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Newton Cemetery

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

Read by: several different people; sent in by Tim Rodabaugh 
Date Read: Unknown 
Typed by: Debora M. Vanhook Park 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July  1999

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DAILY Ann SLOCUM 1866 1944   See entry for SLOCUM, Ann
DAILY George 11/29/1886 4/13/10    
DECKER John F.   11/30/1869 15y 2m 21d Son of Calvin & Catherine S. DECKER
DECKER Infant son   8/2/1853 1m 22d  
DECKER Sarah A.    1/17/1851 3y 1m Daughter of Calvin & Catherine DECKER
DECKER Calvin   10/26/1875 54y  
DECKER Jeremiah   3/3/1881 30y 4m  
DECKER Olive 7/17/1875 7/12/1876   Daughter of J. & Susan DECKER
DECKER James H.   7/24/1881 34y  
DICK Albert J. 1883 1884   Son of J.H. & H.S. DICK
DICK Hohn H. 1853 1854    
DICK John F. 1811 1879    
DOBELL John W. 3/23/1859 7/14/06    
DOBELL Mary 2/15/1861     Wife of John DOBELL; on deathdate given
DUDLEY Maria   10/28/1819 29y 7m 16d Wife of S.E. DUDLEY
DUVELLO Mary Ann   11/19/1863 65y 3m 8d Wife of Abel DUVELLO
DUVELLO Evelyn STODDARD   3/31/1857 2y 8m 26d Adopted daughter of A. & M. DUVELLO; See entry for STODDARD, Evelyn
EAGAN Phillip 1840 1902    
ELLISON Henry E. 1859 1926    
ERVAY Irvin 1855      
ERVAY Ida 1851     Wife of Irvin ERWAY
ERVAY Fred J. 1883 1900    
EVERETT Infant son   11/24/1843 1m 2d Infant son of Uz & Deidima EVERETT
EVERETT Uz J.   5/10/1867 8m 15d Son of Uz & Deidima EVERETT
FANTON Sally   3/6/1821 60y Wife of Simon FANTON
FILLMORE Frankie 10/3/1851 5/17/1891   Wife of Perry FILLMORE
GOBLE Ruth Ann   10/17/1867 46y 4m 19d Wife of Stephen GOBLE
GOOWIN Gertrude   3/28/1853 72y Wife of Benjamin GOODWIN; see entry for BATES, Gertrude
GREEN  Helen E. 1906 1908   Daughter of Ada & Orra GREEN
GREEN ? Ed       Next to Helen GREEN
GREEN  Orra B. 1873 1940   "Father"
GREEN  Ada N. 1880 1950   "Mother"
GREEN  Helen  1906 1908   Daughter of Orra & Ada GREEN; duplicated record
GROOM Alice C.   7/27/1873 20y 2m 24d Wife of Andrew J. GROOM
GROOM William   10/19/1856 74y (or 10/1/1856) A Soldier of the War of 1812
GROOM Elizabeth A.   11/21/1893 24y 5m Wife of William GROOM, JR.
HAGER Harold L.       Only date given is 1941.
HAMMELL Cornelius   12/22/1875 11y 6m 23d Son of John & Phebe HAMMELL
HAMMELL A.J. 4/29/1826 12/14/1896   "Father"
HAMMELL Rachel   3/23/1849 63y 1m 2d Wife of Isaac HAMMELL
HAMMELL Isaac   2/4/1861 91y  
HAMMELL Phoebe 1832 1911    
HAMMOND Cornelius H.   2/18/1892 80y  
HAMMOND Mary    9/1/1887 73y 5m 21d Wife of Cornelius HAMMOND
HAMMOND Carrie V. 1871 1924   Wife of Calton COOPER; see entry for COOPER, Carrie
HAMMOND Ezra   1/22/1889 57y 6m 16d  
HAMMOND Edwin   9/21/1865 21y 11m 11d Son of Ed & Miranda HAMMOND
HAMMOND George   1857   Son of E. & Miranda HAMMOND
HAMMOND John McDowell 9/22/1836 3/28/1896    
HAMMOND Mary Ann 10/22/1840     Wife of John HAMMOND; see entry for BECKWITH, Mary Ann
HAWKINS C.F. M.D. 1842 1911    
HAWKINS Elizabeth A.   12/7/02 82y 4m Wife of Smith HAWKINS
HAWKINS Smith    8/11or14/1882 67y 9m  
