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Millport Cemetery V-W

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
VAN SILE EVA LYNN KELLY 1930 1975      
VANBUSKIRK LOTTIE M. 1885 no date     "MOTHER"
Vandenbergh GEORGIE D.   7/22/1863 7y8m2d son of R. & C. Vandenberg  
Vanderhoef ALONZO 1829 1894      
Vanderhoef ELIZA M. 1836 1869   wife of Alonzo Vanderhoef  
Vanderhoef MATTIE 1868 1869      
Vanderhoef FRANCES 1859 1866      
Vanderhoef EMMA 1860 1910      
Vanderhoef (infant)   2/18/1928      
Vanderhoef ELIJAH J.   8/4/1887 64 years    
Vanderhoef JANE GEE   9/26/1894 66 years wife of Elijah Vanderhoef  
Vanderhoef DELLA   2/11/1860 5 years    
Vanderhoef FREDDIE   2/6/1860 3 years    
Vanderhoef LEGRAND   6/28/1869 16 years    
Vanderhoef JOHN G. 1871 1936      
Vanderhoef MARTHA L. 1872 1930      
Vanderhoef RACHEL 1797 1878    
Vanderhoof ALBERT 1794 1882     infantry, war of 1812
VANTINE CHARLES E. 1870 1957      
VANTINE SUSAN M. 1875 1973      
WADEMAN DELCIE L.         see entry for Howard L. Burch
WAGER JOSHUA 1845 1921      
WAGER FRANCES C. 1850 1918      
WAGER MARY E. 9/11/1853 5/19/1883   wife of Joshua Wager  
WALKER EMMA JANE   11/4/1851 4y8m daughter of J. & Elizabeth Walker  
WANSER SALLY 11/11/1811 11/10/1897     "MOTHER"
WANZER EBENEZER no dates       Co. D. 107th N. Y. Inf.
WARRING ELEAZER 6/23/1832 2/27/1915     he was a partner with Geo. Burr in E. Warring & Co., Mfg. Of staves, flour barrels,headings,shingles,firkins& ect. In the town Veteran in 1868
WARRING EMILY 3/5/1835 8/17/1911      
WEBSTER PAUL R. 1934 1955      
WEED FLOYD J. 1878 1966      
WEED GRACE H. 1885 1970      
WEED GEORGE M. 1875 1956     "HUSBAND"
WEED WILHELMINA M. 1883 1968     "WIFE":
WEED PAULINE I. 7/20/1905 1/4/1908   daughter of Geo. & Wilhelmina Weed  
WEED LEVI H. 1851 1907     "FATHER"
WEED EMMA J. 1858 1918     "MOTHER"
WEED MORRIS P. no dates       Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engrs.
WEED LUCINA T. 1836 1898   wife of M. P. Weed  
WEED WILLIAM 1842 1898      
WEED Mary E. Horton 1847 1926   wife of William Weed  
WEED Wm.   1898 57 years    
WEED MARY no dates        
WEST PLINY G. 1912 no date      
WEST MYRREEL H. 1921 1968      
WHIPPLE SALLY S.         see entry for H. Seaman, MD
WHITAKER AMANDA 5/6/1848 12/25/1920      
WHITE DEXTER 1839 1919      
WHITE MARION I. TITUS 1846 1892   wife of Dexter White  
WHITE LUNA 1/27/1800 9/7/1856     born in Spencer, Mass. Died in Millport N.Y.
WHITE LUCRETIA BEMIS 3/4/1803 11/21/1886   wife of Luna White born in Spencer, Mass Died in Campbell N.Y.
WHITE MAUD E. 1868 1956      
WHITING ISABEL SEAMAN 6/7/1872 10/24/1907   wife of Rev. J. C. Whiting  
WHITING REV. J. C.         possibly next to Isabel Stone to heavy to lift
WIDLEY PERNINA A.         see entry for Oscar L. Widley
WILBUR LYMAN 5/11/1804 7/8/1870 66y1m27d    
WILBUR LUCY ANN   7/25/1870 55 years wife of Lyman Wilbur  
WILCOX DEWITT C. 1835 1912     Co. F. 87th vol N.Y. Cav.
WILCOX ELLEN H. 1840 1916   wife of D.C. Wilcox  
WILCOX GRACIE   9/8/1873 2y9m daughter of D.C & E.H. Wilcox  
WILCOX JAMES   7/20/1895 70 years    
WILDEY OSCAR L. 1833 1898      
WILDEY PERNINA A. 1861 no date      
WILLETT SIMON 1854 1904      
WILLETT CLARISSA 1854 1927   wife of Simon Willett  
WILLETT ELIZA  1880 1905      
WILLIAMS MORDECAI   2/14/1913 84 years 1st Sgt. Co. A. 89th N.Y. Vol. he owned a sawmill in the town of Veteran in 1868
WILLIAMS STEPHEN 3/21/1790 8/25/1873 83y5m4d    
WILLIAMS HANNAH 3/21/1797 11/9/1875 78y7m19d wife of Stephen Williams  
WILLIAMS MINERVA M.   4/3/1883 60 years daughter of Stephen and Hannah Williams  
WILLIAMS EDGAR   9/22/1853 17 years son of Stephen ana Hannah Williams  
WILLIAMS RACHEL A.   3/14/1914 80 years    
WOODEN JARED   4/8/1875 65 years    
WOODEN SUSAN    4/14/1882 83 years    
WOODEN LYDIA M.   no date 9 years    
WOODEN PENELOPE   3/19/1898 64 years    
WOODWARD BERT 1860 1934   "FATHER" Co. D. U.S. Army
WOODWARD FRANCES M.         see entry for Frances M. Woodward Lee
WOODWARD ROYAL A. 1820 1897   "FATHER" he was a farmer and boat builder in the Town Of Veteran in 1868
WOODWARD MANEROA 1849 1950      
WOODWARD CLARETTA 1858 1860      
WOODWARD LEDA S. 1908 1937      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice