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Millport Cemetery Q-R

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
QUICK ARLENE         see entry for Harold L. Appleton
QUICK ALONZO 1852 1926      
QUICK JENNIE A. 1857 1911      
QUICK CARL S. 1187 1924      
QUICK CLARENCE L.   11/13/1941 ONLY DATE   N.Y. Storekepper, 1st Class, U.S. Navy
QUINN PHILA ANN 7/4/1810 9/23/1864 54y2m27d wife of A. H. Quinn  
RANDALL ABBY H.   ?/19/1852 36y5m27d wife of J. M. Randall  
RANDOLPH DORTHY 1921 1972     No tombstone; data from a funeral director's plaque marking the grave.
RAYMOND POLLY 3/23/1795 5/6/1857 62y1m13d wife of Ira Raymond  
RELYEA DAVID 5/25/1800 9/18/1845      
RELYEA LUCINDA 11/2/1800 3/20/1875   wife of David Relyea  
RELYEA SAMUEL 2/13/1832 6/15/1839   son of David & Lucinda Relyea  
RELYEA MARY M. 3/7/1824 7/7/1900      
RELYEA GEORGE U. 3/7/1824 7/20/1880     he was a farmer in the Town of Veteran in 1868 with 130 acres
RELYEA LUCINDA M. 2/22/1859 2/27/1875      
REYNOLDS WELCH 1847 1911     "UNCLE"
RHINEVAULT RICHARD 1929 1931      
RHODES BENJ. A. 1846 1902      
RHODES CAROLINE 1872 1942     "his wife"
RHODES HATTIE E. 10/12/1845 12/8/1888 43y1m26d wife of B. A. Rhodes  
RHODES PURLEY M. 11or12/1878 6/4/1882 3y6m son of B.A. & H. E. Rhodes  
RHODES JESSE B. 1823 1895      
RHODES MARY A. 1820 1902     "his wife"
RHODES JESSIE         se entry for Roy G. Hawley
RHODES JOHN 2/17/1791 1/28/1861      
RHODES MARY R. 3/27/1796 5/29/1842 46y2m2d wife of John Rhodes  
RHODES LUCY S.         see entry for Lucy S. Sherman
RHODES THOMAS F. 1841 1920     Co. G 50th N.Y. Engineers
RHODES NANCY 1845 1923     "his wife"
RHYNEHARD CLIFFORD G. 4/28/1907 1/19/1938      
RHYNEHART EMMITT   7/21/1879     "father"
RICE ANNA M.         see entry for Alfred J. Kinney
RIECE FRANCES D.         see entry for Harry B. Purdy
RINES FRANK 1883 1937      
RODABAUGH ALICE W. 1904 1951      
ROGERS CHARLES 1842 1915     "father"
ROGERS SARAH 1844 1908     wife of Charles Rogers
ROGERS BLAKE 1878 1897     son of Charles & Sarah Rogers
ROGERS EMMA E.         see entry for Emma E. Johnson
ROGERS FRANK W. 1866 1947      
ROGERS CARRIE S. 1872 1947      
ROGERS NELSON B. 6/31/1842 8/12/1872 30y1m12d    
ROLOSON MELVINA MOORE 1853 1922     "his wife"
ROLSON MAHLON G. 1873 1950      
ROLSON GRACE KIES 1875 1936      
ROWE ABRAM 1847 1907     50th N.Y. Engineers
ROWE CATHERINE 1852 1931   wife of Arbram Rowe "MOTHER"
ROWE FRED JAIRUS 1880 1946      
ROWE GERTRUDE MAY 1881 1957      
ROWE SAMUEL B. 1880 1946      
ROWE EMMA L. 1886 1949      
ROWE GEORGE 1904 1944      
ROY M. L.   6/7/1866 31y5m    
ROY MARY R.   8/22/1875 39y8m    
ROY SAMUEL   12/22/1858      
ROY STELLA S.   2/1/1869 3y9m    
ROY WILLIAM A. 1859 1930    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice