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Austinburg [Woodlawn] Cemetery, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2009
Photos of Austinburg Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice 
01 JAN 2000
Austinburg Obituaries
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Name of Cemetery: Woodlawm Cemetery, Austinburg Cemetery
Deeded As Woodlawn Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice May 2010
Location: Austinburg, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates 41.99452-77.49045
Other Comments:
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately  1046
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Military
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Bundy Frank R. 7/27/1887 6/19/1957    
Bundy Cassius 1885 1974    
Nudd Roxine M.   1960   Baby
Nudd Ricky D. 1955 1980    
Edwards Eric Michael 7/5/1981 10/31/1981    
Bacon Otto Dan III 6/6/1956 8/5/1984   PFC Army
Bacon Denise E. 12/2/1961 11/7/1962   d/o Robert & Mary
Bacon Theodore J. 9/14/1931      
Bacon Myrtle L. 1908 2002    
Bacon Otto Dan III 1900 1984   On marker w/Myrtle L.
Schoonover Billie W. 1927 2003    
Schoonover Matt E. 7/22/1918 6/28/1981   Cpl. Army Air Force WW 2
Root Richard B. 1917 1992   Tec. 5 Army WW 2
Root Norma E. 1921 1999   On marker w/Richard B.
Stickles William 1899 1978    
Stickles Luella  1902 2004   On marker w/William
Bush Rea O. 1896 1963    
Bush Lola S. 1899 1999    
Tubbs Rose M. 1883 1956   On marker w/Robert James
Tubbs Robert James 7/24/1887 7/17/1965   US NRF WW 1-California S2
Bacon Richard David 6/7/1933 9/28/1959   PA PFC HQ Co. 27 Inf. Korea
Loomis Samuel V. 1901 1982    
Havens William C. 1907 1979    
Havens Carrie M. 1912 1973   On marker w/William C.
Resue Jesse 1907 1979    
Cook Delos 1896 1973    
Cook Evelyn M. 1903 1992   On marker w/Delos
Stiles Ivan D. 1916 1964    
Stiles Gertrude M. 1922 2004   On marker w/Ivan D.
Ferry Francis Howard 4/15/1912 4/21/1965   NY MOMM3 USNB WW 2
Ferry Ila M. 1917 1971    
Reese Glenn S.   1991   Funeral Marker
Atwell David Wynn   Aug.1966.   s/o Ford & Joyce (Baby)
Atwell Ford T. 8/18/1943 6/16/2006    
Atwell Joyce A. 12/19/1943     On marker w/Ford T.
Daniels Charles A. 1894 1975    
Schoonover Anna L. 1898 1987    
Schoonover Lewis A. 1896 1966   On marker w/Anna L.
Hatcher Sarah C. 1910 1987    
Hatcher Harry T. 1906 1974   On marker w/Sarah C.
Burnside William E. 1887 1970    
Burnside Ethel  1890 1969    
Drake Diane K. 6/2/1951 10/13/1969    
Drake Clayton O. 10/16/1920 5/26/1979    
Drake Berdina J. 1930     On marker w/Clayton O.
Cornell Donald 9/3/1924 7/10/2005   Married 9/27/1980 to Berdina Nudd Drake
Beach Grace L. 1911 1990    
Beach Jay B. 1892 1971   On marker w/Grace L.
Streeter Richard G. 1/27/1924 3/1/2002   Pvt. Army WW 2
Streeter Bonney S. 1924 1999   On marker w/Richard G.
Platz Carl S. 1898 1971    
Platz Pearl E. 1909 2000   CMBT BN WW 2- On marker w/Carl S.
VanGorder Thomas H. 12/29/1923 3/12/1972   Pa. Pvt. Co A 82 Eng.
VanGorder Elizabeth 1927     On marker w/Thomas H.
Murdock Faith B. 1923 2010   Funeral Marker
Murdock Anna S. 1892 1967    
Murdock W. Reid 1892 1976   On marker w/Anna S.
Wescott Cassie  1902      
Wescott Fred G. 1906 1995   On marker w/Cassie
Gordon Vina Schoonover 4/6/1915      
Ribble Lena M. 1893 1984    
Cook Artie A. 1890 1977    
Cook Mabel F. 1888 1970   On marker w/Artie A.
Coon Harriett E. 1912 2004    
Coon Robert C. 1906 1992   On marker w/Harriett E.
Cunningham Tina Louise 5/12/1969 7/6/1969    
Cole Paul E., Jr. 1958 1975    
Cole Wanda C. 1932 1967   w/o Paul E.
Mills Eloise M. 1911 1981    
Mills Arthur M. 1904 1976   On marker w/Eloise M.
Nudd Sarah M. 1906 1995    
Nudd Forrest D. 1902 1977   On marker w/Sarah M.
Ferris Eliza N. 1896 1975    
Cunningham Earl L. 3/27/1916 12/24/1984   Tec. 5 Army WW 2
Cunningham Pauline M. 1917 1994   On marker w/Earl L.
Lawton Louis A. 1906 1982    
Lawton Winona L. 1908 1984   On marker w/Louis A.
Debout Homer L. 5/7/1939 6/24/2009   Spec. 5 Army Vietnam
Debout Nina V. 1909 1978    
Debout Roger 1901 1975   On marker w/Nina V.
Debout Andrew G. 1994 1994    
Payne Lynette M.   1972   Infant
Schoonover Karl J. 1921 1977    
Schoonover Rose L. 1924 2001    
Schoonover Dennis J. 9/15/1950 10/3/1971   NY Spc. 5 Co. D 197S Pt. BN
Blanchard Margaret A. 8/17/1927      
Blanchard Perry N. 9/23/1921 12/10/1989   On marker w/Margaret A.
Slack Harold L. 7/28/1919 11/15/2000    
Appeby Maude E. 6/16/1913 4/15/2009    
Brown  Freda H. 1916 1981    
Wakley Garfield 1917 1979   Tec. 5 Army WW 2
Wakley Elizabeth 1925 1990   On marker w/Garfield
Pierce Alan L. 1941 1980    
Atwell Merle E. 4/16/1919 9/7/1991   S 2 Navy WW 2
Atwell Anna B. Chatfield 5/28/1924      
Lang Mary R. 1929 2008    
Lang Max J. 1926     On marker w/Mary R.
Lang Joseph A. 1949 1996   Spc. 4 Army Vietnam
Schoonover Lillian B. 1918      
Schoonover Robert A. 1922     On marker w/Lillian B.
Platz Bob 1940 2009   Funeral Marker
Kreps Harold W. 1916 1987    
Cole Howard S. 4/30/1909 4/6/1981   Tec 5 Army WW 2
Trowbridge John E. 7/4/1911 8/5/1975   1st Lt. Army WW 2
Preston Vermilyea M. 11/25/1925 5/22/1995    
Strong Margle L. 7/22/1929 4/9/1999    
Mills William 7/15/1932 6/17/2006    
Owlett Marjorie A. 12/14/1928 2/5/2001    
Paddock Keith R. 6/13/1935      
Paddock Darlene K. 4/14/1955     On marker w/Keith R.
Nudd David S. 10/28/1923 1/19/2006   PHM3 Navy WW 2
Nudd Phyllis M. Bundy 7/1/1929 4/17/2008   On marker w/David S.
Nudd Kenneth 11/24/1937 7/19/2005   Spc. 4 Army Vietnam
Nudd Marilyn I. 12/4/1943     On marker w/Kenneth
Tomb Audrey J. 5/17/1933 2/7/1996    
Tomb Roger W. 8/3/1931     On marker w/Audrey J.
Grist Roy E. 1918 1999    
McCaslin Lyle C. 4/14/1905 1999   Funeral Marker & Cross
Owdway Lucinda L. 8/21/1949      
Owdway Lester L. 4/10/1948 4/18/2004   On marker w/Lucinda L.
Elliott Kenneth R. 10/9/1922 4/29/1994   AMMH2 Navy WW 2

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In the center of Woodlawn Cemetery, which was once called Austinburg Cemetery, there is a cannon with a plaque containing the names of the men from this area that fought for their country
Soldiers buried in Woodlawn or Austinburg  Cemetery do not have a number after their name . Those buried in Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery have a 1 Soldiers buried in the South have a 2
The following names are listed under the Austinburg Cemetery
Copied by Donna Allen 2004
Co F 86th NY Volunteers
Elmer Brown 2
Biatha Ordiway
Capt William Card
Henry McFall
William Austin
Eli Potter
William A Schoonover 1
Timothy Haxton 1
Merrett Grinolds 1
Alfonzo Rowley 1
George Gardner 1
H.E.Cook 1
George Cummings 1
John Abbott 2
Co R 80th NY Volunteers
David Clarkson
John R Cook
E.H. DeForest 2
Squire Jordan
W.L. George 1
Elias Jordan
George Rowley 1
Benjamin Gardner
P.B. Watkins Co I 45 PA
L.S.Fisk 1 Co A 171 PA
Daniel Rowley 2 Co I 179 
The following names ,with units, are listed under the Woodlawn Cemetery Heading
James V Jordan 1 Co H 86th NY Vol
Philander Finch Co I 122 NY
WAR of 1812
George Wolcott 1
E.P. Eddy 1Capt George Frazier 1
Lyman Alvord 1
Co A 1st Pa Regt.
J.B. Wakley 1
L.P. Davis 2
S Wakley 
E Hunt
WG Seely
Joel Woodard 1 Co A 38th Wisconsin
Timothy Ives Co A 1st Pa Reg
Co F 45th Pa Vol.
Frank Seely 2
Co L 2nd Pa Cal. Vol.
A LaBar
Joseph Bush Co D 207th Pa Vol
Wilson Mack Co H 207th Pa Vol
Co D 138th Pa Vol.
Rufus Cook
James P Cook
W.O. Wakley
D.C. Wakley 1
Charles Mulkins 2
A Edwards Co B 161 NY Vol
A McFall 1 Co B 179th NY Vol
G.E Pickett Co C 179th NY Vol
D.A Atwell Co H 130th NYC
Eugene Boulio Co B 8th Vermont
GG Outman Co D 53rd Pa
David Cook Co F 189th NY
Harry T Peet Co G 149th Pa
Ithamar Bump Co E 81st NY
Revolutionary War
Benjamin Seely
Spanish American War
Willard McFall
No Unit indicated
Aaron Gardner 2
Squire Gardner 2
Erastus Fisk 2
William Fisk 2

Published on Tri-Counties 04 MAY 2010
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