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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 
October 2005
Cemetery List Dated 2005


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A. K. A. St. Peter's Cemetery


Section 1A 1B 2 3A 3B 4 & 5 1974 Listing Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          SECTION 4
          In memory of the inocent victims of abortion 1999
Coolidge Marian D. 1933      
Coolidge Helen C. 1900 2004   On marker w/Marian D.
Coolidge George W. 1896 1977   On marker w/Marian D.
Stager T. Thomas 1929      
Stager Daniel S. Sept. 1963     On marker w/T. Thomas
Stager Veronica L. 1934     On marker w/T. Thomas
Turrell Mary O'Dell Jul.16.1923 Dec.26.2001   US Army WW 2
O'Dell Jennie A. 1893 1977    
O'Dell Alvin M. 1897 1971   On marker w/Jennie A.
Buchko Mary O'Dell 1891 1967    
Brockway Christopher Thomas   1970   Child
Cleveland Mary M. Sep.6.1928      
Cleveland Robert Oct.21.1928 Nov.17.1989   US Army Korea-On marker w/Mary M.
Stager   1941 1945  
Stager Lawrence A. 1919 1971   On same marker as above
Stager Marie T. 1921     On same marker as above
Miller Catherine 1922 2001    
Miller Robert Jr. 1951 1970   On marker w/Catherine
Miller Robert J. Mar.17.1919 Jun.25.1996   WW 2 US Army Air Corps
Andrascik John 1893 1966    
Andrascik Anna V. 1895 1976   On marker w/John
English Mary N. 1906 1963    
English Joseph O. 1904 1981   On marker w/Mary N.
Buttler Michael J. 1947 1989    
Buttler William S. 1946 1995    
Frazier John A. Nov.22.1926      
Frazier Betty C. Apr.17.1923     On marker w/John A.
Fullwood John H. Dec.16.1906 May.3.1968   WW 2 US Navy
Fullwood Charles E. Mar.6.1880 Jul.19.1953    
Fullwood Mary Kelly Sep.1.1879 Jul.9.1945    
Fullwood Katherine Tully May.14.1916 Oct.23.1989    
Lewis Eleanor F. Mar.15.1908 Feb.14.1961    
Benjamin Susanna Marie Jul.15.1945     Child
          New grave-no name
Sullivan Agnes J. 1907 1991    
Sullivan Thomas H. 1906 1975   On marker w/Agnes J.
Dunn Arthur Harrison 1906 1977    
Dunn Helene Fawcett 1905 1969   On marker w/Arthur Harrison
Parsells Clifford W. Mar.21.1928      
Parsells Mary A. Andrasciek Jul.1.1929     On marker w/Clifford W.
Banik John Stanley 1920 1990    
Banik Caroline Tarszowicz 1912 2003   On marker w/John Stanley
Pierce Chester W. Jr. 1947      
Pierce Michael Page 1969 1990   On marker w/Chester W. Jr.
Pierce Lynda D. 1949     On marker w/Chester W. Jr.
Cohick Harold Page Jul.30.1907 Jul.24.1995    
Cohick Agnes Marie       On marker w/Harold Page
Cooney Billy Joe Aug.19.1972 Oct.28.1977   "Beloved Son"
Cooney John P. 1919      
Cooney Virginia A. 1921     On Marker w/John P.
Cooney Joseph F. Sep.3.1921 Dec.18.1994    
Bulas         No names or dates
Semmerling John   Nov.20.1891 26 yr  
Timothy John   Apr.1.1901 59 yr  
Timothy Catharine   Aug.14.1890 52 yr  
Walrath Mary McCabe Nov.20.1920 Sep.4.1986    
Walrath Thomas A. Aug.30.1921 May.15.1989   On marker w/Mary McCabe
Collins Phil       Co. F 166 Pa Inf.
Wenner William Joseph Aug.4.1926      
Wenner Ruth Walrath Nov.3.1927 Aug.28.1991   On marker w/William Joseph
Schwarz Robert J. 1919      
Schwarz Agnes G. 1910 1987   On marker w/Robert J.
Vlastelica Nick 1913 1997    
Vlastelica Ann 1913 1986    
Mosher Donald J. 1930      
Mosher Mary L. 1930 1986   On marker w/Donald J.
Swimelar Charles H. 1922 1998    
Swimelar Viola G. 1922     On marker w/Viola G.
