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1998 Fenton Listing
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AName of Cemetery:    Millport Cemetery
Read By:  W. E. Fenton
Date Read:   April. 1998
Typed By:   Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  Chemung Co.-Town of Veteran
Location:  On edge of Village of Millport, North of Co. Rt. 6A, and east of State Rt. 14
Note from W. E. - Anything in ( ) is not on stone.  Lines with an * are stones that I didn't see. That data from a 1977 list made by Doris & Joseph Boyd
 Note from Joyce - Data was alphabetized when we received it, so we do not have the row by row reading that tells us who was buried next to whom.
1977 Boyd Listing includes commentary on the stones and the people that is not all included here.
Page One Two Three Four Five Six Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Peale Mary M. 1896 1967    
Pelow Arthur J. 1905 1968    
Pelow I. Naomi 1907 1997   (w/o Arthur J.)
Perry Arnold 1828 1899   CO G 50th NY Eng.
Perry Elijah T. 1788 1863    
Perry Frank J. 1876 1912    
Perry Ida M. 1867     w/o Frank J.
Perry Guy McDougal 1891 1918   PVT 303rd CO G & F
Perry Lydia L. 1850 1866    
Perry Simeon 1823 1863   "Father" (See Delilah Lane)
Perry Susan May 1850 1933   "Mother"
Personius Abraham Jun.12.1816 Oct.5.1884    
Personius Pricilla Sep.15.1819     w/o Abraham
Personius Albert E. Jun.30.1852 Jun.30.1855   s/o A & P
Personius George Nov.14.1855 Sep.24.1856   s/o A & P
Personius Georgeana Nov.14.1855 Aug.17.1856   d/o A & P
Personius William J. May.12.1841 Oct.5.1864   s/o A & P 107th REGT NYV-Died at Atlanta, Ga
Personius Earl E. 1889 1956    
Personius Helen M. 1894     (w/o Earl E.)
Personius Eli 1845 1907   CO G 50 REGT NYV
Personius Mary J. 1842 1921   w/o Eli
Personius Floyd B. 1866 1941   "Father"
Personius Ida B. 1871 1922   "Mother" w/o Floyd B.
Personius Frank J. 1899 1956    
Personius Frances G. 1901     (w/o Frank J.)
Personius George A. 1858 1908    
Personius Pernina 1861     w/o George A.
Personeus Horace S. Jan.4.1850      
Personeus Lottie I. Aug.1.1850 May.9.1894   w/o Horace S.
Personeus Lottie Aug.27.1889 Sep.12.1889   d/o Horace & Lottie
Personeus Marcia May   Dec.7.1885 11y4m29d d/o Horace & Lottie
Phelps Fred H. 1859 1925    
Phelps Francelia L. 1854 1939   (w/o Fred H.)
Phelps Harper C. 1883 1903    
Phelps Martha E.   Nov.23.1881 46y0m16d w/o H. H.
Potter Reginald C.S. 1893 1968    
Potter Julia Sayler Jun.5.1896 Mar.17.1950   (w/o Reginald C.S.)
Pound Ernest G. Sr. 1910 1992    
Pratt A.     69 yr  
Pratt Joanna   Jul.14.1885 84y2m8d w/o George W.
Pratt Cornelia   Mar.3.1849 3y0m21d d/o George W. & Joanna
Pratt Jerome   Aug.1.1857 16 yr s/o George W & Joanna
Pratt William C. Jr. 1835 1906    
Pratt Caroline A. 1849 1906   (w/o William C. Jr.)
Prior Adelia   Sep.18.1869 40y9m12d w/o John E.
Purdy Harry B. 1885 1938    
Purdy Frances D. Riece 1894 1938   w/o Harry B.
Quick Alonzo H. 1852 1926    
Quick Jennie A. 1857 1911   (w/o Alonzo H.)
Quick Carl S. 1887 1924    
Quick Clarence L.   Nov.13.1941   NY Store-Keeper 1 Class US Navy
Quinn Francesca 1911 1982    
Quinn Phila Ann   Sep.23.186 34y2m19d w/o A. H.
Randall Abby H.   ??.19.1852 36y5m27d w/o J. M. *
Randolph Ralph F. 1915 1979    
Randolph Dorothy K. 1921 1972   (w/o Ralph F.)
Raymond Polly   May.6.1857 62y1m13d w/o Ira
Reed Walter R. 1901 1987    
Reed Inez M. 1906     (w/o Walter R.)
