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AName of Cemetery:    Millport Cemetery
Read By:  W. E. Fenton
Date Read:   April. 1998
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  Chemung Co.-Town of Veteran
Location:  On edge of Village of Millport, North of Co. Rt. 6A, and east of State Rt. 14
Note from W. E. - Anything in ( ) is not on stone.  Lines with an * are stones that I didn't see. That data from a 1977 list made by Doris & Joseph Boyd
 Note from Joyce - Data was alphabetized when we received it, so we do not have the row by row reading that tells us who was buried next to whom.
1977 Boyd Listing includes commentary on the stones and the people that is not all included here.
Page One Two Three Four Five Six Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Stoddard Florence H. 1898 1974   Next to Ford V. Holmes
Stoddard Ford V. Jul.29.1923 Aug.16.1987   PFC US Army WW2
Stoddard Betty M. 1919 1994   (w/o Ford V.)
Stoddard Richard H. 1861 1943    
Stoddard Lena W. 1871 1939   (w/o Richard H.)
Stoll Aaron C.   Apr.30.1889 70 yr  
Stoll Selina H.   Feb.1.1866 42y3m25d w/o Aaron C.
Stoll Catharine A.   Jun.24.1852 2y9m18d d/o Aaron & Selina
Stoll Harrison   Sep.21.1847 1y10m21d s/o Aaron & Selina
Stoll Andrew     1y3m s/o James & Adaline
Stoll George     7 mo s/o James & Adaline
Stoll Guy G.   Jul.29.1875 11 yr s/o James & Adaline
Stoll Hattie     5 da d/o James & Adeline
Stoll Francis D. 1824 1908   "Father"
Stoll Rozilla A. 1828 1909   (w/o Francis D.)
Stoll Joseph C.   Oct.26.1884 82y0m21d "Father"
Stoll Mary A.   Sep.24.1851 34y6m22d "Mother" w/o Joseph C.
Strait John L. 1893 1944    
Strait Charlotte T. 1908 1963   "Mother" (w/o John L.)
Strait Joseph C. Sr. Oct.19.1935 Mar.2.1994   RM3 US Navy Korea
Strait Elaine L. 1938     w/o Joseph C., Sr. - Married Dec.1.1956
Strunk Henry E.   Apr.10.1891 75 yr  
Strunk Elizabeth A.   Jun.24.1881 65 yr w/o Henry E.
Strunk Lewis H. 1883 1973    
Strunk Grace A. 1884 1966   (w/o Lewis H.)
Strunk William 1859 1941    
Strunk Sylvia Carr 1864 1936   w/o William
Stuart Charles L. 1870 1902    
Stuart Harry M. 1891 1969    
Stuart Ernesdene O. 1904 1984   (w/o Harry M.)
Stuart John W. 1866 1957    
Stuart Libbie E. Frost Dec.15.1857 Jun.18.1894   w/o John W.
Stuart Mary E. 1868 1941   (w/o John W.)
Stuart Burr Frost   Jun.14.1894 Infant s/o John & Libbie
Stuart Shirley B. 1872 1924    
Stuart William C. 1866 1939    
Sutfin James H. 1861 1925   "Father"
Sutfin Charry 1862 1940   "Mother" (w/o James H.)
Tanner Pliny S. Jan.15.1811 Jan.29.1891 80y0m14d  
Tanner Hannah L.   Nov.18.1868 51y9m1d Second wife of Pliny S.
Tanner Lydia Ann   May.20.1839 29y2m24d First w/o Pliny S.
Tanner Sarah Jane Jan.23.1823 Feb.26.1888   Third w/o Pliny S.
Tanner Aaron   Apr.10.1836 2m22d s/o P.S. & L. A.
Tanner Laurin   Dec.2.1847 1y8m10d d/o P. S. & H. L.