HAWKINS Lewis 1837 1913    
HAWKINS Ann Eagen 1845 1910    
HAWKINS Harriet   10/18/1862 3y 1m Daughter of Smith & Elizabeth HAWKINS
HAWKINS Napoleon   4/5/1854 1y 5m 28d Son of Smith & Elizabeth HAWKINS
HAWKINS Alice    4/9/1854 5y 3m 24d Daughter of Smith & Elizabeth HAWKINS
HAWKINS Grace   8/18/18?3 4y 1m 25d Daughter of Smith & Elizabeth HAWKINS
HAWKINS Lewis   9/9/1883   There is a question mark beside the death date.
HAWKINS Zachariah   8/5/1873 91y  
HOFFMAN Mary A. 01/29/1825 10/20/1897   Wife of Daniel R. TUNIS; see entry for TUNIS, Mary A. HOFFMAN
HOLLENBECK Carrie D. 1863 1907   "Mother"
HOLLOWAY Grace       Sept 8, 1858 is the only date given.
HOLLOWAY Mary J. COMPTON       Only date given is 10/9/1853; wife of George HOLLOWAY; see entry for COMPTON, Mary J.
HOPPER Nancy 1818 1879   See entry for HURLBERT, Nancy HOPPER
HORTON Mary A.   9/25/1835 5m Daughter of J.L. & Mabel HORTON
HOWARD  Minerva A. 7/22/1832 1/3/06   Wife of Same BENJAMIN; see entry for BENJAMIN, Minerva
HOWELL Aaron   9/8/1879 69y 15d  
HOWELL Margaret   4/1/1865 51y 4m 5d Wife of Aaron HOWARD
HOWELL Eliabeth B. 10/20/1828 7/18/1852   Wife of Isaac BOTSFORD; see entry for BOTSFORD, Elizabeth
HOWELL Ann A. H. 1867 1936    
HOWELL Walter H. 1865 1920    
HOWELL J.D.   3/18/28 89y  
HOWELL Ann Mallory   8/9/1895 54y Wife of J.D. HOWELL
HOWELL Willie Mallory   9/29/1869 1y 3m Son of J.D. & Ann HOWELL
HOWELL Permelia 8/4/1825 5/2/1888    
HOWELL Sara A. 4/12/1846 5/3/1864    
HOWELL Elizabeth B.       Wife of Isaac BOTSFORD; see entry for BOTSFORD, Elizabeth B. (Duplicate of above)
HOWELL Cornelius 4/4/1802 10/19/1850   "Father"
HOWELL Sara Ann 12/15/1808 5/26/1889   Wife of Cornelius HOWELL
HOYT Benjamin   9/26/1865 41y  
HUBERT Avis A. 7/4/1890 4/5/07   Daughter of Chas. HUBERT
HULBERT Edward 1808 1865    
HULBERT Nancy HOPPER 1818 1879   See entry for HOPPER, Nancy
HULBERT Tarpenes 1801 1879    
HULETT Charles 2/19/1805 1/26/1853    
HULETT Nancy   7/21/1845 29y 9m 3d Wife of Charles HULETT
HULETT John 3/12/1766 1/12/1847    
HULETT Martha  1/29/1779 9/27/1823   Wife of John HULETT
HULETT Eliza   4/28/1863 47y 11d Wife of Charles HULETT
HULETT Charles Jr.   10/6/1861 4y 1m 4d Child of Charles & Eliza HULETT
HULETT May   5/30/1863 7y 7m 3d Child of Charles & Eliza HULETT
HULETT Ida Malhita   2/15/1852 2y 5m 15d Child of Charles & Eliza HULETT
HULETT Charles Thomas   8/23/1842 1y 4m 21d Child of Charles & Eliza HULETT
HULETT Ada A.   5/3/1804 1y 7m 24d Daughter of Charles & Eliza HULETT
HULETT Albert  1843 1916    
HULETT Anne E.   10/4/1843 33y 6m 4d Wife of Charles HULETT
HULETT Benjamin F. 1/16/1818 2/10/1895    
HULETT Clark   7/3/1837 9y 5m 15d Son of Cuy & Jerusha HULETT
HULETT Emma J. 1850 1915   Wife of Albert HULETT
HULETT George W.       Only date given is Dec.8, 1882
HULETT  Joseph  1921 1924    
HULETT Jerusha   2/9/1831 29y Wife of Guy HULETT
HULETT Lois 10/6/1850 4/27/1864   Daughter of Benj. & Sarah C. HULETT
HULETT Sarah C.       Only date given is Dec. 8, 1822
HULETT Sophia Louisa 1/13/1841 5/14/1853   Daughter of Chas. & Ann E. HULETT
JAY James Burton 10/26/1804 4/2/1888    
