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Middlebury #3  / Hammond Cemetery
On right side of Cole Road off Rte 187

 This whole cemetery was moved to make room for the lake.  All of the stones face away from the road toward the back except for a few newer burials that face the road at the front. This cemetery is well maintained except for the government markers which at sometime were removed and placed in the caretakers shed.
Name of Cemetery: Middlebury #3 / Hammond Cemetery
Read By: Linda Reese
Date Read: Aug.5.2005
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Middlebury Township, Tioga County PA

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Wilson Baby   1971    
Vance Beulah M. 1912 2003    
Vance Lyle W. 1903 1986    
Leet A. Clark 1906 1998    
Leet Louise M. 1911 2001   On marker w/A. Clark
Mitchell William E. 1876 1953    
Mitchell Nellie H. 1878 1959   On marker w/William E.
Stevens Fanny A. 1842 1900    
Stevens John 1830 1911    
Carleton James A. Sr. 1926      
Carleton Jean E. 1936     On marker w/James A. Sr.
Carleton William H. 1852 1930    
Carleton Elizabeth 1851 1934   On marker w/William H.
Carleton Darius Jan.7.1830 Nov.2.1896    
Carleton Roxana Aug.23.1834 Jan.26.1899   On marker w/Darius
Carleton Levi T. Oct.6.1842 Sep.11.1899    
Carleton Dorcas M. Feb.5.1834     On marker w/Levi T.
Carleton Philo H.   Oct.9.1873 72y6m3d  
Beckwith David   Sep.17.1870 71y2m3d  
Alexander B.F.   Aug.10.1866 35y5m12d  
Simonds Harry B. 1871 1950    
Simonds Blanche E. 1878 1949   On marker w/Harry B.
McLean A. A. Nov.3.1814 Uncut    
McLean Mary J. Oct.25.1820 Apr.17.1880   w/o A. A. - On same marker
Ferry Ida M.   Apr.4.1887 26 yr w/o Charles L.
Bailey Cephas 1806 1884    
Bailey Caroline Wright 1809 1879   w/o Cephas - On same marker
Stevens Walter B.   Sep.8.1856 2y9m6d s/o Daniel G. & Eveline
Stevens Adele L.   May.26.1857 1y5d d/o Daniel G. & Eveline
Farr Carrie   Jun.22.1863   d/o Rufus & Ellen
Farr Clara P.   Jul.11.1853 30y2m10d w/o Rufus
Simonds Wayland D. 1849 1917    
Simonds Delia 1843 1906   w/o Wayland - On same marker
Cole Frankie       c/o A. C. & D. J. "Our Infant Sons"
Cole Artie       c/o A. C. & D. J. "Our Infant Sons"
Hakes May Cole 1864 1930    
McInroy Clakie   May.17.1887 6y5m8d s/o John W. & Kittie
Stevens Patty   1896 81 yr  
Stevens Annie T. 1859 1939    
Stevens Charles H. 1859 1939   On marker w/Annie T.
Stevens George  Feb.26.1889 Sep.13.1890   s/o Charles & Anna
Stevens Mary Jul.21.1887 Mar.8.1888   d/o Charles & Anna
Stevens Frances 1899 1929   d/o W.C. & Minnie
Stevens Robert F. Jun.22.1899 Sep.5.1899   s/o F.A. & Ida M.
Delapp Ann 1844 1907    
Leet Alfred J.   Sep.22.1896 66y  
Leet Emma M.   Jan.7.1930 86 yr On marker w/Alfred J.
Dimmick Lyda 1843 1891   w/o G. D.
Hymes Katherine L. 1883 1935    
Hymes Henry D. 1886 1941   On marker w/Katherine L.
Hymes Clara Oct.18.1863 Jun.11.1928   w/o F.J.
Hymes F. J. May.24.1856 Jun.27.1890    
Stevens Jennie D. 1875 1967    
Stevens Paul C. 1879 1957   On marker w/Jennie D.
Stevens Lafayette C.   Jun.4.1901 3m23d s/o Paul & Jennie
Farr Lafayette  Jun.15.1844 Jul.1.1910    
