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Millport Cemetery N-P

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
NEUMAN R.B.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
NEWHALL SARAH ANN   12/29/1850 21y 9m wife of R.B. Newhall  
NEWHALL ARMINDA G.   6/23/1854 21y 7m wife of R.B. Newhall  
NEWHALL MINDIE   8/12/1854 10 weeks daugher of R.B. & A.G. Newhall Tombstone is eroded.
NEWHALL R.B.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
NEWMAN CHARLES H. 1854 1932      
NEWMAN HARRIET E. 1864 1938      
NEWMAN GUY W. 1887 1918      
NEWMAN HARRY   4/25/1876 5y 10m son of D.R. & Nellie Newman  
Next is a broken stub of a tombstone.            
Next is a headstone to “Mother” only.            
Next is the large bottom section of a tombstone. The top portion is missing. There is no data.            
Next to the above was a recent grave with no idnetification.            
NICKERSON T.J.         This is a handwritten entry in the listing.
NICKERSON WILLIAM   2/25/1841 9m 4d son of Thomas J. & Martha M. Nickerson This is an excellent shale tombstone.
NIGHTHART GEORGE L. 1877 1942      
NIGHTHART GERTRUDE D. 1888       No death date,
NORTHRUP G.L.         No dates. Co. K, 64th N.Y. Inf.
OGDEN ENOS C.         No dates. Co. g, 5th N.Y. Art.
OGDEN MARY E. 1830 1919      
OGDEN GEORGE H. 6/8/1854 6/1/1910      
OGDEN EMMA M. 5/4/1854 11/17/1930      
OSTRANDER CHARLES   6/10/1895 69y   A shaft type monument.
OSTRANDER MARY E. 1837 1923   "Mother"  
OSTRANDER WILLIAM D. 1879 1938      
OSTRANDER (No given name) 1875 1939   "Brother" This is probably "Geroge A."
OSTRANDER (No given name) 1873 1910   "Sister"  
OSTRANDER (No given name) 1868     "Sister" No death date
OSTRANDER (No given name) 1850 1906   "Mother"  
PAGE CHARLES E. 9/2/1851 12/28/1874      
PAGE CLARA IRENE 8/25/1854 4/4/1856      
PAGE HAZEL         See entry for FRANK J. CROUCH
PAGE LINN E. 7/31/1861 5/28/1942      
PAGE ISADORE H. 4/25/1865 2/24/1950      
PAGE SARAH H. 10/29/1889 11/30/1907      
PAGE SAMUEL R. 7/10/1822 9/24/1893     He was a general merchant in the Town of Veteran in 1868
PAGE SARAH N. 1/12/1828 4/9/1906      
PALMER JULIA   5/6/1851 61y wife of Rundle Palmer of Fitchville, Ohio "Julia Palmer, the friend of the fugitive slave." The tombstone is broken into three pieces, the sections leaning against the base. All are badly eroded.
PALMER T. FENNER 1857 1950      
PALMER IDA MAY 1863 1949   his wife  
PALMER FLOYD W. 1891 1896      
PALMER GEORGE F. 1882 1969      
PALMER JENNIE M. 1879 1954      
PARK FRANKIE 1883 1886   son of R.T. & G.E. Park  
PARK R.T.         This is a handwritten entry.
PARKS CHARLES C. 1836 1904     He was a partner in Parks Brothers, blacksmiths, in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
PARKS MARY E. 1844 1912   his wife  
PARKS JAMES 2/18/1803 3/8/1864      
PARKS MILLIE 2/28/1801 9/11/1879      
PARKS MYRNA 9/26/1878 3/30/1881   daughter of Charles C. & Mary E. Parks All on a shaft type monument.
PARKS CLAUDIA HILL 1861 1918      
PARKS BENJAMIN M. 7/1828 9/1885     He was a partner in Parks Brothers,blacksmiths. In the town of Veteran in 1868
PARKS LORINDA M. 6/7/1835 8/21/1905      
PARKS FREDERICK 1861 1918      
PARKS SUSIE M. 3/1870 9/1890      
PARSONS AMY         See entry for Seager S. Todd
PARSONS BURR B. 7/13/1804 12/8/1878 74y4m25d   He was a Farmer with 400 acres in the town of Veteran
PARSONS MINERVA   3/31/1864 54y wife of B.B. Parsons  
PARSONS FANNIE E. 2/14/1846 12/23/1851 10y11m23d Daughter of B. B. and M. Parsons  
PARSONS CATHERINE E.   5/20/1871 25y3m6d Daughter of B. B. and M. Parsons The last 4 were on a shaft type monument
PARSONS CHARLES E. 1835 1911      
PARSONS ELIZABETH M. 1838 1915      
PARSONS ELIZABETH G. BAILEY       Wife of B. J. Parsons This is a heavy tombstne laying facedown on the N.B. Parsons Plot , It's too heavy to lift and read
PARSONS GEORGE M. 1833 1910     He was a farmer with 100 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868
PARSONS EMMA E. STODDARD 1839 1923   Wife of George M. Parsons  
PARSONS GRACE S. 1878 1970      
PARSONS KATHERINE A. 1875 1956      
PARSONS JAMES U. 11/9/1828 8/12/1900      
PARSONS MYRANDA L. 8/12/1832 5/4/1915   Wife of James U. Parsons  
PARSONS EDDIE 1/11/1858 7/17/1863 5y 6m 16d Son of James U. and Miranda Parsons Drowned on 7/17/1863 (Note the difference in the spelling of the mother's given name)
PARSONS JASON         This tombstone lays face-up on the ground and is broken. It is badly eroded, only the surname being somewhat clear. The given name recorded here is guesswork.