Taylor Chancey 1814 1882    
Taylor Lydia Mar.20.1868 54 yr w/o Chancey
Taylor Sarah   Oct.2.1841 54 yr w/o Rowland
Terry Ellen Delores 1932 1944    
Terry John 1885 1956    
Terry Myrtle M. 1901 1975   (w/o John)
Terry John Francis 1929 1947    
Thayer Carrie A.       d/o W. O.
Thayer Cora E.       d/o William
Thayer John C.   Dec.7.1863 80 yr  
Thayer Anna   Feb.15.1864 76 yr w/o John C.
Thayer Mary   Apr.16.1868 25 yr w/o Asa A.
Thayer Percible H.       s/o C. E.
Thomas Alice   Mar.1.1880 6y11m14d d/o E. & J.
Thomas David 1816 1892    
Thomas Betsey Ann Nov.27.1817 Jan.4.1858   w/o David
Thomas Jane Dean 1825 1903   w/o David
Thomas Sila M.   Nov.22.1871 48y8m13d w/o David
Thomas Joel D.   Sep.3.1864 10m7d s/o David & Sila
Thomas Mariah   May.18.1852 2y1m3d d/o David & Betsey B.
Thomas David   Dec.20.1833 72 yr A Soldier of the Amer' Rev'-Enlisted man 1st Regt. CT Line--Col. Jedediah
          Huntington; Maj.Christopher Darrow-CT Men in Rev. Pg. 154
Thomas Edward Jan.17.1840 Nov.13.1901    
Thomas Virginia Hinman May.18.1844 Nov.16.1903   w/o Edward
Thomas Edward 1834 1902    
Thomas Julia Thomas Bryon 1862 1935   (w/o Edward)
Thomas Eliza 1868 1937    
Thomas Grant Jul.1.1864 May.31.1874   s/o Edward/Sophronia (Drowned)
Thomas H. King (Hezekiah) Nov.5.1823 Sep.20.1903    
Thomas Adeline Mar.2.1839 Jul.20.1883   w/o H. King--d/o E. W. & Mary Longstreet
Thomas Winifred G. Nov.4.1872 Jan.21.1886   d/o H. King and Adeline
Thomas Howard 1834 1902   *
Thomas Jonathan   Feb.11.1849 62y6m  
Thomas Ruhama L.   Mar.14.1851 60y11m w/o Jonathan
Thomas Jane R.   Feb.10.1831 17y0m7d d/o Jonathan & Ruhama
Thomas Sarah   Feb.8.1831 13y4m5d d/o Jonathan & Ruhama
Thompson Charles Aug.6.1803 Nov.3.1885    
Thompson Cynthia A. Nov.6.1813     w/o Charles
Thompson Susan   Oct.10.1850 46y8m2d w/o Charles
Thompson Daniel B. Aug.6.1805 Jun.25.1886    
Thompson Eliza   Mar.20.1875 62y6m30d w/o Daniel B. (Stone in bad condition-data from 1931 record))
Thompson Elvira   Feb.19.1854 35y8m w/o Daniel B. (Stone bad)
Thompson Sarah   Feb.26.1842   d/o Daniel & Elvira
Thompson James H. 1830 1861    
Thompson Richard   May.9.1868 45y3m  
Thompson Herbert   Jul.27.1864 7y0m23d s/o Richard & Hester
Thompson Stephen       s/o Richard (Unreadable badly eroded)
Tifft Alonzo Mar.23.1840 May.20.1886    
Tifft Nathan H. 1844     CO E 125th NY Vol.
Tifft William S.   Sep.10.1906 90 yr  
Tifft Cordelia H.   Apr.28.1878 58 yr w/o William S.
Tinney Chester   Aug.1.1886 90 yr  
Todd Seager S. 1855 1938    
Todd Amy Parsons 1861 1928   (w/o Seager S.)
Tompkins Arlone M. 1927 1980    
Tompkins Daniel D.       CO G 50th NY Eng.