JAY Curanceann   1/21/1840 32y 9m 12d Wife of James B. JAY; death date could also be Jan 2, 1846
JAY Rachel 10/2/1774 9/7/1849   Wife of Joshua JAY
JAY Zada P.     35y 6m 3d Only date given: July 30, 1854; could be 3d or 20d.
KENT Elizabeth   6/11or16/1873 71 or 74y Wife of Joseph KENT or Joseoh KENT
KOCOUREK Anna 6/20/1860 7/11/48    
KOCOUREK Joseph J. 8/27/1860 9/9/25    
LAUGHEAD Kames 10/7/1798 11/6/1888    
LAUGHEAD Elizabeth 10/23/1803 2/2/1894   Wife of James LAUGHEAD; birthdate could be 1801 instead of 1803.
LAWHEAD Alexander 1835 1910    
LAWHEAD Anne H. 1867 1936    
LAWHEAD Harriet E. 1841 1927   Wife of A. LAWHEAD
LAWHEAD Walter  1865 1920    
LEONARD Cornelius L.   9/2/1862 16y 9m 18d Son of David & Mary LEONARD
LEONARD Frank N.   8/25/1862 3y 11m 2d Son of David & Mary LEONARD
LEONARD Infant son       Son of David & Mary LEONARD
LEONARD Orpha       Daughter of David & Mary LEONARD
LEONARD David   7/16/1864 34y 10m 23d Co. A, 179 Regt. NY Vol.
LEONARD Mary C. 7/3/1831 9/30/07   See entry for MANNING, Mary LEONARD
LEONARD Elsie(Elsey)   8/31/1852 61, 62, or 67y  
LEONARD Isaac 1828 1863    
LEONARD Malinda 1829 1892   Wife of Isaac LEONARD
LEONARD Martha A. 1849 1851 2y 6m 23d Or deathdate may be 1857.
LEONARD James  1751 5/6/1837 66y 8m 15d Born Conn. A Soldier of the American Revolution.
LEONARD Jonah B. 10/2/1829 1/16/1892    
LEONARD Anna E. 9/30/1838 4/27/1890   Wife of Jonah LEONARD
LEONARD Infant son   4/16/1874 4d Son of J.B. & A.E. LEONARD
LEONARD King Solomon 2/21/1805 5/19/1883 78y 8m 2d "Father"
LEONARD Charity Pixley 1806 7/21/1881 75y 2m Wife of King Solomon LEONARD; see entry for PIXLEY, Charity
LEONARD Mary L.   3/5/1868 23y 5m 25d Daughter of King Solomon & Charity LEONARD
LEONARD Arzella A.(Arzelia)   8/12/1881 13y 3m 1d Daugher of M.S. & Emily LEONARD
LEONARD Emily E.or C.   8/30/1874 37y 2m 22d Wife of M.S. LEONARD
LEONARD Susan   1/5/1861 21y  Wife of M.S. LEONARD
LEONARD Catherine S. 5/11/1829 4/13/1891    
LEONARD Martin 1839 1911   Co. H., 50th NY VOL.
LEONARD Mary C. 7/3/1831 9/30/07   See entry for MANNING, Mary C.
LEONARD Mary E. 1852 1863    
LINDERBERRY Henry 4/20/1815 4/26/01    
LINDERBERRY Betsey A. 4/14/1823 12/14/1890   Wife of H.LINDERBERRY
LINDERBERRY Charles A. 11/2/1849 12/22/04    
LINDERBERRY Evelyn A. 1917 1929   Daughter of C.A. & Frances LINDERBERRY
LINDERBERRY Frances  1/12/1852 4/23/42   Wife of C.A. LINDERBERRY
LINDERBERRY Joseph E.    10/28/1870 13y 28d Son of Henry & Betsey LINDERBERRY
LINDERBERRY Joseph K. 1881 1964    
LINDERBERRY Bertha B. 1884 1970   Wife of Joseph.
LINDERBERRY Ronald J. 1910 1972   Son of Joseph K. & Bertha LINDERBERRY
LINDERMAN Mary   1/3/1861 61y Wife of Cornelius LINDERMAN
LINDERMAN Cornelius   7/25/1875 52y 3m 20d  
LINDERMAN Jay   1/8/1879 19y 1m 11d Son of James & Mary LINDERMAN
LONGCOY Allen   5/13/1862 49y 22d  
LONGCOY Mary   10/24/1870 61y 6m 3d Wife of Allen LONGCOY
LONGCOY Abram   6/27/1864 42y 12d  
LONGCOY Miranda   1/22/1890 63y 9m 10d Wife of Abram LONGCOY
LONGCOY Infant        Infant of Abram & Mirand LONGCOY
LONGCOY William H. 5/25/1843 2/20/14   Co.A., 107 Regt., NY VOL.
