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Millport Cemetery T-U

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
TANNER AARON J. 1/19/1836 4/10/1836 2m22d son of P.S. & L. A. Tanner  
TANNER LAURIN 3/22/1846 12/2/1847 1y8m10d daughter of P.S. & H. L. Tanner  
TANNER PLINY S. 1/15/1811 1/29/1891 80y14d   he was a partner with Wm. McSchooler, groceries and provisions in the town of veteran in 1868
TANNER LYDIA ANN 2/6/1810 5/20/1839 29y2m24d wife of P. S. Tanner  
TANNER HANNAH L. 2/14/1817 11/18/1868 51y9m4d 2nd wife of P.S. Tanner  
TANNER SARAH JANE 1/23/1823 2/26/1888 65y1m3d 3rd wife of P. S. Tanner  
TAYLOR CHANCEY 1814 1882      
TAYLOR LYDIA    3/20/1868 51y  wife of Chancey Taylor  
TAYLOR MARY L.         see entry for George J. Frost
TAYLOR SARAH   10/2/1841 54years wife of Rowland Taylor  
TERRY ELLEN DELORES 1932 1944      
TERRY JOHN FRANCIS 1929 1947      
THAYER JOHN C.   12/7/1863 80years    
THAYER ANNA    2/15/1864 76years wife of John C. Thayer  
THAYER MARY   4/16/1868 25years wife of Asa A. Thayer  
THAYER CARRIE A. no dates     daughter of W.O. Thayer  
THAYER CORA E. no dates     daughter of Wm. Thayer  
THAYER PERCIBLE H. no dates     son of C. E. Thayer  
THOMAS ALICE 3/16/1873 3/1/1880 6y11m14d daughter of E&J Thomas  
THOMAS DAVID 1816 1892      
THOMAS BETSEY ANN 11/27/1817 1/4/1858   wife of David Thomas  
THOMAS MARIAH 4/15/1850 5/18/1852 2y1m3d daughter of Betsey A. & David Thomas  
THOMAS DAVID   12/20/1833 72years    
THOMAS EDWARD 1834 1902      
THOMAS GRANT 7/11/1864 5/31/1874   son of Edward and Sophronian H. Thomas drowned
THOMAS EDWARD 1/17/1840 11/13/1901     he was a boatman in the town of veteran in 1868
THOMAS VIRGINA HINMAN 5/18/1844 11/16/1903   wife of Edward Thomas  
THOMAS H. KING 11/5/1823 9/20/1903     his first name was "Hezekiah" He was a partner with Horace and H. W. Seaman, dry goods, drugs and Groceries in the town of veteran in 1868
THOMAS ADELINE 3/2/1839 7/20/1883   wife of H. K. Thomas & daughter of Mary Longstreet  
THOMAS JONATHAN   2/11/1849 62y6m    
THOMAS RUHAMA L.   3/14/1851 60Y11M wife of Jonathan Thomas no stone found, data from the staver record of 1932
THOMAS JANE R. 2/3/1814 2/10/1831 17y7d daughter of Jona. & Ruhama L. Thomas  
THOMAS SARAH 10/3/1817 2/8/1831 13y4m5d daughter of Jona. & Ruhama L. Thomas  
THOMAS JULIA         see entry for Julia Thomas Byron
THOMAS SILA M. 3/9/1823 11/22/1871 48y8m13d wife of David Thomas  
THOMAS JOEL D. 10/27/1863 9/3/1864 10m7d son of David & Sila M. Thomas  
THOMAS JANE DEAN 1825 1903   wife of David Thomas  
THOMAS ELIZA 1868 1937      
THOMAS WINIFRED G. 11/4/1872 1/21/1886      
THOMPSON CHARLES 8/6/1803 11/3/1885     he was a farmer with 50 acres in the town of veteran in 1868
THOMPSON CYNTHIA A. 11/6/1813 no date   wife of Charles Thompson  
THOMPSON SUSAN 2/8/1804 10/10/1850 46y8m2d wife of Charles Thompson  
THOMPSON JAMES H. 1830 1861      
THOMPSON DANIEL B. 8/6/1805 6/25/1886     he was a farmer with 50 acres in the town of veteran in 1868
THOMPSON ELVIRA   2/19/1854 35years wife of Daniel B. Thompson  
THOMPSON SARAH C. 10/17/1838 2/26/1842 3y3m9d daughter of Daniel B. And Elvira Thompson  
THOMPSON ELIZA 8/28/1812 3/20/1875 62y6m20d wife of Daniel B. Thompson  
THOMPSON MARY C.         see entry for Carmi Lattin
THOMPSON RICHARD    5/9/1868 45y3m    
THOMPSON HERBERT 7/4/1857 7/27/1864 7y23d son of Richard & Hester Thompson  
THOMPSON STEPHEN       son of Richard Thompson dates cannot be read
TIFFT ALONZO 3/23/1840 5/20/1886     he was a partner with Wm, S. Tifft & Son, Grocery & Canal Stable in the town of veteran in 1868
TIFFT NATHAN H. 1844 no date     Co. E, 125th N.Y. Vols
TIFFT WILLIAM S.   9/10/1906 90years   he was a partner with Wm. S. Tifft & Son, Grocery & Canal Stable in the town of veteran in 1868
TIFFT CORDELIA H.   4/28/1878 58years wife of W. S. Tifft  
TINNEY CHESTER   8/1/1886 90years    
TODD SEAGER S. 1855 1938      
TODD AMY PARSONS 1861 1928      
TOMPKINS ALICE         see entry for Alice Tompkins Decker
TOMPKINS DAN'L D. no dates       Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engr's
TOMPKINS ERWIN 1889 1964     Funeral director's plaque only
TOMPKINS HIRAM 1832 1905     civil war veteran
TOMPKINS SEMANTHA 10/8/1832 2/14/1898 65y4m6d wife of Hiram Tompkins  
TOMPKINS MYRON 2/3/1893 10/22/1971     N.Y. , Pvt Co.C, 307th Inf World War 1
TOWNSEND FRANK 1850 1927      
TOWNSEND MINNIE J. 1862 1947      
TURRELL HIRAM C.   7/11/1888 71st year   Co. D. 141st Regt. N.Y.V.
TURRELL LOVINA M.   10/6/1876 57th year    
TURRELL MARIA A.   5/7/1853 4 years    
TURRELL HIRAM D.   7/20/1851 6 months    
TURRELL WILLIAM 7/14/1852 8/29/1852 1m15d    
TURRELL CASSIUS M.   5/12/1866 19 years   Co. D. 141st Regt. N.Y. Vols.
TURRELL MARY V.   7/7/1867 13 years   the last 5 Turrell's were children of H.C. & L. M. Turrell
TUTTLE E. B. 4/22/1828 9/21/1892      
TUTTLE PHEBE M. 10/22/1899 no date   wife of E. B. Tuttle  
TUTTLE REED 1857 1930      
TUTTLE FRED W. 1858 1932      
TUTTLE FRANK M. 1860 1926      
TUTTLE MINNIE M. 1867 1950      
TUTTLE PHEBE PERSIS 1894 1962      
TUTTLE JOHN   12/8/1875 79years   a soldier of 1812
TUTTLE SABRINA 5/5/1805 10/11/1839 34y5m6d wife of John Tuttle  
TUTTLE PHILOMA L.         see entry for Evans Potter Carr
TUTTLE W.J. 9/6/1864 11/14/1900      
TYLER MARY J. 6/17/1874 2/18/1848 8m1d daughter of Everitt & Hannah Tyler  
UPSON GEORGE L. 3/13/1873 4/12/1898 25y30d    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice