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Gray Cemetery,  Covington Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005

by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Gray Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CORNELL Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
Date Read:   August.2005
Location:  Canada Road, Covington Twp, Tioga County, PA
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS ID Name Obit
Blanchard Mary L. 1878            
Blanchard J. Frank 1873 1934          
Fellrath Lewis Mar.24.1821 Feb.24.1905          
Fellrath Mary F. Aug.6.1827     On marker w/Lewis      
Husted  Floyd P. 1858            
Husted Lillian A. 1861 1922   On Husted/McCoy marker      
Husted Callie L. 1893 1897   On Husted/McCoy marker      
McCoy John F. 1887 1891   On Husted/McCoy marker      
McCoy Harry S. 1890 1895   On Husted/McCoy marker      
McCoy Sarah 1821 1898   On Husted/McCoy marker      
Parkhurst Kathryn M. 1864 1945          
Baker George R. Aug.1.1818 Nov.5.1891          
Baker Minerva Mar.12.1818 Feb.9.1901          
Robbins Dr. E.S. Dec.3.1823 Nov.12.1902     73825    
Robbins Harriet Dec.6.1824       73826 Owens  
Moore J.W. Oct.12.1815            
Moore Sarha A.   Apr.23.1891 75y6m On marker w/J.W.      
Larcom Luther K. 1829 1903          
Larcom Nancy Ann 1841 1916   On marker w/Luther K.      
Larcom Otis U. 1863 1931   On marker w/Luther K. 39002    
Larcom Jennie E. 1864 1956   On marker w/Luther K.      
Wilcox Parris 1844 1918     96940    
Wilcox Earl 1890 1890     78210    
Wilcox Josephine 1853 1890          
Crego Little Gene & Arnold              
Crego Lola Mae 1922 1941          
Gray Victor M. May.24.1819 Oct.19.1885     06148  
Gray Charles   Aug.18.1883 31y4m s/o V.M. & O.C. 38434    
Forrest Sylvester D. 1850 1892     74826    
Everts James M.   Apr.29.1900 75y4m29d   80198    
Everts Cyrus   Feb.5.1893 91y8m On marker w/James M. 80195    
Everts Olive   Oct.30.1852 57 yr w/o Cyrus-On marker w/Cyrus & James M. 80196    
Gardner Mellissa   Feb.4.1890 58 yr On marker w/James M. 80199 Everts  
Scull Charlie   Aug.13.1889 1y10m14d Children of Curby & Mattie      
Scull Leonard M.   Mar.15.1890 2 mo. Children of Curby & Mattie      
Walker D.H. Nov.25.1835 Dec.26.1904     13539    
Walker Julia A. Jun.28.1839 Jun.28.1900   On marker w/D.H. 13538 Frost O
Walker Lyman S. Dec.24.1880 Mar.8.1928   On marker w/D.H. 49720    
Walker James Apr.26.1809 May.18.1885   On marker w/D.H. 13540   O
Walker Eliza Aug.12.1807 Jan.25.1885   On marker w/D.H.(w/o James) 13541 Hazleton  
Walker R. A. Jul.19.1840 Dec.9.1862   On marker w/D.H.-132nd Pa Vol. 80193    
Wilson Robert Sr. Feb.6.1888 79 yr   93204    
Wilson Ellen   Mar.21.1889 84 yr w/o Robert S. (on same marker) 93205 Sampson  
Wilson Auntie     95 yr On marker w/Robert Sr. & Ellen      
Wheatly Edw. 1838 1912     93202    
Smith Nina Mae 1885 1932          
Smith Clyde H. 1883 1933   On marker w/Nina Mae      
Coons Samuel D. 1884 1967          
Coons Rose C. 1884 1968   On marker w/Samuel D.      
Rasmussen Emma B. 1856 1943          
Rasmussen Rasmus C. 1856 1933   On marker w/Emma B.      
Cunningham Hallie E. 1893 1982          
Cunningham Harold E. 1891 1942          
Cunningham Rosella B. 1873 1949          
Cunningham Robert C. 1867 1938   On marker w/Rosella B.      
Heatley Larina 1879 1935          
Heatley Newton 1881 1970   On marker w/Larina      
Heatley Gertrude O. 1905 1979          
Heatley Ralph J. 1905 1979   On marker w/Gertrude O.      
Storks Charlotte G. Apr.5.1943 Jan.7.2002          
Hane William J. 1867 1941          
Hane Purley R. 1898 1961          
Hane Gertrude  1901 1983   On marker w/Purley R.      
Davis Dora B. 1880 1958          
Davis David S. 1875 1935   On marker w/Dora B.      
