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Middlebury #3  / Hammond Cemetery
On right side of Cole Road off Rte 187

 This whole cemetery was moved to make room for the lake.  All of the stones face away from the road toward the back except for a few newer burials that face the road at the front. This cemetery is well maintained except for the government markers which at sometime were removed and placed in the caretakers shed.
Name of Cemetery: Middlebury #3 / Hammond Cemetery
Read By: Linda Reese
Date Read: Aug.5.2005
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Middlebury Township, Tioga County PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Steele S. Frank 1855 1934    
Steele Emma 1855 1948   On marker w/S. Frank
Steele Little Max Jun.3.1884 Jul.23.1886   s/o Frank & Emma
Steele Marguerite 1894 1982    
Stevens John W. 1885 1966    
Stevens Hazel H. 1889 1949   On marker w/John W.
Stevens Arthur Hammond 1910 1982    
Stevens Madeline Comfort 1913 1996   On marker w/Arthur
Hammond Noah   Apr.12.1872 44y6m  
Potter Clair   Dec.30.1868 5m?d s/o Albert & Matilda
Hammond Martha I. 1868 1939    
Hammond Arthur G. 1867 1941   On marker w/Martha
Hammond Sallie       w/o Ebenezer-Stone broke below died
Hammond Louise   Aug.29.1860 32 yr  
Steele Wells Sep.21.1889 Aug.31.1891   s/o Frank & Emma
Hammond Calvin Nov.1.1820 May.5.1876    
Hammond Louisa Apr.17.1828 Aug.29.1868   On marker w/Calvin
Hammond Emma A. Oct.30.1841 Dec.21.1891   w/o Calvin
Hammond Jennie 1869 1954    
Hammond Ida M. 1872 1966   On marker w/Jennie
Hammond Calvin   Jul.13.1868   s/o Noah & Elizabeth
Stevens William C.   Sep.7.1905 72y2m21d  
Stevens Elizabeth   Jun.17.1878 37y1m23d w/o William C.-On same marker
Stevens George C.   Sep.3.1867 3y11m s/o Wm. & Elizabeth
Stevens Judd H. 1858 1935    
Stevens Jennie M. 1862 1953   On marker w/Judd H.
Thurston Anson K. 1828 1915    
Thurston Mary 1837 1921   w/o Anson K. - On same marker
Thurston Keith S.   Jan.28.1900 5m3d s/o E.A. & G.M.
Stevens S. M. Aug.12.1839 Dec.24.1893    
Stevens Theresa M. Sep.1.1842 Jun.1.1910   w/o S.M. - On same marker
Cole George L. 1907 1993    
Cole Bernice O. 1904 1993   On marker w/George L.
McHenry Robert S. Aug.30.1920 Dec.16.2000    
McHenry Betty Jean May.1.1926 Aug.15.1997   On marker w/Robert S.
McLean Henry H. 1884 1969    
McLean Marietta O. 1888 1980   On marker w/Henry H.
Hammond Keith C. 1908 1968    
Hammond Keith C. 1879 1973    
Hammond Fleda H. 1880 1973   On marker w/Keith C.
Simonds Irene B. Nov.25.1931 Mar.9.2004    
Cosey Alice A. Webster Jun.2.1929 Feb.7.1986    
Smithgall Robert E. 1928      
Smithgall Louise C. 1929     On marker w/Robert E.
Carleton Charles E. 1924      
Carleton R.Marie 1929     On marker w/Charles E.
Carleton Margerite 1905 1983    
Carleton George L. 1893 1964   On marker w/Margerite
Carleton Wilda M. 1923      
Carleton George W. 1924 1987   On marker w/Wilda M.
Phillips Ruth C. 1886 1969    
Phillips James E. 1891 1969   On marker w/Ruth C.
Carleton Charles E. 1855 1931    
Carleton Mary Ida 1855 1944   On marker w/Charles E.
Carleton Mary Ida 1922 1925   d/o J. J. & Ethel
Carleton James J. 1898 1981    
Carleton Ethel M. 1900 1990   On marker w/James J.
Simonds Loretta Jan.28.1938 Nov.28.1957   d/o Oscar & Mildred
Simonds Mildred Cole 1910 1970    
Simonds Oscar P. 1908 1977   On marker w/Mildred Cole
Frazer Irene Simonds R.N. 1910 1972    
Scott Jeffery   1960   (Child)
Wheatley William H. 1900 1981    
Wheatley Alice M. 1911     On marker w/William H.
Wheatley K. "Doc" 1931 2000   U.S. Navy Korea
Wheatley Marilyn S. 1939     On marker w/ K. "Doc"
Wheatley Richard B. 1933 1967    
Lillie Howard Russell 1902 1961    
Hardy Norma J. 1917 1955    
Hardy Brent L. 1922     On marker w/Norma J.
Losey Ida E. 1892 1970    
Losey Frank E. 1893 1952   On marker w/Ida E.
Spaulding Lavern W. 1910 1953    
Spaulding Gladys N. 1913 2003    
Vanbencotln Jeanette A. 1927 1997    
Vanbencotln Earl L. 1925 1975   On marker w/Jeanette-WW 2 Army
Zdrajewski Frank J. Dec.27.1924      
Zdrajewski Michaelina A. Oct.24.1918 Oct.14.2004   On marker w/Frank J.
Rose James Allen Nov.22.1956      
Rose Lisa Jo Oct.31.1962 Oct.2.2002   On marker w/James Allen
Mitchell Alonzo 1822 1893    
Mitchell Elizabeth 1824 1894   On marker w/Alonzo
Lewis Valentine W. 1840 1936    
Lewis Martha M. Hymes 1835 1916   w/o Valentine-On same marker
Hymes Lucretia Apr.29.1824 Oct.11.1895   "Sister"
Hammond Glen 1859 1928    
Hammond Kate 1861 1939   w/o Glen - On same marker
Hammond Mary 1898 1898   c/o Glen & Kate -On same marker
Hammond Robert 1900 1900   c/o Glen & Kate -On same marker
Root Howard  1879 1937    
Root Mabelle 1887     On marker w/Howard
Root Thomas H. 1842 1913    
Root Emma H. 1852 1918   On marker w/Thomas H.
Simonds Etta J. 1886 1950    
  Harland F. 1884 1912    

Published on Tri-Counties  28 APR 2006
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