Tompkins Erwin 1889 1964   (Funeral Plaque) *
Tompkins Hiram 1832 1905   (Civil War data buried)
Tompkins Semantha   Feb.14.1898 65y4m6d w/o Hiram
Tompkins Myron Feb.3.1893 Oct.22.1971   NY PVT Co. C 307th INF WW 1
Tompkins Robert Curtiss Feb.25.1921 Nov.17.1996    
Tompkins Phoebe M. Jul.3.1926     w/o Robert - Married Dec.22.1944
Townsend Frank 1850 1927    
Townsend Minnie 1862 1947   (w/o Frank)
Turrell Hiram C.   Jul.11.1888 71 yr SGT CO D 141st NYV
Turrell Lovina M.   Oct.6.1876 57 yr (w/o Hiram C.)
Turrell Cassius M.   May.12.1866 19 yr CO D 141st Regt. NYV s/o Hiram & Lovina (died of disease contracted in army)
Turrell Hiram D.   Jul.20.1851 6 mo s/o Hiram & Lovina
Turrell Maria A.   Jun.7.1853 4 yr d/o Hiram & Lovina
Turrell Mary V.   Jul.7.1867 13 yr d/o Hiram & Lovina
Turrell William   Aug.29.1852 1m15d s/o Hiram & Lovina
Tuttle E. B. Apr.22.1828 Sep.21.1892    
Tuttle Phebe M. Nov.22.1829     w/o E. B.
Tuttle Frank M. 1860 1926    
Tuttle Minnie M. 1867 1950   (w/o Frank M.)
Tuttle Fred W. 1858 1932    
Tuttle Howard Castell 1895 1900    
Tuttle John D.   Dec.8.1875 79 yr "A Soldier of 1812"
Tuttle Sabrina   Oct.11.1839 34y5m6d w/o John D.
Tuttle Phebe Persis 1894 1962    
Tuttle J. Reed 1857 1930    
Tuttle W. J. Sep.6.1864 Nov.14.1900    
Upson George L.   Apr.12.1898 25y0m30d  
VanBuskirk John H. 1875 1927   "Father" *
VanBuskirk Lottie M. 1885     (w/o John H.) *
Vandenbergh George D.   Jul.22.1863 7y8m2d s/o R.I. & C.C. (stone badly eroded data may be in error) *
Vanderhoof Albert 1794 1882   Infantry-War of 1812
Vanderhoof Rachel 1797 1878   "Mother" (w/o Albert) (Stone for Rachel is spelled Vanderhoef)
Vanderhoef Alonzo J. 1829 1894    
Vanderhoef Eliza M. 1836 1916    
Vanderhoef Della   Feb.11.1860 5 yr  
Vanderhoef Elijah J.   Aug.4.1887 64 yr  
Vanderhoef Jane Gee   Sep.26.1894 66 yr w/o Elijah J.
Vanderhoef Emma 1860 1910    
Vanderhoef Frances 1859 1866    
Vanderhoef Freddie   Feb.6.1860 3 yr  
Vanderhoef Infant   Feb.18.1930    
Vanderhoef Irving J. Sr. 1899 1986   Married Jul.4.1926
Vanderhoef Aletha Lawrence 1906 1997   w/o Irving J. Sr.
Vanderhoef John G. 1871 1936    
Vanderhoef Martha L. 1872 1930    
Vanderhoef Legrand   Jun.28.1869 16 yr  
Vanderhoef Mattie 1868 1869    
VanSile Eva Lynn Kelly 1930 1975    
Vantine Charles E. 1870 1957    
Vantine Susan M. 1875 1973   (w/o Charles E.)
Vickerson William Harrison   Feb.25.1841 9m4d s/o Thomas/Martha M.
Wager Joshua 1845 1921    
Wager Frances C. 1850 1918   (w/o Joshua)
Wager Mary E. Sep.11.1853 May.19.1883   w/o Joshua
Walker Emma Jane   Nov.4.1851 4y8m d/o J. & Elizabeth
Wandricke Albert O. 1909 1983    
Wandricke Dorothy M. 1910 1984   (w/o Albert O.)