LONGCOY Louisa J. 3/6/1844 6/24/19   Wife of Wm. H. LONGCOY
LONGCOY Elmer E.   10/20/1893 24y 4m 13d Son of W.H. & L. LONGCOY
LOUNSBURY Thomas G. 12/12/1842 5/17/1894    
LOUNSBURY Mary E. 3/28/1845 4/13/26   Wife of Thomas G. LOUNSBURY
LOUNSBURY Fannie 3/27/1876 4/26/1876   Daughter of Thomas & Mary LOUNSBURY
LOUNSBURY Sarah E.       Daughter of T.C. & M.E. LOUNSBURY
LOUNSBURY Infant 4/3/1877      
LOVELL Nancy   9/16/1854   See entry for REYNOLDS, NANCY
MADERS Maria   6/24/1871 51y 3m 11d  
MALLERY Ezra   6/19/1838 53y 6m  
MALLERY Currance   12/16/1856 22y Wife of Ezra MALLERY
MALLORY C.D. 9/11/1847 11/5/11    
MALLORY Cordelia  2/29/1856 2/17/01   Wife of C.D. MALLORY
MALLORY Anne   3/19/1895 71y 6m 11d  
MALLORY Daniel   1/4/1881 62y  
MALLORY Silas   7/19/1850 46y  
MALLORY Susan 1892 1899    
MALLORY William    10/29/1891 74y 10m 28d  
MANNING Mary G. 7/33/1831 9/30/07   See entry for LEONARD, Mary C.
MARSHALL Helen J.       Daughter of Ira & Mary MARSHALL; Died SEP L(, L'$L - all that can be made out
MARTENEK Marii 9/14/1843 5/23/18   Born in Bohemia
MATHEWS Eliza M.       Wife of Warren BATES; see entry for BATES, Eliza M. MATHEWS
McDOLE(McDoel) Elizabeth Jay 12/29/1798 2/28/1879    
McDOLE(McDoel) Mercy   2/1/1862or63 87y 8m  
McDOLE(McDoel) Robert 1768 12/25/1851 83y  
McDOLE(McDoel) Varnum 11/8/1795 8/18/1879 83y 9m  
McDOUGLE Hannah   1/10/1866 27y Wife of Horace McDOUGLE
McDOUGLE Horace   8/27/1875    
McDOUGLE Phebe   8/21/1865 1y  
McMILLAN Charles 7/3/1835 5/5/05    
McMILLAN         Wife of Charles McMILLAN; only date given is Apr. 27, 1844
MILLAN Elizabeth   6/26/1845 42y Wife of James MILLAN
MOODY John A. 9/7/1794 5/14/1863    
MOODY Sally 11/2/1795 4/6/1865    
MOODY John A.G.       No dates. See AcMOODY names buried in the Gearhart Cemetery, Lindel Rd., Sullivanville.
MOODY Nancy       No dates. Wife of A.G. MOODY; see AcMOODY names as above.
MOORE Cornelius 11/6/1823 1/3/1893    
MOORE Melissa L. 10/4/1824 4/15/1891   Wife of Cornelius MOORE
MOORE Harriet M.   7/27/1815 32y  Wife of Asa MOORE
MOORE Philena R.   12/14/1846 20y 5m 6d Daughter of Elisha & Esther MOORE
MOORE Elisha 1781 5/9/1860 79y  
MOORE Esther   4/6/1865 70y 9m 6d  
MOORE Lucinda   3/17/1847 25y Daughter of Elisha & Esther MOORE
MOORES Sarah Jane   9/25/1876 47y 5m Daughter of James & Rachel MOORES
MOORES Mariah   6/24/1874 54y 3m 11d  
MEWHALL Helen    9/19/1849   Daughter of Ira & Mary
NEWTON James Allen 1771 2/1/1837 66y 11d A Soldier of the War of 1812
NEWTON Nancy   1867   Wife of Jeremiah NEWTON
NEWTON Hannah   5/25/1863   Wife of Jeremiah NEWTON
NEWTON Susan   9/13/1860 6y Daughter of J. & Hannah NEWTON
NORRIS Julia 3/11/1803 10/16/1894   Daughter of Adolf & Unice VAN DUZER; Wife of Mathew NORRIS; see entry for VAN DUZER, Julia
NORRIS     3/20/1831   Infant daughter of Mathew & Julia T. NORRIS
OAKLEY Martha M. 1/25/1812 6/11/1881   "Mother"
OAKLEY William B. 1/25/1809 7/33/1888   "Father"
OAKLEY T.W.   10/27/1879 40y  
Subj:  Thank you and cemetery corrrection
Date:  02/06/2004 7:08:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lynn Scott)