Egli Marie Therese Francoise   Nov.19.1934    
Egli Jeanne Francoise Megret Sept.29.1889     died--Mort Aout 15/1983
Lundgren Arthur L. Jul.16.1912 Apr.29.1987    
Lundgren Margaret E. Jul.28.1915 May.11.2000   On marker w/Arthur L.
Bixby Patricia Ann Aug.18.1942 Jun.7.1984    
Strykowski Linda J. Aug.10.1945      
Strykowski Raymond L. Dec.29.1942 Apr.13.1991    
Strykowski Raymond Jul.3.1916 Mar.27.1996    
Strykowski Shirley J. Jul.1.1923     On marker w/Raymond
Patt George Peter Apr.8.1936      
Patt Elizabeth Helen Feb.23.1937 Apr.1.1999   On marker w/George
Liebner Alexander W. 1922 1998    
Corl John 1926 1998    
Holdsworth Frances J. 1913      
Zuchowski Richard 1945 2001    
Zuchowski Christine 1926 2005   On marker w/Richard
Nestor Emmett P. 1946      
Nestor Connie L. 1948 1994   On marker w/Emmett
Allen Peggy M. Aug.1.1928 Jan.8.1999    
Spang Peter Casey May.13.1957 May.27.1999    
Czako Lawrence A. May.15.1949 Jul.17.1996   US Army Vietnam
Fuss Irene M. 1917     On marker w/Joseph T. Sr.
Fuss Joseph T. Sr. Aug.1.1915 Jul.18.2000   U.S. Army WW2
DeFillippo Elizabeth E. Mar.12.1929 Jun.27.2000    
DeFillippo Joseph D. Oct.17.1928     On marker w/Elizabeth E.
Lualdi   1999     Funeral Home marker
Lualdi Lois E. Apr.1.1923 Mar.16.1996   WW 2 U.S. Army
Terlinski William L. Nov.25.1944 Sep.6.2000   U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Cunningham Andrew J. Aug.28.1947 Nov.7.2000    
Cunningham Doris A. Apr.9.1959     On marker w/Andrew J.
Cochran Baby   Dec.2.1996    
Mekas Michael P. 1961 1984    
Snyder William F. Jan.26.1925      
Snyder Nancy Mar.30.1926 Mar.25.2001   On marker w/William F.
Topf Henry E. 1912      
Topf Bertha M. 1924 1999   On marker w/Henry E.
Conva Francis J. 1918 1993    
Conva Thera L. 1925 1983   On marker w/Francis J.
Toomey Ruth C. 1942 1985    
          SECTION 5-B
Eichorn Harold E. 1914 1975   U. S. Air Force WW 2
Ruthdge Jacob/Adam 2000 2000   Twins
Evansick Annie Apr.2.1901 43 yr w/o George
Casale Michele Feb.20.1850 Jul.29.1900    
Garello Leandro 1864 1941   Born in Montaldo, Italy
Salerno Sam 1906 1942    
Carello John Aug.11.1895 Jul.12.1907   s/o L. & Costantina
Villa Pietro 1889 1908    
Maloney William H. 1868 1937    
Sobgzyszyn Michael J. 1882 1924    
Abbe Mary   Jan.14.1911 89 yr  
Saccomanno Vincenzo       1m-Eigho DeFranceso E. Rosa
Balpo Seconda Aug.26.1866 Jan.20.1915    
Pedro Josephine     4 y Figlia Di-Antonio e. Rosa
Fallavollita Vincenza Apr.9.1904 Jul.18.1904   d/o S.F. & Antonia
Jackson Catharine Feb.29.1844 Dec.27.1892   w/o H. M.
Hart Bridget   Jul.20.1890 31y5m20d w/o A. W.
Beiling Joseph W. Sep.8.1884 Nov.17.1884   s/o Geo & Anna
Donetto Mary     5 mo d/o Frank Donetto
Frochlich Margaretha Sep.13.1825 Dec.10.1885   w/o John
Marzo Charlie        
          One side Jos. Eiraolo//Other Jos. Ciravolo
Rocca George        
Primo Biancardi       di Monialdo-Morte ai 19 - Aprile 1904 - Anni 40
Natoa Monialero       Italia - Morto addi 19 Luglio 1907 Anni 33
Batista Roinano       Morto Ai 24 Novembre 1900 AG10 DIVENTI 27 ANNI
Cahan William   Oct.28.1886 37y3m  
Arcari Jovanna 1921 1922   d/o John & Rosa
Marsolino Joseph Mar.10.1894 Sep.22.1896   s/o Jos. & Nettie
Cersenhof Anna Oct.21.1884 Feb.9.1885   d/o C. & K.
Carillo Orren Sep.12.1898 Apr.24.1899   s/o L. & Rosa
Blois George Apr.1.1896 Aug.29.1899   s/o Ralph & Mary

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