Wanzer Ebenezer       CO B 107th NY Inf.
Wanzer Sally Nov.11.1811 Nov.10/1897    
Warring Eleazer Jun.23.1832 Feb.27.1915    
Warring Emily Mar.5.1835 Aug.17.1911   (w/o Eleazer)
Webster Paul R. 1934 1955    
Weed Floyd J. 1878 1966    
Weed Grace H. 1885 1970   (w/o Floyd J.)
Weed George M. 1875 1956   "Husband"
Weed Wilhelmina M. 1883 1968   "Wife" (w/o George M.)
Weed Pauline Jul.20.1905 Jan.4.1908    
Weed Levi H. 1851 1907   "Father"
Weed Emma J. 1858 1918   "Mother" (w/o Levi H.)
Weed Kenneth A. Mar.12.1907 May.2.1995    
Weed Alice L. Mar.15.1911     (w/o Kenneth A.)
Weed Morris P.       CO G 50th NY Eng.
Weed Lucinda T. 1836 1898   w/o Morris P.
Weed William 1842 1898    
Weed Mary E. Horton 1847 1926   w/o William
Weed William   1898 57 yr  
Weed Mary       w/o William
West Pliny G. 1912 1994    
West Myrreel H. 1921 1968   (w/o Pliny)
White Dexter 1839 1919    
White Marion I. Titus 1846 1892   w/o Dexter
White Luna Jan.27.1800 Sep.7.1856   Born Spencer, Mass. Died Millport, NY
White Lucretia Bemis Mar.24.1803 Nov.21.1886   w/o Luna -Born Spencer, Mass.-died Campbell, NY
White Maud E. 1868 1956    
Whiting Isabel Jun.7.1872 Oct.24.1907   w/o Rev. J. C.
Wilbur Lyman   Jul.8.1870 66y1m27d  
Wilbur Lucy Ann   Jul.25.1870 55 yr w/o Lyman
Wilcox Dewitt C. 1835 1912   CO F 87th NY Vol. Cav.
Wilcox Ellen H. 1840 1916   "Mother" w/o Dewitt C.
Wilcox Gracie   Sep.8.1873 2y9m d/o Dewitt C & Ellen H.
Wilcox James   Jul.20.1895 70 yr *
Wildey Oscar L. 1833 1898    
Willett Simon 1854 1904    
Willett Clarissa 1854 1927   w/o Simon
Willett Eliza M. 1880 1904    
Williams Mordecai   Feb.14.1913 84 yr 1st Sgt. CO A 89th NY Vol.
Williams Rachel A.   Mar.4.1914 80 yr  
Williams Stephen   Aug.25.1873 83y5m4d  
Williams Hannah   Nov.9.1875 78y7m19d w/o Stephen
Williams Minerva M.   Apr.3.1883 60 d/o Stephen & Hannah
Williams Edgar   Sep.22.1853 17 yr s/o Stephen & Hannah
Wood Kenneth E. Sr. 1935 1997    
Wood Olin B. Feb.7.1923 May.20.1994   US Army WW 2
Wooden Jared   Apr.8.1875 65  
Wooden Susan O.   Apr.14.1882 83 yr (w/o Jared)
Wooden Lydia M.     9 yr  
Wooden Penelope   Mar.19.1898 64 yr  
Woodward Bert 1860 1934   "Father" CO D US Army
Woodward Claretta 1858 1860    
Woodward Maneroa 1849 1950    
Woodward Royal A. 1820 1897   "Father"
Woodward Clarissa M. 1821 1896   "Mother" (w/o Royal A.)
Woughter Leda S. 1908 1937    
Zimdahl George W. 1918 1985    
Zimdahl Erma L. 1917     (w/o George W.)

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/6/2005
By Joyce M. Tice