Again, I thank you.  Your information is by far the best, most complete and the easiest  to use of all the web sites I have visited.  Thanks heavens for your dedication.

Visited the Newton Cemetery, Veteran, Chemung County, NY page and would like to correct a few dates if you would like them.  John and Martha Hulett were my GGG grandparents.  Their son George W. under  the "only date given 12/8/1882"  must be his death date as he was a twin to Benjamin F. who was born 1/16/1818.

Another son Charles lost 3 wives and 6 children!  Charles died in 1883 not 1853.  His first wife, Nancy  (McDonell) died in 1835 not 1845.  This info in Ensign & Evarts History of Chemung Co.  Also since he married  his second wife,  Anne Elizabeth (Munson) in 1836 and their daughter Sophia Louise was born in 1841(Sophia died in 1853), it stands to reason that the 1845 death date for first wife, Nancy, is really 1835.  Charles had 5 children with wife # 3, Eliza (Elizabeth P.Hulett, daughter of Thomas Hulett of Rutland County, VT)  None of the 5 children lived past the age of 7.  All but one dying before she did in 1863 at age 47.  The date for their child Ada A.'s death 5/3/1804 has to be wrong as it would be 8 years before her mother's birth! Don't have info on this one.

Hope this info is helpful to you.  You are truly a blessing for those of us who really want to know our families.

Lynn Scott
Oshkosh, WI 

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/27/99
By Joyce M. Tice