Farr Mary Ann Feb.5.1854 Apr.6.1908   w/o Lafayette - On same marker
Stevens Minnie A. 1869 1932   w/o W. C.
Stevens George O. 1830 1896    
Stevens Thressa A. 1835 1899   On marker w/George O.
Stevens Asa   1884 69 yr  
Chase Emma  1851 1914    
Stevens Abraham   Jan.13.1847 58y2m26d  
Stevens Mary   Apr.23.1872 73y1m6d On marker w/Abraham
Cole A. C. 1819 1887    
Cole Delia 1828 1921   On marker w/A. C.
Cole Sally   Apr.27.1845 63y9m w/o Sala
Cole Heber Sep.13.1802 Aug.24.1891    
Cole Louisa May.12.1813 Nov.17.1863   On marker w/Heber
Cole Celestia M.   Aug.25.1858 21y6m16d d/o Heber & Louise S.
Cole Eveline S.   Nov.1.1848 5y3m d/o Heber & Louise S.
Cole Oscar E.   May.5.1861 22y11m25d s/o Heber & Louise S.
Stevens Ezra B. 1884 1976    
Stevens May Gee 1882 1978   On marker w/Ezra B.
Stevens Horace L. 1847 1944    
Stevens Nancy A. Bailey 1851 1942   On marker w/Horace L.
Stevens Martin   Oct.31.1861 87 yr In the 87th year of his age
Stevens Polly   Dec.15.1860 63y2m4d w/o Martin
Stevens Daniel G.   May.28.1875 58y10m18d  
Stevens Eveline Dunham   Sep.13.1895 75y2m29d w/o Daniel G.-On same marker
Stevens Emory   Jun.15.1875 75y8m18d  
      SECTION 2    
Sparks Oreland R. Apr.23.1938      
Sparks Sally Jo Dec.15.1939 Nov.16.1994   On marker w/Oreland R. -U.S. Navy
Carpenter Robert W. 1917 1981    
Carpenter Shirley E. 1917 1962   On marker w/Robert W.
Carpenter William H. 1887 1972    
Carpenter Rebecca L. 1895 1970   On marker w/William
Cole Anna R. Lugg 1854 1928    
Westbrook Eva   Aug.1.1882 21y11m w/o Geo. L.
Barnes Carrie 1877 1953    
Barnes Eleazer E. 1867 1921   On marker w/Carrie
Barnes Rose M. 1907 1985    
Downing Herma H. 1907 1943    
Barnes William G.        
Barnes Phialonia       On marker w/William G.
?? Frank 1901 1902    
?? Floyd 1910 1921    
?? George 1898 1951    
Duley John G. 1846 1927   Co F 111 Reg. N.Y. Vol.
Duley Alice A. 1853 1929   w/o John G.
Ives Erskine W. Mar.8.1831 Sep.17.1904    
Ives Eliza Dec.26.1827 Sep.26.1903   w/o Erskine - On same marker
Cole Walter 1889 1947    
Cole Elizabeth 1899 1983   On marker w/Walter
Cole Adelaide M. Bosard 1894 1916   w/o Walter G.
Williams Penny J. 1950 1985    
Ives Corpl Albert       Co A 187 Pa Inf.
Ives Albert Mar.24.1881 Jan.3.1885    
Cole Doris B. 1911 1997    
Cole Harry O. 1908 1990   On marker w/Doris B.
Kilburn Gene W. 1931 2001    
Kilburn Elizabeth B. 1932     On marker w/Gene W.
Cole Katie L.   Sep.24.1884 11y9m15d c/o G.L. & Laura A.
Cole Lettie M.   Sep.14.1884 13y5m8d c/o G.L. & Laura A.-On same marker
Cole Oscar E. 1865 1934    
Cole George L. 1838 1915    
Cole Laura A. 1846 1924   On marker w/George L.
Johnson Lyle W. Feb.3.1951 Jan.5.1994   Sgt. U.S. Airforce
Johnson Alzy A. Oct.1.1923 Jan.4.2005   WW 2 U.S. Navy
Cole Robert H. 1915 1958    
Cole Eleanor W. 1916     On marker w/Robert H.
Cole Cpl. Clifford C. Aug.23.1923 Jun.29.1944   60th Inf. 9th Div. WW 2 -Died in France
Cole Robert H. 1887 1957    
Cole Florence C. 1888 1965   On marker w/Robert H.

Published on Tri-Counties  28 APR 2006
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