Relyea David May.25.1800 Sep.18.1845    
Relyea Lucinda Nov.2.1800 Mar.20.1875   w/o David
Relyea Samuel Feb.13.1832 Jun.15.1839   s/o David & Lucinda
Relyea George U. Mar.7.1824 Jul.20.1880    
Relyea Lucinda M. Feb.22.1859 Feb.27.1875   d/o George & Amanda
Relyea Mary M. Mar.7.1824 Jul.7.1900   *
Renolds Welch 1847 1911   "Uncle"
Rhodes Benjamin A. 1846 1902    
Rhodes Caroline 1872 1942   w/o Benjamin A.
Rhodes Hattie E.   Dec.8.1888 43y1m26d w/o Benjamin A.
Rhodes Purley M.   Jun.4.1882 3y6m s/o B.A. & H.E.
Rhodes Jesse B. 1823 1895   "Father"
Rhodes Mary A. 1820 1902   "Mother" w/o Jesse B.
Rhodes John Feb.17.1791 Jan.28.1861    
Rhodes Mary R.   May.29.1842 46y2m2d w/o John
Rhodes Thomas F. 1841 1920   CO G 50th NY Eng.
Rhodes Nancy 1845 1923   w/o Thomas F.
Rhinevault Myrtle   1952 ??  
Rhinevault Richard 1929 1931    
Rhynehart Clifford G. Apr.28.1907 Jan.19.1938    
Rhynehart Emmitt Jul.21.1879 ??   "Father"
Rhynehart Dora B. Goodwin Sep.22.1878 Mar.16.1946   "Mother" (w/o Emmitt)
Rines Frank 1883 1937    
Robbins Hazel MacDougall 1900 1978    
Rodabaugh Clifford 1901 1991    
Rodabaugh Alice W. 1904 1951   (w/o Clifford)
Rodabaugh Constance Ann   Apr.2.1944   Only date
Rogers Charles 1842 1915   "Father"
Rogers Sarah 1844 1908   w/o Charles
Rogers Blake 1878 1897   s/o Charles & Sarah
Rogers Frank W. 1866 1947    
Rogers Carrie S. 1872 1947   (w/o Frank W.)
Rogers Nelson B.   Aug.12.1872 30y1m12d (See Emma Johnson)
Roloson James Melancthon 1840 1905    
Roloson Melvina Moore 1853 1936   w/o James Melancthon
Roloson Mahlon G. 1873 1950   *
Roloson Grace Kies 1875 1936   (w/o Mahlon G)
Rowe Abram 1847 1907   50th NY Eng.
Rowe Catherine 1852 1931   "Mother" w/o Abram
Rowe Fred Jairus 1880 1946    
Rowe Gertrude May 1881 1957   (w/o Fred Jairus)
Rowe Samuel B. 1880 1946    
Rowe Emma L. 1886 1949   (w/o Samuel B.)
Rowe George 1904 1944    
Roy M. L.   Jun.7.1866 31y5m  
Roy Mary R.   Aug.22.1875 39y8m (w/o M. L. )
Roy Samuel   Dec.22.1858 ?? s/o M. L. & Mary R.)
Roy Stella S.   Feb.1.1863 3hr 9 min d/o M.L. & Mary R.)
Roy William A. 1859 1930    
Rush Herman H. 1914      
Rush Josephine M. 1918 1993   (w/o Herman H.)
Ryan Jacqueline Anne Jun.24.1932 Nov.8.1987    
Saunders Eliza 1885 1911    
Saunders William 1853 1907    
Sayre Seely H. 1895 1946   PVT US Army WW1
Seaman Diantha   Nov.15.1869 29 yr w/o H. W.
Seaman Clinton   Aug.1.1868 7 mo s/o H. W. & Diantha
Seaman Eliza Feb.4.1808 Aug.11.1894   "Mother"
Seaman Frances 1851 1940   w/o Horace W.
Seaman H. M.D. Sep.28.1806 Feb.18.1882   "Father" (First name was Horace)
Seaman Sally S. Whipple Jun.19.1800 Aug.6.1842   w/o H. Seaman M.D.
Seaman Warren H. 1835 1905   BAND 48 REGT NY Vol.
Seeley Mrs. M.B.   1904 77 yr (On William Weed stone)
Sherman Lucy S.   Nov.11.1849 56y6m w/o Charles R.- d/o Joseph Rhodes
Sherwood David       CO F 12th Regt. NY Vol
Sherwood Henry 1851 1918    
Sherwood Ella 1851 1914   w/o Henry
Sherwood Henry G.       CO G 50th NY Eng.
Sherwood Jonathan   Feb.4.1902 ?? CO B 50th Regt. NY Eng.
Shoemaker Myra   Sep.20.1851 21 yr  
Shults Earl L. Jr. 1928 1991    
Shults Carolyn G. 1930     (w/o Earl L. Jr.)