          INSIDE CIRCLE      
Hutcheson Ralph B. 1884 1958     12250    
Hutcheson Wayne 1903 1981     12251    
Hutcheson Dorothy A. 1908 1978   On marker w/Wayne 12252 Ackin  
Dean Roma Jean Hutcheson May.15.1933 Dec.25.2000     12253 Hutcheson  
Dean Robert Allen Oct.28.1932 Mar.24.2001   On marker w/Roma 81658    
Ames Joan Dolores Hutcheson May.12.1935     12254 Hutcheson  
Ames Glen Larue 12/21/1932 On marker w/Joan Dolores      
Ehlich Mary Jane Wheatley Jan.10.1937        
Ehlich William Jack Mar.2.1934 On marker w/Mary Jane      
Copp Lloyd 1904 1971          
Copp Walton C. 1897 1919   Radio Op. U.S.N.      
Copp Eva J. 1866 1952          
Copp Fredrick 1854 1934          
Cavanaugh Clara 1893 1952          
Cavanaugh Harry  1892 1952   Sgt. Co. H 26th Inf.      
Harding Eliza Apr.22.1820 Feb.10.1895          
Harding Joslan Jul.25.1814 Aug.20.1894          
Sampson Maude 1883 1962          
Sampson James J. 1888 1976   On marker w/Maude      
Sampson Leon H.   Jan.8.1895 3m6d s/o J.W. & Jane      
Sampson James W. May.7.1847 May.22.1903     85043   O
Sampson Jane B. Jan.11.1854 May.19.1934          
Kelts George W. Jul.27.1831 May.11.1893     88398    
Barns Addie M.   Dec.1.1880 8y9m3d        
Barns Mary Elizabeth       w/o Melvin L. No dates      
Graves Margaret 1862 1929          
Neupert Jennie E. 1886 1945   "Sister"      
Scaife Thomas John 1868 1952     69393    
Scaife M. May Connelly 1874 1954   On marker w/Thomas John 83270 Connelly O
Scaife Baby Kenneth J.   Jun.20.1951          
Waddell John F.   Sep.11.1888 68 yr        
Waddell Margret M.   Jun.15.1861 59y9m        
Waddell Agnes E.   Sep.15.1863 5y4m        
Waddell Margret M.       Child of John      
Marvin David F.              
Marvin Anna Cameron   Oct.28.1896 53 yr On marker w/David F.      
Marvin Harry B.   Oct.30.1891 21 yr        
Clemons William H. 1862 1941          
Clemons Mary I. 1865 1943          
Clemons Father 1834 1914          
Clemons Mother 1830 1919          
Clemons Frank L. 1862 1891          
Clemons Olney       Large Clemons Stone-One end says Olney      
Horton William 1871 1907          
Horton Olive 1901 1922   On marker w/William      
Smith Mary C. 1855 1927          
Smith Frank S. 1879 1897   "Son" - On marker w/Mary C.      
Packard John H. 1832 1902   Co. G 45th Pa Vol. 08993    
Packard Lucinda R. 1844 1932     09037 Robbins  
Packard William C. Nov.8.1879 Apr.21.1907     19448    
Connelly Jennie L. 1885 1950   On marker w/William Packard 12225 Packard  
  Helen       No Surname      
  Christina       No Surname      
Frost A. Lawrence 1911 1991          
Frost Louise Griffin 1915 2003   On marker w/Lawrence      
Clemons William S. Apr.4.1846 Feb.18.1899          
Clemons Margaret L. Apr.16.1847 Aug.27.1911   On marker w/William S.      
Clemons Edward A. 1875 1957          
Butler Lucy C. Nov.29.1830 Jul.25.1889   w/o S. M.      
Butler Giles 1824 1900          
Butler John W. 1867 1950          
Herrmann Mattie L.   Sep.11.1890 20y11m23d w/o J. W.      
Herrmann Henry C.   Nov.11.1890 2 mo. s/o J.W. & Mattie L.      
Osler Winifred 1913 1913          
Levalley Dyrel 1906 1924          
Levalley Ida M. 1879 1906          
Levalley Ella B. 1850 1923     82734    
Levalley Henry E. 1845 1914     82733    
Osler Sidney 1916 1916          
Doud Benj. F. 1867 1955     09834   O
Doud Annie M. 1870 1949   On marker w/Benj. F. 38863 Hagey  
Harvey Willard T. 1870 1916          
Graves Alfred Sep.18.1860 Oct.4.1888          
Soper Ella M. 1865 1936     12286 Everts O
Soper William L. 1868 1944   On marker w/Ella M. 12264   O
Clemons Arminda 1845 1892          
Soper Catherine 1871 1941          
Soper Lelan 1860 1933   On marker w/Catherine      
Soper Levi 1811 1902          
Soper Belinda 1832 1902   On marker w/Levi      
Harding Geo. S.   Aug.2.1906 57y3m3d   12237    
Harding Lydia A.   Sep.28.1895 47y3m28d   07620 Goodnow  
Harding Edward S.   Oct.1.1888 16y11m5d   03564    

Published on Tri-Counties 12 OCT 2005
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