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Ebenezer Churchyard, Liberty Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2009
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Name of Cemetery: Ebenezer Church Yard Cemetery
Deeded As  East Point Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice October 2010
Location: Liberty Township, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates  41.58420 -77.03755
Other Comments: Sign says Old East Point Cemetery Association
Number of Burials this Section Approximately  186 
Photo By Joyce M. Tice 2009
Page One Page Two Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Gloeckler Catharine K.   2/7/1875 68y6m w/o Jacob-Marker broken
Gloeckler Jacob   6/8/1881 75y7m8d  
Heyler Daniel 4/17/1828 12/28/1888    
Biser Amanda   ?/19/1859 24y8m w/o Jacob-Marker broken
Frey Elizabeth   6/6/1890 80y8m24d w/o John F.
Frey John   3/25/1876 70y3m14d  
Marker         No information on marker
Keaffer Sarah   9/21/1861 28d d/o George & Hannah
Biser Rossina   4/22/1861 12y9m3d d/o J. C. & M.
Foot Stone C. K.          
Bicer Anna M.   1/21/1872 57y6m21d w/o John C.
Shourr Elizabeth   8/3/1856 79y1m28d w/o John
Shourr John   6/29/1856 77y9m8d  
Kraiss Christena   2/24/1877 30y1m w/o Albert
Beyser John C.   2/17/1892 88y5m20d  
Krise Albert C.   8/6/1893 55y3m27d  
Kraiss Henry L. 10/12/1822 3/1/1895    
Rauscher J. F. 8/12/1892 3/15/1893   c/o A.S. & S. E. - On same marker
Rauscher A. B. 3/19/1896 4/6/1896   c/o A.S. & S. E. - On same marker
          Broken-Writing in German
Rauscher John   7/26/1871   On above marker
Long John   12/13/1865 81y11m26d  
Long Catharine   10/5/1868 55y8m3d  
Marker         No writing on marker
Roeder Mary Ann   2/4/1874 36y5m8d w/o Joseph
Marker         Broken & Totally unreadable
Bellman Jacob   5/13/1867 76y7m29d  
Bellman Charlotte   3/4/1871 85y4m20d w/o Jacob
Marquart John F. 1/1/1821 5/11/1883    
Marquart Christine 1825 1886   On marker w/John F.
Marquart Levi G. 1857 1891    
Marquart Amanda A. Biser 1859 1946   On marker w/Levi G.
Messner Clifford, Jr.   1924    
Messner Clara K. 8/24/1862 8/9/1937    
Messner Martin A. 4/6/1862 8/17/1937   On marker w/Clara K.
Messner Ida Rosanna 3/8/1887 12/13/1971    
Messner Martin Luther 4/28/1928 3/22/2003    
Messner Gladys V. Holcomb 1/6/1928 9/1/2003   On marker w/Martin Luther
King Conrad   12/21/1892 65y7m29d  
King Anna   6/21/1902 71 yr Marker badly weathered
Collister Alta May 12/17/1885 10/25/1946    
Collister Melinda M. 1846 3/25/1905    
Collister John 3/10/1842 5/13/1908    
Collister Charles O. 3/23/1875 2/20/1898   On marker w/John
Messner Eva Jane 9/23/1885 7/5/1899   d/o Philip & Minnie
Collister Minnie   2/29/1863? 8yr? d/o John & Malinda
Yeon C.A. 11/6/1792 1/27/1858
Yeon Hannah Gardner 8/4/1800 1/25/1882   w/o C. A.
Messner Mattie   2/17/1891 3y3m27d d/o Frederick & Ella
Zink Jacob   7/30/1873 69y1m14d  
Zink Christine Frederiky   6/15/1863 67y17d  
Zink Infant   3/14/1871 2 mo d/o Susan
Zink Michael W. 9/4/1833 2/24/1858   s/o Jacob & Christine
Merkel Philippina 1/21/1794 1/22/1858   Born Schuykill Co.
Sindlinger Anna Catharine Keiler 3/25/1789 10/26/1868 80y7m1d w/o Simon-Born Wittenburg, Germany
Sindlinger Simon 12/24/1791 9/19/1872 80y5m2d Born Wittenburg, Germany
Messner Earnest 1882 1898    
Messner Jacob   7/17/1888 66y11m28d  
Messner Andona   6/3/1877 55y8m19d w/o Jacob - On same marker
Messner Mary Louisa   8/13/1861 18y12d d/o Jacob & Andonah
Messner Joanah Amelia   4/15/1861 16y5m3d d/o Jacob & Andonah
Messner Jacob C.   3/13/1861 1y9m28d s/o J. & A.
Messner John F.   1/8/1864 85y7m2d  
Messner Martha   3/5/1875 22y?m w/o Charles
Hallett Eugene E.   5/4/1891 2y1m10d s/o Wm. & Susan
Krise Hariet M.   10/29/1861 1y8m26d d/o Gottlieb & Maria
Roupp Samuel   10/7/1865 2y2m26d s/o Solomon & Barbara
Roupp George Ellis   7/7/1864 10m8d s/o Henry & Enstine
Roupp Daniel   5/29/1867 6y10m23d s/o Solomon & Barbara
Harer Frank W.   10/16/1877 2y1m3d  
Harer Baby   9/18/1878 1m13d s/o J.E. & Sarah - On marker w/Frank
Rathbone Infant Son   1870   c/o J.W. & Christina-On same marker
Rathbone Infant Daughter   1871   c/o J.W. & Christina-On same marker
Rathbone Frederick C.   6/4/1866 1m16d c/o J.W. & Christina-On same marker
Shanbacker Isriel   7/1/1859 9y3m20d s/o Frederick & Elizabeth
Hallett Arthur 1835 1913    
Hallett Margaret 1835 1898   w/o Arthur - On same marker

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