Sigler William   Oct.6.1863 54 yr  
Sigler Margaret   Aug.21.1859 48 yr w/o William
Sinclair John 1820 1884    
Sinclair Jane 1824 1909   w/o John
Skuse Charles 1865 1925    
Skuse Alice A. 1856 1944   (w/o Charles)
Slater Frank L. Sr. 1860 1932    
Slater Cora B. 1865 1924   (w/o Frank L. Sr.)
Slater Isaiah   Sep.18.1869 41 yr "Father" -Elmira Death Register-born U.S. s/o Isaac Slater; killed by RR cars Sept.28.1868
          age 48. Resided Hudson St.Elmira-was mechanic.Question of different dates..
Slater Mary Ann   May.23.1858 4y5m5d d/o Isiah & Catharine
Sleeper Charles W. Nov.6.1845 Apr.29.1935    
Sleeper Thomas C. Aug.20.1811 Dec.23.1884   "Father"
Sleeper Sarah S. Jun.29.1818 Feb.25.1875   "Mother" w/o Thomas C.-Record of 1923 says d/o James Locke
Smart Jason H. 1830 1913   CO G 50th NY Eng. "Father"
Smart Mary A. 1837 1895   "Mother" w/o Jason H.
Smart Harriet A. 1839 1911   "Mother"
Smith Charles H. 1840 1915   "Father" *
Smith Mary Ann Benson 1818 1896    
Smith Polley   May.15.1864 ?? Age buried- 3rd w/o Joel Smith *
Spafford Allen C.   Nov.1.1854 1y3w s/o F. & M.
Spafford Ellen   Nov.1.1854 1y3w d/o F. & M.
Spafford Torrence C.   Aug.21.1852 1y1m18d s/o Fletcher & Maria
Stanton John R. 1869 1937   *
Stanton Lulu A. 1871 1923   (w/o John R.) *
Starks Nathan B. Apr.1.1820 Feb.14.1890    
Starks Eleanor Aug.26.1828 Oct.28.1880   w/o Nathan B.
Stearns Hannah M. May.14.1855   33y0m11d w/o Josiah A. (Suspect this is death date)
Stearns Sarah S.   Dec.10.1847 5y2m22d d/o Josiah & Hannah
Steiner George W. 1849 1939    
Steiner Helen 1854 1920   w/o George W.
Sterling Anna H. 1859 1925    
Sterling Albert 1855 1933    
Sterling Minnie L. 1869 1951   (w/o Albert)
Sterling Buel 1841 1914    
Sterling Chauncey C. 1848 1923    
Sterling Philena M. 1851 1888   (w/o Chauncey C.) *
Sterling Daniel 1820 1905    
Sterling Nancy J. 1823 1910   (w/o Daniel)
Sterling Edna Mable 1886 1887   (Part of name very eroded)
Sterling Freddie B. 1864 1865    
Sterling George L. 1876 1917    
Sterling Harry E. 1891 1905    
Sterling Hattie E. 1862 1954    
Sterling Henry H.       Stone sunk too deep to read
Sterling Howard H. 1894 1961   *
Sterling Cora H. 1891     *
Sterling James L. 1850 1872    
Sterling John   Jun.27.1872 90y1m22d "Father"
Sterling Celia L.   Oct.13.1863 39y0m29d w/o John *
Sterling Phebe A.   Jun.2.1871 85y6m10d (his wife)
Sterling Erastus Osmun   Jun.2.1850 1y7m2d s/o John & Celia L.
Sterling John A.   Oct.13.1869 52y5m9d  
Sterling John H. 1883 1950    
Sterling Joseph R. 1853 1942    
Sterling Elizabeth B. 1860 1929   (w/o Joseph R.)
Sterling Lowell 1844 1909    
Sterling Emma Hammond 1855 1929   w/o Lowell
Sterling Nathan S. 1860 1940    
Sterling Frances 1866 1896   w/o Nathan S. *
Sterling Nettie G. 1872 1896   w/o Nathan S.
Sterling Bessie   Jul.24.1888 8m10d d/o N.S. & Nettie
Sterling Nicholas C. 1832 1912    
Sterling Cynthia A. 1842 1922    
Sterling Raymond   Mar.16.1892 1 yr s/o J. & L.
Stevens Susan   Sep.27.1868 21y4m10d w/o R. G.
Stimson Rev. H. Aug.31.1815 Oct.13.1883    
Stimson Mary E. 1836 1908   (w/o Rev. H.)
St. John Elizabeth   Feb.2.1865 85y6m13d  
St. John John 1815 1900    
St. John Sophia Amey 1828     w/o John
St. John Frederick   Jul.14.1850 1y10m14d s/o John & Sophia

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/6/2005
By Joyce M. Tice