PARSONS NATHAN B. 1/30/1831 9/28/1905     He was a farmer with 100 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868
PARSONS MARYETT 1/13/1836 9/27/1893   Wife of N.B. Parsons  
PAUTZ MYRA A. 1887 1972      
PEALE MARY M. 1896 1967      
PELOW ARTHUR JOHN 1905 1968     No tombstone; data from a funeral director's plaque marking the grave.
PERRY ARNOLD 1828 1899     Co. G, 50th N.Y. Engr's
PERRY FRANK 1876 1912      
PERRY IDA M. 1867 N/A   Wife of Frank Perry  
PERRY GUY McDOUGAL 1891 1918     Pvt., 303rd, G. & F. Co.
PERRY SUSAN MAY 1850 1933     "Mother"
PERRY SIMEON 1823 1863     "Father"
PERRY LYDIA L. 1850 1866      
PERRY ELIJAH T.  1788 1863      
PERSONEUS ALBERT U. 3/2/1852 6/30/1855 3yr3m28d Son of A. & Prescilla Personeus the surname,middle initial, and mothers given name appears here as they are on the tombstone. See entry for Albert E. Personius
PERSONEUS LOTTIE I. 8/1/1850 5/9/1894   wife of H.S. Personeus  
PERSONEUS MARCIA MAY 7/8/1874 12/7/1885 11yr4m29d daughter of daughter or H.S. & Lottie I. Personeus  
PERSONEUS LOTTIE 8/27/1889 9/12/1889   daughter of H.S. & Lottie I. Personeus a shaft type monument.
PERSONEUS ABRAHAM 6/12/1816 10/5/1984      
PERSONEUS PRICILLA 9/15/1819 NO DATE   wife of Abraham  
PERSONEUS WILLIAM J. 5/12/1841 10/5/1864   son of A. & P. Personius died at Atlanta, Ga. Member of 107th Regt. NYV (a shaft type monument)
PERSONEUS ALBERT E. 6/30/1852 6/28/1855      
PERSONEUS GEORGE M. 11/14/1855 9/24/1856   son of A. & P. Personius  
PERSONEUS GEORGEANA 11/14/1855 8/17/1856   duughter of A. & P. Personius  
PERSONEUS ELI 1845 1907     Co. G, 50th Regt. N.Y.V.
PERSONEUS MARY J. 1842 1921   Wife of Eli a shaft type monument
PERSONEUS EARL E. 1889 1956      
PERSONEUS IDA B. 1871 1922   his wife MOTHER
PERSONEUS FRANK J. 1899 1956      
PERSONEUS FRANCES 1901 8/6/1995      
PERSONEUS GEORGE A. 1858 1908      
PETRIE CHARLES H. 1823 1862      
PHELPS FRED H. 1859 1925      
PHELPS FRANCELIA L. 1854 1939      
PHELPS HARPER C. 1883 1903      
PHELPS MARTHA E. 11/13/1835 11/29/1881 46Y16D maiden name Howell  
PIERCE PHEBA A.         see entry for Pheba A. Pierce Hoke
PIERCE PHEOBE A.         see entry for Kelsey P. Coon
POTTER REGINALD C.S. 1893 1968      
POTTER JULIA SAYLER 1896 1950     her grave is covered with a metal cover which carries the dates 6/5/1896 to 3/17/1950
PRATT A.     69YRS   a small square headstone wiyh no dates
PRATT JOANNA 4/16/1824 7/14/1858 34Y2M28D wife of GEORGE W. Pratt  
PRATT JEROME 1840 or 1841 8/1/1857 16yrs son of George W. and Joanna Pratt  
PRATT CORNELNA 2/10/1846 3/3/1849 3yr 21day daughter of George W. and Joanna Pratt  
PRATT WILLIAM C. JR. 1835 1906     He was a Mason in the Town of Veteran in 1868
PRATT CAROLINA A. 1849 1920      
PRIOR ADELIA 12/6/1828 8/18/1869 40y9m12d wife of John E. Prior Tombstone is laying face up on ground and is turning black in color
PURDY HARRY B. 1885 1938      
PURDY FRANCES D . RIECE 1894 1938      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice