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Newton Cemetery

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

Read by: several different people; sent in by Tim Rodabaugh 
Date Read: Unknown 
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July  1999

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PARKER Charles E.   7/20/1861 1m 17d, OR 4m 17d Son of John J. & Lenilia PARKER
PARKER Lydia   8/14/1874 70y 8m Wife of William PARKER
PARROTT Albert   3/9/1861    
PARROTT Antoinett   10/2/1862 4y  
PARROTT Clarence 7/27/1882 3/11/1885   Son of Jared & Estelle PARROTT
PARROTT Clarence W.   10/13/1862 12y Son of Albert & Antoinette PAROTT
PARROTT Cynthia   8/19/1839 40y Wife of Jared PARROTT
PARROTT   1/24/1882 1/29/1882   Infant Daughter of Jared & Antoinette PARROTT
PATCHIN Jared   11/21/1858 72y 9m 1d  
PIXLEY Charity  1806 6/21/1881 75y 2m Wife of King Solomon Leonard; see entry for LEONARD, Charity Pixley
PLATT Joseph 8/7/1787 11/22/1860 75y   
PLATT Sally   3/1/1855 67y Wife of Jos. PLATT
PLATT Stephen S. 1800 1887   "Father"
PLATT Stephen    2/7/1885 50y  
PRATT Daniel   7/20/1866 73y 3m 18d  
PRATT Sylvania   10/5/1878 83y Wife of Daniel PRATT; see entry for BOOTH, Sylvania
PRATT Harriet    12/18/1856 37y  Daughter of Daniel & Sylvania PRATT
PRATT Melissa L. RANDALL 12/12/1839 9/22/12   Wife of W.W. PRATT; see entry for RANDALL, Melissa
PRENTISS  Mary Ann TUNIS   7/31/1846 20y 1m 12d See entry for TUNIS, Mary Ann
RAFFERTY Laura A.   4/6/1875 18y 4d Wife of Delell RAFFERTY and daughter of S.C. & M.A. BENJAMIN; see entry for BENJAMIN, Laura A.
RAFFERTY Laura M.   9/27/1877 2y 5m 29d Daughter of Delell & Laura A. RAFFERTY
RAFFERTY Mercy   11/5/1880 44y 9m 8d Wife of James RAFFERTY
RANDALL         A large stone fallen down, under a tree, next to Harriet RANDALL
RANDALL Betsy   1/8/1862 42y Daughter of William & Selina RANDALL
RANDALL Melissa L. 12/12/1839 9/11or22/1912   Wife of W.W. PRATT; see entry for PRATT, Melissa L.
RANDALL Harriet   1/10/1849 17y Daughter of Wm & Nancy RANDALL
RANDALL Nancy   3/28/1844 39y Wife of Wm. RANDALL
RANDALL Jesse   9/11/1854 76y 11m 5d  
REED James    8/20/1872 72y  On Stone of Evelyn STODDARD; adopted daughter of A. & M. DOVELLO
REYNOLDS Nancy   9/16/1854   Daughter of John LOVELL; see entry for LOVELL, Nancy
ROBERTS  Daniel   2/9/1884 82y 5m  
ROBERTS  Sally   1/16/1884 76y 7m  Wife of Daniel ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Samuel   3/19/1888 84y  
ROBERTS  Ann   7/30/1872 63y 10m 27d Wife of Samuel ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Jane 1/3/1823 2/5/04   Wife of Samuel ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Catherine   8/23/1852 70y  
ROBERTS  Electa A.   6/28/1850 14y 1m 22d  
ROBERTS  Oliver T. 1838 1916    
ROBERTS  Jane  1836 1914   Wife of Oliver T. ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Albert F. 1874 18??   Son of Oliver & Jane ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Frank D. 1866 1926   Son of Oliver & Jane ROBERTS
ROBERTS  Daniel H.   11/30/1837 5y  
ROE Minerva 1907 1983    
ROOT Lucy   12/29/1864 56y 4m 3d Wife of William ROOT
RUNDLE Emoline   7/22or27/1866 52y 10m Wife of Jonathan RUNDLE
SAWYER William   6/13/1886 43y 10m 14d Co. H, 50th Regt., NY VOL.
SAWYER Volney M. 5/28/1836 8/4/1864   On CAMPBELL stone
SCOTT A.G. 1804 1856   "Father"
SCOTT Mary 1806 1884   Wife of A.G. SCOTT
SCOTT Albert 1847 1900   Co. G., 61 NY VOL.
SCOTT William C. 1855 1915   "Father"
SCOTT Minnie C.   11/22/1885 27y 11m 18d Wufe of W. C. SCOTT
SCOTT Ada   12/27/1883 21m Daughter of W.C. SCOTT
SEARS Alice       Only date is 1866
SEARS George 1860 1920    
SHAFER Charles G.    3/19/1860 18y 2m 12d  
SHAFER Charry M.   10/22/1828 19y 2m  
SHAFER Garrie G.   9/30/1861 2y 1m 1d  
SHAFER Marryette   3/3/1858 15y 2d  
SHAFFER John         No dates
SHAFFER John Ida N. 1855 1911   Wife of John SHAFFER
SHAFFER John Maude 1878 1908   Daughter of John & Ida SHAFFER
SHAFFER John   1889 1943    
SHAFFER John John S. 4/27or22/1818 4/18/1886    
SHAFFER John Charity M. 6/5/1820 12/1/1887   Wife of John S. SHAFFER
SHAFFER John Derrick   4/29/1870 81y 6m 15d  
SHAFFER John Freddie C.   3/16/1872 5m 2d Son of Wm. & Carrie E. SHAFFER
SHAFFER John Chattie   11/7/1876 3y 6m 28d Daughter of Wm. & Carrie SHAFFER
SLOCUM Amy 1843 1906    
SLOCUM Ann DAILY 1866 1944   See entry for DAILY, Ann SLOCUM
SLOCUM George H. 1843 1912    
SLOCUM James 1845 1897    
SLOCUM Philand E. 1886 1897    
SLOCUM Edward       No data
SMITH Alexander 10/16/1840 3/9/11    
SMITH Amelia   4/28/1872 69y 10m 13d Wife of Amos SMITH
SMITH Ann 11/18/1832 3/15/15    
SMITH Emiline BANNISTER 1/29/1828 12/3/1866   Wife of O.D. SMITH; see entry for BANNISTER, Emiline
SMITH Enos   4/28/1872 49y 10m  
SMITH Enos   7/9/1886 78y 8m 10d  
SMITH Ira Emet       Son of G.A. & M.L. SMITH
SMITH George B.   1896 26y  
SMITH Oliver D. 7/5/1831 11/7/1899    
SMITH Uriah Y. 1815 1873    
SMITH Ellen E. 1824 1898   Wife of Uriah SMITH
SMITH Alexander J.   7/3/1845 5y Son of Uriah & Ellen SMITH
SMITH George W.   1851   Son of Uriah & Ellen SMITH
SMITH Vincent   11/5/1886 20y 3m 22d Son of Uriah & Ellen SMITH
SMITH Frances H. 3/6/1867 1/21/37   "Mother"
SMITH Henry 4/28/1860 4/4/1891   "Father"
SMITH Joseph H. 1850 1899   "Brother"
SMITH Mary   1877    
SNYDER Sarah Elizabeth BALES 7/18/1853 12/20/10   See entry for BALES, Sarah Elizabeth
STAFF Way L.  1867 1952    
STARR Lucy E.       No data
STEVENS Catherine S. 3/31/1824 3/13/04   See entry for BOTSFORD, Catherine S. STEVENS, wife of BOTSFORD, Nelson
STODDARD Evelyn       See entry for DOVELLO, Evelyn STODDARD
STORMS Margaret A.   2/10/1874 43y 2m 20d Wife of Otis STORMS; see entry for VAN HORTON, Margaret A.
THOMAS Alice B. 1861 1925   "Mother"
THOMPSON Jennie   4/20/1869 1m 37d(?) Daughter of R. & S. THOMPSON
TUNIS Daniel R. 3/9/1824 4/28/1883    
TUNIS Mary A. HOFFMAN 1/29/1825 10/20/1897   Wife of D.R. TUNIS; see entry for HOFFMAN, Mary A.
TUNIS Mary Ann PRENTISS   7/31/1846 20y 1m 12d Wife of D. R. TUNIS; see entry for PRENTISS, Mary ANN
VALLEAU Maria   7/11/1856 56y  Wife of William VALLEAU
VALLEAU Jane   8/4/1853 36y Wife of Stephen VALLEAU
VAN DUZER Adolf 9/19/1762 12/26/1844 82y 3m 7d On NORRIS stone
VAN DUZER Albert   1818 21y 3m 11d Son of Hiram VAN DUZER
VAN DUZER Unice 7/22/1783 4/22/1843 79y 9m Wife of Adolf VAN DUZER; see entry for COLEMAN, Eunice
VAN DUZER Julia 3/11/1803 10/16/1894   Wife of Mathew W. NORRIS; see entry for NORRIS, Julia
VAN HOUTEN Gilbert   10/29/1878 80y 5m 21d Husband of Nancy VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Nancy    1/17/1883 79y 2m 23d Wife of Gilbert H. VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Rachel H.   9/15/1864 43y 11m 20d Daughter of Gilbert & Nancy VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN John L. 1821 1881    
VAN HOUTEN Harriet    4/1887 57y Wife of John VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Thaddeus G.   4/29/1887 28y Son of John & Harriet VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Henry W. 1852 1869   "Brother"
VAN HOUTEN Elizabeth  1826 1860   "Mother"
VAN HOUTEN Myron H. 1846 1924    
VAN HOUTEN Margaret  1850 1901   Wife of Myron VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Gilbert 1873 1911   Son of Myron & Margaret VAN HOUTEN
VAN HOUTEN Lindsey       Daughter of Myron & Margaret VAN HOUTEN; no dates
VAN HOUTEN Arlene Cleo       No data
VOTAVA Marie 1869 1918    
WALKER Abram G. 2/23/1816 6/12/1883    
WALKER Deborah V.D. 1/1/1822 7/10/1891   Wife of Abram G. WALKER
WALKER Rhoda Caroline 12/23/1851 6/18/1855   Daughter of Deborah & A.G. WALKER
WHEELER James L.  18/17/1844 11/13/1873    
WHEELER Harriet GRAHAM       No data
WHEELER Carrie J.   10/27/1873 7y 27d Daughter of Alonzo & Harriet WHEELER
WHITE Constant   9/25/1862   Son of E. & M. WHITE
WILBUR Sally       Wife of Stephen V. WILBUR; no dates
WOOD George J. 1851 1920    
WOOD Chloe 1857 1918    
WOOD Frances V. 1828 1908    
WOOD George W.   5/18/1885 55y  
WOOD George   1854    
WOOD Julia H.       No data
WOOD Sally H.       No data
WOOD Sarah E.   12/21/1882 50y Wife of George WOOD
WOOD William H. 1825 1860    
ZIMMER John E. 1847 1882    
ZIMMER Elizabeth  1842 1898   Wife of John ZIMMER
ZIMMER Archie 1874 1897   Son of John & Elizabeth ZIMMER
ZIMMER Infant   5/19/1867 1m 2d  
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/27/99
By Joyce M. Tice