David J. Mar.20.1929 Mar.27.1989   U.S. Army Korea -On marker w/Gertrud
Metarko Barbara Ann Dec.22.1946 Feb.28.1993    
Metarko E. George May.11.1931 Jun.20.1992   Sgt. U.S. Army Korea -On marker w/Barbara Ann
          In Pile By Shed
Stevens George 1830 1896    
McLean Carrie M.   Sep.30.1864 1y9m d/o Alexander A. & M.
          Government Markers in Caretakers shed
          These were removed at some time
          These people were moved by the Corp of Engineers
6A Unknown        
109A Unknown        
214A Shellman Edward      
315 Unknown        
No Number Unknown        
No Number Dowing Arthur      
No Number Barns William      
26A Unknown        
210 Unknown        
33A Dowing Albert      
20B Unknown        
No Number Unknown        
No Number Wheatey Infant      
No Number Unknown        
No Number Unknown        
No Number Root Gladys      
No Number Hammond Betty      
No Number VanDorn Louise      
No Number Hammond Flida      
No Number Farr Rufus      
No Number Unknown        
No Number Unknown        
238C Carleton Elizabeth      
238C Carleton        
238B Carleton Will       
238B Unknown        
No Number Padgett Baby Girl      
  Jones Tom 1896-1900   On back E.J.N.
320C Conklin Julia      
170 Cole Frankie      
175 Richard        
315A Shellman Edger      
320A McWhorter Susan      
320D Conklin Orin      
238A Carleton Charles      
197 Stevens Walter A. 1868-1926    
No Number Steele E.      
320 McWhorter Thomas      
No Number Frazier Irene      
188A Unknown        
167 Cole Sala 1777-1852    
320B Conklin William      
315B Shelman D. E.      
343A Hanson Martin      
268A Simonds Frances      
317D Kennedy Melvin      
No Number Unknown        
No Number Unknown        
293 Unknown        
No Number Simonds Dan      
317A Shellman Marsha      
No Number Crammer Baby       
317C Kennedy Robert      
271A Webster Baby       
No Number Dimmick Charles      

Published on Tri-Counties  28 APR 2006
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